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March 01, 2005

Jeff Jarvis Part II

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An interesting exchange on what it takes to be a liberal by some cat named Armando. He takes Jeff to task for not following the party line. Jeff responds

Gee, Armando, I didn’t know you were the official arbiter of what’s liberal. If I’d passed your test, would I have gotten a Liberal License? A Liberal T-Shirt, perhaps? A Liberal Membership Card?

and concludes with a scathing

Note, well, Armando that you did not make this judgment based on a SINGLE issue or stand. You made your Official Liberalometer Meter Reading based on whether I criticized your enemies or praised your friends.

I repeat: You and Oliver and Kos and company look upon the Democratic Party as your little club.

It has been said by many that the internet is creating a more stable Republican Party, while it is ripping the Democrats apart. This is going to be an interesting show over the next 4 years. If the Democrats force the Jarvis’s out, the party may go militant to be heard.

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