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July 06, 2006

Cindy Sheehan Sides with Hugo Chavez, Would Rather Live Under Chavaz… Please do

Posted in: Bizarre,Homeland Security,Politics,War on Terror,World

Cindy Sheehan once again shows what the far left is all about and just how out of Cindy Sheehantouch this woman truly is. Normally, I would just change the channel. However, in Cindy’s case, please keep talking.

She’s called President Bush the biggest terrorist in the world and she stood side by side with socialist dictator Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. Now she begins a two-month hunger strike to get the American people to join her mission to end the war.

So GWB is the biggest terrorist and not Osama Bin Laden. Somehow as well Hugo Chavez is not a dictator. We have nuts running around like Kim Jong Il of North Korea provoking civilized countries by test firing missiles and GWB is the problem. Cindy Sheehan actually has the nerve to state that Chavez has been democratically elected 8 times. Does anyone in the Democratic Party understand that she is as Allahpundit says, “the gift that keeps on giving”. 

Cindy Shehan GWB terrorist

Two month hunger strike … 30 days of observation may be the ticket. Are we to assume Saddam Hussein was democratically elected as well with 99.9% of the vote?

What more else will this woman do for her 15 minutes of shame?

Video. More Video here.

 MSNBC’S Norah O’Donnell: Would you rather live under Hugo Chavez than President Bush?

Sheehan: Um, yes, (giggle). You know, Hugo Chavez is not a dictator like you, like you introduced him. He’s been democratically elected eight times.

O’Donnell: Saddam Hussein was democratically elected.

Sheehan: Yeah, hold on a second, though. He is not anti-American. He has helped the poor people of America. He has sent aid to New Orleans. He has sold heating oil to disadvantaged people in America, in the United States of America, at low cost. The people of his country love him.

As Michelle Maklin has stated, if Cindy Sheehan would rather live under Hugo Chavez where is the fund raiser to buy her that one way ticket. Michelle has even done the leg work on Expedia to to find her a ticket. Count us in.

Ankle Biting Pundits are also are also calling for a fund raiser for Cindy’s ticket to Venezuela.

So Cindy, we’re not even asking you to put your money where your mouth is. 

We’re just asking you – no, we’re begging you – to leave.

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