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March 17, 2005

More Rantings From Ward

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We have begged the University of Colorado to please come to a conclusion and end this comedy that is Ward Churchill, University Professor. Michelle Malkin has a brilliant piece of Ward Churchill, “Caught on Tape“.

A 12-year-old audio tape of an angry answering machine message left by Ward Churchill has surfaced.

The message was left on Vernon Bellecourt’s answering machine in 1993. Bellecourt is a leader of the American Indian Movement…

The audio can be heard here.

What is left for the committee to hear regarding the exploits of Ward Churchill? This situation has sunk so far down that whatever the next shoe that drops should not surprise anyone. Trust us, you have just cause to fire him. Just Do It.

Remember the list of Ward Churchill’s, how you say, indiscretions?

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