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March 15, 2005

Political Correctness looks Sickly in the National Spotlight at Harvard

Posted in: Main,Politics

Today, for a complete surprise, Lawrence Summers received a vote of no confidence from the undergraduate faculty. Sort of.


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (Reuters) – Harvard University President Lawrence Summers on Tuesday lost a symbolic vote of confidence by undergraduate faculty who censured him over his comments on women and his general leadership of the Ivy League school.

By a vote of 218-185 with 18 abstentions, undergraduate faculty approved a nonbinding resolution stating: “The faculty lacks confidence in the leadership of Lawrence H. Summers.”

The vote dealt a setback to Summers, the former U.S. Treasury secretary who sparked a controversy in January when he said innate differences between men and women may help explain why so few women work in the academic sciences. He has since apologized repeatedly for his remarks.

Sounds like important stuff? Well we find out later;

The confidence vote was symbolic because undergraduate faculty represent one of only 10 schools at Harvard, and have no say over hiring or firing of the president. That responsibility falls to a seven-member board that has so far stood by Summers.

So this faculty vote that is breaking news around the world means absolutely nothing. Even more so when it is told that only 218 members of the 690 member Faculty of Arts and Science voted against him. I am not a math wizard, but it looks like Larry is being made to look like losing confidence of the faculty when only 31.6% of the faculty in the most liberal part of the school wants him gone.

A little more math, of the esteemed Harvard faculty, 588 members were there to vote, and 102 we smart enough to avoid going on record with this mess and stayed away from this meeting.

To those 102 who avoided this horrible example of mistaken Political Correctness, I SALUTE YOU.
To those 185 who voted against the no confidence motion and stood up to the Political Correctness lobby, I SALUTE YOU.
To the Governing Board for not bowing to the Church of Political Correctness, I SALUTE YOU.
To those 18 who abstained from voting, eh…. Your inability to take a position says alot about you.

To those 218 who voted for the no confidence motion, congratulations. You have exposed Harvard in the harshest of lights, and the moronic positions you have foisted upon the campus are being exposed by the national spotlight. And it does not look pretty.

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