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August 17, 2005

CANCELLED!!! Demonstrations Against American Media in Aruba Tomorrow

Posted in: Natalee Holloway

UPDATEThe Protest that was to happen in Aruba were cancelled.

The ill conceived plan to demonstrate against the American media is awaiting permits, but is scheduled to happen on Thursday, at 6:00 PM at Plaza Betico Croes.  The expectations are that the Aruban’s will present a front against perceived injustices about Aruba that are being portrayed in the media.

One has to remember that the political season is starting now, and the island is ramping up for it’s national elections. Their are many political parties in Aruba all vying for the leadership. The Natalee Holloway story will be a big part of the election season, and we all must recognize that some of the reaction from the government is political now, not just about Natalee.

Manifestation against American media

ARUBA  A manifestation is planned for this coming Thursday against the way in which the American TV stations CNN and FOX are portraiting Aruba in their programmes.The organizers get annoyed at the unfounded negative news coverage and want to express this peacefully.

They are now waiting for the permit and as soon as they get that, a group of concerned citizens will gather on the Plaza Betico Croes on Thursday at 18:00.Special attention will be paid to the way above-mentioned media deals with the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.The manifestation will be peaceful and the Parliament will be asked to do everything in their power to end this spate of negative reports.Chairman of Parliament Marlon Werleman will probably be present to officially receive the request.Interested parties are asked to come with Aruban flags. (via Amigoe.com)

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