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July 19, 2005

A Black and White Theory

Posted in: Natalee Holloway

Chuck Geiss of the Birmingham news paper, Black & White – Naked Birmingham, has written a pretty interesting and provocative article in the editorial section. Keep in mind this is an editorial and opinion when reading. However, there are some rather interesting points of view that are raised that take into account many of which I have read and heard from others. Geiss certainly hits on the frustration level of the family and a possible motive for the many change of stories.

Consequently, the Holloway family has lived the plot from the movie “Groundhog Day,” waking every morning to the same circumstances but at the end of the day being no closer to finding their daughter. For the first two weeks after Holloway’s disappearance, police and prosecutors provided the family with the same oft-repeated phrases—"we will have important news in 48 hours” and “we are entering a critical phase of the investigation.” Meanwhile, the opportunity to secure evidence by quickly making arrests, impounding cars, and gathering other critical clues was lost due to repeated suspicious delays.

One scenario under scrutiny has Joran directing Natalee to one of their parties, where he has reportedly taken many women before. If something bad happened to Natalee there, Joran would be in a terribly uncomfortable position. He could not reveal the truth of the crime nor his whereabouts without jeopardizing his life or his parents’ lives with the island’s criminal underground.

I remind all and please keep in mind that all theories are hypothetical; however, as Geiss said:

All of those scenarios are hypothetical. However, if the case can indeed be stalled long enough, a key figure in the investigation will disappear. Jan Van Der Straaten, the island’s Police Commissioner, ends his tour of duty in Aruba during the month of July, … “There is something very wrong with the Van Der Straaten guy. If someone were to tell me one day that he was criminally involved in this matter, I would not be surprised in the least.”

Hat Tip: KKM for forwarding the article.

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