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March 10, 2005

Another unbiased report from the AP

Posted in: Main,Politics

Unemployment Claims Jump to Highest Level in Two Months

screams the headline of the AP newswire.

So we lost 17,000 jobs, that is not fun but is typical for a market economy. The main culprit, the weather was too bad for people unable to get to the unemployment office the previous week…

And buried even further is that is this gem:

The government reported last week that the economy created 262,000 new jobs in February, the biggest advance in four months and more than double the jobs increase that occurred in January. The job gains last month were broadbased with manufacturing, construction, retail stores, health care and business services all reporting hiring increases.

The good jobs report was encouraging because it followed several months of lackluster employment gains. It bolstered the belief that the economy, despite rising interest rates and oil prices, is continuing to grow at a solid pace in the new year.


The bias at the AP drives me nuts . 5 years ago, the headline would have been, Employments dips amidst robust growth.

I think that until the AP changes its spots, it will be a tough uphill climb for the Republicans. Can you imagine how many seats the right would have if the media was neutral?

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