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November 04, 2009

Barack Obama Has Lost the Midas Touch … NJ & VA Gov Races go Republican … Democrats in Trouble in 2010

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Barack Obama gets same result in New Jersey and Virginia Governor races as he did trying to land the Olympics for Chicago … A BIG LOSS, TWO EVEN!

What a difference a year makes! Hey Dems, the Obamamessiah really can’t walk on water.



The elections last night had nothing to do with me and how I have none nothing but make idle promises about job creation with a faux stimulus bill, yeah, that’s the ticket,

Hey Barack, last nights votes in New Jersey and Virginia were an even greater mandate for CHANGE … and not a vote for your socialism, big government spending change.

Democrats and Barack Obama can spin this all they want as to what happened last night in the off-off year election. The fact of the matter is, it was a terrible night for Democrats and an even worse one for Barack Obama. If any one does not think that there is momentum from “We the People” and anger about what the party in power in DC is doing, you are blind.

Blue Dog Democrats, not only have you been warned in Town Hall meetings, last night you were provided a view of your future if you continue down the path and support Obama’s socialist policies.

We are told that these off year elections are all about local politics. Really? Then why did Barack Obama interject himself into both the Virginia and New Jersey Governor’s races? Down to the wire the Obamamessiah was campaigning for Corzine in New Jersey. To absolutely no avail. Democrat Creigh Deeds was destroyed in a 19 point landslide vote where the election might have been called right as the polls closed. Then in the deep blue state of NJ, Corzine loses by 4% in what some thought would be a close race,

Obama had been looked upon by Democrats as being invincible, untouchable and able to walk on water. As Tuesday night pointed out, the Obamamessiah was not able to even walk on the water that was the Passaic River in NJ.

The Obama invincibility that was so much in evidence then seems to have lost its power. People can argue the reasons why these elections, all in places Obama carried handily, were so close. But if he were the political marvel he was thought to be, these races wouldn’t have been contests, but walkovers. So one consequence of this Election Day is the end of his special political magic.

That’s no surprise — as that magic was a largely substanceless froth whipped up by campaign consultants and compliant big-media cheerleaders.

Democrats, the media and Obama’s minions can spin the election results all they want that none of what happened is a direct reflection on Barack Obama. They would be sorely wrong. The People are angry. Their number one issue in exit polling was the economy.

At week end it is hight possible that unemployment numbers may come in at or over 10%. Whether it be this month or next, unemployment will go to double digits. Barack Obama is tied to the economy. The fact that we keep losing jobs is not lost on the American people.

Eventually, not even Obama’s personality is going to save him from his policies and how the American voter perceives him. In 2008 Americans voted in Obama because they wanted change; however, never in a million years did the average voter think that change meant socialism. CBS stated that Obama was a non-factor, really? As Hot Air states, Obama was a factor on election day, but not the main factor. Not yet that is.

A majority of voters in both states said they are worried about the direction of the nation’s economy over the next year. 85 percent of Virginia voters said they are worried, as are 89 percent of voters in New Jersey. These percentages were similar on Election Day in 2008.

Obama’s popularity will never be higher than it was in 2008 when voters across America decided to take part in a social experiment rather than electing a capable President. 2008 was an anomaly as so many Independents who voted for Obama have since distanced them self from his hard left policies.

Obamacare, government out of control spending, Cap & Trade, record federal deficits, indecision in Afghanistan and soon double digit unemployment all spell trouble for Democrats and Obama’s image in 2010. There is no way that a hostile and angry electorate is going to give the party in power a free pass.

The wind of change is in the air and it has nothing to do with Barack Obama.

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