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June 03, 2005

The Flip Side – Tuesday June 3rd

Posted in: General

At least some of the Democrats know they are a mess.

Bill Diamond over at The Huffington Post talks about the Democrats today:

We have leaders and yet we’re leaderless. Watching Hillary ever-so-delicately maneuver herself for ‘08 has the look and feel of a Hummer trying to fit into a compact parking space. Harry Reid’s doing a commendable job keeping the Nervous Nellies in the Senate herded together but that effort only carries so far. Warren Beatty gives good commencement speech but won’t step up to run for governor. Hell, when John McCain starts to look like the party’s last, best hope to get its legislative agenda passed…

At least he tells the truth about “Conservative” John McCain.

Hat Tip Daou Report

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