Eastern Seaboard and North East Braces for Hurricane Sandy

Sandy ready to unleash her fury …

The East Coast and North East braces for Hurricane Sandy. It is being called the storm of the century, the Perfect Storm, Part II. Some areas are going to get huge wave surges, some massive amounts of rain, other 100 mile an hours gusts of wind and other areas snow accumulations in the feet. Some 50 million people are supposed to be affected by Sandy and 10′s of thousands of people have been evacuated.

Tens of thousands of residents were ordered to evacuate coastal areas Sunday as big cities and small towns across the eastern U.S. buttoned up against the onslaught of a superstorm threatening some 50 million people in the most heavily populated corridor in the nation.

For all those in harms way, please be safe, our prayers are with you.

Satellite loop – if this does not look ominous, I am not sure what does


Weather impact along the Carolin’s.

Winds of 25 to 45 mph with gusts of 65+ mph along the immediate coast will continue. A storm surge of 4 to 6 feet above ground level is expected in eastern North Carolina if peak surge occurs at high tide. Bands of heavy rain on the outer periphery of the circulation will continue to wrap into the eastern North Carolina. Hatteras, N.C., reported 5.29 inches of rain as of 5 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

Millions prepare for Hurricane Sandy – President declares state of emergency for New York and Massachusetts.

Evacuations ahead of storm and the transit systems close on NYC.

As Hurricane Sandy stayed on track to barrel the East Coast, states of emergency were declared from North Carolina to Connecticut, with residents being evacuated, schools and transit systems shut and food and supplies flying off store shelves in a sure sign people were preparing for the worst.

Sandy was at Category 1 strength, packing 75 mph winds, about 270 miles southeast of Cape Hatteras, N.C., and moving northeast at 14 mph as of 2 p.m. Sunday, according to the National Hurricane Center in Miami. It was about 575 miles south of New York City.

The Hurricane is on path to meet a winter storm and a cold front, plus high tides from a full moon, and experts said the rare hybrid storm that results could cause havoc through 800 miles from the East Coast to the Great Lakes.

Much, much more at Weather Underground.

Flight Delay Information – Northeastern States

Daily Commentary – Wednesday, August 29, 2012 – Samuel L. Jackson Not Happy with God’s Plan

  • According to his Tweet, he’s upset the GOP Convention is spared Isaac and that New Orleans will likely get the brunt of the storm

Daily Commentary – Wednesday, August 29, 2012 Download

Tropical Storm Isaac Expected to become Huricane as it Bears Down on Florida and the Gulf Coast

US National Hurricane Center Issues Hurricane Warnings From Louisiana to Florida Panhandle.

Click HERE for current satellite loop.

Tropical Storm ISAAC Public Advisory

Tropical Storm Isaac about to become a hurricane as it crosses the Florida Keys and enters the Gulf of Mexico. As reported at ABC News, Isaac is expected to make landfall somewhere along the Gulf Coast by Tuesday or Wednesday, on the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. However, Isaac does not appear to be as powerful as the devastating Katrina that reeked havoc on New Orleans, Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. Isaac has made the planner of the Republican National Convention cancel the first day of the event on Monday.

Tropical Storm Isaac barely stirred some Florida Keys residents from their fabled nonchalance Sunday, while the Gulf Coast braced for the possibility that the sprawling storm will strengthen into a dangerous hurricane by the time it makes landfall there.

Isaac was expected to cross the Keys by late afternoon, then turn northwest and strike as a Category 2 hurricane somewhere between the New Orleans area to the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday, the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

The storm was predicted to pass west of Tampa, the site of the Republican National Convention, but it had already disrupted the schedule there because of the likelihood of heavy rain and strong winds.

Even before reaching hurricane strength, Isaac caused considerable inconvenience, with hundreds of flights canceled at airports in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. There were scattered power outages from Key West to Fort Lauderdale affecting more than 6,000 customers, and flooding occurred in low-lying areas.

Florida Governor Scott Brown says that Florida is preparing for Isaac. The Florida Keys are going to be hot with tropical force wind and rain. Brown stated that he has canceled his plans to attend the Republican National Convention on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to deal with issues for the state of Florida and the potential for Isaac to turn into a hurricane.

Life Threatening Tornado Outbreak Across Mid-West & Plains … Storm Hits Iowa Hospital; Tornado Warning for Wichita, KS (UPDATE: 5 Dead in OK)

According to AccuWeather.com, a life-threatening situation will continue into tonight across the central and southern Plains as tornadic-thunderstorms strike the region. Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams stated, “The risk is about as high as it gets.” Please take these warnings seriously and take shelter if you are in the areas of this sever weather.

National Weather Service “dangerous situation” and “life threatening situation” continues across the Plains and Mid-West.

A possible tornado struck a hospital Saturday evening in Creston, Iowa, according to a dispatcher with the Union County Sheriff’s Department. A search-and-rescue operation was under way.

“We have been hit. We are triaging and moving patients,” a spokeswoman at Greater Regional Medical Center in the south-central Iowa city confirmed.

Severe Weather and Flash Flood Warnings for NE, TX, IA, KS

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

UPDATE I: From the Des Moines Register: Creston hospital being evacuated after storm; 22,000 lack power in central Iowa

UPDATE II: 5 dead, 29 injured in Oklahoma.

Tornadoes raking communities across the Midwest and Plains left five people dead and at least 29 injured in Oklahoma, damaging a hospital, homes and other buildings as a vast severe weather front plunged eastward Sunday across the nation’s midsection.

Oklahoma emergency officials said five people died after a tornado touched down at 12:18 a.m. Sunday in and around the northwest Oklahoma town of Woodward, the high winds damaging homes, toppling trees …

Death and Destruction in the Heartland After Tornodoes Rip through the Mid-West & South (Update: 31 Dead)

Tornadoes, twisters, hail and sever lighting and thunder storms ripped through the Mid-West and the South Friday leaving devastation and many dead it its wake. For those who witnessed the tornadoes and severe storms first hand, if you did not see the 80 to 90 tornadoes that touched down, you witnessed golf ball size hail that fell so fast that it accumulated like snow on the ground. To date, 14 people were killed in Indiana, 12 died in Kentucky and two people were killed in Ohio. The property damage spanned from the Midwest to the gulf coast. Out prayers go out to those affected by these terrible storms.

A swarm of tornadoes tore through the U.S. midsection on Friday, splintering homes, damaging a prison, overturning trucks and killing at least four people in the hard-hit state of Indiana, officials said.

At least one person died in the southern Indiana town of Henryville, where television images showed homes blown apart and vehicles including a school bus thrown into buildings. Three others died elsewhere in the state.

The town of Marysville, IN, population about 1,900, was “completely gone” and nearby Henryville also suffered extreme damage.

UPDATE I: 31 people confirmed dead after the severe weather … 31 victims, 15 were in Indiana, 12 in Kentucky, three in Ohio and one in Alabama.

The tornado outbreak, unusual for this time of year, killed at least 31 people. Saturday began with large swaths of the South still battered by heavy rain and under tornado watches — and a real fear of the death toll rising.

Of the 31 victims, 15 were in Indiana, 12 in Kentucky, three in Ohio and one in Alabama.

Piles of debris littered land where well-built homes once stood. Tall trees bowed to the winds and lay horizontal with the land. Churches turned into shelters and thousands of people began a weekend unnerved bynature’s fury.

Golf ball sized hail in Tennessee

Daily Commentary – Tuesday, December 27, 2011 – Extreme Weather Dominates 2011

  • 12 weather related climate disasters in 2011

Daily Commentary – Tuesday, December 27, 2011 Play Download

Global Warming? Halloween Snow Storm Hits Northeast with Record Snow, Millions without Power


As kids got their Halloween costumes ready for some Trick or Treating, a funny and historic thing happened in the Northeast on Saturday, record snow fell. Pumpkins have been replaced by record snow amounts as Central Park in NYC saw its largest accumulation of snow since 1869.   According to reports, about 2.3 million customers from Pennsylvania reaching up into New England are  without electricity and may not be restored for days.

A historic October snowstorm is still crushing New England with heavy snow and howling winds before cruising away into Atlantic Canada.

Snow amounts have already topped two feet across portions of New England, while record-shattering snow hammered the major Northeast cities from Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia to New York City and Hartford, Ct.

An additional 3-6 inches of snow will thump across portions of Maine and New Brunswick, Canada, as the potent nor’easter races along. Heavy snow rates of 1-2 inches an hour will be found in this zone with thunder snow a possibility. Bangor, Maine, is included in this zone.

Check out the incredible snow amounts that fell across the Northeast that shattered October records.

--Bristol: 17.0 inches
–East Farmington Heights: 13.0 inches
–Manchester: 9.0 inches

New Hampshire
--Hillsboro: 21.5 inches
--Peterborough: 24.0 inches
–Jaffrey: 31.4 inches

--Bridgton: 17.5 inches
–Gray: 12.9 inches
–Otisfield: 14.0 inches

–Plainfield: 30.8 inches
–Ashfield: 25.5 inches
–Worthington: 24.0 inches
–Goshen: 25.0 inches

New York
–Harriman: 16.0 inches
–Armonk: 12.5 inches
–Yankee Lake: 16.5 inches
–White Plains: 7.5 inches
–Yonkers: 7.0 inches

–Laurel Summit: 12.2 inches
–Freeland: 13.0 inches
–Mount Cobb: 12.7 inches
–Hazelton: 16.0 inches

New Jersey
–West Milford: 19.0 inches
–North Caldwell: 12.0 inches
–Ringwood: 10.5 inches

UPDATE I: Instupundent asks whether Al Gore is in Jersey, they just declared a snow emergency.

A Brief Streaker Interruption from the Weather Channels Coverage of Hurricane Irene

Oh the dangers of live TV. It wasn’t just North Carolina citizens that were blown away by Hurricane Irene, but weather Channel execs after this little streaking incident during Live coverage.

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit (content warning)

And they thought all they had to worry about was an embarrassing moment like Geralda Rivera getting knocked over by a wave during hurricane coverage in Galveston, TX.

Brian in a Blue State

First Ever Mandatory Evacuation of Nearly 300,000 NYC Residents in the Path of Irene

Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered an evacuation by 5 p.m. Saturday for low-lying areas that house about 270,000 people. Meanwhile, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said subways, buses and commuter trains in the city, on Long Island and in the northern suburbs will begin their final runs around noon Saturday.

Some 65 million people along the U.S. East Coast are bracing for the wrath of Irene, which is expected to be the strongest hurricane to strike the East Coast in seven years and one that could inflict billions in damages in an arc from Washington to Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

From the National Hurricane Center:

Family Disaster Plan

Discuss the type of hazards that could affect your family. Know your home’s vulnerability to storm surge, flooding and wind.

Locate a safe room or the safest areas in your home for each hurricane hazard. In certain circumstances the safest areas may not be your home but within your community.

Determine escape routes from your home and places to meet. These should be measured in tens of miles rather than hundreds of miles.

Have an out-of-state friend as a family contact, so all your family members have a single point of contact.

Make a plan now for what to do with your pets if you need to evacuate.

Post emergency telephone numbers by your phones and make sure your children know how and when to call 911.

Check your insurance coverage – flood damage is not usually covered by homeowners insurance.

Stock non-perishable emergency supplies and a Disaster Supply Kit.

Use a NOAA weather radio. Remember to replace its battery every 6 months, as you do with your smoke detectors.

Take First Aid, CPR and disaster preparedness classes.

To all our readers in the path of this storm, please be prepared and stay safe!

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SOUTHERN NIGHTMARE … Deadly Tornadoes Rip Apart the South Killing 194 & 128 in Alabama

Please say a prayer for the folks in the South that were devastated by tornadoes yesterday. The pictures coming out of the devastation from the Southeast are beyond words.

Massive and deadly tornadoes and thunderstorms tore through the South killing a reported 178 194 people and 128 in Alabama alone. The state of Tennessee is reporting that 15 people have died and in Virginia 8 people died as a result of the horrible and relentless weather. The rain and wind kept coming and would not stop. The tornadoes that hit Alabama stayed on the ground for a reported 2 hours, 1.5 miles wide and laid waste to every thing in its path.

More reports and pictures of the devastation from Georgia.

It can only be described as a complete and total catastrophe. There were a reported 164 tornado sightings and this has unofficially the deadliest tornado day in the United States since 310 people lost their lives on April 3, 1974.

The AP has reported that a total of 194 have died in 5 Southern states.

Dozens of tornadoes spawned by a powerful storm system wiped out entire towns across a wide swath of the South, killing at least 194 people, and officials said Thursday they expect the death toll to rise.

Alabama’s state emergency management agency said it had confirmed 128 deaths, while there were 32 in Mississippi, 15 in Tennessee, 11 in Georgia and eight in Virginia.

The National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Okla., said it received 137 tornado reports around the regions into Wednesday night.

Tornadoes in Tuscaloosa, Alabama


More VIDEO from Tuscaloosa and you can hear the fear of the individual taking it. Words cannot even describe the size and devastation that these storms caused. More pics can be found at CNN. A State of Emergency has been declared by the Governor of Alabama.

UPDATE I: Nuclear power plants had to be shut down.

Sadly so many have died and the death toll is only going to rise as searches sift the the ruins. Please say a prayer and help the victims of this deadly storm.

More VIDEO of the deadly Twisters.

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