Backseat Drivers by IBM

Here is an interesting article by Techdirt on the UAE’s attempt to correct driving with technology.

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After a long day, it is time for a beer

And I know just the bartenders I want to deal with!

Come join me for a cold one!

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If it only worked, Red would be in heaven

USB cup warmer

Ahh USB cup-warmers. We’ll continue both laughing at and loving them dearly so long as our beloved no-name Asian companies keep cranking ‘em out. This particular USB cup-warmer, however, is even more ridiculous than most since it also doubles as a 4-port USB hub—way to split that already measly 500-milliamp current up to five ways, guys. Well, whatever, it’s not like we actually expected it to actually keep our giant coffee steins warm anyway.

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The Map of Springfield USA


Where are the mmmmmmmmmm Donuts, mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Hat tip Sascha Goebels

Posted April 13, 2005 by
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A new toy, search video from TV

Try it out, looks like a new paradigm in search.

Posted April 13, 2005 by
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