Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio Predicts the New England Patriots Will Win the Super Bowl XLIX 27-17

Yet another reason why to love Sherrif Joe Arpaio …

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, “America’s toughest sheriff,” predicts that the New England Patriots will defeat the Seattle Seahawks and win the Super Bowl 27-17.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio says he will allow some inmates to eat popcorn during Super Bowl Bowl. And if the Patriots win, or he might make you wear the pink underwear again.

joe arpaio_pink

The Arizona lawman who bills himself as “America’s toughest sheriff” predicts the New England Patriots will win the Super Bowl and says some inmates will be allowed popcorn as they watch Sunday’s face-off with the Seattle Seahawks.

Joe Arpaio, the 82-year-old sheriff of Maricopa County where the National Football League’s championship game will be played, held an event on Saturday at which he popped the popcorn and forecast the Patriots will triumph 27-17.

He also took a cheeky jab at his favored team over the “deflategate” scandal, in which the Patriots are accused of using under-inflated footballs during their AFC championship triumph against Indianapolis.

Holding up two mock footballs, one for each team, Arpaio noted that the one for New England was softer. “I don’t know if I can blow this up, but it is kinda deflated!” he said with a chuckle.

So Called Experts Say Who Will Win Super Bowl XLIX … And Your Choice is New England Patriots or Seattle Seahawks? (GO PATS!!!)

Finally, it is Super Bowl Sunday and the Super Bowl is almost upon us …

Last night the Westage Vegas book made the game a pick ‘em … there is no point spread for their Super Bowl. Game on!!!

The so-called experts and pundits have made their picks and predictions,

  • ESPN’s staff was pretty close to a tie, with 24 staffers picking Seattle and 22 picking New England.
    • John Clayton, senior NFL writer and commentator: Seahawks 24, Patriots 20
    • Adam Schefter, ESPN NFL Insider: Patriots 24, Seahawks 21
    • Chris Mortensen, ESPN NFL Insider: Patriots 20, Seahawks 16
    • Todd McShay, ESPN college football and NFL draft analyst: Patriots 24, Seahawks 21
  • Over at CBS Sports, five experts went with the Patriots and only three picked the Seahawks — but the CBS Sports “Prediction Machine” picked Seattle for the win.
  • Bleacher Report’s staff was 11 to five in favor of the Seahawks winning.
  •, eight of the 14 polled analysts went with Seattle.
  • rounded up more than 80 expert predictions from around the web on Friday, and found that more than half of the experts picked Seattle to win over the New England Patriots.

EA Sports, Madden football 15 picks the New England Patriots 28-24.

Madden 15: Super Bowl Predictions – Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots in 2015 Super Bowl

My analysis and prediction:

Let me first qualify this that I am a die-hard New England Patriot fan from the days of Sam “Bam” Cunningham, Steve Grogan, Irving Fryar,  Stanley Morgan, Craig James, Mosi Tatupu, Randy Vataha, the late Darryl Stingley, Russ Francis, John Hannah, Mike Haynes and to one of my all time favorites Sam Adams.  To more recent players like Ben Coates, Richard Seymour, Mike Vrabel, Willie McGinest, Tedy Bruschi, Lawyer Milloy, Ty Law, Rodney Harrison,  Adam Vinatieri, Joe Andruzzi, Troy Brown, Randy Moss and Drew Bledsoe. To today’s cast of Patriots like Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, Nate Solder, Rob Ninkovich, Vince Wilfork, Devin McCourty, Chandler Jones and LeGarrette Blount.

Football games are made up of offense, defense, special teams and intangibles. Games like the Super Bowl generally multiply the importance of intangibles like turnovers, sacks, penalties and bad calls by referees.

New England Pats_old logo

OFFENSE: (Patriots)

The New England Patriots finally have a balanced offense and have gotten away from the video game, throw at all-cost offense that hurt them in the Superbowl’s they lost against the NY Giants. They have proved in the 2014 season that they can run or pass the ball depending on what defense they are going up against. In this years playoffs, they ran all over the Colts and passed all over the Ravens to victory. The Pats have the best QB in the game today, with a Super Bowl victory, Tom Brady may be considered the best ever. The Patriot offense finally has a collection of WR’s that are tough and fearless, similar to the ones that they won three previous Lombardi trophies with. Their power running game with LeGarrette Blount can be dominating. Then there is the match up nightmare who Rob Gronkowski … The GRONK!

For the Seattle Seahawks, if the offensive offense shows up Super Bowl Sunday like the one from the Championship game, they will not be trailing 16-0 at half time, it will be 35-0 and the game will be over. However, it is hard to believe anything that bad could happen again. Honestly, the Seahawks can thank their lucky stars that Green Bay coaching staff  had their own “deflategate” incident two weeks ago where their head coach did not have the balls to go for it on 4th down and win the game and let the ‘Most Valuable Player’ in the NFL win the game. Guess who doesn’t do that, Bill Belichick. There have been games this year where Russell Wilson was terrible and of course there where many where he was very good. If “beast mode” and Marshawn Lynch does not carry the load in this game, it is hard to believe that the Seahawk passing game can.

DEFENSE: (Edge to Seahawks)

Obviously The Legion of Boom is a great defense, maybe one of the best of all time. Trust me, they will tell you so. I am a PATS fan, but I can acknowledge that the Seattle D is very, very good. The only difference this year as compared to last year’s Super Bowl is the Patriots are not Denver, Tom Brady is not Peyton Manning, Belichick is not John Fox. Also, they only think missing from the Seattle D is depth. Their D-line is not as good as they do not have their continuous flow of revolving the D- line. Kam Chancellor is the best safety in the game, but the unknown going into today’s game is the health of the Seahawk secondary. Safety Earl Thomas and CB Richard Sherman got hurt in the NFC Championship game. For some reason GB decided not to throw against Sherman who had one arm. If they get nicked up in this game, that could swing things in a major way. Kam Chancellor also dealing with an injury.

Although the Seattle D is very good, it is not like the New England Patriots are chopped liver. Their DB’s and safeties are very good and built to go up against the elite receivers of the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts. The LB’s morph to either taking on the run or dropping back into pass coverage. It may be the D line that  determines the outcome for the Patriots. If they can stop the run and contain Wilson in the pocket, that would be key.


Sorry, kicker Stephen Gostkowski is a weapon and has a huge leg. Ryan Allen is one of the best punters in the league.

Punting and kick off return also goes to the Pats. Gone from Seattle is kickoff returner Percy Harvin, who put last years Super Bowl out of reach. Also gone is Seahawks wide receiver Paul Richardson who suffers an ACL injury in the divisional-round playoff against the Carolina Panthers. In the Championship game, Seahawks returner Doug Baldwin fumbled in the first half. Don’t think the PATS did not see that on film.

Then there is Julian Edelman, a Wes Welker with even more talent and heart. Can you say punt return for TD? I said, can you say punt return for TD!

PATS kicking


  • Penalties - The Seattle Seahawks were the most penalized team in the NFL. The Seahawks continually jump offsides on defense and receive illegal procedure penalties on offense. The last thing you would want to do is give Tom Brady second chances and free plays. Some where during the game this will benefit the Patriots and go against the Seahawks.
  • Coaching – nod goes to Bill Bilichick.
  • Two TE New England offense. Gronk and Tim Wright have gelled of late.
  • Injuries – Going into the game, 3 members of the Legion of Boom have injuries, the Pat’s center  rookie Bryan Stork does as well.
  • Beastmode – Will Seattle use their running game in the beginning of the game? For some reason they think they are a passing team lately.
  • Julian Edelman – Does Edleman have a special play in him today, punt return, pass for a TD, etc?
  • Which Russell Wilson shows up today? The one that starred in last years Super Bowl out-dueling Peyton Manning, or the one that had a 0.0 QB rating at the end of the first half two weeks ago?
  • Can the Patriots and LeGarrette Blount run on the Seattle D, setting up play action passing?

My guess, the Patriots will look to stop the Seattle running game and contain Russell Wilson in the pocket. That means putting their DB’s, Darrelle Revis-Island, Brandon Browner, Kyle Arrington and Devin McCourty man-to-man against the Seattle receivers and move a safety up to play the run. If the Patriots can make Seattle a one dimensional team or play from the lead, it will bode well for New England. My feeling is that the 2014 Patriots team is more like the one’s that won the Super Bowl, than the pass happy, all offense and no defense ones that lost. Football is a game of match ups and this will be a physical one.

My pick, Patriots 30-20.

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SNL’s Mocks ‘Deflategate’ … Patriots Press Conference Cold Open, with a Hint of ‘A Few Good Men’ … “YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT I DID!!!”

SNL was the latest to jump on the pile of this old, tired and over reported story of ‘Deflategate’.

Honestly, the SNL skit was a bit of a yawner. The only funny part of the ‘deflate-gate’ skit was when assistant equipment co-manager Dougy Spoons took the podium.

When the media started asking questions whether Tom Brady has instructed him to doctor the balls and that they wanted the truth, Dougy came back with Jack  Nicholson’s famous line from ‘A Few Good Men’… “You can’t handle the truth” and “You’re damn right I did.” Other than this, the rest with Belichick and Brady is a sleeper.

(Jump to the 3:30 mark for any form of humor.)

Dougy:  You can’t handle the truth! Son we live in a world that has balls. And those balls have to be inflated by men with pumps.
Who is going to do it you, you reporter Weinberg? You don’t want the truth, because deep down in places you don’t talk about at Super Bowl parties you want me on the ball, you need me on that ball.

Reporter: Did you deflate the ball?

Dougy: I did the job I was told to do.

Reporter: Did you deflate the ball!


You Can’t Handle the Truth! – A Few Good Men


New England Patriot Impromptu Press Conference on ‘Deflategate” … Belichick Says Pats Followed Every Rule in Preparing Their Footballs for AFC Championship Game Against Colts … Also, Different Air Pressure May be to Blame

Bill Nye Belichick, the Science Guy …

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick held an impromptu press conference this afternoon to emphatically say that the Pats followed every rule in preparing footballs for the AFC Championship game and provided a possible reason as to what may have happened in the case of “deflated balls”. Although Belichick said he was not a science guy, he did a rather good job of explaining what may have occurred from a scientific standpoint.Bill Belichick said that the balls were then delivered to the game’s officiating crew with the request that theybe inflated to 12.5 pounds per square inch. Belichick told the reporters that the Pats conducted an internal investigation as to the ball preparation process and concluded the following:


He said the Patriots conducted their own internal investigation in which they replicated their game-day procedures — including what would have happened last Sunday evening before their 45-7 win against the Indianapolis Colts.

The Patriot’s internal investigation included multiple recreations of the process that occurs during games, from the point in which quarterback Tom Brady and the equipment staff begin working on a set of brand new footballs. Belichick said the Patriots’ footballs were prepared according to quarterback Tom Brady’s preferred texture before the game — a process that included what Belichick described as “vigorous rubbing” that resulted in the balls’ PSI being raised by one pound.

Belichick stated, “I’m embarrassed to talk about the amount of time I’ve put into this, relative to the challenge in front of us.” In what may have been one of the greatest out of character moments of the Patriots coach, Bill Belichick even referenced the movie ‘My Cousin Vinny’, at the presser saying he was “no Mona Lisa Vito,” in terms of ball knowledge compared to Marisa Tomei’s character’s mechanical car knowledge (VIDEO).


Click HERE or on PIC to watch VIDEO via ESPN


Bill Belichick stated that the New England Patriots “followed every rule” in preparing their footballs for last Sunday’s AFC Championship Game, offering several potential reasons behind the “Deflategate” controversy.

Belichick addressed the issue in a lengthy statement Saturday, one day after the NFL announced that it has not drawn any conclusions yet on how the Patriots used under-inflated footballs during the first half of the conference title game against the Indianapolis Colts.

After detailing the organization’s preparation process and hinting that weather conditions may have affected the air pressure in the footballs, the longtime Patriots coach emotionally defended his team, saying “we did everything as right as we can do it.”

“At no time was there any intent whatsoever to try to compromise the integrity of the game or to gain an advantage,” Belichick said.

Let’s get a couple of things straight here, if this has been done by any of the other 31 NFL teams, “deflategate” would not be a story. Sorry, but it is true. People either love or hate the Patriots because of their dominance, their consistent winning, of course “Spygate,” and the fact that they have destroyed the myth that the NFL’s golden child, Peyton Manning, is not only the greatest QB of all time, he is not even the best QB of his era.

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Seattle Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin Melts Down on Media After Green Bay Collapse in NFC Championship Game


Following the Seattle Seahawks miraculous victory on Sunday in the NFC Championship game over the Green Bay Packers in overtime 28-22, Seahawk wide receiver Doug Baldwin went on a post-game rant against a doubting media. Really dude, the chip on your shoulder is the size of the George Hallas trophy. During his expletive filled tirade Baldin spouted, “At 16-0 at the half, how many of you counted us out? How many of y’all doubted us?” Note to Doug Baldwin, pretty much everyone did, including your fans. When you stink up the field, can’t catch the ball, can’t throw the ball and your QB has a rating of 0.0, I think anyone in the free world had a right to doubt you. Baldwin further went on to lose his mind and said, “When we were down 16-0 at the half, guess what we said? You don’t win the game in the first half. You win the game in the second half.” Really Doug, is that what you said? I hate to burst your attitude bubble but with 3:50 minutes left in the game, you were down 19-7 and dead in the water. You know who actually thought you were also going to lose, your fabled 12th man.  That is correct, so I guess Baldwin needs to lambaste the Seahawk 12th man fans as well as they left early, never believing that Seattle would win the game. You know, Seattle did not win the game, the Green Bay Packer gave it away, choked and lost the game.

Doug, you might want to ease up on the attitude, you got lucky. If you pulled such a stunt and played that badly against the Patriots, you would have been down 30-0 in the first half.

Here’s Baldwin’s rant, in FULL:

“Are you ready for this? Are you? How many of you (expletive) doubted us? How many of you doubted us when we were 3-3? Y’all, I want you to write this down. Write this down, OK?

“When we were 3-3, everyone counted us out. Y’all didn’t believe in us. A whole bunch of people thought we weren’t going to make it. At 6-4, ah, that’s OK. ‘They have a winning record, but they aren’t going to make the playoffs.’

“At 16-0 at the half, how many of you counted us out? How many of y’all doubted us? It is indicative of our season. Y’all didn’t want to believe in us. It is OK. We don’t need you to believe. We’re going to believe in ourselves. We ain’t worried about y’all. We are worried about ourselves.

“When we were down 16-0 at the half, guess what we said? ‘You don’t win the game in the first half. You win the game in the second half.’ When we do, we come out and we do what we do. We play Seahawks football. We got the opportunity to do what we love. And, we’ll see y’all at the Super Bowl.”

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New England Patriots DT Vince Wilfork Helps Driver Trapped in Roll Over Crash in Foxboro Following AFC Championship Game near Gillette Stadium

HERO OF THE DAY … New England Patriots Defensive tackle Vince Wilfork is an All-Pro on and off the football field …

Following the New England Patriots routing of the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship game, 45-7, eleven year veteran DT Vince Wolfork helped a motorist in distress whose SUV flipped over near Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass. According to reports, Wilfork helped them rescue a woman trapped in a 2015 Jeep Wrangler after it rolled over on Route 1 in Foxborough. Vince Wilfork told reporters, “It was something we saw and we knew she needed help, so we helped, my job was to help the person in the car.” Talk about your good Samaritan. The story goes as follows, as police held open the driver’s door, then like Superman, the 33 year old, 325 pound Wilfork reached in and helped lift the operator out of the vehicle with one hand.

The 38 year old woman, Mary Ellen Brooks, was okay with no reported injuries; however, she was driving drunk and was charged with DUI.

New England Patriots Vince Wilfork rescues woman after crash

Massachusetts State Police said Wilfork helped them rescue a woman trapped in a car after it rolled over near Gillette Stadium.

When troopers arrived to investigate reports of a vehicle that had rolled over on Route 1 in Foxborough, “to their surprise … Wilfork was beside the vehicle checking on the operator” of the 2015 Jeep Wrangler, police said.

“It was something we saw and we knew she needed help, so we helped,” Wilfork told reporters Monday. “The good thing is that we got her to safety.”

“The first thing I told her was ‘don’t panic.’  My job was to help the person in the car,” he said.

The driver, Mary Ellen Brooks, 38, of Hanson, was unable to get out of the SUV. As police held open the driver’s door, “Wilfork reached in and helped lift the operator out of the vehicle with one hand,” police said.

UPDATE I: Facebook – Massachusetts State Police:

Vince_Wilfork_good sumaritan

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NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks – VIDEO (Update: Packers 22 – Seahawks 28)(Update: Seattle Wins in OT!!!)



NFL 2015 Championship Game GB-Seattle

It is Championship Sunday in the NFL, the winner earns the rights to play in the Super Bowl, the loser goes home and spends an entire off season wondering what if. The Packers come into the northwest with a wounded QB Aaron Rodgers and his calf issue against the NFL’s number one defense. The two played each other in week one, the Seahawks destroyed the Packers, 36-16, when Seattle was hardly playing their best football. During the final 6 games of the season, where the Seahawks went 6-0, giving up an average of 6.5 points.

It is hard to believe that an injured Aaron Rodgers is going to go into Seattle, away from the friendly confines of the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field and defeat the defending Super Bowl champions. With the rain, the calf injury to Rodgers, the 12th man and more importantly, the Legion of Boom, I see the Seahawks returning to defend their title. I cannot see Aaron Rodgers extending plays with his legs against this defense without resulting in dire consequences. Many pundits say it will be a close game, I am not so sure about that. This one could snow ball.

NFC Championship Game_GB-Seattle

 FOX SPORTS: NFC Championship preview.

UPDATE I: Seahawks give Packers a gift 3 points on Russell Wilson interception. After Seattle CB Richard Sherman had intercepted Rodgers in the end zone.

NFC Championship Game_GB-Seattle2

UPDATE II: Seahawks give the Packers another gift turn over as they fumbled on the kickoff return. However, Green Bay failed to cash in again in the red zone and only came away with another FG. Seattle keeps this up and they will blow this game. In the beginning of this game, it appears that Seattle’s head is no where in the game.

NFC Championship Game_GB-Seattle3

UPDATE III: Touchdown Packers! Sorry, but if the Seahawks are not going to rush the QB and play like the Dallas Cowboy defense, they will get picked a part and destroyed by QB Aaron Rodgers. Hey Seahawks, ever heard of a blitz?

NFC Championship Game_GB-Seattle4

UPDATE IV: Add another FG to the Packers score. Crosby is not 3 for 3. The Seahawks can thank their lucky stars the score is not 24 to zero that this point. although the way they are playing today, it might just be a matter of time before that is the case. Seattle has yet to even show up to the game. Talk about over-confident.

NFC Championship Game_GB-Seattle5

UPDATE V: Another turnover for the Seahawks, their 3rd of the game. UNREAL, the Seahawks are panicking and it is only the first half. Good grief, Seattle is totally out of sorts.


The Seattle Seahawk offense has been offensive. Russell Wilson has actually thrown more interceptions than completions in the first half. His QB rating is 0, zero, nada, nien. What a disaster. Rodgers is hardly burning it up himself, but when your counterpart has a QB rating of 0.0, you look all world.

NFC Championship Game_GB-Seattle6

UPDATE VII: Seattle finally scores on a fake FG, throw for a TD (VIDEO). This may be just the thing that was needed for Seattle to light a fire under them and change the momentum in the game. Then again, maybe not. The Seattle offense has just been atrocious today. The only way the Seahawks are going to pull this game off is on special teams and defense.

NFC Championship Game_GB-Seattle7

UPDATE VIII: Yet another GB field goal give the Packers a 12 point lead. It is hard to imagine that the Seahawks could score 2 TD’s in the 4th quarter after having done butkis for the entire game.

NFC Championship Game_GB-Seattle8

UPDATE IX: It may be a little too late … Seahawks score on a Wilson TD run (VIDEO)

NFC Championship Game_GB-Seattle9


UPDATE XI: Are you kidding me … SEAHAWKS score a TD as Marshawn Lynch 24 yards for a score and they get the 2 point conversion. However, they have left 1:25 to GB.

NFC Championship Game_GB-Seattle10

UPDATE XII: Packers kick FG with 14 seconds left to tie the game. Wondering why Kam Chancellor did not leap the pile to block the FG attempt.

We are headed to OT. Seattle wins the toss and they will receive the ball to start overtime.

NFC Championship Game_GB-Seattle11

UPDATE XIII: ITS OVER … UNBELIEVABLE, SEAHAWKS WIN IN OT … Jermaine Kearse Pass From Russell Wilson for 35 Yards for the TD!!!

I can’t even imagine how badly the Packers are kicking themselves. The Seahawks had done nothing until about 3.30 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Then, the GB Packers could not stop them.

NFC Championship Game_GB-Seattle12

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Indianapolis Colts LB Josh McNary Charged with Rape, Criminal Confinement with Bodily Injury and Battery (Update: Mc Nary Denied Allegations)

Another black eye for the NFL …

Indianapolis Colts linebacker Josh McNary has been charged with rape,  criminal confinement with bodily injury and battery resulting in bodily injury stemming from an incident that occurred in the early morning hours of December 1, 2014. According to Fox 59, the victim told Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) sex crimes detectives that she met an unknown man at a downtown bar and went to his apartment when a fight broke out before McNary allegedly raped her. Talk about bad PR for the NFL. Ahead of the AFC Championship game between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts, the Colts brass, players and coaches have to deal with this alleged incident by one of their own. Some call it a distraction, we call it rape.

Josh NcNary_rape

Click HERE to watch VIDEO via ESPN (pic screen grab ESPN)

Indianapolis prosecutors have filed rape, criminal confinement with bodily injury and battery resulting in bodily injury charges against Indianapolis Colts linebacker Josh McNary.

Two Indianapolis police officers said a 29-year-old woman accused an unknown man of attacking her in the early morning hours of Dec. 1. That man later determined to be McNary.

According to the report, police determined the man was McNary after investigating a cellphone the woman claimed she took from the man’s apartment.

UPDATE I: Indianapolis Colts linebacker accused in rape case due in court Thursday.

Court documents reveal that she said “I didn’t have the strength to push him off.” She also described “being in and out of consciousness.”

She took his cell phone when leaving his apartment.

A hospital examination revealed that the woman suffered injuries, including dried blood behind her ear. She told police she scratched her attacker. The victim told police that when she scratched McNary, he said, “Look what you did to me.”

Police used the cell phone to make the connection to McNary. When police arrived at his apartment, McNary told them, “I know why you are here.”

He said he preserved the bedding from the encounter and presented some of the woman’s clothing to police. McNary had also taken photos of the bedding, showing blood stains and other soiled areas.

UPDATE II: Colts linebacker Josh McNary ‘unhesitatingly’ denies rape allegations.

Indianapolis Colts linebacker Joshua McNary denies the allegations that he raped a woman after a night of drinking at a Downtown bar.

On Thursday morning, McNary’s attorney, Edward F. Schrager, released the following statement on behalf of his client:

“Joshua McNary unhesitatingly denies all accusations made against him. Following the public release of these allegations, Joshua immediately reported to law enforcement officials in a respectful and peaceful manner.

“The charges and affidavit publicly disseminated on Wednesday afternoon are not evidence of wrongdoing, but simply one side’s story.”

UPDATE III: Indy Colts Ask NFL Commissioner to put McNary on Exemption List.

The Indianapolis Colts have requested that commissioner NFL Roger Goodell immediately place linebacker Josh McNary on the League’s Commissioner Exemption list.

If the request is granted, McNary — who was charged on Wednesday with rape — would be ineligible to practice or attend games but would receive his playoff share of $44,000 for Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.

The NFL investigation is likely to follow, after which McNary could be suspended for a minimum of six games.

“That designation will permit the investigation provided by the League’s Personal Conduct Policy to run its course and will afford Josh the opportunity to focus on his defense against the charges,” the team said in a statement.

NFL Divisional Playoffs: No Luck for Denver … Colts Shock Broncos 24-13, Is this the End of Peyton Manning’s Career?


There will be no rematch of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning in the AFC Championship game next week. There was a ‘Mile High’ upset this afternoon in the final Divisional playoff game of the weekend as the Denver Broncos were stunned at home by the Colts 24-13. For those who watched the game, it was not even that close. Sorry, but unless you are a Colts fan or a friend and relative of Andrew Luck, no one saw this one coming. Colts QB Andrew Luck outplayed Manning and it is now official, Luck is officially out of the shadow of Peyton Manning. Luck is the new kid on the block to Championship Sunday as all of the remaining QB’s Brady, Wilson and Rodgers all have Super Bowl wins.

Manning said following the game, ‘I didn’t play well enough’. Ya think?

“My mindset right now is just disappointment after (Sunday’s) game … I’m disappointed, I kind of need to process this game, we’ll meet (Monday), I’m disappointed I need to process this game,” Manning said following the loss.

Asked if he could definitely say he was still planning to return to the Broncos next season, Manning said, after a short pause:

“Uh, yeah, I guess I just can’t give that simple answer. I’m processing it. I can’t say that. I could not say that.”

AFC Divison Game Colts Broncos

Click HERE or on PIC to watch VIDEO from

The Colts (13-5) advanced to the AFC conference championship next weekend in New England. The Patriots (13-4) rallied past Baltimore 35-31 Saturday in the other AFC divisional playoff.

The Broncos (12-5) were left to deal with the hangover of yet another playoff debacle – and maybe questions about Manning’s future and that of coach John Fox, as well.

The pundits said that the Indianapolis Colts were not supposed to win in Denver, the Colts were not supposed to be able to run against Denver, the Colts were not supposed to be able to pass protect against Denver … but they did all three, won the game and advanced to next week’s AFC Championship game against the New England Patriots. Let’s give kudos to the Colts, but the question that needs to be asked is what the hell happened to the Denver Broncos? They appeared sluggish and somewhat unprepared to play. Their QB seemed very slow, very old and appeared to have lost his fire. No, I am not talking about Hillary Clinton, I am referring to Peyton Manning. Folks, not just old, damn old. Manning continually overthrew receivers all day and many throws had the folks at Duck Dynasty salivating as they prepared to shoot the fluttering ducks.

Peyton’s future plunges into uncertainty.

After watching today’s game and how Manning finished the 2014 season, I think this is going to be Manning’s last year. His last best chance to win a Super Bowl was last year when he got throttled by the Seahawks. Manning had a miraculous season, but for anyone to think that would continue year after year was wishful thinking. With free agency, loss of coordinators, it would appear the Super Bowl window has shut in Denver.

With the Broncos losing at home on Sunday to the Colts, the most obvious question is whether quarterback Peyton Manning will return next year.

Manning publicly has said that he certainly plans to play, but Jim Nantz of CBS said during the fourth quarter of Sunday’s broadcast that Manning explained during their pregame production meeting that it’s no longer a sure thing.

“He actually told us that ‘I’m gonna wait and see, I can’t really in my heart tell you anything for sure right now,” Nantz said.  “My intention is to play, but things have changed since I last said that.’”

One major change looming over the franchise is the potential departure of offensive coordinator Adam Gase, who has been interviewed for multiple head-coaching positions elsewhere.  Then there’s the possibility that coach John Fox won’t be back — along with the possibility that Peyton wants to see changes made.

Perhaps Peyton wants Gase to become the head coach of the Broncos.

Apart from whether Peyton chooses to play is the question of whether the Broncos believe based on his current performance and production that he’s worth $19 million in salary for 2015.  It would be considerably cheaper to hand the reins to Brock Osweiler, and the gap between Manning and Osweiler may not be as big as it was in September.

Is this the end for Peyton Manning? After ugly loss, it feels like it.

Years ago, when I first met Peyton Manning, this would have been one of those days all about football, unable to let it go, heartbroken about the loss. This time, it didn’t feel that way. This felt different.

Maybe it’s because he knows it’s time. Maybe it’s because he knows the end is here.

On the podium, following his team’s 24-13 loss to the Indianapolis Colts, his former team, in the AFC Divisional Playoff game Sunday, Manning was asked if he would be back to play his 18th season. He was non-committal. When I asked him about it again later, he said he would take some time to figure out.

In the past, Manning would have simply said he was coming back, which is why in my heart I think this could be the end of the Manning era. If it is, it’s a bad way to go out.

If it is, we should all be sad.

The story for another day is whether Peyton Manning, who will obviously be elected to the NFL Football Hall of Fame on the first ballot, is the best QB ever. Sorry, the answer is no. Overall, Manning is 11-13 in the postseason and today’s game was one of his worst playoff performances of all, except maybe the 43-8 Superbowl blowout and maybe a couple of losses against the Patriots were he was beat up badly. Manning has gone one-and-done in the playoffs a record nine times in his otherwise stellar career. That’s hardly best ever stats for a QB. Manning was brought into Denver to win a Superbowl and although his regular season record was 38-10, he is just 2-4 in the playoffs. Peyton Manning may be the best Fantasy football hall of fame QB, not the one on Canton, Ohio.

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