Alabama Crimson Tide Mom (Michelle Pritchett) Goes all Red Neck on Oklahoma Sooner Fan at Sugar Bowl (VIDEO) (Update: Mom Flips OU Fans the Double Bird)

WOW, can I just be the first to remind everyone … its just a game and you are not playing it.

Michelle Pritchett, the Bama, ‘Roll Tide’ mom that is seen in the video below going after some OU Sooner fans and going all redneck at Thursday night’s Sugar Bowl said that she did so because the Oklahoma fans were taunting her and then crossed the line and taunted her 16 year old son. Hmm, that may be true or not, but the manner in how this was handled could not have been more wrong. She is actually lucky she did not harm anyone or get injured herself. Pritchett regrets that the situation got out of hand but says that if she had to do it again.

In the video, you can see Pritchett jump onto a group of Oklahoma fans and then begin kicking them while fans at the game tried to pull her away.

Pritchett said a phone interview with Yellow Hammer that she regrets how things escalated and wanted to apologize to “Bama Nation.” She goes on to say that if she had to do it again, she would.

She also said that she wasn’t intoxicated. Pritchett admits to having a couple of drinks, but claims she was not drunk at the time of the incident.

You’ve heard of the Lambeau leap, Looks like we have the “redneck” leap now

The insanity really begins at the 33 second mark

This incident brings to mind two things. One, what a double standard; and Two, what ever happened to individuals acting with any civility at sporting events anymore. No wonder parents no longer want to bring their children to games anymore.

First, who thinks that if a man, a dad, did the same thing that he would not have been arrested on assault charges? Two, what the hell are people thinking these days? And I am talking on both sides. The OU fans for obviously crossing a line and taunting another individuals and the mom for not being mature enough to just act like an adult. The fine art of trash talking does not include cursing, vulgar comments, threats or abusive language or gestures. Sadly, a clueless and ignorant society has forgot that.

Before anyone wants to jump to the defense of this was a mamma bear protecting her cub they might want to take a look to the video below where Alabama mom is giving the double bird to the OU Sooner fans that were giving her a hard time. Yup, real mature.


ESPN Hires Former Heisman Trophy Winner and SEC Great Tim Tebow as SEC Network Sports Analyst

Tim Tebow gets a new gig, although not as quarterback in NFL … Tewbow back where he belongs, the SEC!!!

Tim Tebow, the former University of Florida Gator, Heisman Trophy winner and NFL QB, has been hired as a football analyst for the SEC Network. Tim Tebow said of his new position,  “I am so excited that ESPN has given me this incredible opportunity. When I was six years old I fell in love with the game of football, and while I continue to pursue my dream of playing quarterback in the NFL, this is an amazing opportunity to be part of the unparalleled passion of college football and the SEC.”

We wish Tebow the best of luck in his endeavors. I think he is a class act and only wish he had been given an opportunity in the NFL. With the quarterback play I have seen, or the lack thereof, no one can tell me he could not have helped a team do better than they did. Look what he did in Denver, even with management and GM John Elway rooting against him.


John 3:16 – For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Former Florida quarterback and Heisman winner, Tim Tebow, has been hired as a college football analyst for the SEC Network launching in August 2014. Through a multi-year agreement, Tebow’s primary role will be as an analyst for SEC Nation, the network’s traveling pregame show that will originate from a different SEC campus each week beginning August 28, 2014. In the months leading up to launch and after, he will contribute to a variety of ESPN platforms including SportsCenter, ESPN Radio, and the network’s Heisman Trophy coverage, offering in-depth perspective as a legendary Southeastern Conference player.

The SEC Network:

The Southeastern Conference and ESPN have signed a 20-year agreement through 2034 to create and operate a multiplatform network which will launch in August 2014. The new network and its accompanying digital platform will air SEC content 24/7 including more than 1,000 events in its first year.

I can only wonder at what point SEC and Tebow morals and God will clash with PC liberal ESPN. Just saying.

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It’s Official, Florida State Seminoles and Auburn Tigers will Battle for Final BCS National Championship

The BCS 2013 National Championship Game … The Tomahawk chop vs. War Eagle!

Tonight we had it confirmed what we all pretty much knew after yesterday’s convincing win by Auburn over Missouri in the SEC Championship game and the predictable win by the Michigan State Spartans over the over-rated and fraud #2 rated Ohio State Buckeyes in the Big Ten Championship game … The Florida State Seminoles will play the #2 Auburn Tigers will play each other in the final BCS Championship Game in the Rose Bowl on January 6, 2014.

Auburn outscoring Missouri 59-42 in the SEC Championship Game and ran for an amazing 545 yards on route to their win. Then later that night, Sparty proved what many knew, except for the AP and USA Today pollsters, that the Ohio St. Buckeyes were an unproven joke and an over-rated football team that had literally played no body, in a weak Big Ten conference. Michigan State scored the first 17, gave up the next 24 and then scored the final 17, in a going away victory 34-24. The sad reality is, that if Ohio St. had actually come back and found a way to win this game ugly by 1 or 2 points, the pollsters would have most likely made them #2 because some how going undefeated against inferior teams and barely eking out wins against down teams in the Big Ten is more impressive than a team winning the championship of the best conference in the land and beating  the #1 two-time defending champion Alabama Crimson Tide, #5 Missouri, #7 Texas A&M, # 24 Ole Miss, #25 Georgia and had just one loss to the #6 LSU Tigers in Baton Rouge.

For Florida State it was a cake walk as predicted for the #1 Seminoles as they crushed Duke in the ACC Championship game, 45-7. The Seminoles have won this year by an insane average of 42 points per game. However, does that tell us about FSU, or more about the lack of talent that they played in a weak ACC?


click on pic to watch VIDEO

After weeks of conjecture and debate about strength of schedule, the matchup for the VIZIO BCS National Championship turned out to be an obvious one.

No. 1 Florida State and No. 2 Auburn top the final BCS standings and will play for the national title Jan. 6 in Pasadena, Calif.

The regular season had set up the possibility for a controversial BCS title game with one-loss Auburn on the outside looking in at unbeaten but less-tested Florida State and Ohio State, but Michigan State took the Buckeyes out of the conversation by winning the Big Ten Championship Game on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Auburn moved up to the second spot in the standings by outscoring Missouri 59-42 in the SEC Championship Game.

Now the title game is set: Florida State, the nation’s only undefeated team, will face 12-1 Auburn, champion of the conference that has won the past seven national championships.

In the end, there can be only one, and for all of the criticism and controversy created by the BCS … this year they got it right and the two best teams and the two hottest teams at year’s end are playing for the crystal.

Florida State Quarterback Jameis Winston Not Charged with Rape of Female FSU Student (VIDEO)

Looks like FSU Football is not Duke Lacrosse …

Willie Meggs, the state attorney for the Second Judicial Circuit will not charge Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston with the rape of a female FSU student. The prosecutor basically said that there was not enough evidence to pursue the rape charges. However, this case could be brought forward in the future if other evidence arises. Looks like the Seminoles get to keep their QB for the ACC Championship game, get to keep their all but certain Heisman Trophy winner and their spot in the BCS National Championship game.  I will ask this one question that I am very suspect of … How did it take a year for this to become an active investigation of an alleged rape that took place on on Dec. 7, 2012? State prosecutor in Tallahassee, Willie Meggs, when he made the announcement this afternoon commented, that the decision was not driven “by any Heisman demands or football schedule.” Hmm. then why say it?

Nearly one year after Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston was accused of rape by a female FSU student, the state attorney has decided not to charge the Heisman Trophy favorite.

Thursday’s decision clears the way for him to finish the season with the No. 1 Seminoles.

Willie Meggs, the state attorney for the Second Judicial Circuit, formally announced the move during a news conference Thursday at the Leon County Courthouse. Winston had faced felony charges after being accused of sexually assaulting the woman at an off-campus apartment on Dec. 7, 2012.

“We’ve carefully examined all the evidence in this case and have concluded that no charges will be filed against anyone in this case,” Meggs said.

“We have a duty as prosecutors to determine if each case has a reasonable likelihood of conviction,” Meggs said. “After reviewing the facts in this case, we do not feel that we can reach those burdens.”

While the case could be reopened if new evidence was found, Meggs indicated that “he had no earthly idea what that would be.”

UPDATE I: Accuser in Winston case releases brief statement.

The woman who accused Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston of sexual assault says she worries her experience and how the case unfolded in the public eye will discourage rape victims from coming forward.
The victim and her family released a brief statement Thursday after State Attorney Willie Meggs told reporters he did not have enough evidence to charge Winston. Meggs says the woman’s memory lapses about the events of last December were problematic.

WOW … #4 Auburn Stuns #1 Alabama 34-28 on Last Play of Game as ‘Second’ Miracle at Jordan Hare Happens in Two Weeks (VIDEO) .. Twitter Erupts!!!


It was an Iron Bowl for the ages, the #4 Auburn Tigers stunned #1 Alabama  34-28 on the final play of the game. The Crimson Tide tried a 56 yard field goal with 1 second left on the clock to win the game when another miracle happened on The Plains. The FG was short and the Auburn Tigers’ Chris Davis ran the ball back 109 yards for a game winning touch down. The irony of it all was that Alabama coach Nick Saban lobbied for an extra second to be put on the clock to attempt the long FG. Then they set up for the game winning field goal and the rest is Iron Bowl lore.


via Twitter:Auburn Athletics ?@AUAthletics 1h



The Auburn Tigers will head to Atlanta, GA and play for the SEC Championship.

Chris Davis returned a missed field-goal attempt more than 100 yards for a touchdown on the final play to lift No. 4 Auburn to a 34-28 victory over No. 1 Alabama on Saturday, upending the two-time defending national champions’ BCS hopes and preserving the Tigers’ own.

Davis caught the ball about 9 yards deep in the end zone after freshman Adam Griffith’s 57-yard attempt fell short. He then sprinted down the left sideline and cut back with nothing but teammates around him in a second straight hard-to-fathom finish for the Tigers (11-1, 7-1 Southeastern Conference).

This is why we love college football!!!

More VIDEO Here.

Auburn Tiger fans rush Jordan Hare Field after the stunning War Eagle victory!!!



Last week it was the “Prayer at Jordan Hare” as the hail Mary pass was tipped by two Georgia defenders on a 4th and 18 play into the hands of Auburn WR Ricardo Louis for a game winning TD! This week it was even more improbable as the game seemed all bust lost after Bama scored on a 99 yard TD pass.

The play of the year in college football … Auburn’s Chris Davis runs back the missed Bama FG 100 yards for a game winning Iron Bowl TD!!!

Check out the Bleacher Report for more from the game of the year.

UPDATE I:  I nesver thought it was possible, but Nick Saban got out-coached. On a personal note, I have never really questioned Nick Saban’s coaching as he is one of the best in the business, but today he seemed off his game. However, he went for it on 4th down when he was at about the Auburn 20 yard line in the center of the field and failed. Even though his kicker had already missed two FG’s, he really should have kicked it there and tried to go up by 10 points. Then on the last play of the game, no what in hell I would have attempted a 56 yard FG with a red-shirt freshman kicker who had only tried 2 all year. Sabin does realize that ‘Facing the Giants’ was a movie and the last second FG kick by David of 51 yards was a movie as well, right? I am not sure how Saban left his chances of winning a third consecutive BCS Championship to a freshman kicker, rather than his senior QB AJ McCarron in OT.

(VIDEO Go to 1:37:53)

UPDATE II: Twitter erupts over Auburn’s stunning victory over Alabama.

Some of the better tweets can be seen here, but check out the rest of them at FOX Sports, some are really good!


Maybe the best Tweet of them all … OUCH, that’s going to leave a mark!


Check Out the Fake Injury from Last Nights Clemson Tiger – Georgia Bulldog Football Game … #84 Told to Lay Down Pretending Injury to Stop the Clemson Fast Break Offense


CHEATERS!!! The NCAA could not seem to find it in themselves to properly penalize Johnny Manziel for his alleged autograph signing and potential profiting from it, but they better find a way to stop the recurrent cheating by teams faking injuries on defense to stop the pace of the game and the high attack offenses like the Clemson Tigers. Watch the video below and see the obvious cheating by the University of George defense. One player, #5 CB Damian Swann, looks to the sidelines to the coaching staff, then you see him tell the other player, #84 LB  Leonard Floyd, to go down on the ground and pretend like he was injured. The effect, stopping the flow of the game and the “tempo” of the high octane Clemson Tiger offense with triplets, QB Taj Boyd, WR Sammie Watkins, RB Roderick McDowell.

This type of obvious cheating has got to be punished as it is taking away from the integrity of the game. If the defensive players cannot suck it up and play, then either the coaching staff needs to take a time out or they better do some better conditioning during training camp. However, the refs need to start calling 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalties. And if it continues to occur, players need to be suspended. This kind of stuff happened to Clemson during last years Chick-fil-a Bowl when the Clemson offense ran 100 offensive plays on the LSU defense and the defenders were dropping like flies and constantly taking a knee claiming injury.

One thing is for certain, the NCAA needs to penalize this obvious cheating, for the good and the integrity of the game.

Let’s get some thing perfectly clear, I could care less about the Clemson Tigers, I am a SEC fan, I just thing that it is a bush league play to fake an injury as a form of defense against an offense that you can’t keep up with. I say this no matter who does it. When it is so obvious that is what is going on, as almost like it has become a defensive call.

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Four former Vanderbilt Football Players (JaBorian McKenzie, Cory Batey, Brandon Vandenburg & Brandon Banks Charged with Rape and Aggravated Sexual Battery of Unconscious 21 Year Old Female Coed

Four former Vanderbilt football players have been charged with the rape and aggravated sexual assault of an unconscious 21 year old female coed. Brandon Vandenburg, 20, from California; Brandon Eric Banks, 19, from Maryland; JaBorian “Tip” McKenzie, 18 from Mississippi and Cory Batey, 19, of Nashville, were charged with five counts each of aggravated rape and two counts of aggravated sexual battery. Vandenburg was also charged with one count of unlawful photography and tampering with evidence. The incident occurred in the early hours on the Vanderbilt campus in Nashville, Tennessee in June 23, 2013. However, it wasn’t discovered by university officials until two days later after officials there were reviewing hallway camera footage in an unrelated incident when they saw the four former football players acting suspiciously. The players were subsequently kicked off the football team and dimissed from the university.

Cory Batey has already been arrested and taken to General Hospital for a mandatory blood draw. Tennessee police are attempting to track down the other three down and have notified authorities in the states they reside that indictments have been issued. They have the option to surrender themselves to authorities or arrest warrants will be issued.

From The Tennessean:

Four former Vanderbilt University football players were charged Friday in the rape of an unconscious student in a Gillette Hall dormitory room in a case police described as “unsettling.”

Brandon Vandenburg, 20, from California; Brandon Eric Banks, 19, from Maryland; JaBorian “Tip” McKenzie, 18 from Mississippi and Cory Batey, 19, of Nashville, were charged with five counts each of aggravated rape and two counts of aggravated sexual battery. Vandenburg was also charged with one count of unlawful photography and tampering with evidence.

Police said the case came to light only after university officials saw something suspicious while reviewing surveillance camera footage in an unrelated matter.

Four Vanderbilt University Football Players Dismissed from Team Amid Sex Crime Investigation (Update: Players Dismissed from Vanderbilt)


The Vanderbilt football team has made great strides in recent years in the SEC under the guidance and coaching of James Franklin. However, they find themselves  in the midst of sex crimes. Four Vanderbilt football players have been dismissed from the team. As The Tennessean reports, the four dismissed players have been placed on interim suspension from the university amid a sex crimes investigation by Nashville Metro police. The names of the players have not been named, as there have yet to be any arrests or indictments as the investigation continues into the incident. It has been confirmed that the Nashville Metropolitan Police Department’s Sex Crimes Unit began an investigation on Wednesday in regard to a matter that was alleged to have occurred at a Vanderbilt University dormitory. That investigation has been confirmed to be tied to the four dismissed players. What a sad state of affairs when even an academic institution like Vanderbilt fall pray to the crimes committed by athletes.


Four Vanderbilt football players have been dismissed from the team and placed on interim suspension from the university amid a sex crimes investigation by Metro police.

Vanderbilt announced the dismissals and suspensions for violation of team rules this morning. The players were not identified.

“The well-being of our students is of paramount concern to us, and we will not tolerate any actions that threaten student safety and security,” said Beth Fortune, Vanderbilt vice chancellor for public affairs, in the release.

Metro police and Vanderbilt’s administration were keeping a tight lid on details of the incident and no arrests had been made as of Friday night.

“I can confirm that the Metropolitan Police Department’s Sex Crimes Unit began an investigation on Wednesday in regard to a matter that was alleged to have occurred at a Vanderbilt University dormitory,” said Don Aaron, spokesman for Metro police. “Our sex crimes detectives became involved as the result of a notification to us on Wednesday from Vanderbilt University police. The investigation remains very much in progress.

UPDATE I: CBS Sports is reporting that the four Commodore football players that were dismissed from the team on Friday, have been dismissed by Vanderbilt and removed from campus. More from the AP

Vanderbilt has dismissed four football players from the team and kicked them off campus while Nashville police investigate whether a sex crime occurred in a campus dormitory.

The school’s public affairs department announced Friday that four players — none of whom it named — were suspended from the team. The university issued another release Saturday morning indicating they’re removed from the team and on interim suspension from the university “effective immediately, pending further investigation and/or a hearing.”

School officials say the players can’t return to campus “without explicit permission” from the school’s office of student conduct and academic integrity.

Former Grand Valley State University Quarterback Cullen Finnerty missing Since 5/26/13 in Lake County, MI (Update: Founded Deceased)

30 year old Cullen Finnerty, the former quarterback of Grand Valley State University, has been missing since Sunday, May 26, 2013 in Lake County, Michigan. Cullen Finnerty went fishing on Baldwin Lake and did not return Sunday night. According to authorities, his parents owns a cabin near Bray Creek State Forest Campground. Finnerty was dropped off by family members and later called his wife when he was done fishing. Police were able to find the small pontoon boat he was using to fish. The last point of contact came in the form of a phone call from Finnerty to his brother-in-law just after 9:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Authorities are searching for Cullen Finnerty, a quarterback who led Grand Valley State to three Division II national football championships after he failed to return from fishing near his northern Michigan cabin.

The Lake County sheriff’s department says the search continued Monday evening for the 30-year-old Finnerty, who didn’t return Sunday night. WZZM-TV says his family owns a cabin near Bray Creek State Forest Campground.

Former GVSU QB missing in Lake County

 UPDATE I: Rescue crews spent the day Monday searching for a former Grand Valley State University quarterback.

Monday afternoon, divers and emergency crews were searching for Finnerty, according to 7&4 News. Mitchell said he was visiting his in-laws at their cabin. He was last seen when they dropped him off at the river around 8:30 p.m., the station reported.

The last point of contact came in the form of a phone call from Finnerty to his brother-in-law just after 9:30 p.m. on Sunday, 7&4 News reported. Finnerty didn’t know where he was, but then his call dropped out.

Mitchell said Finnerty’s former teammate told him that when Finnerty’s in-laws went to search for Finnerty, they found his small pontoon boat on the shore, and some of his fishing equipment was still inside it.

However, there was no trace of Finnerty.


Picture – Facebook Missing cases

If you have any information about Finnerty’s whereabouts, call the Lake County Sheriff’s Department at 231.745.2712.

UPDATE II: Sad news to report, Cullen Finnerty’s body has been found late last night.

A former star college quarterback was found dead in northern Michigan on Tuesday night, two days after he went missing while on a fishing excursion, his former university said.

Grand Valley State University tweeted around 9:15 p.m. (10:15 p.m. ET) Tuesday that the body of Cullen Finnerty had been found near Baldwin, Michigan. This came after an intensive search by police, firefighters and ex-teammates on Tuesday.

“The Grand Valley community is saddened to learn of the death of former Laker quarterback Cullen Finnerty,” the school said.

UCONN Lady Huskies Win 8th National Title Beating Louisville by Largest Margin in Finals History 93-60!!!

WOOO-HOOO, Ladies Night in the Big Easy as UCONN wins big … Simply the Best!!!

The University of Connecticut Lady Huskies have won their 8th NCAA Woman’s Basketball Championship by beating the Louisville Cardinals 93-60. It is the 8th championship for Huskie head coach Geno Auriemma, tying him with the immortal Tennessee Vol head coach Pat Summitt. After 5 to 8 minutes into the game, the game was over. With 13:52 left in the first half UCONN found them self behind 14-10 and the Huskies went on a 19-0 run and the rest was history. The Huskies lead at the half 48-29 and then outscored Louisville 45-31 in the second half to go on to a record largest margin of victory in a Woman’s final 93-60.

Click on pic for ESPN VIDEO 

It was the largest margin of victory in the history of the women’s championship game. UConn has beaten Louisville 12 consecutive times dating back to 1993. Auriemma is only two championships shy of tying legendary UCLA coach John Wooden for the most titles won by any coach at the major college level.

Connecticut (35-4) made 13 of 26 3-point shots and raced to a 19-point halftime lead. The Huskies eventually stretched the lead to 35 points.

Move over Kerry Bascom, Rebecca Lobo, Jen Rizzotti, Sue Bird, Maya Moore and even Diana Taurasi .  There is a new sheriff in town, she is a freshman, and was named  the Tournament’s Most Outstanding Player … her name is Breanna Stewart. Stewey for short. What a talent and Geno has her for another 3 more years. Breanna Stewart scored 23 points for UConn with nine rebounds and was one of five Huskies to score in  double figures. Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis made five 3-pointers and finished with 18 points. The UCONN Huskies set a Finals record for 3′s as well. And probably more fitting than anything, beloved senior Kelly Faris in her final game for UCONN scored 16 points, pulled down 9 rebounds and was her typical defensive stopper raising havoc in helping the Huskies hold Louisville to 37% shooting and 22% 3 point shooting.

Congrats to the UCONN LADY HUSKIES. What makes this National title probably the most rewarding for Geno and the Huskies is that this was supposed to be a down year. It was supposed to be a rebuilding year. UCONN had been bested by the Irish in recent years and lost to them in the Big East Finals. However, that was 6 games ago and what seems like forever ago. In a year that was supposed to be a down one, the Lady Huskies finish 35-4, win the National Championship going away and crushed all who got in their way. Their average margin of victory for the tournament, 35 points.

In what is the swan song of the “BIG EAST” Conference as we know it, the Men’s and Woman’s champs both come from what will be known as the greatest NCAA basketball conference in history. What a shame that university presidents and their greed had to screw it up.

The local hometown Huskie newspaper may have summed it all up the best. The New Haven Register reported, while ESPN spent the entire season promoting the trio of seniors, it was not Baylor’s Brittney Griner, Notre Dame’s Skylar Diggins or Elena Delle Donne of Delaware who dazzled the nation during the women’s Final Four. Brittney Griner and  Elena Delle Donne both lost in the Sweet 16. Notre Dame and Skylar Diggins, who had previously beat UCONN three times this year, were crushed by the Huskies in the National Semi Finals 83-65. So, instead of the three that ESPN promoted … the role was more than ably filled by UConn freshman Breanna Stewart. And will be for years to come.

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