President Barack Obama Spends 51st Birthday, What Else … Golfing

President Barack Obama spent his 51st birthday, doing what else but golfing of course.  This is nothing new and unusual, it will be Obama’s 104th round of golf since he became president as Obama played gold at Camp David.  I am guessing that those Americans that are apart of the 8.3% and the 17% underemployment were kind of hoping that President Obama was actually going to keep his word that jobs were his number one priority. However, when Obama made fundraiser and golf a grater priority than meeting with his own Jobs Council, Americans probably think its time for change and Barack Obama can spend his next birthday no longer president.

Yup, I spend every waking hour fighting for you

In an email to supporters, Barack Obama warned that his birthday “could be the last one I celebrate as president of the United States, but that’s not up to me — it’s up to you.” Yes it is and its about time this country has a Commander in Chief and someone focused on the economy, not class warfare.

Obama Says Jobs Priority One, That’s Why He Hasn’t Met With Them Publicly in Six Months, But Has Time for Fund Raisers, Vaction and Golf … Romney Says, Obama’s “priority is keeping his own jobs and that is why he is going to lose it.”

Obama’s Jobs Council AWOL … and you wonder why there are being no jobs created? How can anyone justify this while the President conducted 89 fundraisers in the last six months. Obama is obviously concerned more about his own job than helping create those for America.

President Barack Obama has repeatedly said that jobs were his top priority. Really? The jobs numbers hardly show that. But it gets worse, Obama’s Jobs Council has not met publicly for six months. SIX MONTHS!!! Its bad enough there are members on this panel who are CEO’s who outsource jobs, something that Obama has criticized his opponent Mitt Romney for doing while at Bain Capital. All this while millions of Americans are out of work, unemployed and underemployed, Obama’s Jobs Council is MIA.

President Barack Obama’s Jobs Council hasn’t met publicly for six months, even as the issue of job creation dominates the 2012 election.

At this point, the hiatus — which reached the half-year mark Tuesday — might be less awkward than an official meeting, given the hornet’s nest of issues that could sting Obama and the council members if the private-sector panel gets together.

Mitt Romney responded to this news of Obama’s Jobs Council in Bowling Green, Ohio in the video (4:00 mark) below and stated you would think that with a situation so bad in the United States when it comes to comes that the President would spend all of his time on helping people get jobs. Instead in the last six months Obama has held 100 fund raisers and had ZERO meetings with his Jobs Council. Romney went on to say to cheers,  his [Obama's] priority is not creating jobs for you, his priority is keeping his own jobs and that is why he is going to lose it.

Mitt Romney holds town hall in Bowling Green, Ohio

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was questioned by the press as to why Obama’s Jobs Council had not met publicly in six months. After twisting and trying to find an answer to an inexcusable situation, Carney said that the reason why they have not met was because Obama had a lot on his plate. Yup, he was just too busy. That is why is the last six months Barack Oabma has been able to hold 89 fund raisers, go on vacation and play multiple rounds of golf.  Yup, Obama has a full plate, too full a plate than to make JOBS his priority. At least he has a plat, unlike millions of Americans without a job and without a home.

The ‘Lying King’ President Obama Takes Break from Smearing Mitt Romney to Play 101st Round of Golf

Because smearing your opponent is hard work …

For the first time since June 25 Barack Obama, the “Misleader” in Chief has hit the links to play golf. Say it isn’t so, Obama has not been swinging the sticks as he has been too busy smearing  his opponent, fabricating the truth and misleading the American public. Smearing Mitt Romney is hard work for Barack Obama. America has finally found an issue that prevents Obama from playing golf. Was it the economy, no. Was it the 40+ consecutive months of unemployment over 8%, no. Was it the record number of Americans on food stamps, the record federal debt, the poor jobs growth numbers, the failed stimulus or failed “green” energy government investments … no. The only thing that has put a damper on Obama’s golf is smearing Mitt Romney, while avoiding the topic of his handling the economy during his first term and his own outsourcing issues.

After a week spent campaigning in Iowa and Virginia, President Obama took a break from the trail by hitting the links.

Obama headed to Fort Belvoir in Northern Virginia on Sunday for a round of golf.  He was accompanied by White House personal aide Marvin Nicholson, U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk and senior adviser David Plouffe, according to a pool report.

Obama last hit the links on June 25, his 101st round of golf since being sworn in.

After all, when you cannot campaign on the positives of what your administration has done it its first term in office, smear, smear, smear.

UPDATE I: Thanks to the Lonely Conservative for the link.

Fast & Furious Stonewalling, Obamacare looking Unconstitutional, Failing Economy & Middle East on the Brink … Barack Obama Golfs for 101st time of Presidency

101 and counting …

President Barack Hussein Obama celebrated the Muslin Brotherhood’s Presidential victory in Egypt today with yet another round of golf. This will make Obama’s 101st round of golf since he took office. Millions of Americans are unemployed, the parents of Brian Terry are looking for answer as to their son’s death in connect with ‘Fast & Furious’ and wonder why Obama evoked executive privilege, a majority of American hope that the SCOTUS declares Obamacare Unconstitutional and the Middle East was turned on its ear today with the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate in Egypt. All this, but it did not deter Obama from playing golf.

President Obama waited for the temperature to cool just a bit before heading to the golf course on Sunday.

Obama is golfing at the Fort Belvoir course, according to a White House pool report. The president is golfing with White House chef Sam Kass, staffer Mike Brush and White House trip director Marvin Nicholson, a frequent golf partner of Obama’s.

The temperature at the course is a steamy 89 degrees but a slight breeze makes it feel a little cooler, according to the Weather Channel. Washington is in the midst of a heat wave, with temperatures hitting 100 degrees on Thursday.

This will be the president’s 101st round of golf since entering office according to a count kept by CBS News’s Mark Knoller. He was last on the course on Father’s Day.

Funny, I waited for the temperature to cool off a bit, like millions of Americans to cut the grass. Who is out of touch with the American people?

Breaking News: Barack Obama Goes Golf AGAIN!!!


Once again, when the going get’s tough, Barack Obama goes golfing. There is no truth to the rumor that Obama said to the media that the “private” golf courses were doing fine. There is something seriously wrong with an individual who has to know that it is a negative perception of the American people to see the President golf while the American economy burns … and he still plays gold anyway. Via The Hill:

President Obama is looking to relax after a difficult week by hitting the links.

The president headed to Fort Belvior in Northern Virginia on Saturday for an afternoon round of golf.  His foursome includes White House staffers Mike Brush, Marvin Nicholson, and Joe Paulson.

Obama really is the “Out of Touch” President.

Add Another Round of Golf to Obama’s List … Second Time This Spring

Add another round of golf to President Barack Obama’s ever growing tally. It was the second round of golf for Obama this Spring.  Looks like Obama has been taking advantage of the above average temperatures. That was the 93rd round of golf of his Presidency. Oh, but he is so busy handling the economy and jobs. Nothing says Good Friday or Easter Sunday like golf.  Also, how could not resist interjecting himself into the Augusta National membership issue. Far be it from Obama to miss a chance to pander to women.

President Obama hit the links on Saturday, visiting what has become his home course at Andrews Air Force Base.

The president, a frequent golfer, left the White House shortly before 1 p.m. for a ride to what has become his home course at Andrews Air Force Base.

On Thursday, White House press secretary Jay Carney said that the president thinks women should be allowed membership at Augusta National, the Georgia golf club that is hosting the Masters tournament this week.

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Sports Athletes Who Died in 2011 … Harmon Killebrew, Macho Man Randy Savage, Bubba Smith, Al Davis and Joe Fraizer to Name a Few: REST IN PEACE

In Memoriam …

Sadly we lost some real icons in the world of sports this year. Among some who died were MLB Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew, WWE Pro-wrestling great Randy “Macho Man” Savage, NFL football greats Bubba Smith, Chester McGlockton, Dave Duerison, Ollie Matson and John Macky, PGA golfing legend Seve Ballesteros, Oklahoma State women’s basketball coach Kurt Budke and assistant coach Miranda Serna, NFL icon Al Davis and Boxing great Smokin Joe Frazier.


No death was probably more tragic than the terrible Indy car crash and the death of race car driver Dan Wheldon at the season-ending Las Vegas Indy 300. Weldon was just 33 years of age.

Sadly, boxing great and former heavy weight champion of the world, Smokin’ Joe Frazier passed away at age 67 after to battle with liver cancer.

The NFL lost its Commitment to Excellence … NFL Oakland Raider Owner Al Davis Dies at Age 82 … JUST WIN BABY!!!

More athletes who passed in 2011 can be seen here at Sports Illustrated. What is the most tragic thing after  reviewing the far many athletes who died in 2011 was sadly the amount who died due to suicide.

Barack Obama Goes Golfing with Friend who was Arrested in Prostitution Sting

WHORE … FORE … Just another day in Obamadise.

President Barack Obama goes golfing with his long time friend Robert Titcomb, who previously plead no contest to soliciting a prostitute. Of course he did, because isn’t that what every day life is like in political Washington, DC? Are you kidding? This is what is expected as proper behavior by a sitting President?

President Obama golfed on Monday with his long-time friend Robert Titcomb, who in May plead no contest to soliciting a prostitute, according to the White House pool report.

“The president’s fourball at the Mamala Bay Golf Course includes his long-time friend Robert “Bobby” Titcomb who was arrested and plead no contest in May to soliciting a prostitute, Marvin Nicholson, and White House advance man Pete Selfridge,” the report read.

Gee Barack, was Jerry Sandusky busy? Could you imagine what the MSM would be saying if GWB golfed with a guy like this? Heck, when you have a former pastor like Reverend Wright and hung out with terrorists like Bill Ayers, I guess a prostitution charge is peanuts.

Like President, Like VP: Joe Biden Golfed Just Hours Before Hurricane Irene Landed in Delaware

The driving ban was not meant for driving golf balls.

With a Golfer in Chief like Barack Oabma, does it shock anyone that Biden would follow suit, like President, like VP. According to Fox News, Biden went golfing in the hours leading up to Hurricane Irene hitting Delaware.
Delaware Gov. Jack Markell ordered “driving restrictions,” it would appear that Biden thought that only meant with a vehicle, not with his clubs.

Delaware was pounded by Hurricane Irene on Saturday night, but Vice President Biden got in one last round of golf in his home state before the heavy stuff started coming down, Fox News has learned.

Biden played golf at a Wilmington-area course on Saturday morning, according to two sources familiar with his schedule.

Asked directly whether Biden played golf on Saturday, Biden’s office would not comment to Fox News.

What a visual this sends to the American public.  How does an Administration justify telling John Q. Public to stay off the roads, while the VP goes golfing? Looks like the Prez and Veep were on the same wave length as President Obama visited FEMA in Washington, DC for a high-level briefing on preparations for the storm that is slamming the East Coast of the nation, Biden was golfing. How upset must Obama have been to cut his vacation and golfing short, only to hear that Biden was getting in a last minute round of golf before the hurricane hit?

Brian in a Blue State

Hypocrisy: So Much for Freedom of Speech at ESPN, Warn Azinger to Stop Mocking Tweets about President Obama … “The Potus has played more golf”


Just another example of media bias, How ironic, ESPN who benefits from the US Constitutional Right of Freedom of the Press, also seems to have an issue with the First Amendment Right of Freedom of Speech. Shame on you ESPN. Sadly the liberal MSM has infiltrated the sports media.

ESPN chastised Paul Azinger, former PGA golfer and ESPN golfing analyst for tweeting that President Barack Obama plays for golf than he does and that he has created more jobs than Obama. ESPN stated that it went against their social network policy for on-air talent and reporters. If its the truth, is that considered mocking? However, if you are going to have a policy that could include termination, you best apply the rules consistently.

LET’S GET REAL ESPN, YOU POLICY PERTAINS TO ONLY MOCKING BARACK OBAMA. Of course this has nothing to do with the fact that the parent company of ESPN, ABC, paid beaucoup bucks to elect Obama now does it. How pathetically sad is it that even sports media has become so liberal that they stoop to this level. A note to ESPN, ask Oprah how her media career went after she publically supported and tied herself to Barack Obama. Just saying.

ESPN is coming down on Paul Azinger for mocking President Obama on Twitter. The golf analyst tweeted Thursday the commander in chief plays more golf than he does — and that Azinger has created more jobs this month than Obama has.

On Friday ESPN ‘reminded” Azinger his venture into political punditry violates the company’s updated social network policy for on-air talent and reporters.

ESPN, you pathetic hypocrites. Nice consistent policy you have there ESPN as pointed out by Dana Loesch at Big Journalism.  If an on air talent like Kenny Mayne makes fun of, mocks are makes rude comments of a Republican like Sarah Palin, that’s is considered perfectly ok.  Dana has a list of numerous tweets that show quite the hypocrisy taking place in Bristol, CT.

No double standard here, eh? ESPN, you best figure out who your audience is. I would dare say you just lost many viewers of you NFL football pregame show. People do have options, keep it up ESPN, link yourself to an unpopular president like Barack Obama and you to will feel the affects like he is going to in 2012. You can let ESPN know how you feel by contacting them HERE.

Brian in a Blue State

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