Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson, Actions (Votes) Speak Louder than Words (Spin)

Separation of Actions and Words …

Dear Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson, you poor, sad, confused, deranged individual.Your cluelessness of the people who you represent is frightening. In the end, your lack of understanding of your constituents makes it all the more reason why you should no longer represent them as a US Senator.


We warned all that a vote for Obamacare meant a one way ticket home out of Washington, DC. What, you thought we were kidding? How bad is voting for Obamacare? Ben Nelson is not up for reelection until 2012 and he has already started damage control.

Your days of BS’ing the people of Nebraska are at an end. It does not matter how many ads you put out spinning and lying about Obamacare and your flip-flop on abortion and taking a Corn Husker kickback to exempt your state from paying what the rest of the others states have to.

One day after a new poll showed him tanking with Nebraska voters because of his decision to compromise his long-held pro-life views and become the 60th vote for the pro-abortion health care bill, Sen. Ben Nelson will run a television commercial during a college football bowl game to defend his decision.

Nelson will make his case for supporting the Senate government-run health care bill that forces taxpayers to fund abortions and would allow the Obama administration to make insurance companies pay for abortions with taxpayers’ premiums.

He will air a 30-second television spot during Wednesday night’s Holiday Bowl game featuring the University of Nebraska showing him talking directly into the camera.

First of all, none of Corn Husker nation wanted to see your flip-flopping, lying mug to bring down the spirits as Big Red was steam rolling the University of Arizona in the Holiday Bowl.

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