Senator-Elect Scott Brown … A Class Act Answering Reporters Question Regarding Presidential Timber


Take a good look and listen folks … this is what class sounds like in a politician and a respectful and thankful man.  Scott Brown is a breath of fresh air and the Hope & Change that this country really needs.

Listen to how he answers the reporters question regarding whether he is Presidential Timber. You don’t hear a lot of “I” and “me” and don’t you know who I am. Great answer to a question that is far too premature.

“Listen, I don’t want to be disrespectful, but I have had no sleep right now. I haven’t even been down to Washington yet and I don’t want to say that’s a silly question, but, I’m just so thankful for the support I’ve received from everybody. Last night when I stayed and shook everyone’s hands who was sweating and pushing, those are the people I want to go down there and represent.” (via the Breitbart TV)

The rest of Washington, DC including President Barack Obama could take a page from the Scott Brown gracious book of thanking, listening to and respecting the voters.

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Barack Obama Blames GWB for Coakley Senate Loss to Brown … “The same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office”

“The same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office”

Once again, the buck stops not with Barack Obama …

Barack Hussein Obama is either one of the best liar we have ever seen as President or the most delusional. In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Obama actually blamed former President George W. Bush for Martha Coackley’s monumental loss in the special Massachusetts Senate election to Republican Scott Brown.

Let me take a moment and inform the President as to one thing. It was not the same thing that swept Scott Brown into office that swept you into office; however, it will be the same thing that sweeps you and your Democrat cohorts out of office in 2010 and 2012 that elected Scott Brown.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So you saw it coming by then?

OBAMA: By that time, we did. And here’s my assessment of not just the vote in Massachusetts, but the mood around the country.

The same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office.

People are angry, and they’re frustrated. Not just because of what’s happened in the last year or two years, but what’s happened over the last eight years.

You’ve got really hard-working folks all across the country, who have seen their wages flat line and their incomes flat line.

As the Gateway Pundit adds, the sad reality is that Barack Hussein Obama believe his own BS. Gee, and the LEFT used to call Bush ignorant.

More from The Belmont Club and the post mortem of the Coakley disasterous loss to Republican Scott Brown, the loss of the Senate  seat held by Teddy Kennedy and the dagger into the heart of Obamacare and the Obama agenda.

The full interview transcript can be read HERE.

Obama thinks that it was his failure to communicate with the people on Obamacare that was the problem. Dude, it was not the presentation of the message, it was the substance of the message. NO ONE WANTS SOCIALIZED GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTHCARE!!! GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL!!

Just what we need another Obama speech trying to sell an unsellable product. To be honest, no one wants to hear your pie in the sky promises any more of Hope & Change when you have shown you are the most non-transparent President since Richard Nixon.

“MASS”acre … Obamacare Soundly Defeated in Massachusetts as Republican Scott Brown Defeats Coakley … Pot Committed Obama Continues to Defy the People

A plurality of voters said their vote was to stop the president’s health care plan — more than those saying it was a vote against his policies in general.

Last night the most liberal state in the United States said no to President Barack Obama, Democrat Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the liberals in Congress who want to force Obamacare down the throats of Americans.


The most liberal state in the Union said yes to Republican and independent minded Scott Brown and no to Martha Coakley, no to Barack Obama, no to vote bribes to Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu, no to special Union deals and $billion exemptions on “Cadillac” health care plans and no to the back room deals, lies  and lack of transparancey of the Obama White House.

As Senate and House Democrat now fear for their political lives after last nights stunning Brown victory in Massachusetts, Barack Obama and the White House still refuse to listen to “We the People” and continue to push forward on a healthcare bill that no one wants.

White House senior adviser David Axelrod told POLITICO: “I think that it would a terrible mistake to walk away now. If we don’t pass the bill, all we have is the stigma of a caricature that was put on it. That would be the worst result for everybody who has supported this bill.” He said the administration will work with Capitol Hill to figure out how.

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YES HE DID!!! Scott Brown Wins Mass Senate & the People’s Seat over Coakley … The Bay State Becomes Obama’s Waterloo & the Bay State Backlash

Gas up the truck … Senator elect Scott Brown is on his way to Washington, DC.

The ramifications of tonight’s election will echo a lifetime. Obama won Massachusetts in the 2008 Presidential election by 26%.  However, Barack Obama could provide no coattails, in fact was a detriment to Martha Coakley in one of the most liberal states in America.  Barack Obama … meet the state of Massachusetts, Senator Scott Brown, ABBA and your Waterloo.

52% SCOTT BROWN (R) 1,153,808
47% MARTHA COAKLEY (D)D: 1,052,391


Tonight, Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown pulled off the upset and defeated Democrat Martha Coakley for the Massachusetts US Senate 52% to 47%. The win by Brown is beyond historic. The election was a referendum on Obama’s policies and Obamacare. Obama lost badly.

Brown addressed a cheering crowd in Boston around 10:30 p.m., telling his exultant backers: “They can hear this cheering all the way in Washington, D.C.”

“I hope they’re paying close attention, because tonight the independent voice of Massachusetts has spoken,” Brown said, holding up a copy of the Boston Herald with the headline: “He did it.”

For a Republican to win the the dark blue state of Massachusetts and of all things winning in a special election for the seat previously held by the late Ted Kennedy defies description. Ted Kennedy who spent his political life time trying to pass socialized health care and who backed Barack Hussein Obama has his previously held seat won by a Democrat who has stated he would end Obamacare. The irony is unbelievable.

The Bay State wanted real “Hope & Change” and got it with upstart, underdog, pickup driving Scott Brown.

What made Scott Brown such an appealing candidate? One just needs to look at the video below. His common sense, common man approach is what America wants and needs. The American voter is not interested in polished, canned speech politicians.

Democrats best learn from this devastating loss or face the further wrath of the American voters in November 2010. If Democrats can lose in Massachusetts, they can lose any where. Suddenly all seats up for election appear to be in danger in the midterm elections. If Democrats continue down this suicide path of Obamacare, they will be taught a lesson they may never recover from.

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Polls Close in Massachusetts Special Senate Election … Brown and Coakley, Let the Counting Begin (UPDATE: SCOTT BROWN WINS)

The polls have closed in Massachusetts and let the vote counting begin. The significance of this election is like nothing I have seen in my lifetime. In the balance of this Senate election is the future of Obamacare and the Obama Administration.

A victory by Scott Brown in blue, blue Massachusetts means the demise of Obama and his socialist agenda. Any Senator or Representative weould be a fool to support this President if a Republican wins the late Ted Kennedy’s seat in Mass.

However, before the polls closed the blame game began for Democrats. The White House tried to distance them self from Coakley and this potential colossal disaster. You know it’s bad when the Coakley-Obama blame game is in full swing and the polls had not even closed. RUT-ROH, could be a long, sleepless evening for libs across America.

This cannot be a good sign for Martha Coakley, Obama’s top political advisor says “hats off” to Republican Scott Brow. Think the White House has not read the tea leaves and has some inside baseball data?

“As a practitioner in politics, my hat’s off to him,” Axelrod said.

Axelrod, in a question and answer session with reporters, said it was too soon for “post-mortems” on the special election to fill the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s seat. And for the record, he said that he still expected Coakley to win.

But it didn’t take much reading between the lines to see that the president and his team are preparing to back-pedal as swiftly as humanly possible to distance Obama from a disastrous result tonight.

The Obama strategist volunteered praise for the Massachusetts Senate campaign run by the Republican, Scott Brown, and seemed to find nothing good to point to in the Democratic effort. He said he didn’t want to “delve deeply into post-mortems on the day people are voting.”

Coakley advisor slams DC Democrats in memo for failing Martha Coakley. These folks are going to eat their own before this one is over. More from Blue Crab Boulevard and the Gang that could not shoot straight.

Live updates from The Other McCain at Scott Brown’s HQ. Election Day in Massachusetts … it could be the Hope and Change that America has been looking for one year.

UPDATE I: Counting the Votes

8:30pm Eastern. Early, early results are in. AP has Brown 52% Coakley 47%, wht 116 of 2168 precincts reporting.

Town by Town votes can be seen HERE

Michelle Malkin with great election round up.

It appears Scott Rasmussen did some exit polling, 22% of Democrats voted for Brown. That is generally consistent with pre-election polling.

UPDATE II: 29% reporting: Brown 53% – Coakley 47%

UPDATE III: The Gateway Pundit tracking the numbers as well.

36% reporting Brown-52/47
The Park Plaza is packed!

UPDATE IV: 60% of vote counted, Brown 53% – Coakley 46%

This is looking like the race will be called soon … Brown appears to have pulled off the Massachusetts Miracle.


65% of the vote counted, Brown 53% – Coakley 46%


Coakley has conceded to Brown!!! Scott Brown has his own Tea Party and wins big in Massachusetts special Senate election.

In an epic upset in liberal Massachusetts, Republican Scott Brown rode a wave of voter anger to defeat Democrat Martha Coakley in a U.S. Senate election Tuesday that left President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul in doubt and marred the end of his first year in office.

The loss by the once-favored Coakley for the seat that the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy held for nearly half a century signaled big political problems for the president’s party this fall when House, Senate and gubernatorial candidates are on the ballot nationwide.

UPDATE VI: From earlier in the night as the race was becoming an obvious Brown victory, Howard Dean on MSNBC told Rachel Maddow that people are tired of the “the partisan bickering” in Washington. I second the comment by Jammie Wearing Fool, “No, Howie, they’re tired of the Democrats.”

Boston Globe Declares Dewey, Oops Coakley Winner 10 Hours Before Polls Close


Great job Boston Globe, or is it just wishful thinking … Globe posts that Dewey Wins, oops, Martha Coakley. UNREAL! Who knew we did not even have to wait for the vote counting after the polls closed this evening at 8 pm ET. The Globe provided us with a premature Coakley win.


The Boston Globe declares Martha Coakley Winner in the special Senate race in Massachusetts. There is just one problem, they declared it 10 hours before polls close. briefly put up this map of the final results of today’s election — some 8 hours before polls closed!

As you can see, over 2 million people voted, with Coakley eking out a 50-49 victory.

The Corner asks, maybe they know something we don’t. I look at it as The Globe was providing Coakley with some consolation of a win, albeit premature and worthless.

Massachusetts Senate Race Has National Interest, Obamacare on the Ballot … 49% to 34% Want Republican Scott Brown to Win

All eyes are on today’s special election for the Massachusetts Senate seat held by the late Ted Kennedy. For obvious reason of the future of Obamacare and the Obama Administration, this Senate election has national interest.

According to the most recent Rasmussen poll, 49% of American voters want Republican Scott Brown to win while only 34% are pulling for “Marcia” Coakley. 17% are undecided and too busy watching reality TV.

What is even more amazing is that according to all polls, Mass voters want Scott Brown to defeat Martha Coakley by an even greater margin than the national poll. Maybe it is because the voters are tired of Coakley’s gaffes, ignorance on the issues and being taken for granted in her assumption that she would win because she is an entitled Democrat.

Like fans cheering for their favorite football teams, voters nationwide are paying attention to the special U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts. Almost half of them are rooting for Republican candidate Scott Brown over his Democratic opponent, Martha Coakley.

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A Lexington & Concord Moment: Chris Matthews Trying to Make Excuses that Mass Senate Brown – Coakley Race … Obama’s Credibility Going to Take a Hit for Truck Comment

Deat Barack Hussein Obama … guess what, people in Massachusetts drive trucks too and many of the vote.

Wow, even Chris Matthews admits that the Brown win over Coakley is a Lexington and Concord moment and a shot heard around the world. Mathews admits that every one is going to know that Obamacare was at stake in this election.

The Massachusetts Senate race will directly affect not only the Obama-Reid-Pelosi health care bill, but it will also damage President Barack Obama. It really is the “canary in the coal mine”.

Obama staked his entire Presidency on the government take over of health care while going against the will and anger of the American public. Every inch of the way “We the People” said no to Obamacare and Democrats kept pushing.

Who knew that Obama’s Waterloo would possibly be in Massachusetts of all places? The very seat once held by Ted Kennedy might be Obama’s and Obamacares undoing.

However, it is not just Obamacare that was on the ballot, it is the elitist and arrogant attitude of Barack Obama and this Democrat Administration and their minions. In a last ditch effort, albeit too late, Barack Hussein Obama went to Massachusetts to stump for Coakley and in turn insult Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown and his truck.

How low has Obama sunk to insult and make jokes like this about a Senate candidate? How un-presidential could The One possibly be? This will become a campaign ad against Obama is 2012 no doubt. But this is just more of the same of the Hope & Change promised by Obama.

How shallow can this President be?

Today Barack Obama campaigned for Martha Coakley in Boston and bashed Scott Brown and truck owners several times during his speech. Obama told the crowd, “Anybody can own a truck.”

Here is the ad that Obama is making fun of. I guess Obama must have forgot all the smoke and mirror ads that his campaign did during the 2008 Presidential election like the ones where the health care reform debate would be on C-SPAN?

This election is about a referendum on Obamacare and Barack Obama, not Scott Brown’s truck or the fact that Coakley is a nit-wit and does not know who Curt Schilling is. For those who want to be honest, it’s not just that Coackley is a bad candidate, it’s about Obama having bad policies on the economy, unemployment, health care and national security for America.

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann Goes Mental … “In Short We Have an Irresponsible, Homophobic, Racist, Reactionary, Ex-Nude Model, Teabagging…”

MUST SEE VIDEO … Poor Keith Olbermann, will he survive election night?

The Obama White House has issues with Fox News calling them not a news outlet … hmm, funny they don’t have the same issue with MSNBC.

Poor MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann loses his mind as the reality of the polling data from Massachusetts and that Republican Scott Brown could actually do the unthinkable and be elected to the Senate seat once held by the late “Liberal Lion” Ted Kennedy.

Olberman calls Scott Brown the following:

“In short, in Scott Brown we an have an irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, tea bagging…”


So all voters in Massachusetts belong to the Tea Party movement, who knew?

Olberman just insulted Mass voters and compared then to 1960′s States rights southern racists. NICE! Funny, the liberal Left media did not have an issue with this election in the Bay State when Coakley was up by 30 points.

Via the Gateway Pundit

Keith, who is it that is getting laughed off the stage? This type of slanderous commentary is partially responsible for Scott Brown being ahead in Massachusetts. People are tired of not being listened to by the Obama Administration and Democrats. “We the People” are also tires of being insulted by the liberal MSM.

EXIT QUESTION: Should MSNBC have Olbermann on suicide watch if Scott Brown wins the special Senate election tonight in Massachusetts? What happens if Brown wins in a rout?

UPDATE I: MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough slams Olbermann for his reckless comments.

The full comment can be read at NewsBusters:

Obermann calls Brown a “homophobic racist reactionary” who “supports violence against women.” How reckless and how sad.

It is no longer enough to simply disagree with someone. These days some feel the need to call opponents evil. It happens on both extremes.

Of what fun days at MSNBC. I am guessing that Chris Matthews has lost that tingly feeling in his leg.

Obamacare Reaches All Time New Low, 38% in Favor & 56% Opposed

The more that Barack Obama and Democrats try to ram Obamacare down the throats of Americans, the more “We the People” oppose the government take of health care bill. According to the most recent Rasmussen poll, 56% of American voters are now opposed to the health care bill, while only 38% are in favor.

Americans continue to see Senators like Ben Nelson (NE-D) and Mary Landrieu (LA-D) get deals to bribe them for their vote while Democrat voting constituencies like Unions get exempt from Cadillac taxes on health care insurance plans while regular non-union people are not so lucky.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that just 38% of voters nationwide favor the health care reform plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats. That matches the lowest level of support yet. Fifty-six percent (56%) of voters oppose the plan.

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