Romney Takes Lead in Gallup Poll Over Obama 49% to 47% Among Likely Voters

More good news for Mitt Romney from the Gallup poll. Romney is up by 2% over Obama, 49% to 47% among likely voters. It is just one of many polls that have seen Obama seize the lead in a national poll or battle ground state poll since the Presidential debate. The polling trend is obviously on the side of Mitt Romney. Sister Toldja has the reason reason why Romney has surged into the lead … 67 million people got to see the real Mitt Romney, while they also got to see that Obama really is an “empty chair” without his protective media.

Mitt Romney holds a slight edge over Barack Obama — 49% to 47% — in Gallup’s initial “likely voter” estimate, encompassing interviews from Oct. 2-8. Preferences tilt the opposite way among registered voters, 49% vs. 46% in Obama’s favor.

As is almost always the case in recent elections, likely voters at this point are more likely to support the Republican candidate than are all registered voters. Gallup’s estimate of the vote choices of likely voters shows that Romney gains three percentage points among likely voters compared with the total registered voter pool, and Obama loses two points.

At this point, Romney voters are somewhat more likely to respond that they will definitely vote, that they have thought a lot about the election, and that they are more familiar with where people in their local area vote. These attitudes indicate that Romney at this juncture will benefit from higher turnout on Election Day among his supporters than will Obama. These patterns could change closer to Election Day as more voters become engaged or if Republicans’ or Democrats’ enthusiasm for voting is altered by campaign events.

Hot Air reminds us that Romney is now out in the lead too in the RCP poll of polls.

Rasmussen: Romney Now Leads Obama in Swingstate Polling 49% to 47%

Don’t look now but there is more poor polling data for President Barack Obama. This time in the key and all important battleground states. According to the most recent Rasmussen Battle Ground tracking poll, Mitt Romney now leads Barack Obama 49% to 47%. What a reversal of political fortune for Romney following his dominate debate performance over Obama.

The full Swing State tracking update offers Rasmussen Reader subscribers a combined view of the results from 11 key states won by President Obama in 2008 and thought to be competitive in 2012. The states collectively hold 146 Electoral College votes and include Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin. If you do not already have a Rasmussen

In the 11 swing states, Mitt Romney earns 49% support to Obama’s 47%. One percent (1%) likes another candidate, and three percent (3%) are undecided.

Check out the recent polling at RCP, Romney has pulled ahead in the averaging of the polls.

Mile High Bounce for Mitt Romney in Polls after Tremendous Debate Performance … Romney Now Ahead in Colorado


As reported at the Daily Post, there is no debate about it … Mitt Romney is receiving a “Mile High” bounce after he commanding performance in the first presidential debate against Barack Obama. Prior to the debate Barack Obama was ahead in most all national polls and ahead in nearly every battle ground state poll.

Rocky Mountain High: John Denver

But the Colorado rocky mountain high
I’ve seen it rainin’ fire in the sky
The shadow from the starlight is softer than a lullabye
Rocky mountain high
Rocky mountain high
(high in Colorado)

However, that was then, this is now after one disastrous Obama debate performance. The Rasmussen Reportsdaily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday now has Mitt Romney with 49% of voters nationwide, while President Obama earns the vote from 47%. making matter even better for Romney is this poll is a rolling 3 day average and only 2 of the polls 3 days have been taken after the presidential debate.

After what many saw as a landslide victory during the first presidential debate last Wednesday, Mitt Romney led President Obama by two percent in a national poll released today, winning support from 49 percent of voters nationwide, compared to Obama’s 47 percent.

Going into the debate, Obama led by two points, according to Rasmussen’s daily presidential tracking poll.

About two percent of voters said they were undecided and another two percent said they preferred someone else, according to the pollster.

Don’t look now but not only is Romney doing well in the national poll, but Romney has flipped the polling results in Colorado. A poll from Gravis Marketing, conducted Oct. 3-4, has Romney with a 49.4% of the vote and Obama with 45.9%. RCP has the race a near tie in Colorado and once all the polling comes in for poll after the debate, Romney will be leading in Colorado.

A new poll shows Mitt Romney flipping a 5-point deficit in Colorado before the first presidential debate, which was held on Wednesday in Denver, to a 3.5-point advantage later in the week — another signal that Mr. Romney’s comparatively strong debate performance has started to translate into rising poll numbers for the Republican.

A poll from Gravis Marketing, conducted Oct. 3-4, shows Mr. Romney with a 49.4 percent to 45.9 percent lead over Mr. Obama. The president had held nearly a 5-point lead in a poll conducted Sept. 25, at 50.2 percent to 45.5 percent.

How Will Unemployment Affect the Vote in 2012 … Real Unemployment Reaches 20% In 7 Colorado Counties


As reported at the Colorado Observer, Colorado’s official unemployment rate is 8.2%; however, the “real unemployment” rate has reached 20% in seven Colorado counties. Making matters worse, it is the first time in y years that the official Colorado rate surpassed the national unemployment rate. The counties with such massive real unemployment are Costilla County at 23.56%, Pueblo 20.09%, Montrose 20.62%, Fremont 19.66%, Huerfano 21.78%, Archuleta 19.97% and Dolores at 19.85%.

In seven counties in Colorado unemployed individuals are close to or exceeding 20% of the population, a letter from the Chief Economist of CDLE to the U.S. Department of Agriculture says.

The letter, obtained through the Colorado Open Records Act, was sent August 29 as required by federal law. According to the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act, the Colorado Labor Department is required to certify counties where the “Not Employed Rate” surpasses 19.5%.

The “Not Employed Rate” is defined as “the percentage of individuals over the age of 18 who reside within the community and who are ready, willing and able to be employed but are unable to find employment as determined by the State Department of Labor.”

Ranking highest was Costilla County at 23.56 percent. The list runs from larger counties like Pueblo (20.09%), Montrose (20.62%) and Fremont (19.66%) to smaller populations like Huerfano (21.78%), Archuleta (19.97%) and Dolores (19.85%).

The unemployment rate in Colorado in 2008 was 4.8%. Barack Obama won Colorado in the 2008 Presidential election 54% to 45%.

With such real unemployment affecting those in Colorado, one really has to speculate as to how this will affect voting in the 2012 Presidential election as Colorado is considered a battle ground state. Currently RCP has Obama ahead in the averaging of polls; however, Rasmussen has Romney up by 2%. It’s hard to imagine that individuals would vote for an incumbent President whose economic policies have failed a state so badly.

Don’t Look Now But Real Clear Politics Has the Presidential General Election a Tie Between Romney & Obama at 46.8% A Piece

So the people in the know claim that Mitt Romney got no bounce from the Republican National Convention, eh? Don’t look now but according to Real Clear Politics that averages numerous polls, the Presidential election between Romney and Obama is a dead even tie at 46.8%. Although the polling of “likely voters” comes from Rasmussen where Romney is up +3% over Obama.

It is just hard to imagine that an incumbent president with such a poor economics record, with unemployment over 8% and job growth sliding the wrong direction and at anemic levels. All the excuses can be made by Obama, former President Clinton and all, but the fact of the matter is that Barack Obama promised he would fix the economy in 3-4 years otherwise it would be a one term proposition. In other words Obama claimed, read mu lips, I will fix the economy. If such proclamations can be held against past Presidents, its good for this goose as well.

An incumbent President under 50% is hardly the place to be just a couple of months before the election.

Mitt Romney Leads Barack Obama in a CBS/NY Times Poll 46% – 43% … Yes, that is Correct in a CBS/NY Times Poll

WOW, Mitt Romney even leads President Barack Obama in a CBS/NY Times poll, 46% to 43%.

Yes, you read that correctly. Barack Obama finds himself behind the presumptive GOP Presidential candidate Romney by 3%. The trending for Obama is becoming troublesome for the “first Gay President”. In February 2012 Obama lead Romney 48%-42%, in March 2012 Obama lead 47%-44%, in April 2012 Obama and Romney were tied at 46% and presently Romney leads by 3%. That is a 9% swing since February. Did we mention that this was a CBS/NY Times poll?

Presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has a slight edge over President Obama in the race for the White House in the latest CBS News/New York Times poll.

According to the survey, conducted May 11-13, 46 percent of registered voters say they would vote for Romney, while 43 percent say they would opt for Mr. Obama. Romney’s slight advantage remains within the poll’s margin of error, which is plus or minus four percentage points.

Last month, a CBS News/New York Times poll showed Mr. Obama and Romney locked in a dead heat, with both earning 46 percent support among registered voters. Polls conducted in February and March showed Mr. Obama with an advantage over Romney, while a January poll showed Romney edging out Mr. Obama 47 percent to 45 percent. Another January poll showed the two tied.

As stated at NRO, Obama’s gay marriage decision to go “gay for pay” appears to have hurt him significantly in the polls.More than not individuals are now less likely to vote for Obama because of his position on gay marriage.

Overall, the CBS/NYT poll found that 25 percent of voters are less likely to back Obama because of his new position on gay marriage, while 16 percent are more likely. Twelve percent of Democrats, 23 percent of independents, and 43 percent of Republicans are less likely to support him.

Full Poll Results.

Even though RCP still has the average polling with Obama up by 1.4% over Romney, if one only looks at the most recent polling after 5/7/2012, Romney is trending up and in the lead by 2.0%.

UPDATE I: Hot Air has the polling sample that was used for this poll. WOWThe weighted sample of registered voters: 36D/30R/34I, which is right in line with most national polls.

Hours Before the 2012 Ohio Republican Primary Ohio GOP Primary: Santorum 32%, Romney 31%, Gingrich 13%, Paul 13%

Big momentum shift in Ohio ahead of Super Tuesday and today’s primaries … Let the voting begin.

GOP primary presidential hopeful Mitt Romney seems to have all the momentum on his side in Ohio just 24 hours before Super Tuesday and the Ohio primary. According to the most recent Rasmussen poll, Santorum leads in Ohio by one point of Romney, 32% to 31%, a virtual tie.

Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney are tied in Ohio with the Super Tuesday primary vote just 24 hours away. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Republican Primary Voters in Ohio shows Santorum earning 32% support to Romney’s 31%. The survey was taken Sunday night. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Texas Congressman Ron Paul run far behind, each with 13% of the vote. Three percent (3%) prefer another candidate, and six percent (6%) remain undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

However, according the the Real Clear Politics average of polling in Ohio … MITT ROMNEY IS NOW AHEAD BY 1.2%.

An Ohio victory by Mitt Romney could set him up for the dominoes in place for taking the GOP presidential nomination.

GOP Presidential Primary: Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Endorses Mitt Romney

This morning on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Arizona Governor Jan Brewer endorsed Mitt Romney ahead on next week’s Arizona primary. Currently, Romney leads in the RCP average polling in Arizona by 10.7%. Arizona hosts its primary, along with Michigan, this coming Tuesday.

Brewer said she viewed Romney as the most electable candidate to challenge President Obama this fall, and that she made her conclusion after meeting with the candidates and after a debate this week in Arizona.

“I have decided that I am going to publicly endorse Mitt Romney. I think he’s the man that can carry the day,” Brewer said. “I think Mitt is by far the person who can go in and win.”

Republican Florida Primary: Consensus Polls Show Mitt Romney Up Big in Florida Over Newt Gingrich

It appears that the Republican Florida primary may be called when the polls close …

The Florida primary is a two man race and according to most all polls, Mitt Romney has a lead over Newt Gingrich. Check out the numerous polls HERE that have Romney well ahead in the Sunshine state. At RCP average polling, Romney is up by double digits over Gingrich by 11.3%. Looks like it may be over thin FLA.

Mitt Romney up big in latest Marist/NBC poll. With just days to go before the all important Florida primary that may determine who shall win the GOP Presidential nomination, Romney up by 15% over Gingrich.

PPP has Romney up as well and the trend is strong movement away from Newt Gingrich and toward Mitt Romney.

According to a Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald/Tampa Bay Times poll released late Saturday night, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney leads former GOP Speaker Newt Gingrich by 11 points. However, even more noticeable is that the poll shows that Romney is also leads President Barack Obama in a hypothetical match up 48% to 44%.

Gingrich is badly trailing Romney by 11 percentage points, garnering just 31 percent of likely Republican voters heading into Tuesday’s presidential primary, according to a Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald/Tampa Bay Times poll released late Saturday night.
President Barack Obama should be wary as well. Romney beats Obama by a 48-44 percent spread — a lead inside the error-margin, however — in a theoretical general-election matchup, the poll shows.

In the Republican primary, Romney’s lead looks insurmountable. It cuts across geographic, ethnic and gender lines. And the poll indicates Romney’s attack on Gingrich as a Freddie Mac insider is a hit with GOP voters.

As stated by Hugh Hewitt, Gingrich got some help from Sarah Palin and Herman Cain, but it has come too late because Newt built his candidacy on a promise built on a premise, both of which have been shattered this past week. Gingrich is supposed to be able to hammer Obama in a debate; however, Newt hardly accomplished that this past week against Romney. That is one thing that Newt will not be afforded if he ever did win the GOP nomination. There is no way a stumbling Obama with no teleprompter would ever agree to more than 2 or 3 debates.

The promise was that he could thrash President Obama in the debates and the premise is that there would be many debates just like the one in which he successfully jammed John King.

Of course Newt’s two bad debates this week (with Thursday’s being especially lousy) blew up the foundation for Newt’s campaign, and while the Speaker and his die-hard supporters want to blame various factors –the crowd, Romney’s claims etc– the average Florida voter got two previews of coming attractions and are judging the Speaker according to what they saw not by what he says they should have seen.

All the complaining in the world regarding the MSM because when running against President Obama, the One will have the liberal state run media in his back pocket looking to put their guy in office for 4 more years.

Reversal of Fortune … Newt Gingrich Takes Lead in Florida Primary Polls

Newt Gingrich on a roll …

What a difference a South Carolina primary makes … Prior to the primary, the RCP average of polling was Romney 40.5%, Gingrich 22.0%, Santorum 15.0& and Paul 9.0%, or a +18.5% lead by Romney.

Flash-forward to present day and the RCP average polling is Gingrich 37.7%, Romney 30.3%, Santorum 11.7 % and Paul 10.3%. The Newtster now finds himself at +7.4% or a near 26% turnaround. No wonder Romney and his surrogates are in full attack against Gingrich and felt the need for Romney to finally release his tax returns.

According to PPP’s first poll following the SC Primary, Newt is up by 5%.

PPP’s first post-South Carolina poll in Florida finds Newt Gingrich with a small lead.  He’s at 38% to 33% for Mitt Romney, 13% for Rick Santorum, and 10% for Ron Paul.

Gingrich has gained 12 points since a PPP poll conducted in Florida a week ago. Romney has dropped 8 points. Paul and Santorum have pretty much remained in place. Their favorability numbers show similar trendlines. Gingrich’s has increased 8 points from +15 (51/36) to +23 (57/34). Meanwhile Romney’s has declined 13 points from +44 (68/24) to +31 (61/30).

At Rasmussen, Gingrich leads by Romney by 9 points, 41% to 32%.  WOW, just two weeks ago Mitt Romney had a 22% lead. Just a few days ago pundits were saying, if Romney wins SC, does that mean its all over and he has wrapped up the GOP nomination. Now, we learn that Santorum really won Iowa, Newt wins handily in SC and Gingrich prior to the first debate in the Sunshine state is up big in Florida. One now has to ask the question, if Newt Gingrich wins big in FLA, is the race over?

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Florida Republican Primary Voters, taken Sunday evening, finds Gingrich earning 41% of the vote with Romney in second at 32%. Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum runs third with 11%, while Texas Congressman Ron Paul attracts support from eight percent (8%). Nine percent (9%) remain undecided.(To see survey question wording, click here).

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