Gallup & Rasmussen: Republicans Up Big With Likely Voters over Democrats & GOP More Trusted on Issues Ahead of 2010 Midterm Election

So much for all the hype and spin from Democrats and the MSM that they were catching up with enthusiasm gap with Republicans. Obama’s campaign rhetoric falls flat with the voters. Obama is in for a long midterm election eve.

It must be my message … maybe I can blame the teleprompter!

According to the most recent Gallup poll, with just two weeks to go before the 2010 midterm elections,Democrats have not cut into the GOP lead and in fact Republicans have an overwhelming 17% point lead among likely voters. With Republicans with such large leads in the generic Congressional ballot, there are going to be many surprises election eve as House races that no one thought would be Democrats losses are going to be pick ups for Republicans

For Republicans to lead, or even be at parity with Democrats, on the generic congressional ballot indicates they are in a good position to win a majority of House seats in the upcoming elections. This is because of Republicans’ typical advantage in voter turnout, which in recent years has given that party an average five-point boost in support on Election Day.

 If the elections were held today and roughly 40% of voters turned out — a rate typical in recent years — Gallup’s Oct. 7-17 polling suggests Republicans would win 56% of the vote — 8 points greater than their support from registered voters, and 17 points ahead of Democrats, at 39%. If turnout is significantly higher, Republicans would receive 53% of the vote (a 5-point improvement over their registered-voter figure), and the Democrats, 42%.

 As Jammie Wearing Fool asks, how’s all that Barack Obama campaigning working out for you Democrats? Wasn’t Barack & Michelle Obama to the rescue supposed to stem the tide? America wants change and its not Obama or Democrats.

To make matters even worse for Democrats, Rasmussen has the GOP with a 9% lead over Democrats in the Generic Congressional ballot. Oh wait, it gets even worse, Republicans trusted on 8 of the top 10 political issues of the day including the economy, health care, illegal immigration, taxes  and national security. Um, Democrats polled higher of ethics? Voters, wake up … did you miss the fact that Pelosi & the democrats pushed off the ethics hearings regarding the scandals of Democrats Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters until after the election?

This is shaping up to be a historic night for Republicans.

Democrats in Big Trouble … Rasmussen Predicting Republicans 55 Seat Pick Up in Races for the US House

RUT-ROH … 16 days before the 2010 midterm elections and Rasmussen predicting huge wins for the GOP.

The question as to whether Republicans will pick up the necessary 39 House seats to regain control of the US House of Representatives seem to be a forgone conclusion by many pollsters and pundits. The question more is, who can be the most precise and nail the exact number. Scott Rasmussen is on record as saying that the GOP will pick up 55 seats in this years 2010 midterm election … can you say Mr. Speaker John Boehner.

With all due respect to the Obama Kool-Aid drinking spinmeisters who claim the Democrats will regain the House in 2010, Republicans will have the majority by the time the voting counts hit the Mississippi River. Obama, Biden, Gibbs, et all can talk their rosy game, the fact of the matter is … all polls do not lie. The past two years should have all been about the economy, the economy, the economy, but instead Obama, Pelosi and Reid have made it about their liberal agenda. There will be hell to pay on November 2, 2010.

Nationally-recognized pollster Scott Rasmussen last night predicted that Republicans would gain 55 seats in races for the U.S. House of Representatives November 2—much more than the 39 needed for a Republican majority in the House for the first time since 2006.

But the man whose Rasmussen Reports polling is watched carefully by politicians and frequently quoted by the punditocracy said that whether Republicans gain the ten seats they need to take control of the Senate is in question.

“Republicans should have 48 seats [after the elections next month], Democrats 47, and five seats could slide either way,” said Rasmussen in his banquet address at the Western Conservative Political Action Conference. He was referring to seats in five states in which the Senate race this year he considers too close to call: California, Illinois, Washington, West Virginia, and Nevada (or “that mudwrestling contest,” as Rasmussen described the race between Republican Sharron Angle and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid).

The once unheard of notion of picking up 10 seats in one US Senate election cycle might just now be a possibility. In Senate race after Senate race, Democrats find themselves in trouble and as the Gateway Pundit states, Democrats retreat to “Blue State” stong holds.

Check out the WSJ political map for House, Senate and Governor races that show just how bleak the situation is for Democrats.

Democratic strategists acknowledged they are abandoning a dozen House seats the party now holds, as they try to salvage their majority in the chamber by shoring up candidates with better chances.

With Republicans expanding their advertising to broaden the field of competitive races, Democrats are shifting resources to help such senior lawmakers as House Budget Committee Chairman John Spratt (D., S.C.), and to head off Republicans in usually safe Massachusetts, where a southeast district that includes Cape Cod is competitive for the first time in decades.

 Is it any wonder why the American voters are about to toss the Democrats out of control in the House when there is a -50.4% approval rating for the Democrat controlled Congress. Real Clear Politics average polling also has Republicans ahead in the Generic Congressional ballot by 6.8%.

However, the House races could be even more bleak for Democrats as the Cook Political Report says 90+ seats are in play and most are Democrat. Also, Republicans House candidates are far ahead in fund raising and have much more to spend in the final weeks and days leading up to the election.

In the House, GOP candidates reported raising $104 million from July through September, compared with $89 million for Democrats, new disclosure records show. In the 18 top Senate races, Republicans brought in nearly $60 million; their Democratic opponents raised less than $40 million.

2010 Midterm Election: Obama Thinks the Pundits Are Wrong, Gallup Says Republicans Up Big Over Democrats

The 2010 midterm election is almost upon us and more bad polling numbers for Democrats …

President Barack Obama went away from his scripted speech and teleprompter and stammered his way through comments to Democrats at the Philly rally and said, “I … I … I … I … think the pundits are wrong …” However, Obama could never be more wrong. The polling is breaking toward the GOP and as the Gay Patriot states, it’s not Rasmussen, it is Gallup!  Interestingly enough the Gallup poll, as reported at The Hill, seems more certain that the GOP is not losing steam with the American likely voters, in fact they might be gaining momentum.


From The Hill,

The GOP kept its healthy lead over Democrats in both high and low turnout scenarios in Gallup’s weekly test of likely voters’ preference between the two parties.

Fifty-six percent of likely voters said they would back an unnamed Republican candidate for Congress in a test of a low-turnout scenario for the crucial midterm elections. Thirty-nine percent in that same model said they would back a Democratic candidate, an increase by one percent over last week.

In Gallup’s high-turnout model, Republicans maintain a 53-41 percent advantage among likely voters. That also represented a one percent tick upward in support for Democrats.

The poll suggests that the GOP hasn’t lost any steam in its bid to pick up 39-plus seats they need in the House to reclaim the majority. Democrats have claimed that support for Republican candidates has peaked, and that they’re primed to make inroads into support for the GOP, though Gallup’s weekly effort to track the generic ballot suggests that any Democratic gains have been marginal at best.

I guess we now know why liberal finacier George Soros predicts a Republican avalanche.

Even George Soros Throws in the Towel on Obama & Democrats, “I Can’t Stop a Republican Avalanche”

Some people say the 2010 midterm elections will be a tsunami for the Republicans, others say it will be an “AVALANCHE”.

While President Obama, VP Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrats and their shills in the MSM try and spin an optimistic picture that Democrats are making a rebound ahead on the midterm elections, George Soros, the far LEFT champion and money behind liberal and progressives has thrown in the towel. Soros stated, “I don’t believe in standing in the way of an avalanche.”


Mr. Soros, a champion of liberal causes, has been directing his money to groups that work on health care and the environment, rather than electoral politics. Asked if the prospect of Republican control of one or both houses of Congress concerned him, he said: “It does, because I think they are pushing the wrong policies, but I’m not in a position to stop it. I don’t believe in standing in the way of an avalanche.”

As stated at Hot Air, the first rule of investing is do not put your money in a company that is about to trash. According to all reports, the Democrat party is about to crash and burn in a major way in the 2010 midterm elections. Rasmussen’s Generic Congressional ballot has Republicans up by 11% over Democrats, the Cook Political Report has many Democrat House seats in play while Gallup has Democrats in huge trouble with both high and low voter turn out.

Even though behind the scenes Soros is funding other front groups, it is rather telling that he would publicly state that he is taking away the Democrat’s credit card. Looks like we can include Soros as those that look to make Obama look bad in 2010.

President Obama Begs Supports Not to Make Him Look Bad in the 2010 Midterm Elections

Let me take a wild guess … stuttering Barack went away from his teleprompter prepared speech again. Just a hunch.

One again, it’s all about Obama, “Don’t Make Me Look Bad.” Me … me … me … me … me … me… me … me … me … me … me!!!

The One begged the audience not to make him look bad in the 2010 midterm elections as he stated he thought the pundit were wrong. Yup, they are all wrong, and you are right President Obama. Isn’t that what has been wrong with Obama’s Presidency? He thinks he knows more than every one else in the room.

Just a sampling of all the pundits who Obama thinks is wrong:

  • CNN Opinion Research poll on Congressional Generic ballot – Republicans +7
  • CBS News Poll on Congressional Generic ballot – Republicans +8
  • Rasmussen Generic Congressional ballot – Republicans +3
  • ABC/Washington Post Generic Congressional ballot – Republicans +6
  • GallupGeneric Congressional ballot (low turn out) – Republicans +18
  • Gallup Generic Congressional ballot (high turnout) – Republicans +13
  • Real Clear Politics average US Senate polling, Dems 48, GOP 46 and 6 races toss-up. However, Republicans have leads in 4 of the Senate races (Nevada, Illinois, West Virginia & Colorado. Virtual tie in Washington state)
  • The Cook Political Report - Not one held US Senate seat leans Democrat, the two listed as toss up are KY and MO where all other polling has the GOP candidate ahead. Democrats have 3 seats that either lean Republican or are solid republican. They have 9 seats that they presently hold that are toss-ups.
  • Cook Political Report for the US House races – Democrats currently have 85 seats listed as Lean or Toss Up. Republicans currently have 7 seats listed as Lean or Toss Up.
  • Larry Sabato presently predicts Republicans pick ups in 2010: US Senate +7-8, US House +47, Governors +8.

 President Obama pleaded with a crowd of supporters last Thursday in Maryland to prove the pundits wrong. Actually his direct quote was, “I … I … I… I … I … I … I”m betting on you, not on them.”   Obama implored the crowd, “Don’t make me look bad.” Mr. President, you have done a good enough job of that all by your self.


Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit

Desperate acts from a desperate President and a desperate party. Remember in November!

2010 Midterm Elections:More Bad News for Democrats, CBS Polls Shows Republican Gains in Generic Congressional Poll

Grim polling data for Democrats …

Just 25 days out from the 2010 midterm elections and the Democrats have more bad polling news. According to a new CBS poll, 45% now state they will vote for the GOP in this years midterm election, while only 37% say they will vote for Democrats. This represents a 6% gain for Republicans over Democrats since last month.

Republicans have widened their lead against Democrats among likely voters in the generic ballot for the House of Representatives by six points since last month, a new CBS News Poll reports.

Republicans now hold an eight point lead over Democrats in the generic ballot, with 45 percent of likely voters saying they would support the Republican candidate for the House, and 37 percent saying they would support the Democrat. Last month Republicans led Democrats by a margin of only 2 points, with 40 percent saying they would vote for a Republican and 38 percent saying they would vote for a Democrat.

As the elections get closer, it is rather interesting how more truthful the polls become. No one in the end wants to have skewed results, even if they did most of the year leading up to the elections. This CBS poll is no different. They are all starting to look the same, which spells doom for Democrats.

What is the Democrats worst nightmare this election cycle … the economy and Obama’s poor job of handling it. As this CBS poll further points out, Obama’s poll numbers on handling the economy are dismal and lower than last month. Only 38% approve of Obama’s handling of the economy, while 50% oppose. This poll was taken before the September job numbers which were again a disaster.

… his ratings on the economy are lower than ever before: 38 percent of respondents approved of his handling of the issue, while 50 percent disapproved. Last month, 41 percent approved, and 51 percent disapproved.

As CBS cannot fudge the hideous poll numbers anymore for Obama or Democrats, they look to go after the Tea Party instead as seen at News Busters. How original, more bias in the liberal MSM.

However, as much as the MSM and Democrats want to spin it just 25 days from the 2010 midterm elections, there is no resurgence in Democrat enthusiasm. Try as Obama might in begging the LEFT to the polls, the answer is no. Republicans by a wide margin look to head to the polls in 2010 and Independents favor the GOP by a 20% margin as well.

But while Democrats have lately been making widespread efforts to diminish the so-called “enthusiasm gap” between Republican and Democratic voters, the poll, which was conducted from October 1 – 5, indicates that the gap has in fact expanded. Sixty percent of Republicans said they were more enthusiastic than usual about voting this year, while only 40 percent of Democrats said the same. Last month, 47 Democrats and 58 percent of Republicans said they were more excited than usual to vote.

At forty-nine percent, Independents are now more enthusiastic than Democrats, the poll indicates.

But according to the poll, Independents are largely dissatisfied with their choices in the upcoming election: While they favor Republicans by a 20 point margin, 61 percent of Independents polled said they wished there were other options on the ballot.

Conservative Democrats Want Ike Skelton (MO-D) to Replace Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Trouble in Paradise for Pelosi and Democrats …

According to an article by The Hill, US Representative Gene Taylor would like to see Democrat Ike Skelton of Missouri replace Nancy Pelosi as Speaker next year. Many conservative Democrats, if there is a such thing anymore in the Democrat party, would like to see a similar change occur as a move away from the far left leaning Nancy Pelosi. However, the American voters have a change in mind of their own, a switch from Democrat Speaker Pelosi to the Republicans after they take over the US House of Representatives in this years 2010 midterm election.

It was not too long ago following the 2008 elections that Democrats had an overwhelming majority in the House. Since then it has been a disaster as once presented with this majority, they went against the will of the people. Even within their own ranks, there are rumblings.  Now they are faced with a midterm election where they could lose seats of epic and historic proportion.

Nancy Pelosi, too liberal for Democrats

Taylor told The Hill that he’d like to see Skelton, a Missouri Democrat and chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, succeed Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) if Democrats retain a slimmer hold on the House after the November elections.

Read more

Delusional: Nancy Pelosi States Democrats will Retain the US House of Representatives in 2010 Midterm Elections

Hmm, wanna bet.

Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has stated that Democrats will hold on to control of the majority in the US House of Representatives following the 2010 midterm elections. Well, what else would one expect her to say, we will lose and I will be out of a job as House speaker? San Fran Nan stated that Democrats would take the House in 2010 and “your little dog too”.


Nancy Pelosi to Democrats, “Remain calm, all is well …”

When asked whether she feared the political climate has changed enough that she may lose her post as Speaker of the House, Pelosi admitted the game has changed since the 2008 election, but predicted that Democrats will hold onto their majority through November’s midterm elections.

Read more

Republicans Well Ahead of Democrats in Generic Congressional Ballot

GOP ahead in Generic Congressional Ballot …

According to the most recent Gallup poll,the GOP is back in the lead in the Generic Congressional Ballot by a 48% to 43% margin. However, what may be the biggest concern to Democrats and candidates running in this years 2010 midterm elections is the wide margin that Republicans have in voter enthusiasm. Although the Gallup poll has been erratic of late, one thing is for certain as the Weekly Standard  points out … “the GOP has a huge lead among independent voters”.

Registered-voter preferences for Congress since the beginning of August have averaged 48% for Republican candidates and 43% for Democratic candidates, identical to this week’s results. While there have been a few instances in recent months when the Republicans were not ahead to at least some degree — including in mid-July, when the Democrats were up by six percentage points, and last week, when the parties were tied at 46% — the broad picture has generally been positive for the Republicans.

Rasmussen has Republicans out ahead of Democrats in the Generic Congressional Ballot by 9% points, 47% to 38%.  How will this andvoter enthusiasm play into the close races where Democrat incumbents are not at the 50% threshold and the undecided vote could sway to the new candidate and swing the election?

Real Clear Politics average polling has the GOP up by a 7.8% margin. That is considered a huge margin when one factors in it si an average of numerous polls, all showing Republicans with a commanding lead in the Generic Congressional ballot.

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