Daily Commentary – Monday, March 5, 2012 – A Miracle in the Midst of the Tornado Devistation in Indiana

  • Two year old found alive in a field, tossed there by the devastating tornado that took the lives of her parents and siblings.

UPDATE: Since the recording of this commentary, sadly little Angel Babcock died at 4:10 p.m. EST of a traumatic brain injury. She has now joined her parents and two siblings in heaven.

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Death and Destruction in the Heartland After Tornodoes Rip through the Mid-West & South (Update: 31 Dead)

Tornadoes, twisters, hail and sever lighting and thunder storms ripped through the Mid-West and the South Friday leaving devastation and many dead it its wake. For those who witnessed the tornadoes and severe storms first hand, if you did not see the 80 to 90 tornadoes that touched down, you witnessed golf ball size hail that fell so fast that it accumulated like snow on the ground. To date, 14 people were killed in Indiana, 12 died in Kentucky and two people were killed in Ohio. The property damage spanned from the Midwest to the gulf coast. Out prayers go out to those affected by these terrible storms.

A swarm of tornadoes tore through the U.S. midsection on Friday, splintering homes, damaging a prison, overturning trucks and killing at least four people in the hard-hit state of Indiana, officials said.

At least one person died in the southern Indiana town of Henryville, where television images showed homes blown apart and vehicles including a school bus thrown into buildings. Three others died elsewhere in the state.

The town of Marysville, IN, population about 1,900, was “completely gone” and nearby Henryville also suffered extreme damage.

UPDATE I: 31 people confirmed dead after the severe weather … 31 victims, 15 were in Indiana, 12 in Kentucky, three in Ohio and one in Alabama.

The tornado outbreak, unusual for this time of year, killed at least 31 people. Saturday began with large swaths of the South still battered by heavy rain and under tornado watches — and a real fear of the death toll rising.

Of the 31 victims, 15 were in Indiana, 12 in Kentucky, three in Ohio and one in Alabama.

Piles of debris littered land where well-built homes once stood. Tall trees bowed to the winds and lay horizontal with the land. Churches turned into shelters and thousands of people began a weekend unnerved bynature’s fury.

Golf ball sized hail in Tennessee

Barack Obama Attends Joplin, MO Memorial Service & Chews Gum in the Front Row

Lost in Smallness, the bubble gum Edition.

Is it not bad enough that President Barack Obama waited one week before he came to Joplin, Missouri … but when Obama finally decides to make an appearance he attends the Memorial Service and chews gum while sitting in the front row.

Could you be any more disrespectful and classless Mr. President? As the Gateway Pundit states, maybe Obama leaned such manners at Reverend Wright’s Trinity Church. After all its not like Obama regularly attends church, so how would he know exactly how to behave.

Mr. President, at last count hundreds have died and  39 people  are still missing in Joplin, MO. Do you think that while attending a memorial service you could actually not chew gum? GEEZ. Seriously, how Presidential Barack. Or was it Nicorette?

Will Norton Graduated from HS in Joplin, MO but Never Made it Home … Missing in Joplin along with 1500, Death Toll Rises

Death toll continues to rise in Joplin, MO

Will Norton has been missing since last Sunday … when he was on his way home after graduation in Joplin, Missouri when the devastating tornadoes hit. It was previously reported that Will Norton was sucked out of his vehicle through the sun roof, snapping his seat belt. He had not been seen since.

Sadly, the family of Will Norton has announced that they have received confirmation that he is dead.

It said Friday that the original list of 232 missing or unaccounted for residents had dropped to 156 by Friday, and planned to give an updated total later in the day.

Missouri Department of Public Safety deputy director Andrea Spillars said Friday that at least 90 people on the initial list had been located alive.

But at least six others were identified as among the dead, and some new names had been added to the scroll of the missing. Authorities had cautioned for days that while they believed many on the list were alive and safe, others likely had been killed.

SOUTHERN NIGHTMARE … Deadly Tornadoes Rip Apart the South Killing 194 & 128 in Alabama

Please say a prayer for the folks in the South that were devastated by tornadoes yesterday. The pictures coming out of the devastation from the Southeast are beyond words.

Massive and deadly tornadoes and thunderstorms tore through the South killing a reported 178 194 people and 128 in Alabama alone. The state of Tennessee is reporting that 15 people have died and in Virginia 8 people died as a result of the horrible and relentless weather. The rain and wind kept coming and would not stop. The tornadoes that hit Alabama stayed on the ground for a reported 2 hours, 1.5 miles wide and laid waste to every thing in its path.

More reports and pictures of the devastation from Georgia.

It can only be described as a complete and total catastrophe. There were a reported 164 tornado sightings and this has unofficially the deadliest tornado day in the United States since 310 people lost their lives on April 3, 1974.

The AP has reported that a total of 194 have died in 5 Southern states.

Dozens of tornadoes spawned by a powerful storm system wiped out entire towns across a wide swath of the South, killing at least 194 people, and officials said Thursday they expect the death toll to rise.

Alabama’s state emergency management agency said it had confirmed 128 deaths, while there were 32 in Mississippi, 15 in Tennessee, 11 in Georgia and eight in Virginia.

The National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Okla., said it received 137 tornado reports around the regions into Wednesday night.

Tornadoes in Tuscaloosa, Alabama


More VIDEO from Tuscaloosa and you can hear the fear of the individual taking it. Words cannot even describe the size and devastation that these storms caused. More pics can be found at CNN. A State of Emergency has been declared by the Governor of Alabama.

UPDATE I: Nuclear power plants had to be shut down.

Sadly so many have died and the death toll is only going to rise as searches sift the the ruins. Please say a prayer and help the victims of this deadly storm.

More VIDEO of the deadly Twisters.

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