Country Music Singer Wayne Mills Shot & Killed by Pit & Barrel Bar Owner Chris Ferrellby in Nashville, TN … Supposedly Self Defense Over Argument Over Mills Smoking in the Bar

44 year old country singer  Wayne Mills was shot by ‘Pit & Barrel’ bar owner Chris Ferrellby at the downtown Nashville, TN bar early Saturday morning. Mills, lead singer of the Wayne Mills Band, later died at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. According to Ferrellby, he shot Mills in self-defense after the two got into an altercation because Mills was smoking in a non-smoking area of the restaurant. Really, the use of deadly force for smoking in a non-smoking section? I guess smoking really does kill. One would suspect that there has to be more to this story. The Nashville metro police continue to instigate the shooting.

Wayne Mills

Pic: Wayne Mills – Wayne Mills

Nashville police on Sunday said they are still investigating a fatal shooting in the early hours of Saturday morning that left a country singer dead inside a downtown Nashville bar.

Wayne Mills, 44, was shot by Pit and Barrel bar owner Chris Ferrell, police said. Ferrell told police he shot Mills in self-defense following an argument over Mills smoking in the bar. Mills later died at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

“We’re investigating Chris Ferrell’s claims of self-defense,” said Kris Mumford, a police spokeswoman. Ferrell is not in custody and there have been no arrests, she said.

Mills toured with the Wayne Mills Band, which often performed on the college circuit. The music was “outlaw/southern rock flavored,” according to the band’s website. Early in their careers, country music stars Jamey Johnson and Blake Shelton and American Idol winner Taylor Hicks had all opened for the band.

Last Honky Tonk

On a personal note, I have actually seen Wayne Mills perform and in a day and age where Country music has become more main stream and one can’t tell the difference between pop and country, you certainly could with the Wayne Mills Band. Although I am not a huge country fan, it is refreshing when you are in a “Honky Tonk” to hear more traditional country music.  How very sad. Our prayers go out to Wayne’s family, loved ones and friends.

Taylor Hicks posted on Facebook, “My good friend Wayne Mills passed away in Nashville. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. RIP Wayne he was my buddy. -Taylor”

Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood Mock Obamacare at 2013 CMA’s … “Obamacare by Morning” … “Over 6 People Served”

Southern country cooking … Obamacare, that’s niiice.

Last night in Nashville, Tennessee, country music giants and co-hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood started the 2013 CMA Awards by mocking Obamacare and the Obamacare website, OMG, too funny! But what else would one make fun of than what is the biggest joke going in pop culture today? Paisley and Underwood said nothing that was false. However, the Obama White House was probably not laughing as millions watched as the CMA’s shredded the disastrous rollout of Obamacare with  newly crowned entertainer of the year George Strait’s song  “Amarillo by Morning” renamed   …  “Obamacare by Morning, Over 6 People Served!!!”

“ObamaCare, what’s that?” Paisley asked Underwood.

“Oh, it’s great!” Underwood quipped. “I started signing up last Thursday and I’m almost done!” The “Blown Away” singer proceeded to help her co-host sign up for ObamaCare and “join the six other people” who have reportedly signed up successfully for the healthcare service.

The Blaze has the unhinged reaction of the LEFT and the Obama sycophants who one, cannot laugh at something that is obviously funny and two, go mental at anything that dare make fun of their Obamamessiah.The skit was funny enough, but to see and read the LEFT’s unhinged reaction, that is just priceless.

I wonder if they felt the same way when their hero Jon Stewart of the Daily Show made fun of Obamacare and HHS Sec Sebelius? Or when Bill Maher called Obama a liar?

Country Singer Mindy McCready Dead at 37 of an Apparent Suicide, Self Inflicted Gun Shot Wound … Rest in Peace

The troubled life of country singer Mindy McCready has come to an end. 

Country singer Mindy McCready died Sunday afternoon at the age of 37 of an apparent suicide from what sis being reported at a self inflicted gunshot wound. The Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office is stating that deputies were dispatched to the home of McCready around 3:30 PM in Heber Springs, Arkansas after gun shots were reported.  Police found Mindy McCready on the front porch with a single self inflicted gunshot wound. McCready was pronounced dead at the scene.  McCready has had a long and troubled past in dealing with her demons. She has been arrested multiple times on drug charges and probation violations and has been hospitalized for overdoses on several occasions. McCready had attempted suicide twice before, once in 2005 and again in 2008. Also, the father of her youngest child, record producer David Wilson, was found dead in his home just last month on January 13, 2013 of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Mindy McCready was such a talent, but just could not deal with her demons. May she finally rest in eternal peace.

Mindy McCready “You’ll Never Know”


Mindy McCready (November 30, 1975—February 17, 2013)

Mindy McCready, the country singer who soared to the top of the charts with her debut album, “Ten Thousand Angels,” but struggled with substance abuse, served time in jail and fought a lengthy battle with her mother over custody of her son has died of what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound, police said. She was 37.

Deputies from the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a report of gun shots fired at McCready’s Heber Springs, Ark., home at around 3:30 p.m. today.

There they found McCready on the front porch. She was pronounced dead at the scene from what appeared to be a single self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to a statement from the sheriff’s office.

20/20 from ABC News :  Mindy McCready Tells Her Story … Sadly she talks about living for her son Zander. That came to an end today


 More on the life and times of Mindy McCready and her star that flamed out far too quickly. Mindy McCready was a Nashville, TN sensation at the age of 20 and took the country music industry by storm. It’s just a shame and should be a wake up call to all as to the real dangers of substance abuse and major depression. Like many of the situations we have seen with mass murder violence, we really need to take a look at the mental health care system in this country. All this talent and she could not defeat the demons.

She arrived in Nashville in 1994 with tapes of her karaoke vocals and earned a recording contract with BNA Records.

In 1996, her “Guys Do It All the Time” hit No. 1 and its dig at male chauvinism endeared her to females. Her other hits included “Ten Thousand Angels,” also in 1996, and her album by that title sold 2 million copies.

However, personal problems plagued her beginning in 2004 and included a custody battle with her mother over one of her sons.

McCready took her older son Zander from her mother and the boy’s legal guardian, Gayle Inge, in late 2011. She fled to Arkansas without permission over what she called child abuse fears. Authorities eventually found McCready hiding in a residence without permission and took the boy into custody.

She and her boyfriend David Wilson had a son, Zayne, in April of 2012. The older son has a different father.

Maybe now Mindy McCready can finally rest in peace. I would rather remember Mindy from her early days in Nashville when her life and career seemed so promising. Mindy McCready’s lyrics of Ten Thousand Angels are rather prophetic on this sad day where she took her life … “It’s time to face my weakness, Look him in the eye. Lord knows it won’t be easy, But I’ve just gotta try.”

Mindy McCready – Ten Thousand Angels


 Speaking of the devil
 Look who just walked in
 He knows just where to find me
 Here we go again
 I can tell he’s gonna ask me to dance
 But that’s not as far as he wants to go
 I need ten thousand angels
 To help me tell him no

 Lead me not into temptation
 Heaven help me to be strong
 I can fight all that I’m feeling
 But I can’t do it alone
 Help me break this spell that I’m under
 Guide my feet and hold me tight
 I need ten thousand angels
 Watching over me tonight

 It’s time to face my weakness
 Look him in the eye
 Lord knows it won’t be easy
 But I’ve just gotta try
 I can’t let myself get lost in his arms
 That’s how I got my heart broke before
 I need ten thousand angels
 To walk me out the door

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