CNN’s Don Lemon Anti-Gun Activist Discusses Gun Control … Should We Start Profiling White Men? What About Profiling those with Mental Issues, Hmm?

Isn’t it amazing that the liberal media thinks its perfectly ok to take away law-abiding citizens rights when it comes to gun ownership and racially profile white men. Yet, its evil to racially profile blacks, illegals and terrorists. It is truly sick that the MSM would use such a tragedy like the mass murder of children as Sandy Hook Elementary School for their liberal agenda.

CNN’s discussion on gun control, not that we should be racially profiling white men, but why aren’t we racially profiling white men? It is simply amazing just have selectively, racially biased liberals are. They are all for racially profiling white men when it comes to mass shootings, but hell no when it comes to Muslims and blacks. In those cases, it would just be wrong and a violation of their civil rights. I wonder who Lemon feels about First Amendment Rights of free speech on pornography or the burning of the American flag? I wonder if he wouldn’t mind his “freedom of the press” taken away from those in the MSM who lie, misrepresent and knowingly defend a president who is not doing the will of ‘We the People”?

 Socialist on panel blames “white” privilege for not having whites profiled


CNN’s Don Lemon discusses the possibility of profiling white men in an attempt to prevent gun violence and decrease the amount of mass shootings. Lemon argues that white males between the ages of 18 and 25 were behind nearly all recent mass killings.

On the panel: David Sirota, radio talk show host; Richard Moran, criminologist; Lou Palumbo, retired police detective and private security provider; and Tom Deets, gun store owner.

From NewsBusters, CNN anchor Don Lemon previously went on an anti-gun rant and called for an assault weapons ban. Lemon is only the latest CNN anchor to abandon journalistic standards and act as an activist instead pushing for gun control. Lemon went on to rant that mental health needs to be discussed, but that is a secondary issues to guns. ARE YOU ON CRACK? Obviously the CNN anchor has never done root-cause analysis in his life. Mental health is hardly the secondary issue, it is actually the primary one.

DON LEMON: Listen. For the past three days, I have been on the verge of tears every second and most of the people here have been crying 24 hours straight. Yeah – yes, we need to address mental health, but mental health in this particular issue, let’s not get it twisted, is a secondary issue. If someone who has a mental issue did not have access to guns that should only be available in war zones, we would not be dealing with this.


A note to the clueless, anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment LEFT, the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution states a “right to bear arms”, not a right to hunt. And from this Leftist, pro-totalitarian state Lib comes the ranting’s that even law-abiding citizens should have their rights taken away. UNREAL.

Who needs an armor-piercing bullet to go hunting? Who needs an assault rifle to go hunting? You can’t even use the prey that you kill with an assault rifle if you indeed do it. No one needs an assault rifle to go out and shoot a deer. No one needs an assault rifle that’s capable of shooting 10, 20, 30 rounds off at the same time to shoot a duck, or to shoot quail. It does not make sense. Our first – the first thing that we need to do – and according to everyone that is here, even gun enthusiasts, is talk about what we’re doing with assault rifles, why should guns that should only be available in war zones, why are they available to people who are mentally healthy and people who are not mentally healthy. That’s the issue that we need to deal with.

Hmm, Did NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ David Gregory Violate DC Gun Law On National TV?

The liberal MSM double standard … why isn’t David Gregory being charged with violating DC gun laws?

As reports at The Patriot Perspective, yesterday during NBC’s ‘Meet the Press,’ whose studios are located in Washington, DC, host David Gregory decided to go on his liberal anti-Second Amendment rant about a ban on guns and high capacity magazines by playing show and tell by waiving around a high capacity magazine. Watch the following video at Mediaite at the 9:46 mark to see Gregory in possession of a high capacity magazine. Just one little problem, did he violate DC gun laws in the process and if so, why wasn’t he arrested for doing so? It would appear Gregory did. The penalty for to possess, sell or transfer any “large capacity ammunition feeding device.”  A person guilty of this charge can be sentenced to a maximum fine of $1000 and/or up to a year imprisonment – D.C. Criminal Code 7-2506.01.

DC High Capacity Ammunition Magazines – D.C. Official Code 7-2506.01

(b) No person in the District shall possess, sell, or transfer any large capacity ammunition feeding device regardless of whether the device is attached to a firearm. For the purposes of this subsection, the term large capacity ammunition feeding device means a magazine, belt, drum, feed strip, or similar device that has a capacity of, or that can be readily restored or converted to accept, more than 10 rounds of ammunition. The term large capacity ammunition feeding device shall not include an attached tubular device designed to accept, and capable of operating only with, .22 caliber rimfire ammunition..”

As stated by Doug Ross, “the incident was all part of David Gregory’s blatant advocacy journalism, designed to advance the totalitarian and unconstitutional agenda of restricting access to firearms by law-abiding citizens.” Just curious, will NBC and the liberal media be just as willing to take on the ACLU and privacy laws to del with those that are mentally ill and a danger to society?

UPDATE I: In typical liberal hypocrisy, as reported at Michele Malkin, David Gregory mocked NRA Wayne LaPierre’s idea for armed security in schools as you read this about where the Meet the Press host Gregory sends his own kids to school.

President “Thin Skin” Obama Gets Feathers Ruffled when ABC’s Jake Tapper Asks Question at Obama Gun Safety Question … “This Is Not the First Incident of Horrific Gun Violence of your 4 Years – Where’ve you been?” … Obama, “I don’t think I’ve been on vacation.”

LOST IN SMALLNESS: THE VACATIONER IN CHIEF: What Presidential leadership … Obama gets defensive when asked a tough question by the media regarding gun safety at his “gun safety” press conference in the wake of the Sandy Hill Elementary School shootings. Actually Mr. President, YOU HAVE BEEN ON VACATION!

ABC’s Jake Tapper held President Barack Obama’s feet to the fire and chastised him while asking the president where he has been in the past four years when it comes to gun violence.  As stated at the Daily Caller, suddenly Obama has a newfound concern over gun violence in the wake of the Sandy Hill Elementary School shooting that left 26 dead, including 20 children between the ages of 6 and 7 years old.

“It seems to a lot of observers that you made the political calculation in 2008 in your first term and 2012 not to talk about gun violence,” Tapper said during the noon White House press conference. “You had your position on renewing the ban on semi-automatic rifles that then-Sen. Biden put into place, but you didn’t do much about it. This is not the first incident of horrific gun violence of your four years. Where have you been?”

Obama thin skinned and defense answer: “Well, here’s where I’ve been, Jake. I’ve been President of the United States dealing with the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, an auto industry on the verge of collapse, two wars. I don’t think I’ve been on vacation.”

Hmm, strange choice of words. Obama makes this vacation reference as he is about to take a 20 day vacation in Hawaii.  Not been on vacation eh, Mr. President? In your first term as president Obama has played over 100 round of golf. Not been on vacation, you mean like the non-vacations that you have not been on listed below?

I guess Barack Obama must have thought it no big deal after the mass shootings in Tuscan, AZ, Mass Shooting at Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, the James Holmes ‘Dark Night Rising’ Movie Massacre and the Oregon mall shooting.  Doesn’t it make you wonder how the 2012 or even the 2008 presidential elections would have turned out if the MSM had always asked Barack Obama tough questions and held him accountable?

Gallup: Americans Say Police Presence, Mental Health Screenings More Effect Than Banning Guns At Preventing School Shootings Like Sandy Hook

According to a recent Gallup poll following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, a majority of Americans believe that a police presence, more attention to mental health screening and  decreasing gun violence on TV and video games are all more effective than banning guns to prevent mass school shootings like what took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.

However, Barack Obama and Democrats never waste the opportunity to exploit a bad situation. Obama has announced that VP Biden will head a commission to look into an “all of the above” search into things that can be done to prevent future shootings. Whether that can be done or not his debatable, but many are concerned that Obama’s “all of the above” approach will look similar to his energy policy and only deal with gun control.

Americans are most likely to say that an increased police presence at schools, increased government spending on mental health screening and treatment, and decreased depiction of gun violence in entertainment venues would be effective in preventing mass shootings at schools.

Americans rate the potential effectiveness of a ban on assault and semi-automatic guns as fourth on a list of six actions Gallup asked about. Americans rated the effectiveness of three potential actions higher than the semi-automatic weapon ban. But it is clear that Americans are not overwhelmingly convinced that any of the actions would be highly effective in preventing future school shootings. Slightly more than half (53%) of Americans say that increased police presence would be very effective. This action is at the top of the effectiveness list. The only other action that a majority of Americans view as very effective is government spending on mental health screening and treatment — 50% say this would be very effective.

Banning guns is fourth on the list of Americans for preventing violence, yet it is obviously number one in the partisan liberal agenda of Barack Obama, Democrats and liberals.  The Gallup partisan breakdown on banning guns is as follows: 26% GOP, 36% Independent, 61% Democrat. One of the three is just a tab bit outside of the bell curve.

Wal-Mart Runs Out of Semi-Automatic Rifles & NRA Memberships Surging Since Sandy Hook Murders

It would appear that many do not trust Barack Obama to abide by the US Constitution’s 2nd Amendment.

Sales are through the roof for semi-automatic weapons following the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. According to Bloomberg, semi-automatic rifles are sold out at many WAL-MART store  locations. Obama may have done more to stimulate the economy through his threats to ban guns than any of his stimulus money.

With President Barack Obama endorsing sweeping gun restrictions in the wake of the school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, prices for handgun magazines are surging on EBay (EBAY) and semi-automatic rifles are sold out at many Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT) locations.

Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, said yesterday that it would continue to sell guns, including rifles like the one used at Newtown, where 26 people, most of them children, were killed on Dec. 14. By contrast, Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc. (DKS) suspended sales of similar guns at its more than 500 stores.

Searches of five kinds of semi-automatic rifles on Wal- Mart’s website showed them to be out of stock at stores in five states, including Pennsylvania, Kansas and Alabama. Wal-Mart doesn’t sell guns online, instead asking customers to input a zip code to see if their local store carries a specific weapon.

According to James Rosen of FOX News, NRA membership is up 8000 a day since the deadly shootings in Newtown, CT. As per Rasmussen, following the school shooting, 86% want more action to identify and treat mental illness, as opposed to agreeing with Obama and gun control.

UPDATE I: Gallup pollhas banning guns 4th on the list for protecting school children.

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