Woman Raped at Occupy New Haven, Registered Sex Offender England Gamble Arrested

It has happened yet again … a woman is raped at an Occupy protest encampment …

Dateline New Haven, CT, a woman was raped at the Occupy New Haven camp. According to accounts, the the unnamed woman was raped either Monday night or early Tuesday morning in a tent at the Occupy New Haven camp.  The victim was brought to Yale-New Haven Hospital. 53 year old England Gamble  was arrested and charged with first degree sexual assault and first-degree unlawful restraint. Gamble was a registered sex offender.

A woman was raped in a tent at the Occupy camp late on Monday night or early Tuesday morning, police said.

Police said a woman went to find the victim on Tuesday afternoon because she had not seen her.

She went to the woman’s tent and called for her, but there was no answer, so she looked inside the tent and found the woman, police said.

How special, a sex predator who had been previously arrested for first-degree sexual assault and had been released from prison in 1996. Hey, why not hang out at the Barack Obama endorsed Occupy Wall Street.

Just how many rapes are going to happen at the Occupy Wall Street protests camps before individuals are going to figure out that these camps are just a danger to society and should all be shut down. As the Gateway Pundit says … another day, another rape at an Obama endorsed #Occupy camp.


Occupy Wall Street Could Be Broke in Weeks … Socialism Never Works

Barack Obama endorsed Occupy Wall Street could be out of money in mere weeks. As stated at Powerline, #OWS needs a bailout. Who finds it rather ironic and comical that the anti-capitalism protesters need the very thing that they rail against … money? Let this be a lesson as to why socialism does not work. According to reports posted on the group’s websitewww.nycga.net, they have only raised $1,556 in a week while  spending $14,942. Welcome to economics 101.

New York’s Occupy Wall Street group is warning it could run out of money by the end of the month, raising questions about the future of the movement that sparked nationwide protests against economic injustice last year.

Donations to the group have slowed six months after it set up camp in a park near Wall Street, igniting the Occupy movement across the United States.

A report by Occupy Wall Street’s accounting group for the week ended March 2 showed it had $44,828 in a general fund in addition to $90,000 set aside to bail protesters out of jail during planned “American Spring” protests.

Three Occupy Oakland Protesters Charged With Robbery and Hate Crimes

Add yet another thing to the list that you have never seen the Tea Party charged with …

More from the Barack Obama endorsed Occupy protest movement … Three Occupy Oakland protesters, Michael Davis, 32, Nneka Crawford, 23, and Randolph Wilkins, 24, have been charged with robbery and hate crimes.  The three remain in jail. Bail for Crawford and Wilkins is $105,000 and Davis is being held on $100,000 bail.

Michael Davis, 32, Nneka Crawford, 23, and Randolph Wilkins, 24, all of Oakland, were charged with the felonies by Assistant District Attorney Paul Hora. All remain jailed at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin. Bail for Crawford and Wilkins is $105,000 and Davis is being held on $100,000 bail.

Other possible suspects are being sought by police, said Sgt. Randy Wingate, the lead investigator.

Among the evidence against the three, besides the 42-year-old victim identifying them, is a video of the confrontation taken by a fellow Occupy Oakland protester.

The three Occupy protesters surrounded and taunted the victim before stealing her wallet. NICE.  During the course of the crime when the 20 year old victims wallet was taken, the three Occupy Oakland protesters shouted “vulgar epithets regarding their perception of her sexual orientation. According to lead investigator gt. Randy Wingate, other possible suspects are being sought by police.  I thought the LEFT and the 99% protesters were supposed to be so liberal minded and open minded?

Three arrested Occupy Oakland protesters – CBS San Francisco

Michael Davis, 32, Nneka Crawford, 23, and Randolph Wilkins, 24, confronted the woman on the streets of Oakland in February after she told them not to riot in her neighborhood, the Oakland Police said in a written release.

“She was surrounded by three protestors and battered as they yelled vulgar epithets regarding their perception of her sexual orientation,” Oakland Police spokeswoman Johnna Watson said.

The female victim was not identified except as a 20-year resident of the neighborhood.

“Her wallet was taken during the crime,” Watson said. “The victim broke away from the group and called police, who were able to arrest one suspect near the scene.”

One of the protesters shot a video of the altercation, which police viewed on the Internet. The VIDEO has since been removed from the internet for obvious reasons as it will become evidence.

So these people are supposed to represent the 99% eh? Not even close.

FBI Warns of Anti-Government Extremists Opposed to Taxes & Regulations Pose a Growing Threat to Local Law Enforcement in United States

How disturbing and irresponsible … Welcome to the Hope and Change that Barack Obama promised.

The FBI warned Monday that anti-government extremists opposed to taxes and regulations pose a growing threat to local law enforcement officers in the United States. Hmm, just who are they pointing at? It sounds an awful lot like the Tea Party doesn’t it?

More from the Tea Party

Anti-government extremists opposed to taxes and regulations pose a growing threat to local law enforcement officers in the United States, the FBI warned on Monday.

These extremists, sometimes known as “sovereign citizens,” believe they can live outside any type of government authority, FBI agents said at a news conference.

The extremists may refuse to pay taxes, defy government environmental regulations and believe the United States went bankrupt by going off the gold standard.

Routine encounters with police can turn violent “at the drop of a hat,” said Stuart McArthur, deputy assistant director in the FBI’s counterterrorism division.

Remember when Home Land Security (HLS) Janet Napolitano disgracefully called Military Vets are Right Wing Extremists?

The FBI would target concerned citizens doing their duty to question their government and actually want responsible spending and taxes as opposed to an Occupy Wall Street protect movement that has promoted anarchy and violence. Who are the ones assaulting police officers? Oh yea, and #OWS has such kind things to say about local law enforcement.  Sick indeed. Welcome America to the “Hope & Change” you were promised.

An #OWS Protest Too Far … Even Bill Maher Turns Against Them, Calls Them D-bags & They Should ‘Get a Job’

How bad has the Obama and Democrat endorsed Occupy Wall Street Movement become … even Uber-Leftist Bill Maher denounces them, calls them D-bags and they should get a job. OWS has lost one of its most vocal supporters.

Bill Maher on HBO’s ‘Real Time’ stated something that many of us have known since the inception of the Occupy Wall Street protests. Mahr found himself agreeing with Newt Gingrich that they should … “get a job.” He then went on to say, “… but now it’s just a bunch of douchebags who think throwing a chair through the Starbucks window is going to bring on the revolution”.

Transcript at News Busters:

BILL MAHER: Let me ask you about another occupation, because this is – and you would be good on this too, panel -, the occupation, the Occupy Wall Street, because similar to Afghanistan, when you occupy anything for too long people do get pissed off. And as I watch them on the news now I find myself almost agreeing with Newt Gingrich. Like, you know what – get a job. Only because, you know, the people who originally started, I think they went home and now it’s just these anarchist stragglers. And this is the problem when you, you know, when your movement involves sleeping over in the park. You wind up attracting the people who were sleeping over in the park anyway.

[Laughter and applause]

MAHER: And I think that’s where we are now with the Occupy movement. They did a great job bringing the issue of income and equality to the fore, but now it’s just a bunch of douchebags who think throwing a chair through the Starbucks window is going to bring on the revolution.

Actually, the reality is that #OWS has been doing this all along, the MSM just never covered or reported the rapes, assaults, murders, pimping out young girls, stalking of children, sexual assaults, vandalism or overall “douchebagedess” of the movement who Time magazine called their “People of the year”. Sorry, but who could have missed that these folks were anarchists and undesirables from the outset as they continually disobeyed the law, attacked the police and simply wanted to cause chaos. Oh yeah, because threatening the police, harming the elderly and threatening to torch NYC to the ground is a positive message of financial inequality.

All the protesters have done is cost tax payer’s millions.

Everyone knew from the outset what this movement was about; however, it has now escalated and the popular opinion of the OWS movement continues to fall and the rats are jumping ship.

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