Body of Bissing El Paso Baby Jackson Farrey Believed Found Dead in New Mexico Desert

Sad news to report …

Tragic news to report in the missing persons case of 5 month old  Jackson Farrey.   It is believed that the body of missing five-month-old Jackson Farrey was found in the Northeast desert. Jackson’s parents, 22 year old Jeffrey Farrey, 20 year old Jennay Farrey, and their 17 month old son, Blake Farrey were found in an undisclosed location outside of the state of Texas. They had been reported missing for about a week from n El Paso, TX. They were taken into custody on Sunday.

Jackson Farrey

We are left to only ask, why? How could anyone harm something so precious? Rest in peace Jackson.

A 5-month-old boy missing from El Paso since last week is believed to have been found in the desert near U.S. 54 in southern New Mexico on Wednesday — the same day the baby’s father was returned to El Paso from Michigan and held on a $1.5 million bond, the  El Paso Times reported.

The boy’s remains, believed to be those of 5-month-old Jackson Farrey, were found a quarter of a mile west of U.S. 54 in Orogrande, near McGregor Range and in an area commonly used for military training, the Times said.

The boy’s father, Army Spc. Jeffrey Farrey, 22, was being held in El Paso County Jail, the paper reported.

Police were working to confirm whether the remains were those of Jackson Farrey, who was reported missing from his El Paso home last week along with his parents and his 19-month-old brother, Blake Farrey, the Times said.

On Wednesday, representatives of the FBI, New Mexico State Police, Border Patrol and El Paso police were in Orogrande recovering the remains, which would be taken to the state Office of the Medical Investigator in Albuquerque to determine the identity of the remains and the cause of death, El Paso police spokesman Darrel Petry told the paper.

Authorities in New Mexico have found the remains of who they believe in 5 month old missing Jackson Farrey.

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Search & Rescue Underway for 4 Individuals of Learjet 35 that Crashed into the Ocean off Fort Lauderdale, FL Beach Tuesday Night (Update: 2 Dead, 2 Missing)

According to Flightaware, a Mexican-registered Learjet 35 took off from the airport in Fort Lauderdale, FL on Tuesday; however, crashed soon after in the Atlantic Ocean about 3 miles from the coast. The FAA said that the jet went down about four miles off the coast. The Learjet had a tail identification of XAUSD.   The jet was a medical flight was bound for Cozumel, Mexico after having dropped off a patient. There were four people on board, including 2 pilots, a doctor and a nurse. As per CNN, the two medical staff members worked for Air Evac International and the pilots worked for a chartered company.

According to their website, at AirEvac International, our aircraft are configured as airborne intensive care units specifically for air ambulance transports. AirEvac International provides the highest level of medical transportation care by combining the best medical resources and efficient response times. Our services include:

•Air Ambulance Service
•Bedside-to-Bedside Service
•Commercial Medical Escorts
•Ground Ambulance
•Specialty Care Teams

Facebook: Air Evac International.

Shortly after take off there was a distress call (audio) from the jet.

A distress call from one of the pilots came just moments after takeoff.

“We have an engine failure,” the pilot said.

An air traffic controller asked him to turn left and keep a certain altitude.

“Not possible,” the pilot responded. “We’re going to do a 180, and we’re going to land.”

But seconds later, he said: “Mayday, mayday, mayday.”

The Coast Gard began an immediate search. A helicopter and 9 vessels were sent out by the Coast Guard and other agencies. More than 50 people are involved in the search. They soon found a debris field.


Pic from Coast Guard – Follow WSVN-TV on Twitter

UPDATE I: The Coast Guard is confirming that two people are dead.

The U.S Coast Guard said that two of these people are confirmed dead while the search for the other two continues.

The pilots reported mechanical problems after takeoff. The plane crashed after taking off from the the Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Intl. Airport.

The jet went down about three miles off the coast.

A helicopter and 9 vessels were sent out by the Coast Guard and other agencies. More than 50 people

UPDATE II: BNO – Two people confirmed dead as search for plane crash survivors continues.

MIAMI — Two people are confirmed dead as Coast Guard and partner agency rescue crews continue to search for possible survivors of a plane crash approximately three miles off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

At approximately 8:15 p.m. Tuesday, watchstanders at the Coast Guard 7th District command center received a report of a possible plane crash off the Coast of Fort Lauderdale from the Federal Aviation Administration. Search and rescue crews from Coast Guard Station Fort Lauderdale and Coast Guard Air Station Miami were immediately dispatched to begin the search for the aircraft and possible survivors. The Coast Guard Cutter Paul Clark and a Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue boatcrew were also launched to assist.

UPDATE III: Miami Herald releasing possible names of some on board the jet that went down off the Fort Lauderdale coast.

The flight carried two pilots and medical personnel, including a physician tentatively identified by friends as Fernando Senties Nieto and a nurse, Mariana González Isunza, both of Cozumel. Senties’ Facebook page began to fill with condolences early Wednesday.

Mexican media identified the others onboard as pilots José Hiram Galván de la O and Josué Buendía Moreno.
It’s unclear if the pilots were employed by the plane’s last registered owner, AirEvac International. A company spokesman could not be immediately reached for comment.

Police are to Realease New Video in case of Missing Michelle Parker … Missing Since November 17, 2011

Michelle Parker, the mother of three has been missing in Orlando, FL since November 17, 2011.  Dale Smith Jr., the estranged fiance of missing Michelle Parker, has been officially named the primary suspect by Orlando police. Authorities are now saying that they will release later today never-before-seen footage of Michelle Parker that might help investigators get closer to finding her.


It’s been two years since Lauren Erickson received a panicked phone call from her 11-year-old nephew asking where his mother was.

“I still don’t have that answer,” Erickson recalled in a video posted Nov. 17 on the Facebook page created for the 33-year-old missing mother of three who vanished in 2011.

But new evidence expected to be released by Orlando police later today will show never-before-seen footage of Michelle Parker that might help investigators get closer to finding her.

Detectives have not said what the video will show but Parker’s mother, Yvonne Stewart, will be available during a 1 p.m. news conference to answer questions.

Missing Michelle Parker Facebook.

UPDATE I: Orlando police release new video evidence in Michelle Parker disappearance (VIDEO).

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For more updated, read others comments and to provide your own, go to Scared Monkeys Missing Persons forum: Michelle Parker.

El Paso, TX Couple Jeffrey Farrey & His Wife Jennay Farrey and Their 17 Month Old Son Blake Farrey Found, However, 5 Month Old Baby Jackson Still Missing

Authorities are reporting that an El Paso, TX couple, 22 year old Jeffrey Farrey, his wife, 20 year old Jennay Farrey, and their 17 month old son, Blake Farrey have been found in an undisclosed location outside of the state of Texas. They were taken into custody on Sunday. However, 5 month old Jackson Farrey is still missing and his whereabouts are still unknown.

Jeffrey Farrey_Jennay Farrey

The El Paso Police Department says in a statement 22-year-old Jeffrey Farrey, his wife, 20-year-old Jennay Farrey, and their 17-month-old son, Blake Farrey had been found in an undisclosed location in the continental United States and were taken into custody on Sunday. They were reported missing on Friday.

The family’s car, a 2007 Dodge Charger, was also found in the same place.

The Farrey family was reported missing on Friday afternoon, November 15, 2013. According to their former landlord, the couple left behind a suicide note that stated, “that they were having financial problems and will take their lives, and that their bodies will be found soon.”

Octavio Hidalgo wants to put his home up for sale after the family who was renting it from him vanished. Hidalgo doesn’t expect them to return because he says they left behind a suicide note.

“The note said that they were having financial problems and will take their lives, and that their bodies will be found soon,” said Hidalgo.

On Friday afternoon, the El Paso Police Department announced the Farrey family from west El Paso was missing – 22 year old Jeffrey Farrey, 20 year old Jenna Farrey, and their two kids, 19 month old Blake and 6 month old Jackson.

Fort Bliss officials confirmed that Specialist Jeffrey Farrey is a soldier stationed at Fort Bliss and assigned to the 1st Armored Division.

Fort Bliss spokesperson, Major Joe Buccino said, “We are cooperating with EPPD to locate the soldier and his family. Our immediate concerns are the welfare and safety of him and his family.”

11 Year Old Saria House Since 11/17/13 in Milwaukee, WI … Considered “Critical Missing”

11 year old Saria House has been missing since Saturday afternoon, November 17, 2013 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She was last seen near the 2900 block of 1st street and Locust on the city’s north side. Saria is described as dark complexion and was wearing her hair in a braided bun. She is 5’2″ weighing about 100 pounds with brown eyes and black hair and was last seen wearing a grey sweater with front zipper and light blue jeans. Milwaukee Police consider Saria House “critical missing” due to her age.


Saria House_missing

Missing –  Saria House

Saria House was last seen around noon on Saturday, November 16th near 1st and Locust on the city’s north side.

Saria is about 5’2? tall and weighs approximately 100 pounds. She is described as having a dark complexion and was wearing her hair braided into a ‘bun style’. Saria was last seen wearing a gray sweater with a front zipper, light blue jeans and an unknown color pair of shoes.

If anyone has seen or know the whereabouts of Saria House, please contact the Milwaukee Police Department’s Sensitive Crimes Division at 414-935-7401.

Are Remains Found That of Missing McStay Family? Remains Found In Victorville Desert ID’d as Joseph and Summer McStay, Missing Since February 2010 (Update: Remains Found of 4 year Old Gianni & 3 Year Old Joseph McStay)

Are the bodies found in shallow graves in the desert that of the missing McStay family?

The investigation into the remains began Monday when a motorcyclist discovered them in a shallow grave between Quarry Road near Highway 15 in the desert outside Victorville, CA. Joseph McStay, 40, his wife Summer, 43, and two young sons, 3 year old Joseph Mateo and 4 year old Gianni, disappeared from their upscale San Diego County home and went missing on February 2, 2010. The family literally went missing without a trace. Now there has been a big development in the case. Four bodies have been found in the Mojave desert.

Facebook: Bring The McStay Family Home.

There has been a big break in a high-profile missing persons case that has stymied investigators for years.

A family of four vanished without a trace more than three years ago. Earlier this week, the remains of four bodies were found in a shallow graves in the desert near Victorville.

Their SUV was found parked near the border. There was a time investigators in San Diego thought surveillance video showed the McStay family making their way into Mexico.

But relatives discounted that theory. They suspected foul play. The McStays left money in their bank accounts and the family’s two dogs were found wandering in their backyard.

McStay family_missing2

Facebook – Bring The McStay Family Home

According to CBS – Los Angeles, two of the bodies have been identified as the parents, Joseph and Summer McStay. J

The skeletal remains found in the desert outside Victorville earlier this week have been identified as at least two members of a Fallbrook family who went missing nearly four years ago, CBS affiliate KFMB in San Diego reported Friday.

Patrick McStay says two of the four bodies found in a shallow grave have been identified as his son Joseph and daughter-in-law Summer McStay. The couple’s two missing sons are still unaccounted for as investigators confirm the identities of the other remains, according to KFMB.

Would have liked a better outcome than this, but at least their family has some form of closure. Hopefully they will get more answers as well. Rest in peace

UPDATE I: Remains found in Calif. desert ID’d as those of missing San Diego area family.

More than three years ago the McStay family — Joseph, Summer and their two young sons – seemed to vanish into thin air, but Friday authorities confirmed that four sets of skeletal remains found in California’s Mojave Desert are likely those of the couple and their two boys.

San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon said at a press conference that the remains were identified through dental records as those of Joseph McStay, 40, and his wife, Summer, 43.

Authorities are in the process of identifying additional skeletal remains that are believed to be those of the couple’s sons, Gianni and Joseph Jr., who were 4 and 3, respectively, at the time of their disappearance.

UPDATE II: At least one of the remains taken out of one of the grave sites had been bound with an electric cord.

UPDATE III: Remains in California are those of missing boys, 4-year old Gianni and his 3-year-old brother, Joseph McStay.

The remains are those of 4-year-old Gianni McStay and his 3-year-old brother, Joseph McStay, the coroner’s division of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement.

A state DNA lab confirmed their identities, the department said.

For more updates, read comments and provide your own, go to Scared Monkeys – Missing Persons forum: McStay Family.


19 Year Old Scott Falzerano Jr. Reported Missing 11/12/13 in Sitka, Alaska (Update: Found Deceased, Suicide)

19 year old Scott Falzerano Jr. has been missing  was reported missing Tuesday morning, November 12, 2013 in Sitka, Alaska.  Falzerano was last seen by by family members around 11 a.m. Monday in the Indian River neighborhood when he left his Charlie Joseph Street home.  A search team from the Sitka Mountain Rescue  was dispatched to the Indian River valley that included two search dogs and a team of seven volunteers.

Scott Falzerano Jr_missing

Missing – Scott Falzerano Jr.

A search team was dispatched to the Indian River valley – a favorite hunting spot of Falzerano’s – but there were no leads as to his whereabouts by press time today.

Kluting said that Falzerano told family when he left that he was heading into the woods to hide a possession that had been stolen in recent days and that he had recovered on Sunday.

Scott Falzerano is described as 6 feet, 1 inch, tall, with hazel green eyes and sandy blond hair. When he was last seen he was wearing a black hoody and blue jeans, Kluting said.

Kluting said the young man’s family is very concerned about him. “Hopefully we find him soon,” Kluting said.

UPDATE I: The Search Continues for Missing Scott Falzerano Jr.

Twenty members of Sitka Mountain Rescue – and two search dogs – spent Tuesday searching the Indian River valley, along with many of Falzerano’s friends and family. A coast guard helicopter flew a sortie up the valley on Tuesday afternoon. As of Tuesday night the search had turned up nothing, according to Sitka Mountain Rescue director Don Kluting, who said it isn’t clear whether Falzerano went into the wilderness at all.

“We’re certainly worried. The urgency on this case has certainly gone up substantially,” Kluting said. “At the end of the day we still can’t demonstrate whether he’s in the urban setting or wilderness.”

If anyone has seen or has any information regarding the whereabouts of Scott Falzerano, please call the Sitka Fire Department at 747-3233, or police at 747-3245.

UPDATE II: Body of missing teen found after four-day search.

Search officials in Sitka confirmed that the body of 19-year-old Scott Falzerano, Jr., was located this morning at about 9:25 AM, near the Indian River Trail.

The Sitka police said that Falzerano appears to have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The case has been referred to the medical examiner for confirmation, and the police are conducting an investigation.

Two U.S. Mariners Kidnapped & Held Hostage from the Oilfield Supply Ship ‘C-Retriever’ Off the Nigeria Coast Last Month Have Been Released

CNN is reporting that two US citizens who were kidnapped from the U.S. flagged C-Retriever off the Nigerian coast last month have been released. The two freed individuals have only been identified U.S. and Nigerian officials as the the ship’s captain and a chief engineer.

Two U.S. citizens who were kidnapped from an oilfield supply ship off Nigeria’s coast last month have been released, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki confirmed Tuesday.

News of the release comes nearly three weeks after armed men stormed the 221-foot U.S.-flagged C-Retriever and kidnapped the two Americans, identified at the time by U.S. and Nigerian officials as the captain and a chief engineer.

The ship, owned by Louisiana-based Edison Chouest Offshore, was attacked October 23 in the piracy-plagued Gulf of Guinea off Nigeria.

The pirate assult on the C-Retriever was first reported at the gCaptain website.

Additional gCaptain sources also indicate that the Edison Chouest-owned, US-flagged platform supply vessel C-Retriever was working in a nearby field off Brass, Nigeria and was also attacked, an incident that our sources indicate was unrelated to the attack on the JTF personnel.  Our source notes that the Captain and Chief Engineer, who are both US citizens, were kidnapped. A very close family friend of the Chief Engineer (who identified himself as his brother, but whos name is withheld at his request) confirmed with us that the FBI is working on the case.

Body May have Been Found of 23 Year Old Theresa Burke Missing Since 11/10/13 Last Seen in Pittsfield, MA

23 year old Theresa Burke has been missing since early Sunday morning, November 10, 2013. The young Dalton woman was last seen about 3 a.m. Sunday after she attended a show at Chameleon’s in Pittsfield on Saturday night that included a fundraiser for the Berkshire Band-Itz roller derby team of which she was a member. Authorities are reporting that a body of a woman was found near the American Legion on Monday morning and is believed to be that of Theresa Burke. The body was found in a wooded area near 258 North St. (Rt.9).


 23 Year Old Theresa Burke

Burke’s family and friends began posting on Facebook that she was missing on Sunday and her mother, Catherine Burke, contacted police. They also searched the neighborhood and passed her picture and information to convenience stores and other places. She was believed to have her cell phone but did not respond to anyone.

According to Facebook posts, she was last seen in Dalton wearing gray yoga pants, black combat boots and a possibly a gray hooded sweat shirt, and that it would be unusual for her not to contact her mother.

Burke, who has a 5-year-old daughter, Madison, would have been 24 on Thanksgiving Day, according to her Facebook page. She was described as a loving mother and daughter, a cheerful person and a good friend.

Facebook: Theresa Burke.

Body believed to be that of missing Dalton woman.

On Monday around 9 a.m., Dalton Police were called to the vicinity of American Legion Benjamin Sullivan Post 155 at 258 North St. (Route 9), where they found a woman’s body in a wooded area adjacent to the playground.

“We believe it to be Theresa Burke,” Dalton Police Sergeant Christopher Furlong said Monday.

State police detectives with the Berkshire District Attorney’s Office and the local medical examiner’s office are now investigating the cause of death.

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