The Body of Missing Whitney Heichel Found on Larch Mountain East of Gresham … Police Arrest Jonathan Holt for Aggravated Murder

The body of missing 21 year old Whitney Heichel was found on Larch Mountain, a remote, forested area east of Gresham, OR. Whitney Heichel went missing on Tuesday moring 10/16/12 when she drove off to work and disappeared. Police have  arrested 24 year old Jonathan Holt of Gresham, a neighbor of missing Whitney Heichel, for investigation of aggravated murder. Holt was arrested after a series of interviews didn’t quite add up and investigators found his fingerprints and DNA in her recovered car.

Searchers found the body of a young Oregon woman who vanished this week on her way to work and a neighbor has been arrested, Gresham police said late Friday night.

The body of Whitney Heichel, 21, was found on Larch Mountain, a remote, forested area east of Gresham, Police Chief Craig Junginger told a news conference.

After collecting DNA and fingerprints and conducting three interviews over three days, police arrested Jonathan Holt, 24, of Gresham, for investigation of aggravated murder, the chief said.

Jonathan Holt – Arrested Aggravated Murder (Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office)

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21 Year Old Whitney Heichel Missing in Gresham, OR Since 10/16/12

21 year old Whitney Heichel has been missing in Gresham, OR since Tuesday, October 16, 2012. Heichel did not show up to work Tuesday morning at Starbucks for her 7 am shift after leaving her home at 6:45 am. Gresham police called her disappearance “suspicious.”  Six hours after Whitney Heichel went missing, her vehicle was found just 4 miles from her home in a Walmart pareking lot with the passenger side window busted out, the back seats were down.

Whitney’s husband Clint said they live only a couple of minutes away from where his wife works at Starbucks.

“She got ready, her normal thing, got up and just kissed me goodbye and I kind of woke up and said ‘bye, I’ll see you when you get home,’” said Clint Heichel. “And then about 8:15 her boss called me.”

Police said Heichel’s ATM card was used Tuesday morning at a Shell gas station at 257th and SE Stark Street.

Heichel’s Ford Explorer was found abandoned at around 11 a.m. Tuesday in the parking lot of the Wood Village Walmart at 23500 NE Sandy Boulevard. The passenger side window was smashed.

UPDATE I: A family member told KGW several transactions were made on Heichel’s debit card, including at ATM machines and 3 different gas stations.

They said that gas station attendants at one of those locations — a truck stop in Troutdale – remembered seeing her SUV and said Heichel was sitting in the passenger seat with a man driving. They said the man was acting suspicious and hurried, buying only a small amount if gas.

Police have not released any further details in the investigation.

UPDATE II: Police searched a heavily wooded area of Dodge Park.

Authorities searched a park in Clackamas County and also Larch Mountain Wednesday in connection with a Gresham woman’s Tuesday disappearance.

Police searched a heavily wooded area of Dodge Park, north of Sandy, Wednesday afternoon for 21-year-old Whitney Heichel. They also searched Larch Mountain in the Columbia River Gorge.

Investigators said Heichel’s SUV was seen in the area.

FACEBOOK: Whitney Heichel

They are asking anyone who may have seen the SUV during that time to call the Gresham Police Department tip line at 503-618-2719.

Search Map – Daily Mail

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Body Found of Missing University of Florida Christian Aguilar Last seen in September 2012

18 year old University of Florida student Christian Aguilar was last seen on on September 20, 2012.  Eight days following his disappearance, Pedro Bravo was charged with first-degree murder in the student’s apparent death. However, Christian Aguilar had not been found.

As reported at CNN, more than three weeks after Christian Aguilar was last seen the family was confident that the 18-year-old’s body has been found. The break came when on Friday afternoon in Levy County when hunters stumbled upon remains at the Gulf Hammock Hunting Club. They called police and believe they have found the body of Christian Aguilar. However, authorities have yet to confirm it is Aguilar.

Gainesville Police spokesman Ben Tobias said authorities are looking into a body that was recently found. But it hasn’t been confirmed that this body, found in Levy County, is that of Christian Aguilar.

Carlos Aguilar stressed that his family is waiting on confirmation of the body’s identity. Even so, he said that he believed they’ll soon be able “to bring Christian back home” and have his funeral.

“Our family is going to be grieving until the authorities give us the confirmation,” the father said.

Police were directed to the partially decomposed body of a young man after a pair of hunters.

Around 2:00 p.m. on Friday, the hunters smelled “something dead” and found a partially buried and decomposing body that was “obviously human,” Fred Oliver, a volunteer with the Levy County Sheriff’s Office, told the newspaper.

When authorities arrived at the site, they found blue sneakers and dark blue jeans with the body, clothing that matched what Aguilar was wearing on Sept. 20, the day he disappeared.

Although authorities have ordered a forensic examination of the remains, they are “almost certain” they know that it is Aguilar, Oliver said.

Search Continues for Missing 19 Year Old University of New Hampshire Student Elizabeth “Lizzi” Marriott (UPDATE: Elizabeth Marriott Dead, Seth Mazzaglia Arrested)

The search continues for missing 19 year old University of New Hampshire student Elizabeth “Lizzi” Marrio. She disappeared after she made plans to visit a friend earlier this week. She has been missing since Tuesday.


Lizzi Marriott drives a 2001 tan Mazda Tribute with New Hampshire plate number 304-5397. Investigators have not located her car. Marriott is described as being 5 feet 5 inches tall, with blond hair and blue eyes.

Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston


Senior Assistant Attorney General Jane Young said investigators met Friday morning with Elizabeth “Lizzi” Marriott’s father to assure him they are providing all the resources possible to locate her.

Marriott attended a class at the university Tuesday night and made plans to visit a friend in Dover. According to a flier being distributed by family members and friends Friday, her cellphone was last used in Dover at 10:11 p.m. Tuesday.

Lizzi Marriott’s grandmother, Susan Marriott, was tending the phone at the Chester home where her granddaughter lives while other family members were out handing out fliers and searching for her.

The family has offered a $10,000 reward for missing  Elizabeth Marriott.

UPDATE I: Missing UNH Sophomore  Elizabeth “Lizzi” Marriott confirmed dead and have arrested a suspect in the case. Police have arrested 29 year old Seth Mazzaglia, of Dover, NH. Mazzaglia is charged with second degree murder in the death of missing University of New Hampshire sophomore Elizabeth Marriott. Authorities are still searching for her body.

State police announced on Saturday that missing UNH student Elizabeth Marriott is dead.

New Hampshire Attorney General Michael Delaney, along with the FBI and assisting police departments, held a press conference at 1 p.m. on Saturday to announce that the 19-year-old commuter student is dead. Her car was found at UNH.

Police have arrested 29-year-old Seth Mazzaglia, of Dover, in connection with her death. He will be arraigned for second degree murder on Monday.

Authorities said that Marriott and Mazzaglia “knew each other,” but would not elaborate.

Colorado Authorities Officially ID Body Found was that of Missing 10 Year Old Jessica Ridgeway (VIDEO)

10 year old Jessica Ridgeway had been missing since October 5, 2012  . A body had been found this past week  and removed from Pattridge Park in Arvada, CO. No confirmation had been provided as to the identity as we learned that the body had been unthinkably badly dismembered and “not intact”. However, local media had stated it was that of the missing 10 year old girl.

Sadly, but not unexpected, Police in Westminster,  CO officially confirmed that a body found Wednesday belongs to missing 10 year-old Jessica Ridgeway.

Police in Westminster,  Colo., today officially confirmed that a body found Wednesday belongs to missing 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway.

“We recognize there is a predator at large in our community,” said Westminster, Colo., Police Chief Lee Birk.

The girl had been missing since Oct. 5.

“The commitment of the task force of investigators in this case will not waver,” said James Yacone, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Denver office. “Our commitment and resolve to seek justice on behalf of Jessica will only grow stronger.”

America, it’s time to get JUSTICE FOR JESSICA. The Westminster, CO area has a murderous child predator in its midst. Please be vigilant of those around you. The FBI Releases Behavioral Profile of Possible Suspect.

The suspect is likely male and might have recently missed work or suddenly left town, according to the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. The suspect might have already changed his appearance and gotten rid of his car.

“It could be your boss, it could be your friend and, ultimately, it could be your family member,” FBI spokesman David Joly said.

The FBI is asking for the public’s help locating the suspect, who might have been a “no show” and missed work immediately after the incident and offered a plausible excuse such as illness.

Last year, police released a sketch of a man believed to have been involved in two attempted abductions near the location where Jessica’s  body was found . Credits:  (9 News/Arvada Colo. Police)

This animal will eventually be found. When he is, what are the odds that he had a previous sexual predator past? Last year, the police has released a sketch of a man who was believed to have been involved in two attempted abductions near the location of where Jessica’s body was found on Oct. 10, 2012. Is there a connection> It’s hard to believe there is not.

Police Find Body Suspected of being Missing 10 Year Old Jessica Ridgeway in Pattridge Park in Arvada, CO (Oh Dear God, Not Intact)

There is sad and tragic news to report in the search for missing Jessica Ridgeway.

Police searching for missing 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway have found a body and removed it from Pattridge Park in Arvada, CO. Authorities have not yet made a positive ID; however, it is strongly suspected it is that of Jessica Ridgeway. Local media is saying that the body discovered is that of missing Jessica Ridgeway. The 10 year old girl went missing last Friday as she walked to school.

Westminster Police spokesperson Trevor Materasso did not release the gender or approximate age of the body, the station said.

Police confirmed the discovery of the body to NBC News and said a statement would be issued at 6:30 a.m. local time (8:30 a.m. ET).

Police tweeted the following:

Arvada PD and Westminster PD and additional resources are working to process the crime scene. …more… #jessicaridgeway

This afternoon a body was discovered near the Pattridge Park Open Space in the City of Arvada. …more… #jessicaridgeway

UPDATE I: Authorities have not been able to make a positive ID on the body found in the  Pattridge Park open space in Arvada, CO. At first thought, I had to think, why can’t they make a positive ID, she has been missing for less than a week. However, then came the grim and stomach sickening news, her body was found not intact. Oh dear God, my hear breaks. I can only hope that they can match DNA evidence to the predator who perpetrated this heinous act.
The heartbreaking investigation into the disappearance of 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway took a grisly turn today when police said that a body found during their search for Jessica is “not intact.”

The condition of the body is delaying identification.

“It’s not intact,” Westminster Police Department spokesman Trevor Materasso said at a news conference today. “This is extending the length of time it’s taking for investigators to positively identify who that body is.”

Zeta Drug Cartel’s Salvador Alfonso “Commander Squirrel” Martinez Escobedo, Suspect Arrested in the Falcon Lake Murder of David Hartley

Has the death of David Hartley finally been solved? David Hartley was reported murdered on September 30, 2010 when he and his wife, Tiffany Hartley, were jet skiing on Falcon Lake between the US and Mexican border. It is believed that they wondered into the middle of a drug trade. Tiffany escaped; however, David was reportedly shot and killed. His body has never been recovered.

Pic via Facebook

Monday, Mexican authorities said they had arrested a leader of the ruthless Zetas drug cartel and linked him to the Falcon Lake killing. The arrest of Zeta drug cartel’s Salvador Alfonso “The Squirrel” Martinez Escobedo was arrested and is being called a suspect in the murder of David Hartley. The Squirrel is responsible or has had a hand in numerous murders. Mexican authorities also suspect Martinez is behind the 2010 slaying of 72 migrants in Tamaulipas.

Authorities accuse Martinez, known as “The Squirrel,” of being a regional leader of the Zetas in three northern Mexican states and heading up a brutal battle with the rival Gulf cartel. They had offered a reward of more than $1 million for information leading to his capture.

He was picked up in the Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo on Saturday night and presented to the media on Monday. But one Texas sheriff says the 31-year-old alleged cartel leader wasn’t on a list of five suspect names in the Hartley case that he’s handed over to the FBI.

“Based on the information I have, he may have been the one responsible for that area, but not the one responsible for the actual killing,” said Sigifredo Gonzalez, sheriff of Zapata County, Texas.

But is Salvador Alfonso Martinez Escobedo responsible for David Hartley’s death? It is not quite sure how “Commander Squirrel” is connected to the murder of Hartley.

He was picked up in the Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo on Saturday night and presented to the media on Monday. But one Texas sheriff says the 31-year-old alleged cartel leader wasn’t on a list of five suspect names in the Hartley case that he’s handed over to the FBI.

“Based on the information I have, he may have been the one responsible for that area, but not the one responsible for the actual killing,” said Sigifredo Gonzalez, sheriff of Zapata County, Texas.

More from ABC News on the Mexican authority statement:

“Squirrel is credited with being the mastermind of the deaths of 72 undocumented migrants in San Fernando,” said the statement. “[He] is the alleged perpetrator of the narco graves found in Tamaulipas state, with more than 200 bodies and the execution of more than 50 people by his own hand in different parts of the republic, [as well as] the murder of David Hartley, an American citizen killed at Falcon Dam on September 30, 2010.”

The statement also alleged that the Squirrel was responsible for the murder of the police official investigating Hartley’s death.

Missing Jessica Ridgeway’s Backpack and Water Bottle With Her Name On It Found in Superior, CO … 6.4 Miles From Where She Went Missing (VIDEO)

10 year old missing Jessica Ridgeway’s backpack has been reportedly found in Superior, CO.  A backpack with contents that had Jessica’s name on it, a water bottle,was found in a subdivision 6.4 miles from where she went missing in Westminter, Colorado. A homeowner in a subdivision in Superior found the bag on the sidewalk outside. A bloodhound is being used at the scene where the bag was found. Police had not previously been searching for Jessica in the area. They are now interviewing nearby residents and have expanded their original search area.

Could this be the clue that was needed to locate Jessica, or was the backpack put here to throw the police off the real trail? Jessica Ridgeway has been missing since Friday, October 5, 2012.

WESTMINSTER – Police are searching an area in Superior after a possible lead in the disappearance of 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway.

Police will hold a live press conference at 5 p.m. It will air here online.

According to 9NEWS Reporter Kevin Torres a backpack with contents that had Jessica’s name on it was found 6.2 miles from where she went missing. Bloodhounds sniffed it out and are searching the area. Police are working to confirm if the backpack belonged to Jessica.

From The Daily Camera:

A Superior resident e-mailed the town’s listserv shortly after 1 p.m. today with a message bearing the subject line “Children’s Back Pack Found.” The message reads: “Found this morning on the side walk at Andrew Drive and Alpha Court. Water bottle has ‘Jessica Ridgeway’ name on it. Come and get it.”

Westminster police spokesman Trevor Materasso, at a late-afternoon news conference, said detectives believe that the backpack is Jessica’s, but declined to discuss its contents or verify that it contained a water bottle with the girl’s name on it.

Twitter Westminster Police Department

From CBS Denver News

The search shifted to Superior near Andrews and Alpha on Sunday after a homeowner found a water bottle and backpack on the sidewalk.

“Now investigators are working with that backpack. We do have reason to believe that it is directly associated with this case. We’re working with the family to make those confirmations,” Westminster police spokesman Trevor Materasso said.

Police also taped off an area with a paper bag was found. It’s not clear what was in the bag or how it’s relevant to the case.

Body Found on Reservation Road in Cloquet on the Fond du Lac Indian Reservation Identified as Missing Floodwood Woman Cristyna Leah Watson (Update: Suspect Michael William Siewert to be Charged)

25 year old Cristyna Leah Watson has been missing since September 23, 2012 from Floodwood, MN. Sadly, her body was found along Reservation Road in Cloquet on the Fond du Lac Indian Reservation. The medical examiners have positively identified the body as that of missing Cristyna Leah Watson. The ME is stating that Cristyna Leah Watson died as a result of homicidal violence.

Cristyna Leah Watson: Rest in Peace

The Ramsey County Medical Examiner today identified a woman whose body was discovered last evening on a property on Reservation Road in Cloquet on the Fond du Lac Indian Reservation.

Cristyna Leah Watson (DOB 1-19-1987) of 209 E. 9th Avenue in Floodwood, MN, died as a result of homicidal violence. Watson was last seen by family members on September 8th and had been the subject of a Missing Person Bulletin issued by the Floodwood Police Department.

A suspect in Watson’s death is in custody and is expected to be charged.

22 year old Michael William Siewert, is being held on an unrelated August shooting charge is the suspect in the above homicide and is considered by police to be a member of the Native Mob criminal gang.  Siewert is expected to be charged in this homicide.

A Duluth man being held in Carlton County on an unrelated charge is expected to be charged in connection with the death of Cristyna Leah Watson of Floodwood, Cloquet police Chief Wade Lamirande said this afternoon.

Michael William Siewert, who police said they believe is a member of the Native Mob criminal gang, is being held in the Carlton County Jail in connection with the August shooting of another man, also believed to be a member of the Native Mob, according to the criminal complaint against him in that case.

Stephen James Smith was shot in the foot on Aug. 24, the complaint said.

Siewert, 22, has been charged in that case with second-degree assault in a crime committed for the benefit of a gang and two counts of possession of a firearm by a felon.

AMBERT ALERT: Search Continues for Missing 10 Year Old Jessica Ridgeway … Is there a Connection to Arvada school Students Who Saw Man in a Dark Sedan Trying to Lure Kids Closer to his Vehicle

An AMBER ALERT has been issued for missing 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway. She has been missing since Friday, October 5, 2012 when she left to walk to  Witt Elementary School in Westminster, Colo.. Jessica Ridgeway left her home at 8:30 AM to walk to Chelsea Park where she would  meet up with her friends and then walk to school together as she did every day.


The search continues for missing 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway. The VIDEO below is from Channel 9News. Massive numbers of citizens show up to help search for missing Jessica; however, there appears to be no clues or tips of information as to what happened to Jessica Ridgeway. It is as if she just vanished.

One has to wonder whether there is a connection to the story that was reported three weeks prior of students at an Arvada school that saw a man in a dark sedan trying to lure kids closer to his vehicle?

Three weeks ago, students at an Arvada school saw a man in a dark sedan trying to lure kids closer to his vehicle. JeffCo schools sent letters out to all of its schools – including Witt Elementary – where Jessica attends school. Police are looking into whether there’s a connection.

MAP Hat Tip: Klaas

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: Jessica Ridgeway.

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Anyone with information can call Westminster police at 303-658-4360

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