25 Year Old Jaimee Mendez Missing Since 11/6/14 in Swampscott, MA (Update: Last Seen with Level 3 Sex Offender Jason Fleury)

25 year old Jaimee Mendez has been missing since Thursday, November 6, 2014 in Swampscott, Massachusetts. Jaimee Mendez is a Type 1 diabetic who is in need of her medication and cannot go for this many days as she has been missing without it. Also, according to her family, she is the mother of a severely autistic 5 year old boy. Her family stated that she would never leave him for this long. Making matters worse, the family says police found items, including shoes, believed to belong to Mendez in a dumpster behind a Lynn, Mass CVS.

Law enforcement officers from Swampscott, Lynn, Salem, state police and The North Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council are involved in the search for Jaimee Mendez. A search in Salem around 11:49 Sunday morning was conducted in a wooded area behind Technology Way (Map).

Jaimee Mendez

Missing – Jaimee Mendez

Jaimee Mendez, 25, of Swampscott, has been missing since Thursday afternoon, according to family members.

Swampscott police confirmed they were searching for a missing 25-year-old Swampscott woman Sunday.

Officials said Mendez’s family reported her missing Saturday afternoon.

The Essex County District Attorney’s Office confirmed Sunday they were assisting in the search for Mendez.

Family members said police were searching a dumpster at CVS on Eastern Avenue in Lynn Sunday, where they found some of Mendez’s belongings.

Mendez’s family said they know who she was last seen with.

25-Year-Old Mother Missing in Massachusetts.

Twenty-five-year-old Jaimee Mendez of Swampscott was last heard from on Thursday. Family members say she called two friends, telling them she was with a male and felt uncomfortable.

“She was worried, she was freaked out, she was with this guy, he was acting weird, she wanted to get out of there,” said sister Alyssa Mendez. “The guy that she called went to pick her up and she never showed. And that’s it. That’s the last time anyone heard from her. Her phone’s been off, until they found her phone – they found her phone and her jacket, and her ID … in Salem.”

UPDATE I:  According to the missing woman’s sister and a law enforcement source, Jaimee Mendez last seen with a Level 3 sex offender.

A missing 25-year-old Swampscott woman was last seen with a Level 3 sex offender, according to the missing woman’s sister and a law enforcement source.

The search continued today for Jaimee Mendez with police reporting no new breaks in the case.

Her sister, Alyssa Mendez, 27, told the Herald Jaimee was wary of being with the man they later learned is a Level 3 sex offender.

UPDATE II: Sex offender admits being with missing Swampscott mother.

The sex offender who admitted being with missing Jaimee Mendez says, he doesn’t blame the family for looking for answers? Because a sex offender wouldn’t be the first place to look.

The level 3 sex offender who was reportedly the last person to see a missing Swampscott mother, said he has nothing to do with her disappearance.

The man said he last saw 25-year-old Jaimee Mendez walking away from his car during a drug deal.

The man told the Lynn Daily Item newspaper he didn’t blame the family for looking for answers.

UPDATE III: Sex Offender Jason Fleury denies involvement in case of missing Swampscott woman.

Jason Fleury insisted he did not kill Jaimee Mendez. Fleury stated he had no motive to hurt her. He said the last saw the woman walking away from his car after a drug deal. He said he believes the drug supplier is the person who knows what happened to Mendez.

The Level 3 sex offender with whom a missing Swampscott woman was reportedly last seen said he had nothing to do with her disappearance and last saw the woman walking away from his car after a drug deal.

“I didn’t hurt the girl. She and I are friends; unfortunately a little mom is missing, and I’m a Level 3 sex offender,” the man, Jason Fleury, told The Item in an exclusive interview Thursday. “I don’t blame [the family] for being angry, they’ve got to take blame on somebody and a Level 3 sex offender is a hell of a target.”

Fleury, who has not been charged in connection with the incident and has not been identified as a suspect by police, agreed to an interview after being approached outside of Lynn Police Headquarters on Thursday where police confirmed he had met with an officer but would not specify the reason for the meeting. Fleury said he had been interviewed by various police agencies three times and gave the same story on each occasion.

Fleury acknowledged he was with Mendez the night of her alleged disappearance. He said that Mendez was the go-between for him and a heroin dealer and, on the night of her disappearance, he picked up Mendez at 5:30 or 6 p.m. to buy drugs.

Fleury said they took the same trip they had taken twice before: Fleury said he would pick Mendez up at her Swampscott residence and drive her to the area of a Rite Aid on Lewis Street in Lynn. She would call somebody to arrange the drug deal when they arrived at the store, although Fleury said Mendez used his cell phone to make calls on Nov. 6 because hers was running out of battery power. He would then allegedly give her the money and she would bring him drugs. Fleury said he last saw Mendez walking away from his car at approximately 6:30 or 7 p.m. on Nov. 6.

UPDATE IV: Criminal history of sex offender Jason Fleury:

As for a criminal record that includes 22 cases in Lynn since 2002, according to court records, Fleury said he is a heroin addict and “petty criminal,” but not violent. He said he was convicted in Virginia in 1997 when he was 18 for having sex with a 13-year-old girl, and that he was designated a Level 3 sex offender after a conviction in 2007 for failing to register in Massachusetts. (The 1997 conviction is recorded on the sex offender registry website but does not cite the age of the victim). Fleury served six months in a house of correction for the 2007 conviction, according to a spokesperson for Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett.

UPDATE V: Divers search pond for missing Swampscott mother, Jaimee Mendez.

As Massachusetts State Police divers searched a pond along Route 107 in Lynn Tuesday, the family of a missing Swampscott woman said they believe she is dead.

Divers were looking for evidence connected to her disappearance at Floating Bridge Pond near the Salem line.

17 Year Old Jaid Marx Missing Since 10/30/14 in Zumbrota, MN

17 year old Jaid Marx has been missing since Thursday, October 30, 2014 in  Zumbrota, Minnesota.  Jaid Marx was last seen on October 30th leaving her job at the Coffee Mill in Zumbrota.  The Zumbrota Police Department is searching for a missing 17 year-old girl after her parents filed a missing person report when she failed to return home from work on Oct. 30.

Jaid Marx

Jaid Marx was last seen on Oct. 30, leaving her job at the Coffee Mill in Zumbrota. Her bosses say that night, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Marx is described as 5-foot-6, about 150 pounds with blue eyes and long red hair. She was last seen getting into a nearby darker car with all four of the hubcaps either removed or painted black. The make and model of the car is not known at this time.

Police say they believe she could be in the Lake City area or in Wisconsin.

Zumbrota Girl Still Missing.

They say Marx lives just three blocks from the restaurant and usually walks to and from her job. Jaid reportedly had conversations with her boss before she left her shift Thursday and they told each other they would see each other the next day. Jaid has never missed work.

Jaid Marx_vehicle

UPDATE I: Surveillance video shows someone picked her up in a car, dark in color, with all four hub caps missing or black wheels.

Surveillance video shows someone picked her up in a car, dark in color, with all four hub caps missing or black wheels.

Jaid does not have a cell phone.

A girl matching her description was reportedly seen at Fiesta Foods in Lake City. Sgt. Bill Weist of the Lake City Police Department said officers viewed store surveillance video and the reported sighting is unconfirmed.

If any one has any information regarding the whereabouts of Jaid Marx, please contact the Zumbrota Police Department at 507-732-5219  or the Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office at 651-385-3155.

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AMBER ALERT Issued in Ardmore, OK for 7 Year Old Lacy Steudeman Missing Since 11/8/14 … Kidnapped by White Male Suspect in a Silver PT Cruiser (Update: Amber Alert Cancelled – Young Girl Found)(Update: Suspect Fount Duston Arrested, Charged with Rape)


An AMBER ALERT has been issued by Ardmore police Saturday in Oklahoma for 7 year old Lacy Steudeman who was abducted from her home Saturday night, November 8, 2014 by an unknown male. The suspect  is described as a tall, skinny white man with short straight hair wearing tight-fitting blue jeans, who forced Lacy Steudeman into a silver Chrysler PT Cruiser in the 800 block of H Street NW of Ardmore.


Lacy Steudeman_Amber Alert

Missing and Abducted -  7 Year Old Lacy Steudeman

Police said Steudeman was last seen being forced into a silver PT Cruiser by an unknown male suspect in the 800 block of H Street NW in Ardmore on Saturday.

Steudeman was described as a fair complected girl with two front teeth partially grown in. She was last seen wearing blue jean capri-style pants, light blue tie-dye  shirt, a navy blue hooded sweatshirt with a zipper in the front and “Old Navy” across the front.

She had on purple and pink Converse low top shoes.

If you have any information about the child’s whereabouts please contact the Ardmore Police Department at 580-223-1212

UPDATE I: Amber Alert Cancelled – Lacy Steudeman Found Safe.

Ardmore Police Department has cancelled an Amber Alert Saturday night for 7-year-old Lacy Steudeman.

“The juvenile has been located and is in our custody,” the police department announced at 9:50 a.m.

UPDATE II: Police identify Amber Alert suspect, Fount Duston. Charged with first-degree rape.

The seven year old girl abducted from her home in Ardmore, OK was found by police earlier today; however, according to reports, the human POS who kidnapped her is being charged with first-degree rape and kidnapping. Fount Duston was arrested this morning and is currently in police custody. Skip the trial and fry the bastard!

KOCO is no longer identifying the Amber Alert victim because the suspect is expected to be charged with first-degree rape and kidnapping. Ardmore Police said Fount Duston was arrested in Marietta at 9:40 a.m. after the girl and the suspect were found at a home.

Police said a tip from the public led them to the Duston and girl.

The girl was in good condition, but was being checked out at a medical facility, according to police.

Duston was taken to the Carter County Jail.

16 Year Old Lilly Neff Missing Since 11/8/14 in Hico, WV (Update: Missing Fayette County Teen Located Safe)

16 year old Lilly Neff of Ansted, WV has been missing since early Saturday morning from the Mountaineer Cabin Rentals in Hico, West Virginia. According to reports, Lilly left about 4:00 a.m. to walk to a family member’s home in the Danese area.  Lilly Neff hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t Hico and Danese well over 30 miles apart?

Description, Lilly Neff:

  • white 16 year old female
  • medium-length blonde hair
  • brown eyes
  • She has a mole on her left cheek
  • She is approximately 5-07 and weighs approximately 145 pounds
  • She was last seen wearing jeans, a tye-dyed shirt cut to expose her stomach and some type of a jacket.

Lilly Neff_missing_WV

Missing: Lilly Neff

Fayette County Sheriff’s Department:

At approximately 4:00 am on Saturday, November 8, 2014 Lilly Neff, age 16, from Ansted, WV, was at the Mountaineer Cabin Rentals in Hico when she left this rental cabin, reportedly to walk to a relative’s home in the Danese area. She has not been seen since that time and none of her family has had any contact with her.

She is described as a white female, 16 years old, with medium-length blonde hair and brown eyes. She has a mole on her left cheek. She is approximately 5-07 and weighs approximately 145 pounds. She was last seen wearing jeans, a tye-dyed shirt cut to expose her stomach and some type of a jacket.

If you have any information regarding Lilly Neff, please call the Fayette County 911 Center at (304) 574-3590. You can also submit information through the department’s Facebook page, “Fayette County Sheriff’s Department.”

UPDATE I: Missing Fayette County teen located Safe.

Fayette County Sheriff Steve Kessler reported Monday night Lilly Neff had been located in another state and authorities were hoping to reunite with her Ansted family.

There are many unanswered questions about her disappearance. The Fayette County Sheriff’s Department is asking for the public’s help in locating the teen who is a student at Midland Trail High School.

“Any community that has a child that is missing is devastated,” said Midland Trail Assistant Principal Dawn Dooley.

Dooley could not say anything about the investigation or talk about any specific student. However, she said the school has been a base of operations for a number of search efforts organized by the local community.

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Charles “Chase” Merritt Charged With 4 Counts of Murder in the Deaths of McStay Family (Joseph, Summer & Their Two Children Gianni and Joseph) (VIDEO)


57 year old Charles “Chase” Merritt was arrested Wednesday, November 5th  in Chatsworth, California and charged in the murders of the McStay family. Merrit was charged with 4 counts of murder in the deaths of  Joseph and Summer McStay and their two small children,  4 year old Gianni and 3 year old Joseph. Merritt was a business partner of Joseph McStay’s. According to the LA Times, Merritt had a prior criminal history.  He appeared in court Friday but his arraignment was postponed until Wednesday, there was no bail was set. According to Sheriff John McMahon of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s office, the cause of death of the McStay family was “blunt force trauma” and that the murders took place inside the McSaty residence in Fall Brook.

The McStay family went missing on February 2, 2010. Their remains were discovered by motorcyclist in a shallow grave between Quarry Road near Highway 15 in the Mojave desert outside Victorville, CA in November 2013.


Charles “Chase” Merritt is charged with four counts of murder in the deaths of Joseph and Summer McStay and their two small boys, San Bernardino County, California, District Attorney Michael Ramos told reporters at a news conference.

Merritt, 57, was arrested Wednesday without incident in Chatsworth, California, Detective Chris Fisher said.

Police say they believe the family died of “blunt force trauma” inside their home north of San Diego, but they declined to discuss specifics of the deaths or a motive.

Merritt, who was a business partner of Joseph McStay’s, appeared in court Friday but his arraignment was postponed until Wednesday. No bail was set.

Detectives Arrest Charles Ray Merritt in Connection with the McStay Family Murders

For more information, read updates, others opinions and analysis, and to provide your own, go to Scared Monkeys Missing Persons and Crime Forum: McStay Family of 4 missing in So California-Missing since 2/04/10.

Robert Cooke, father of Missing Rachel Cooke, Has Passed Away

Sad, sad news to report …

Robert Cooke, the father of missing Rachel Cooke, has passed away after battling a long-term illness. Robert Cooke died Wednesday in Austin, Texas, he was only 59. His daughter Rachel Cooke went missing in January 2002, near her Georgetown home when she went out for a jog near her parents’ home but never returned.  Mr. Cooke never stopped looking for his beloved daughter Rachel. Robert kept a fathers promise to his daughter until the end. On a personal note, I met Robert Cooke when searching for Natalee Holloway in Aruba and in fact we were roommates. We spent many nights talking and he told me about his daughters disappearance and I could hear in his words his love, dedication and desire to never give up the fight to find Rachel. What a nice, nice man. I will never forget our talks, sharing your personal insights of a father and giving me an understanding of what real strengths and dedication truly is. God bless you Robert Cooke, and may the peace of the Lord be with you.

Robert Cooke became very active in missing persons’ causes. He held women’s self-defense classes all over Central Texas, and Cooke helped search for many missing people.

“On the day Rachel disappeared, Robert [Cooke] made a promise to her that he would never stop looking for her, and he kept that promise,” according to his obituary.

MyFoxAustin.com | KTBC Fox 7 | News, Weather, Sports

Father of missing teen, Rachel Cooke, passes away.

 On January 10, 2002, 19-year-old Rachel Cooke was visiting her family while on break from college.

She was running in the Northlake subdivision, northwest of Georgetown, and last seen between 11 and 11:30 in the morning, along Neches Trail, just 200 yards away from her parents’ home.

Her father, Robert, passed away at 7 a.m. after fighting an illness for several months.

“The fact that Robert was not able to die knowing what happened to Rachel is very upsetting to us,” said Elaine.

Hettenhausen says the family is waiting for the right tip they knows is out there.

Rachel Cooke

Funeral arrangements are below:

Visitation – Friday, November 7, from 4-7pm at Cook-Walden Capital Parks, 14501 N. IH 35, Pflugerville, TX

Services – Saturday, November 8 @1pm at Faith Lutheran Church, 4010 Williams Drive, Georgetown

Robert has asked that those who attend wear blue or red because they are “bright colors.”

In lieu of flowers, please consider honoring Robert with a donation to a missing person organization. These are dear to his heart: The CUE Center for Missing Person, PO Box 12714, Wilmington, NC, 28405 – Project Jason, PO Box 59054, Renton, WA or texasequusearch.org.

There is still a $50,000 reward for reliable information leading to the return or location of Rachel Cooke or to the identity of any person involved in her disappearance. If you have any information, please call Williamson County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-253-7867, or visit wilcocrimetips.org.

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Remains Found of Missing Fox Exec Gavin Smith in Palmdale, CA … Gavin Smith Missing Since 5/1/12

Lt. Larry Dietz of the Los Angeles County coroner’s office confirmedearly Thursday that the remains found in Palmdale, California have been positively identified as Fox movie executive Gavin Smith. The remains were found by hikers in a rural area of Palmdale on October 26. Gavin Smith has been missing since May 1, 2012, when he was last seen between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. Tuesday leaving a friend’s house in Oak Park, CA. On March 15, 2014 the LA County Sheriff’s Department found the Mercedes-Benz registered to Gavin Smith at a Simi Valley storage facility. The storage facility was linked to John Creech who is currently in-custody at Men’s Central Jail on an unrelated narcotics conviction. Smith had a relationship with Creech’s wife.


Two and a half years after he disappeared, the body of missing Fox executive Gavin Smith has been found, according to the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office.

The remains were discovered on Oct. 26 by hikers in a rural area of Palmdale, according to Nicole Nishida with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

They were later positively identified as the 57-year-old husband and father.

The autopsy results were not finalized and the cause of death had not been determined, Nishida said.

Mexican Mayor Jose Luis Abarca and his Wife Maria de los Angeles Pineda Arrested in Case of Missing 43 Students

Iguala Mayor Jose Luis Abarca and his wife, Maria de los Angeles Pineda were arrested Tuesday morning at a house they had rented in Mexico City’s Iztapalapa neighborhood. The couple is believed to have ordered an attack that killed six people and left 43 students missing in September.  The question still remains following the arrest, where are the 43 students who haven’t been seen being taken away by officers after the deadly attack by police in Iguala on September 26?

Federal police seized Jose Luis Abarca and his wife, Maria de los Angeles Pineda, in a raid before dawn in Iztapalapa, a working-class neighborhood of the capital. It was a steep fall from their reign of wealth and power as the mayor and first lady of Iguala, a town in southern Guerrero state where the students from a teachers’ college went missing Sept. 26, allegedly at the hands of police and a drug cartel.

A Mexican mayor characterized as a “probable mastermind” in the mass abduction of 43 students has been taken into custody as authorities have tracked down a top target who eluded them for weeks — even if they still haven’t managed to locate the missing.

Iguala Mayor Jose Luis Abarca and his wife, Maria de los Angeles Pineda — dubbed “the imperial couple” by local media for how they presided over their southern Mexican city — were detained early Tuesday morning at a house they had rented in Mexico City’s Iztapalapa neighborhood. They did not resist arrest, authorities said.

The couple had been staying in a house that appeared to be abandoned, and investigators first got suspicious when they saw a woman repeatedly entering and leaving the building, Mexican Attorney General Jesús Murillo Karam told reporters. That woman, Noemí Berumen Rodríguez, was arrested alongside the mayor and his wife. Authorities accused her of concealing the couple.

Their capture, which Mexican Federal Police spokesman Jose Ramon Salinas reported on his Twitter account, signals a major milestone in the high-profile case.

22 Year Old Carlesha Freeland-Gaither Missing Since 11/2/14 in Philadelphia, PA … Abducted In the City’s Germantown Section Sunday Night Caught on VIDEO (Update: Missing Philadelphia Woman found in Maryland)(Update: Delven Barnes Arrested)

22 year old  Carlesha Freeland-Gaither is missing after her apparent abduction that was caught on surveillance video. Carlesha Freeland-Gaither was last seen around 9:40 p.m. Sunday, November 2, 2014 in the 100 block of West Coulter Street in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Freeland-Gaither is described as a black female, five feet, three inches tall, 125 pounds with brown eyes. Police say she has braided hair and has a tattoo on her lower back, and was last seen wearing a light blue jean jacket, a gray and white sweater, carrying a black backpack.


Police in Philadelphia have released dramatic video of a suspect apparently abducting a woman in the city’s Germantown section Sunday night.

Twenty-two-year-old Carlesha Freeland-Gaither was last seen around 9:40 p.m. Sunday in the 100 block of West Coulter Street, reports CBS Philly. A witness said the woman was yelling for help as a man forced her into a dark-colored sedan.

Surveillance video released Monday by Philadelphia police shows a man driving down a street, parking his car and walking a short distance out of the camera’s view, back towards the direction from which he came. He’s then seen apparently chasing a woman across the street before grabbing her and forcing her down the block and into the car.

UPDATE I: Surveillance Video Shows Struggle as Woman Abducted Off Germantown Street.

Freeland-Gaither tries to break free as the man works to open the rear driver’s side door on a 2000 model dark gray metallic Ford Taurus with missing inspection stickers. They both tumble onto the sidewalk, but the woman is unable to get away.

She’s thrown into the back of the car and the vehicle rocks back-and-forth for about 30 seconds before it pulls away. During that time, police said the woman broke out the both rear windows of the car trying to escape.

Another car can be seen driving up the street as the struggle takes place, but eventually backs out of the street.

A witness told NBC10 he walked past the woman shortly before hearing her scream. He then ran back to find her being forced into the sedan.

UPDATE II: $15,000 reward offered in the search for Carlesha Freeland-Gaither.

There is now a $15,000 reward offered in the search for Carlesha Freeland-Gaither.

The Fraternal Order of Police put an additional $5,000 Tuesday saying if an arrest is made today, they will pay up immediately.

Philadelphia Police have launched a full-scale investigation into the abduction on West Coulter Street in Germantown.

“Just let my daughter go. Whatever it takes, I don’t care. Just let her go,” father Carl Freeland said.

UPDATE III: Missing Woman, Carlesha Freeland-Gaither Found Safe in Maryland.

Authorities have found the woman abducted in Philadelphia alive in Maryland, and they have arrested a man in connection with the investigation, police and the FBI announced Wednesday evening.

FBI Philadelphia Special Agent in Charge Ed Hanko announced at 7 p.m. Wednesday that a tip to their Richmond office led investigators to identify an individual and his car, which they tracked to the 7200 block of Waterloo Road in Jessup.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives went to the location, which was a shopping center parking lot, and said agents immediately recognized the car as the one for which they’d been looking.

“It did have the right rear window kicked out of it, which was similar to the information that we received from the Philadelphia Police Department,” said ATF agent Timothy Jones.

UPDATE IV: Delvin Barnes Arrested and will be charged with Federal kidnapping.

“Tonight, the FBI and Philadelphia Police Department have great news that Carlesha Freeland has been rescued, her abductor has been arrested in Maryland,” Special Agent Hanko said.

The suspect is identified as 37-year-old Delvin Barnes.

Barnes is currently being held on a warrant based out of Charles City County, Virginia sheriff’s office for attempted capital murder, assault, malicious injury with acid, explosive, or fire.

Hanko says he will then be charged federally with crimes in Philadelphia

Anyone with information is asked to call the Philadelphia Police. Tipsters in Philadelphia should call 911, and those outside of the city should call 215-686-TIPS.

18 Year Old Lena Donabedian Missing Since 10/27/14 in Tujunga, CA (Update: Found in Palmdale Safe, Returned to Parents)

18 year old Lena Donabedian has been missing since Monday, October 27, 2014 in Tujunga, CA.  Lena Donabedian was last seen leaving her high school around 2 pm on Monday and getting into a light colored, 4-door, car with two Latino men. Lena has brown hair and brown eyes, 5 feet 2 inches tall, weighs about 135 pounds and was last seen wearing khaki colored pants.

Lena Donabedian

The teen’s family said Donabedian was last seen around 2 p.m. on Monday after leaving her high school in the 10600 block of Plainview Avenue in Tujunga.

Witnesses said she got into a light colored, 4-door, sedan. Two Latinos were also reportedly in the car.

The missing girl has brown hair and brown eyes. Donabedian is 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs about 135 pounds. She was last seen wearing khaki colored pants.

UPDATE I: LAPD searches for missing Tujunga teen last seen Monday.

Donabedian’s mother, Sosi, said she was very concerned for her daughter’s safety. She has never run away and is very close with her family, she said.

“She’s with us most of the time, weekends and after school,” she said. “She hardly goes out with friends.”

Donabedian recently met a guy “in secret” online via Instagram — whom she told friends was her new boyfriend — and the two would chat online at night, said family friend Michael DeWitte of Valley Village. Her friends recognized him from photos he posted online as the passenger in the vehicle of the car that she entered after school on Monday, DeWitte said.

“All of a sudden on Monday, he shows up as a passenger in this car,” DeWitte said. “She tells her friends, ‘I’ll be gone for a little bit and then I’ll be home,’ and that was the last we heard from her.”

While Donabedian got into the car voluntarily, DeWitte and her family fear she is being held against her will.

Anyone who has seen Donabedian or has information on her whereabouts is asked to contact Detective Carlton of LAPD’s Missing Persons Unit at (213) 996-1800.

UPDATE II: Found Safe in Palmdale, Returned to Parents.

Donabedian told sheriff’s deputies Saturday that she went with two friends who were going to visit family members in Palmdale and that they dropped her off at her boyfriend’s house in the same city, said Sgt. Anthony Gunn, who was acting as watch sergeant for the Los Angeles County sheriff’s Palmdale station on Sunday morning. She told deputies that “she attempted to contact her mom on Wednesday using her boyfriend’s phone” but “she was unable to contact her” for reasons that were unclear to Gunn, he said.

Donabedian called her mother on Saturday night “because she wanted to go home” and met her parents at the sheriff’s station, Gunn said.

Donabedian, who was interviewed by two different deputies, did not allege any foul play, he said.

Family friend Michael DeWitte said Lena was happy to be reunited with her family.

“The entire family was extremely relieved and extremely happy to see her,” he said early Sunday. “She’s doing well.”

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