29 Year Old Danielle Pruden from Kentucky Missing Since 4/18/14 in Sacramento, CA (Update: Found Safe)

29 year old Danielle Pruden went missing on Friday, April 18, 2014 in Sacramento, California. Pruden ast seen on around 6 p.m. on Friday and has not been in contact with er family or roommates. Danielle Pruden had moved to California from Kentucky last month to continue pursuing a nursing career. Just last  week, she moved into Meagan Shuts and her boyfriend’s North Highlands home in the 6000 block of Demuth Circle. Pruden  had been renting out a bedroom from the couple she found through a Craigslist ad just 4 days before she went missing.  Pruden left behind all of her belongings, including her Yorkshire terrier puppy named Weston. According to the Sheriff’s Department, Danielle Pruden is considered “at risk” because her disappearance is “inconsistent with her established patterns of behavior.”

Danielle Pruden_missing

  Danielle Pruden – Pic: Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department

Danielle Pruden, 29, was last seen on April 18 around 6 p.m. She is considered at-risk because it is out of character for her not to be in contact with her family and roommates, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department said.

Pruden is described as a white woman, 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighing approximately 155 pounds. She has blue eyes and blond hair. The accompanying photograph shows her with brown hair.

Pruden was driving her 2006, cream-colored Chrysler PT Cruiser with a black top and Kentucky license plate number 147PZB.

Woman Deeply Concerned for Missing Roommate.

Megan Shuts has only known her new roommate Danielle Pruden for a short amount of time, ever since she moved in last week.

But the two formed an immediate bond.

“During that whole week me and her we were hanging out every day and going to the gym and I’d gotten to know her really well,” Shuts told FOX40.

Detectives want to speak to anyone who has seen Pruden’s car, a tan PT Cruiser convertible with a black top and Kentucky plates.

Shuts also warns the photo of Pruden released by the Sheriff’s Department is misleading, because she now has blonde hair.

She also said her voice is unique.

“A really thick southern accent,” Shuts said.

If anyone has any information or tips regarding Danielle Pruden, please contact the Sacramento Sheriff’s department at (916) 874-5115.

UPDATE I: Missing woman from Sacramento found in Calaveras County..

Texas EquuSearch Sues FAA in Federal Court Challenge Agency’s Order to Stop Using Drones in Searching for Missing Persons

Since when is a non-profit considered commercial use?

Texas Equusearch has sued the Federal Aviation Administration in federal court to challenge the FAA’s order to stop using unmanned drones in the search for missing persons. Texas Equusearch,  a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has been tirelessly been searching for missing persons for years and been using unmanned planes, drones, if you will since 2006. So once again we have federal government interference in the search for missing loved ones. I am sure this is what our Founding Father’s had in mind. Sorry, but I happen to think there is a huge difference between a non-profit organization searching for missing persons as compared to Amazon delivering packages.


Click HERE or on pic to watch VIDEO – pic screen grab from Houston Chronicle video

A Texas group sued the Federal Aviation Administration in federal court to challenge the agency’s order to stop using drones in the group’s searches for missing people, the latest round in an intensifying battle over regulation of the sector.

Search-and-rescue organization Texas EquuSearch, which has used unmanned aircraft to help search for missing people since 2006, asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit to set aside the FAA’s order to halt its use of drones. The group argued in a five-page petition filed on Monday that the FAA’s order has no legal basis and “is unlawful, arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion and not otherwise in accordance with law.”

The FAA said it is reviewing the suit. The agency suggested in an email that Texas EquuSearch could work with public entities that hold FAA authorizations to use drones, such as some police departments, and obtain emergency authorizations to conduct its searches.

The FAA has effectively banned the commercial use of unmanned aircraft in the continental U.S. It says the limit is needed to protect air safety, at least until the agency sets full rules for the devices—now expected by late 2015 at the earliest.

Is the federal government more concerned with its overreaching authority or helping the families of missing loved ones?

Tim Miller, founder and director of EquuSearch, said the Feb. 21 Federal Aviation Administration order prohibiting the operation of four drones has meant the nonprofit organization has not used them in three active searches for missing people in Katy, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

Miller said the 4-foot-long drones have led to the discovery of 11 missing individuals and allow searchers to view large stretches of wooded areas, fenced property and bodies of water.

“I was hoping we’d get a response from them that was more positive and we didn’t have to go to this extreme,” Miller said of the FAA. “It’s time-consuming for us, and God only knows what the outcome is going to be.”

Brendan Schulman, a New York attorney representing Texas EquuSearch, said the lawsuit seeks to confirm the rights of nonprofits to use civilian drone technology for the nation’s benefit.

17 Year Old Chelsea Green Missing Since 4/15/14 in Englewood, OH … Could be With 28 Year Old Milford Man

17 year old Chelsea Green has been missing since April 15, 2014 in Englewood, Ohio. Police believe that the missing teen is with a 28 year old man from Milford. The man drives a black 2014 Ford Raptor from Milford in Hamilton County. She was initially believed to be in the Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky area, but could be elsewhere, according to the postings.

Please be on the look out for Chelsea Green.

Facebook: Find Chelsea

Chelsea Green_missing

Poster: The organization Search and Rescue Ohio 

Police believe a 28-year-old man from the Milford area may have information about the whereabouts of a missing southwest Ohio teenager.

Chelsea Green, described as a redhead with blue eyes who stands 5-feet-2 inches tall and weighs 118 pounds, has been missing since April 15, according to a flyer distributed by the organization Ohio Search and Rescue.

The poster provides information regarding the 17-year-old Englewood resident’s disappearance. There is a “Find Chelsea” Facebook page that provides updates and seeks tips on the teen’s whereabouts.

According to the poster and Facebook updates, searchers believed Chelsea was initially in the Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky area, but now fear she may be elsewhere, according to the postings.

Police are looking into whether a 28-year-old Milford resident may know anything about her disappearance, according to local police. The Milford Police Department declined to provide additional details about the man in question and his relationship with the teen.

Anyone with information is asked to call Englewood police at 937-836-2678.

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Greta Van Susteren To Air One Hour Special on Jennifer Kesse, Missing Since 2006 in Orlando, FL … Blink (S. Christina Stoy) from Blink on Crime Contributes to Story


Hey everyone … tune in tonight and set your DVR’s to Greta Van Susteren’s ‘On The Record’ as she will be investigating the 2006 disappearance of Jennifer Kesse. Also, crime blogger, Blink (S. Christina Stoy) from ‘Blink on Crime’ was one of the many interviewed for Greta’s investigation in to the bizarre and mysterious disappearance of Jennifer Kesse. Drew and Joyce Kesse have been long time friends of Scared Monkeys, Dana Pretzer Scared Monkeys Radio and Blink of Blink on Crime. These parents are the salt of the Earth and good people who deserve answers.

Friday at 7p ET and Saturday at 9p ET to “Greta Investigates: The Mysterious Disappearance of Jennifer Kesse.”


 The story of Jennifer’s disappearance is filled with bizarre clues, a long list of possible suspects and a mysterious figure caught on videotape. Greta Van Susteren has known the Kesse family since 2006 when she met them in Orlando just days after Jennifer first went missing.

She’s chronicled all the twist and turns over the years in a case that she says “haunts me to this day.” Her heartbroken father, Drew Kesse, told Greta that “we no longer care why, who, when and where. We don’t care. We simply want Jennifer back.”

Fox News recently sat down with the Kesse family, Jen’s boyfriend, her best friend, a co-worker, and an Orlando police detective. All are completely baffled to this day by her disappearance. One reporter who covered the story told Fox News that “this was the first case I lost sleep over.”

We wish Drew and Joyce Kesse, Jennifer’s family and Friends our prayers and hope maybe this media exposure will help in finally figuring out what happened to Jennifer, provide justice and most importantly to Bring Jennifer Home!

UPDATE I: Family Letter from the Kesse’s:

We are pleased to announce that Fox News Channel, FNC with Host Greta Van Susteren have produced and will air an hour long Special on Jennifer’s case this Good Friday, April 18th at 7:00pm and replayed again at 2:00am. The show will also re-air again Saturday, 4/19 at 9:00pm and again at 1:00am. It is named “Greta Investigates- The Mysterious Disappearance of Jennifer Kesse”. We ask that you pass on the information concerning the Special to all you on on any and all social networks as well as email address books. Hopefully this special will be able to touch someone’s heart who knows what has happened to our loved one, Jennifer and speak up. The time to bring Jennifer home is now and we need your help to do so now.
The Kesse’s

More information, updates and opinions can be read at Scared Monkeys Missing Persons Forum: Jennifer Kesse.

Avalanche on Mount Everest … 12 Killed and 3 Missing

Twelve people have been killed and three people are missing following an avalanche that occurred on Mount Everest.  A group of about 50 people, mostly Nepali Sherpas, were caught in the avalanche that struck around 06:45 local time (01:00 GMT) in an area known as the “popcorn field”, just above Everest base camp at 5,800m (19,000ft), according to the mountaineering department of the Tourism Ministry.

Mount Everest

An avalanche swept down a climbing route on Mount Everest early Friday, killing at least 12 Nepalese guides and leaving three missing in the deadliest disaster on the world’s highest peak.

The Sherpa guides had gone early in the morning to fix ropes for other climbers when the avalanche hit just them below Camp 2 at about 6:30 a.m., Nepal Tourism Ministry official Krishna Lamsal said from the base camp where he is monitoring rescue efforts.

Rescue workers pulled out 12 bodies from under mounds of snow and ice and were searching for the three missing guides, Lamsal said.

UPDATE I: Gavin Turner climbing just below the avalanche reported this just now:

I am safely back at Base Camp.

I was climbing through the icefall this morning at about 6am when a very large avalanche struck a couple of hundred meters above us. I was with my incredible Sherpa, Phu Tsering. We watched the enormous avalanche cloud approach us and we were both covered in snow dust. After some initial concern, we knew we were safe and essentially out of harms way. Phu Tsering chanted some Buddhist prayers and made an offering to the mountain. The avalanche cloud covered us, but fortunately we were a couple of hundred meters under the impact zone.

There were many climbers and Sherpas above us, higher in the icefall, and an unknown number of them (reportedly all Sherpas) have been killed and injured. The rescue is underway and many Sherpas and westerners were rushing up the mountain to assist in the rescue as I was descending.

I am extremely grateful to be back at base camp and feel deeply saddened and shocked at the loss of life today.

My prayers are with all touched by this tragedy.

Tweet from climber Alan Arnette.

Twitter_Mt Everest

UPDATES from Alan Arnette’s blog.


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AMBER ALERT Issued for 14 Year Old Elizabeth Rex Missing Since 4/14/14 in Magnolia, TX … Believed Kidnapped by 51 Year Old Randy Johnson (Update: Elizabeth Found Safe, Johnson Arrested)

An AMBER ALERT has been issued for 14 year old Elizabeth Rex, who has been missing since Monday, April 14, 2014 in Magnolia, Texas. Police believe that she was kidnapped by 51 year old Randy Johnson, who used to live with the family. Elizabeth’s parents, Patrick Rex and Jennifer Black, have told police that they took Randy Johnson into their home because he needed a place to stay; however,  they told him to leave because he was having and an inappropriate influence on their daughter.  They suspected he may have been having physical relationship with her. Elizabeth Rex is 14, because of a number of mental and physical disabilities, she has the maturity level of a 5 or 6 year old. Police believe that Johnson may be headed to the Mexican border.

Elizabeth Rex was last seen wearing black pants, a gray tank top, red jacket and gray tennis shoes.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Police believe a family friend has kidnapped the girl, and the pair may have already left the state, possibly headed for Mexico.

Elizabeth Rex went outside to get the mail Monday, and never returned home.

Her parents believe 51-year-old Randy Johnson, who used to live with the family took the girl.

Patrick Rex, and Jennifer Black, Elizabeth’s mother, say 51 year old Randy Johnson was a friend of a friend who needed a place to stay.  They opened their home to him, but forced him out because he was having and an inappropriate influence on their daughter.  They suspected he may have been having physical relationship with her.

Elizabeth is 14, but her parents say, because of a number of mental and physical disabilities, she has the maturity level of a 5 or 6 year old.

UPDATE I: A man suspected of running away with a 14-year-old girl with Down syndrome has taunted her parents over the phone saying they’ll never see her again, they have said.

‘He calls us and says, “Y’all will never see Lizzy again” and things like that,’ said her dad Patrick Rex. ‘”Where we’re going you can’t get there”. Not even ten minutes later he calls back and goes, “La-la-la-la”.’

The parents added that Johnson claimed he was going to be passing through a checkpoint, but pointed out that the family had no IDs to be able to do the same.

If anyone can assist on providing information, you are asked to contact Detective T. Gannucci with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at 936-760-5876 or the department’s communication center at 936-760-5800.

UPDATE II: Missing Texas girl found safe in trailer park near US-Mexico border.

Elizabeth Rex, of Magnolia, was located in the Texas town of Harlingen, near the Mexico border, with Randy Johnson, a 51-year-old man who previously worked with the girl’s father and briefly lived with the family until he became too close to the young girl, who has been diagnosed with autism and pervasive developmental disorder.

“She appears unharmed,” Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Brady Fitzgerald told FoxNews.com. “She’s been transferred to a local hospital for evaluation.”

Johnson remains in custody on kidnapping charges, according to Fitzgerald, who added that the suspect called the girl’s parents and taunted them after the brazen abduction.

Investigators Now Say that MH370 Co-Pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid Tried to Make a Mobile Phone Call After the Plane Turned West and Flew Over Malaysia But Was Abruptly Cut Off

As the mystery of what happened to missing Malaysia Flight MH370 continues, we learn this rather important piece of information …

It is being reported at the UK Daily Mail, that  Fariq Abdul Hamid, the co-pilot of flight MH370 tried to make a call from his mobile phone after the plane had turned right and vanished from radar. The call was made as the aircraft flew low over the west coast of Malaysia; however, was ‘was abruptly cut off’. Was this a desperation call from the co-pilot?

Malaysia Missing plane_map_call

The co-pilot of missing flight MH370 made a call from his mobile phone while the aircraft flew low over the west coast of Malaysia, it was revealed today as the U.S. denied reports the plane landed at a military base on the remote island of Diego Garcia.

Investigators have learned that the call was made from Fariq Abdul Hamid’s mobile phone as the Boeing 777 flew low near the island of Penang, on the north of Malaysia’s west coast.

The New Straits Times reported the aircraft, with 239 people on board, was flying low enough for the nearest telecommunications tower to pick up Fariq’s signal.

The call ended abrupty, however it has been learned that contact was definitely established with a telecommunications sub-station in Penang state.

New Straits Times -  Call traced to co-pilot’s phone.

A CREW member of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 made a desperate  call from his mobile phone as the plane was flying low near Penang, the morning it went missing.

The latest breakthrough in the ongoing criminal investigation traced the source of the call to co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid’s phone.

The New Straits Times has learnt that investigators are poring over this discovery as they try to piece together what had happened moments before the Boeing 777-22ER twinjet went off the radar, some 200 nautical miles (320km) northwest of Penang on March 8.

“The telco’s (telecommunications company’s) tower established the call that he was trying to make. On why the call was cut off, it was likely because the aircraft was fast moving away from the tower and had not come under the coverage of the next one,” the sources said.

New Straits Times – Timeline: The Hunt for MH370.

15 Year Old Janessa A. Rodgers-Bader Missing Since 4/7/14 in Omaha, NE … Believed to Have Runaway With her Boyfriend, 16 Year Old Erick Grijalva

15 year old Janessa A. Rodgers-Bader has been missing since Monday, April 7, 2014 in Omaha, Nebraska. The Douglas County female  teen believed to have run away with her boyfriend  16 year old Erick Grijalva. He is also listed with Omaha police as a missing juvenile. Janessa A. Rodgers-Bader was last seen at her home near 144th Street and West Dodge Road.


Janessa A. Rodgers-Bader was reported missing on Monday.  Her family said they’re concerned for her safety.

She was last seen at her home near 144th Street and West Dodge Road.

She’s 5 feet 3 inches tall, 110 pounds, has green eyes and shoulder-length brown hair and was last seen wearing a “Pink” T-shirt, black tights and tennis shoes.

Authorities said the teen is believed to be with her boyfriend, who is also listed with Omaha police as a missing juvenile.

erick grijalva

 Erick Grijalva is described as 5-foot-10 and 145 pounds. He was last seen April 5th wearing a white shirt, green camouflage pants and yellow suede shoes.

If anyone has any information regarding the missing teen boy and girl, please contact the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office tip line at 402-444-6000.

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13 Year Old Iana Darlington Missing Since 4/8/14 in Ridgefield, NJ (Update: Found Safe on Brooklyn Subway Train)

13 year old Iana Darlington has been missing since Tuesday, April 8, 2014 in Ridgefield, New Jersey. According to reports, Iana Darlington’s mother went to work early on Tuesday morning, but spoke to her daughter on the phone around 7 a.m. However, at 10 a.m., the missing Bergen County teen’s mother got a call from the school that her daughter never showed up. Iana Darlington is a cheerleader and attends the Slocum-Skewes School.

Iana_Darlington_missing_Ridgefield PD

Iana Darlington (Credit: Ridgefield Police)

The family has been handing out fliers all over town and in New York City.

Police in Ridgefield, N.J., do not think Iana was kidnapped. But Iana’s father said his daughter is not the type to run away.

Iana is 5 feet 3 inches tall and might be wearing a dark blue hoodie and tight, ripped jeans with black sneakers.

“Daddy’s here. I love you. I miss you,” Ian Darlington said. “We all miss you.”

UPDATE I: Family of missing Ridgefield girl, 13, desperate for answers

It’s the last time anyone has seen Iana, described as Hispanic, 5’2″ and 110 lbs. with brown eyes and black hair. She was wearing a navy blue cheerleading sweatshirt with blue jeans, and black sneakers with blue bottoms, according to police.

Ridgefield police do not suspect foul play is involved. There were no signs of forced entry at the home, and it appeared that Iana took a change of clothes as well as an iPod, Quiles said.

“It seems like she stepped out of the house on her own accord,” Quiles said. “The problem lies between her stepping outside the house and the commute to school, which is only four or five blocks. That’s where things start getting blurry.”

Anyone with information was asked to call Ridgefield police, at (201) 943-5410.

UPDATE I: Missing 13-year-old from Ridgefiels, NJ found on Brooklyn subway train.

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