Were the Bodies Found that of missing mother Jo Anne Bain ‘found alongside one of her children’… but where are the other two daughters???

Speculation and rumors are abound as to the identities of the two bodies found at one of the residences of kidnapping suspect Adam Christopher Mayes. The Daily Mail reports,were the bodies found that of missing mom and one of the daughters? if so, where are the other two? The search continues for missing Jo Anne Bain  and her three daughters.

A desperate hunt for a mother and her three children missing since last month has led to a grim discovery, as two bodies were found buried at a Mississippi home.

The bodies have not yet been positively identified, but police indicated on Sunday that they believe one to be Tennessee mom Jo Anne Bain, 31, who disappeared along with her daughters, Adrienne, 14, Alexandria, 12, and Kyliyah, 8.

MyFoxDFW reported that the remains were found Friday at a home linked to the prime suspect in the family’s disappearance, Adam Christopher Mayes.

There are some reports that the authorities already know the identification of the two bodies found but are with holding the information, yet there are other stating that autopsies need to be completed.However, the link to the web age of the media story is no longer available.

The sheriff adds that law enforcement knows the identities on the bodies but cannot release that information yet.

Edwards says a command post is being set up at the Alpine Volunteer Fire Department as the investigation proceeds.

UPDATE I: This cannot be good, from the Missing Persons forums of Scared Monkeys comes the following, “Adrienne Bain (oldest daughter) has been removed from the poster at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  I think we all know what that probably means.”

Two Bodies Found in Search for Missing Tennessee Mom Jo Ann Bain Three Daughters (Adrienne Bain, Alexandria Bain & Kyliyah Bain) … Bodies Found in Guntown, MS at a Residence of Person of Interest Adam Christopher Mayes

The search for missing and abducted Tennessee mom Jo Ann Bain and her daughters, Adrienne Bain, Alexandria Bain and Kyliyah Bain, has had a new and disturbing set of circumstances. According to the police, two bodies were found in Mississippi during the continued search. However, they have yet to be identified. The two bodies were found in Guntown at a residence where Mayes was last seen. Federal search warrants were executed at the residence of person of interest Adam Christopher Mayes during the course of searching that location, two bodies were found.”

Two bodies were found today in Mississippi in the search for a missing Tennessee mother and her three daughters, which investigators said led them to issue an Amber Alert for the missing family.

When they announced the Ambert Alert, Mississippi police said only that new details led them believe Jo Ann Bain, 31, and her three daughters, Adrienne, 14; Alexandria, 12; and Kyliyah, 8; were abducted and could be in extreme danger.

Jo Ann Bain and her three daughters, Adrienne, 14; Alexandria, 12; and Kyliyah, 8, have been missing since April 27, 2012. They are believed to have been kidnapped and abducted.

WREG: Two Bodies Found In The Search For Missing Hardeman County Family. The finding of these bodies is what gave rise to the Amber Alert for the missing children. Also, the authorities consider Adam Christopher Mayes armed and dangerous which we can presume that the bodies found may have been killed by a gun or knife.


“We executed some federal search warrants at some residences he’s been known to stay at,” said FBI spokesperson, Joel Siskovic. “At that time, during the search, we did find two bodies at that location.”

The FBI is not saying whether or not those bodies belong to the missing Hardeman County family, only that they’ve sent them to the medical examiner’s office to be identified.

“It was based on finding those two bodies that initiated the Amber Alert with concern of extreme danger to the children,” said Siskovic.

It is worth noting that the mother, Jo Ann Bain, has been removed from the Amber Alert.

All the FBI would tell News Channel 3 is the house is located near Guntown, MS. However the house is believed to be on Highway 9 near Alpine, MS. U.S. Marshals were there investigating Saturday afternoon.

“A warrant for especially aggravated kidnapping has been issued. He is a wanted person,” said Siskovic. “He is believed to be armed and dangerous and we do not know where he has gone.”

UPDATE I: From WVTA, “Despite published reports, the bodies were not found in Guntown or any other part of Lee County, according to Lee County Coroner Carolyn Green.” Although FBI spokespersons are saying just the opposite.

UPDATE II: FBI works to identify 2 dead in Tennessee.

For more updates, read others opinions and analysis and to provide your own, go to Scared Monkeys Missing Persons Forum: JO ANN (JODIE) BAIN AND THREE DAUGHTERS MISSING SINCE 4/27/2012.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation at (601) 987-1353 or 1-800-TBI-FIND.

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