6 Year Old Etan Patz Went Missing May 25, 1979 in NYC On His Way to School … 33 Years Later … Is Etan Patz “The Boy in the Basement”?

Could the cold case of missing Etan Patz finally be solved?

Six year old Etan Patz went missing on May 25, 1979. On the morning of Friday morning Etan Patz left his SoHo apartment by himself for the first time to walk the two blocks to catch the school bus. Sadly, he would never get to the bus and was declared missing when he failed to come home later that day.

Etan Patz’s is probably the most famous missing child’s case in NYC. His disappearance caused a media circus and gave rise to the milk carton campaigns of the mid 1980′s. It was Etan Patz who was the first ever missing child to be pictured on the side of a milk carton. Now some 33 years later this cold case has heated up to a super nova. Investigators recently relaunched their probe of the cold case and have brought cadaver dogs to the SoHo apartment basement where the dog picked up a human scent in the basement.

Authorities said both new and old information led them to Miller, a part-time handyman, who met Patz the day before he disappeared and gave him a dollar. Miller faces no charges in connection with the disappearance.

Which begs the question … Is Etan Patz the “BOY IN THE BASEMENT”?

Got Milk For Missing?

Etan Patz is the case study the criminology enthusiast and true crime aficionados can regurgitate verbatim.

A word to the wise to those who may not say his name correctly in professional conversation-  It is on the “things you must never do  if you wish to be taken seriously” list.  Colleagues will involuntarily cringe.

He was the first missing child featured on the milk carton.

Read the full story at Blink on Crime.

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