Daily Commentary – Friday, December 6, 2013 – Shakeup at MSNBC and Now Possible Shakeup at CNN

  • CNN’s Jeff Zucker looking to test new programs and hosts

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Former Boxing Heavyweight Champ Mike Tyson Condemns ‘Knockout’ Attacks … “I Don’t Know Why They Do It … Maybe They’re Just Evil”

Just how bad is the “Knock Out” game, even former heavyweight boxing champ and former Brooklyn thug condemns it …

In an interview on CNN with Piers Morgan, Mike Tyson weighed in on the “knockout game” attacks that have happened in many cities across the US.  In his youth, Mike Tyson was hardly considered a good kid growing up in the Bed-Stuy and the Brownsville sections of Brooklyn.

But when asked, even Iron Mike, the “Baddest man on the planet” did not know why these punks did it. Tyson said, “Maybe they’re just evil. They’re are some evil people out there.”

CNN Transcript:

Mike Tyson: “It doesn’t make any sense. It’s a game to some people. I don’t think it’s cool. I saw them hit a woman, from behind… If I was on a robbing spree, I’d done something like that. But this is just for fun. These guys are just, there’s no purpose of doing that. I saw someone hit a woman I’ve never hit a girl in the face. I just can’t imagine. The only thing I can imagine is that being my daughter or my wife … Maybe they’re just evil. They’re some evil people.”

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz Tells CNN … Democrats “Will Be Able to Run on Obamacare” in 2014


Baghdad Bob DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz tells Candy Crowley of CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ that Democrats will be able to run on Obamacare as an advantage. Even a perplexed Crowley was a bit taken back by the response when she asked the Florida US Representative whether Obamacare would weigh heavily upon Democrats in the 2014 elections.

I guess Debbie Wasserman Schultz thinks that the American people will just forget that they were lied to by Democrats. I guess the millions of people who will have lost the insurance that they wanted to keep are just going to forgive and forget. Hmm, I guess the Democrats up for reelection in 2014 that went to the White House in a panic over the disastrous “train wreck” that is Obamacare will not be an issue, eh? Also, five vulnerable Democrat Senators are pushing plans to delay Obamacare. Why would they be doing that unless they wanted to avoid it like the plague? I say have Democrats run on Obamacare, I dare you.

 I guess Debbie thinks Barack Obama has coattails … oops, he does but they are going in the wrong direction.

The Obama WH Deceit Continues … Obama & His Minions Knew Users Would Not Like Obamacare’s High Costs and Limited Options

They knew folks and they just didn’t care …

America, The fact that you can’t log on the Obamacare website Helathcare.gov may be the least of your problems.

As reported by Jake Tapper at CNN, the Obama Administration was concerned that once users were able to get on the website and view the costs and options available to them at the Obamacare website, they would be disappointed with high prices and limited choice. The source is directly from notes from the Obama administration’s self described war room.

Officials expressed concern that the next shoe to drop in the evolving story about the Affordable Care Act would be disappointment from consumers once they are able to get on the troubled HealthCare.gov website – disappointment because of sticker shock and limited choice, according to a new document obtained by CNN.

“Mike described a general concern of PM (plan management team): getting to the point where the website is functioning properly and individuals begin to select plans; the media attention will follow individuals to plan selection and their ultimate choices; and, in some cases, there will be fewer options than would be desired to promote consumer choice and an ideal shopping experience. Additionally, in some cases there will be relatively high cost plans,” say the notes from the Obama administration’s Obamacare ‘War Room’ from one week ago.

Can we just call Obamacare for what it truly is, a fraud on the American people.

Lap Dog Media Show Obamacare is a Joke … CNN and MSNBC Fail to Sign Up for Obamacare Live on Air

Obamacare, EPIC FAILURE  … The lap dog media could not even defend Obamacare on this one …

The joke is on you America, after years in the planning and millions upon millions of dollars spent on the implementation of Obamacare, day one is a complete and total bust. Not even the liberal media could come to the aid of President Barack Obama as the internet sign on system was rife with errors, server delays and page loading mishaps. s reported at the Washington Times, President Barack Obama now says Obamacare will bring months of ‘glitches’. What a microcosm of the Obama presidency, all promises and nothing but a clustf*ck in return. Welcome to your Obamacare.

CNN tries to log on for Obamacare and fails miserably.

From The Weekly Standard: 

BROOKE BALDWIN: So you guys hit a wall. we’re here in Georgia. What about other states? Similar issues?

ELIZABETH COHEN: The CNN medical team branched out. We tried in about 20 different state states. In 12 of them we hit glitches. Sometimes it made it impossible to sign up. There were error messages or that little annoying kind of twirly thing.

BALDWIN: I hate the twirly thing.

COHEN: Hate it, hate it, right? In many cases, you just couldn’t sign up.

From NRO … Even the Progressives at MSNBC could not sign up for Obamacare either.

MSNBC’s Mara Schiavocampo ran into difficulties as she tried to sign up for the newly launched health-care exchanges on Tuesday. After getting an error message on the website, she called the help line twice, but wasn’t able to reach a navigator on the other end. Instead, she was put on hold for 35 minutes.

“If I were signing up for myself, this is where my patience would be exhausted,” Schiavocampo said before she gave up.

The joke is on you America, how did this guy get reelected again?

Daily Commentary – Wednesday, October 2, 2013 – Trouble in Clinton-Land?

Daily Commentary – Wednesday, October 2, 2013 Download

Daily Commentary – Wednesday, August 7, 2013 – RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Says CNN and NBC Unfair

  • Accusing them of attempting to boost Hillary Clinton’s chances in 2016 by airing documentaries about her

Daily Commentary – Wednesday, August 7, 2013 Download

Post-Zimmerman Murder Trial: CNN and HLN Sink Like a Rock … CNN Drops 32% in Viewership and HLN Falls 50%

Following the George Zimmerman murder trial, both CNN and HLN plummet back down to earth as CNN drops 32% in viewership and HLN falls 50%.

Obviously networks that devoted time to the George Zimmerman murder trial were going to see a gain in viewership during the trial. Both CNN and HLN did so. CNN showed the trial during the day, although many individuals most likely watched the live feeds on the internet from local Florida media. HLN also devoted a lot of time during the Zimmerman trial because many of their shows are crime related. It only made sense that their ratings would have increased, much the same they did during the Casey Anthony murder trail. I actually have to disagree, for one of the few times, with Breitbart’s analysis of the loss of viewership following the Zimmerman trial. The reason why CNN and HLN experienced a severe drop in viewership was not because of Nancy Grace and her anti-Zimmerman sentiment or that CNN lost viewers because of their refusal to call Zimmerman a Hispanic. It was not because many of the hosts and guests openly rooted against Zimmerman or continued to falsely call the murder of Trayvon Martin a racial hate crime. This was not a case of losing viewers during the trial, it was not until after.

Nancy Grace doing herself no favors in further fanning the flames of racism as she did not get the verdict she wanted in the George Zimmerman murder trial

The reason why CNN and HLN lost viewers is simple. It is the same reason why they gained them. Both networks devoted much of their air time to a news story that many people wanted to watch. Obviously people were going to tune in to the daily trial and then watch the follow up of the pundits discussing the days activities, jury testimony, evidence presented, hosts opinions, guest analysis and court room antics. It only makes sense that when the carnival comes to town, people attend. However, when it is over, so is the viewership. People were interested in the trial, not post trial. That always happens when ever any big time trial plays on on TV. When the trial is over, the networks viewership sinks back to what they previously were prior to the inflated one’s caused by the trial in the first place. No matter the fact that Nancy Grace, Jane Velez-Mitchell, CNN and HLN wanted to cling on to their new found ratings even after the trial was over was not going to happen. In the end, it is simply a matter of supply and demand.

Considering their previous lows, both CNN and HLN enjoyed respectable viewer gains in the month of July, but the latest ratings that look at a full week of post-Zimmerman trial viewership shows that both networks might be falling back to earth. TV Newser reports that last week, CNN saw its viewership plummet -32%. HLN fared even worse with a -50% drop-off.

Fox News, however, continues to dominate its cable news competition. In all of cable, Fox beat CNN and MSNBC combined during primetime and ranked 4th in total primetime viewers, behind only the USA Network, TNT, and the History Channel.

In total day viewers, Fox News ranked 5th in all of cable.

TV Newser reports that “CNN placed 36th in primetime and 31st in total day, while MSNBC placed 32nd in both categories.”

HLN did not rank in the top 40.

Benghazi-gate: CNN Reports Dozens of CIA Operatives Were on the Ground During Benghazi Attack … Unprecedented Attempt to keep CIA Benghazi Secrets From Leaking Out.


Jake Tapper of CNN is reporting that dozens of CIA operative were on the ground during the terror attacks in Benghazi, Libya that resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. Also, the CIA has gown to great lengths to cover up what happened and keep these individuals quite from talking to the media and testifying in front of Congress. Those agents that were on the ground in Benghazi have been subjected to frequent, even monthly polygraph examinations. More so than what is normally done. So if it is a phony scandal, why such an effort to hide these people from the media and Congress and even go so far as to change their names? Many have said from the outset of this terror attack that the target all along was the CIA annex, not the consulate. Remember, a long time ago we knew there were CIA operatives in Benghazi, we just never knew how many and what they were doing there?

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have done everything to prevent the real news from coming out. If this story is true, the fact that Obama and Clinton knowing put forth the ridiculous talking points and cover story of blaming the terror attacks on a video is even more insidious and makes them both derelict in their duty and unfit for any office.

CNN has uncovered exclusive new information about what is allegedly happening at the CIA, in the wake of the deadly Benghazi terror attack.

Four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, were killed in the assault by armed militants last September 11 in eastern Libya.

Sources now tell CNN dozens of people working for the CIA were on the ground that night, and that the agency is going to great lengths to make sure whatever it was doing, remains a secret.

CNN has learned the CIA is involved in what one source calls an unprecedented attempt to keep the spy agency’s Benghazi secrets from ever leaking out.

Since January, some CIA operatives involved in the agency’s missions in Libya, have been subjected to frequent, even monthly polygraph examinations, according to a source with deep inside knowledge of the agency’s workings.

Hmm, does Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton might have a little Iran-Contra scandal on their hands here. Or were they doing a Syrian ‘Fast & Furious’ slow walking surface-to-air missiles? Because it worked so well on the Mexican border. In any event, it certainly would explain why President Barack Obama, former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and the CIA have gone so far out of their way to cover this up and obstruct the truth from coming out.

Lawmakers also want to about know the weapons in Libya, and what happened to them.

Speculation on Capitol Hill has included the possibility the U.S. agencies operating in Benghazi were secretly helping to move surface-to-air missiles out of Libya, through Turkey, and into the hands of Syrian rebels.

It is clear that two U.S. agencies were operating in Benghazi, one was the State Department, and the other was the CIA.

Much more on this phony scandal at Michelle Malkin.

The sick and reprehensible part of the terror attacks in Benghazi is still to this day the Obama administration has held not one individual accountable for the deaths of four Americans and now refers to it as a phony scandal. Remember, Obama referred to them as also just mere “bumps in the road”.

UPDATE I: More from the Gateway Pundit with the VIDEO from ‘On the Record’ with Greta Van Sustern’s interview with Rep Tray Gowdy (R-SC). Trey Gowdy stated that the Obama Administration is hiding the survivors, dispersing them around the country, and changing their names.

“Including changing names, creating aliases. Stop and think what things are most calculated to get at the truth? Talk to people with first-hand knowledge. What creates the appearance and perhaps the reality of a cover-up? Not letting us talk with people who have the most amount of information, dispersing them around the country and changing their names.”

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