WHAT??? Mara Liasson Compares Nancy Pelosi to Hero Winston Churchill on Fox News Sunday

Talks about LIBERAL insanity … What Planet do these people live on?

Yesterday on Fox News Sunday NPR’s Mara Liasson compared soon to be ex-Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to Winston Churchill. WHAT!!! YES, YOU HEARD THAT CORRECTLT!!! Talk about your revisionist and LIBERAL history. Nancy Pelosi can be compared to many people, Winston Churchill is not one of them.

Britt Hume chimed in and in so many words said, WTF! Mara’s thought process, or the lack thereof goes like this … Nancy Pelosi is like Winston Churchill, who led his country to a great victory. However, Pelosi who lead her partisan party to a great victory in passing Obamacare with an overwhelming Democrat majority in the House, was thrown out of power in a 62+  House seat change as her actions were deemed against the will of the people. 


More from the Gateway Pundit:

Churchill lifted his country to victory.
Pro-surrender Pelosi helped democrats triple the deficit and double the unemployment rate. She rammed through nationalized health care on a strictly partisan vote.
There’s a big difference, Mara.

 Mara Liasson is being a good NPR lib and obviously does not want to become the next Juan Williams.

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