Mississippi Passes ‘Anti-Bloomberg Bill,’ Banning Limits on Portion Sizes & Posting of Calorie Counts Requirements … Well, I hope [Mayor Bloomberg] will remember, A Southern man don’t need him around anyhow … “


Mississippi lawmakers have overwhelmingly passed a bill  called the  ”anti-Bloomberg bill.” The bill does just the opposite from what the liberal mayor of NYC has inflicted upon the Big Apple. The “anti-Bloomberg bill” would ban communities from requiring restaurants to post calorie counts on menus or limit portion sizes. It is not up to the government to tell an individual what to eat or drink or to prevent one from doing to. Is it smart to eat healthy and use some common sense on what one eats, yes. However, it is about personal choice and personal responsibility.

Lawmakers in Mississippi — the most obese state in the nation — have overwhelmingly approved what they’re calling the “anti-Bloomberg bill.”

It would ban communities from requiring restaurants to post calorie counts on menus or limit portion sizes, as Mayor Bloomberg tried to do with his proposed ban on large sodas.  Also forbidden: any local rule banning toys from being distributed with kids’ meals.

The governor is expected to sign it.

When asked about the law, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg was highly critical of the bill and called it a farce. Guess what Mayor Bloomberg, no one cares what you think in Mississippi. It may not quite be Lynyrd Skynyrd’s  ’Sweet Home Alabama,’ but Mississippi is singing, “Well, I hope [Mayor Bloomberg] will remember, A Southern man don’t need him around anyhow … 

Mr. Bloomberg was highly critical of the legislation when he was asked about the bill this morning in an interview on CBS.

“You know, Saturday Night Live couldn’t write this stuff,” Mr. Bloomberg exclaimed. “How can somebody try and pass a law that deliberately says we can’t improve the lives of our citizens? It’s just farce. Nobody would believe it if you wrote it in the book.”

Mr. Bloomberg proceeded to tout his efforts to improve public health.

How do we say this politely? Mayor Bloomberg, it’s none of your F’n business what people are eating. Especially in Mississippi. It is not your place to tell some one what they can and cannot eat. Worry about your 80% illiteracy reading rate for high school graduates in NCY. THAT IS YOUR JOB! Personal responsibility and personal choice is not.


State Supreme Court Judge Stops Mayor Bloomberg’s Ridiculous Ban on Sale of large Sodas in only Certain Restaurants and Venues … Determined “arbitrary and capricious”

If you thought you would be no longer allowed to buy a ‘Big Gulp’ in New York City as on Monday night, you would be wrong … NY state Supreme Court Judge Cans Imperial Mayor Nanny Bloomberg’s large soda ban.

New York state Supreme Court Judge Milton Tingling has put a dent into NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s overarching agenda. Yesterday Judge Milton quashed Bloomberg’s plan to ban the sale of large sodas in the city’s restaurants and other venues. Bloomberg  ban would have prohibited restaurants, mobile food carts, delis and concessions at movie theaters, stadiums or arenas from selling sugary drinks in cups or containers larger than 16 ounces. However, other outlets would be allowed to sell the same size drinks. As reported at NewsBusters, the “State judge halts New York City’s ban on large sugary drinks, calling the ban ‘arbitrary and capricious’”   Judge Tingling also determined that Bloomberg exceeded his authority by sidestepping the City Council and placing the issue before the city’s Board of Health. The ridiculousness of this soda ban is that it would just force individuals to buy two sodas, instead of one. But of course Mayor Bloomberg Mc Cheese knows better.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg was dealt a stinging blow on Monday when a state Supreme Court Judge quashed his plan to ban the sale of large sugary drinks in the city’s restaurants and other venues.

At a late afternoon news conference, Mr. Bloomberg and the city’s top lawyer, Michael Cardozo, said they believed the judge erred in his ruling and vowed to appeal. The decision was both lauded and criticized by city officials and others.

“It would be irresponsible not to try to do everything we can to save lives,” said Mr. Bloomberg, who earlier in the day called for jurisdictions across the nation to follow suit. 

From Reuters: At a press conference, Bloomberg said the judge’s ruling was “totally in error” and promised to keep pressing his effort to combat a growing obesity epidemic linked to heart disease and diabetes. So is Bloomberg going to go after everything else that is linked to obesity, heart disease and diabetes? If that is the case, the super market shelves and restaurant menus are going to be pretty baron. More so, the PJ Tatler nail it by saying that beyond the legal issue, it is a common sense one. The ban contained the double whammy of being unhelpful in keeping people from becoming obese and ruinous to the city’s retail business community.

From CNN, Bloomberg vowed to appeal the decision, countering that the city’s health department has the legal authority to use the ban to fight an obesity epidemic. Maybe Bloomberg would like to tackle the blemishes in NYC that he is actually responsible for, like the education of school children where 80% of high school grads can’t read. Then again, this bizarro Mayor actually thinks that individuals who own private jets are responsible for the filling up of NYC’s homeless shelters.


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