Casey Anthony to Fire Atty Jose Baez … “Angry over how he is handling the media circus around her first sit down interview” … Cheney Mason Back In???

Trouble in paradise … This relationship had as much a chance of lasting as did the Kim Kardashian – Kris Humphries’ 7 second marriage.

What’s that sound, violins … It is being reported that Casey Anthony is furious with her Jose Baez, the attorney who got her off of murder charges of her daughter Caylee Anthony. As per the New York Post, Casey Anthony is angry over how he is handling the media circus around her first sit-down interview. It appears that Casey Anthony is jealous and envious that Jose is getting the attention and not her. Hmm … sound familiar?

Trouble in paradise

Casey Anthony is planning to fire her lawyer Jose Baez, who defended her in the 2011 murder trial involving her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. She’s angry over how he’s handling the media circus around her first sit-down interview.

Sources tell us Anthony is furious that Baez has been basking in the limelight and rubbing shoulders with top TV talent, but hasn’t nailed down a big interview deal for her.

Anthony’s original attorney, Cheney Mason, will take over as her representative to the media, and sources say an announcement is imminent.

Casey Anthony and Jose Baez perfect together, peas in a pod, and the perfect example of water seeking its own level. Baez has been shopping a $750K fee for the first exclusive interview with Casey. Baez is out and about talking to producers, jet-setting and living the life after having defended and got his client off of murder. What a shock that Casey Anthony is upset that Baez is getting all of the attention. Gee, who couldn’t see this break up coming? Casey Anthony says she does not trust Baez anymore. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. That’s okay Casey … No one trusts you either, especially Caylee Anthony.

While Anthony finishes her probation, Baez has been making television appearances on her behalf and enjoying the perks of being schmoozed by network bigwigs.

“He’s going around taking meetings with TV producers and networks,” a source told us. “She doesn’t trust him anymore.”

After the video diary of Casey leaked on the Internet last week, sources tell us her inner circle grew angrier with Baez.

“They haven’t been talking for weeks,” our source said. “The video was the last straw.”

MISSING JUSTICE: Aruba Learned Nothing from Natalee Holloway: Like Joran Van der Sloot, Like Gary Giordano … Aruba Judge Orders Release of Murder Suspect in Death & Disappearance of Robyn Gardner


Can anyone say that they are not surprised with the news out of Aruba and that they did it over an American long weekend Thanksgiving Day holiday? An Aruba judge has ordered the release of Gary Giordano without any conditions. Giordano is the 50 year old Gaithersburg, Maryland man who has been jailed in Aruba and the primary suspect in the death and disappearance of American travel companion Robyn Gardner.

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A judge in Aruba on Friday ordered the release of U.S. businessman Gary Giordano, who was detained in connection with the August death of his traveling companion.

The judge said Giordano, a 50-year-old employment agency owner from Gaithersburg, Maryland,  must be freed on Tuesday without any conditions.

ITS DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN. If this does not reeks of the Natalee Holloway case all over again. The Aruba LE and prosecutors have done it again. They have failed to make a case, in an obvious one that Giordano killed his travel companion and will profit from her death. First we were witness to Joran Van der Sloot, Deepak Kalpoe and Satish Kalpoe being released from jail in the case of the death and disappearance of Natalee Holloway. Now Aruba has a twofer, Giordano will be released in the death and disappearance of Robyn Gardner. UNREAL. No Body, No Crime … NO JUSTICE!

Some Caribbean islands are known as tax haven shelters due to their lax rules on taxes and privacy. However, Aruba now has to be known as the “killing fields” island. How can it not be thought that if one wants to kill their girlfriend, spouse or travel companion … just go to Aruba, take out a life insurance policy in advance, make yourself the beneficiary and then kill her.  In Aruba … NO BODY NO CRIME, get you off of murder charges. Imagine knowing that all one has to do is make sure a body of your murder victim never needs to be found, and you skate. Of course not without first making sure you can make money off killing them.

To make matters worse, fresh off the miscarriage of justice in the death of Caylee Anthony in the murder trial of Casey Anthony in Orlando, FL, we have a smug Jose Baez claiming the innocence of his client Giordano, when we all know differently. One day Jose, karma is going to come back and bite you in the a$$, as it is you who does not  pass the laugh test. Wow Jose, what a limb you went out on becoming a murderers defense attorney in Aruba. Geez Vegas odds have it as even money for Aruba to ever successfully prosecute a murder suspect.

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Gary Giordano’s lawyer, Jose Baez, told ABC News that Giordano would be freed Tuesday night at 8 p.m. and could be home as early as Wednesday.

“Gary had a chance to speak, and the judge listened to him,” Baez said. “He made a heartfelt plea — explained the situation.”

“Justice delayed is justice denied,” Baez said.

Prosecutors admitted that they had no body, no murder weapon and no solid motive. But over the past few months, they believed they had accumulated enough circumstantial evidence to keep him jailed for a while.

The judge thought differently.

During today’s short proceeding, Giordano was allowed to explain his situation, according to Baez, who also defended Casey Anthony.

“It doesn’t even pass the laugh test,” Baez said today on “Good Morning America.”

Casey Anthony Attorney Jose Baez Heads to Aruba to Represent Murder Suspect Gary Giordano in Disappearance of Robyn Gardner


Orlando attorney Jose Baez appears to be a one trick pony. First he represents Casey Anthony in the so-called “DROWNING” death of Caylee Anthony. Now Baez heads to Aruba to represent murder suspect Gary Giordano who claims that his traveling companion Robyn Gardner DROWN while snorkeling. Gardner disappearance and went missing in Aruba on August 2, 2011.  Baez has been retained by Giordano but has declined to provided details as to his role. Maybe because Baez hasn’t a clue either.

Jose Baez, never met a drowning defense he did not like

The lead attorney in Casey Anthony’s murder trial is turning his attention to a high-profile case involving a Maryland businessman suspected in the death of his female travelling companion.

Jose Baez says he has been retained to to defend Gary Giordano, who has remained behind bars in Aruba for nearly a month. Authorities believe Giordano is responsible for the presumed death of 35-year-old Robyn Gardner of Frederick, Maryland.

How pathetic. This is nothing more than an opportunist attaching himself to a high profile case for the media attention. Baez actually believes his press clippings that he is some sort of jet-setting attorney. This is nothing more than a feeble attempt to remain relevant as the cameras have disappeared following the Casey Anthony murder case. Will his buddy Geraldo Rivera join him in Aruba to defend Giordano? Better yet, will Baez be able to bring the clueless gang of 12 jurors from the Casey Anthony case that ignorantly acquitted the tot mom.

Isn’t it telling that Casey Anthony’s parents just can’t seem to get enough media attention as they appear on the Dr. Phil Show, even after the long drawn out trial that left them without their murdered grand daughter Caylee, even as they continue to make excuses.  Now Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez leaches onto the Giordano murder case for the media attention.

Jose Baez confirmed in a text message to The Associated Press Tuesday that he was hired to defend Gary Giordano. He declined to talk about his role in the case on the Dutch Caribbean island.

Baez will not be able to argue the case in an Aruban court, but he will be able to serve as an advisor and aid the defense in other ways, said Giordano’s Aruban lawyer, Michael Lopez.

“If my client wants me to share all information with Baez, I will do so, even though his role will be that of a consultant,” Lopez told The Associated Press.

We have seen this act before  … Jose Baez is a poor man’s attorney’s Joe Tacopina. So how does Baez sell himself to Giordano. Hey Gary, you are going to need a US lawyer to watch your back and for PR in the United States. I am one of the most hated and despised attorneys and have the most hated client in the US … hire me?  Giordano may have sealed his fate as with Baez in his team, Americans will be actually rooting for Aruba in this case … call it the reverse Natalee Holloway affect.

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