Federal Judge Delays John Edwards’ Campaign Finance Violation Trial Due to Heart Condition

Life threatening condition delays trial … ironically Elizabeth’s life threatening cancer did not stop John Edwards’ from having an affair with Reille Hunter.

A federal judge in North Carolina has delayed the John Edwards’ alleged campaign finance violation trial due to Edwards suffering from an alleged heart condition. The Edwards trial was supposed to begin on January 30, 2012; however, that was before two cardiologists claims that they had scheduled a medical procedure for Edwards in February and that a trial would “reduce the chance for success.” The criminal trial has been delayed until at least March 26.

A federal judge on Friday delayed John Edwards’ trial on alleged campaign finance violations for at least two months because the two-time Democratic presidential candidate is suffering from a heart condition.

The trial had been set to begin Jan. 30, but U.S. District Judge Catherine Eagles said the earliest it could begin is March 26. No new trail date has been set.

Eagles said in court that she has received letters from two cardiologists, stating that they have scheduled a medical procedure for Edwards in February and that a trial would “reduce the chance for success.”

Edwards’ defense attorneys stated that their client was on meds for his heart condition and that they have had difficulty meeting with Edwards in recent weeks to prepare for trial because of his health. Of course Edwards’ medical records detailing his condition are under court seal.Think the pressure of the reality of what Edwards has done is finally getting to him? Looks that way.

A heart condition, eh? Who knew that John Edwards even had a heart after he lied and cheated on his ex-wife who had cancer? How ironic that John Edwards would have a life threatening heart condition. He seemed to care little when his ex-wife had a similar life threatening condition. Oh that’s right, Edwards justified his affair stating that his wife’s cancer was in remission at the time. Sadly, Elizabeth Edwards has passed away from her courageous battle with cancer.

So is there really a medical condition that is life threatening or is this a stall for more time? I guess we will soon see as to what happens in the not too distant future as to what type of medical procedure is performed on Edwards.

John Edwards Mug Shot Released after Federal Indictment … I Feel Pretty

John Edwards, the former Democrat North Carolina Senator and Presidential candidate had his mug shot released following his being charged with six federal indictments. Was that a mug shot or a glamor shot? Edwards pleaded not guilty to the charges; however, does he still feel pretty?

Former U.S. Senator John Edwards, pleaded not guilty to conspiracy and campaign law violations in early June. His mug shot was obtained by CNN following a Freedom of Information Act request.

The plea came after a federal grand jury indicted him on six counts, including conspiracy, issuing false statements and violating campaign contribution laws.

National Enquirer States Elizabeth Edwards Could Haunt John Edwards From the Grave … She Made a VIDEO about John’s Affairs

According the the National Enquirer, Elizabeth Edwards could haunt ex-hubby John Edwards from the grave.

This might be the greatest ‘hell have no fury like a woman scorned’ ever. Could this be the ultimate act of revenge, the Daily Caller seems to think so. As per the tabloid, the dearly departed Elizabeth Edwards recorded a bombshell secret videotape for prosecutors that nails her cheating, dirt bag husband John Edwards. If true, it could not happen to a better person.

That’s the stunning secret behind the federal indictment brought against the disgraced former presidential candi­date on June 3 – following a two-year grand jury investigation into whether he illegally used campaign funds to cover up his affair with his then-pregnant mistress Rielle Hunter.

“Elizabeth wanted to exact revenge against John for destroy­ing their 33-year marriage and family by cheating with Rielle,” source close to the scandal told ENQUIRER.

“It was Elizabeth’s idea to secret­ly record a video and tell what knew of the affair and John’s horrific betrayal.”

Before any one questions the National Enquirer n this story, it was the tabloid that broke the John Edwards “baby daddy” affair with Reille Hunter and has been on this story and correct all along.

Two Time Presidental Democrat Candidate John Edwards Indicted on 6 Felony Charges of Campaign Finance Law


John Edwards indicted on six felony charges that he broke federal campaign finance law. Make no mistake about it, much to what Democrat pundits will say, this case is not about sex, its about braking federal campaign finance law. Ask yourself this question, why would a Democrats President’s AG move on this case against a fellow Dem if there was not a case? This is hardly a political witch hunt … they are all Democrats.

How will the Breck Girl get treated in Jail, will he have a personal prison hair stylists?

58 year old John Edwards was indicted today by a grand jury in Raleigh, NC, for allegedly using more than $900,000 in campaign funds to hide his mistress during the 2008 Democratic presidential race. Edwards was charged with six felony counts of breaking campaign finance law. The charges include conspiracy, illegal campaign contributions and making false statements. If convicted, Edwards faces a maximum penalty of five years in jail and or a fine of up to $250,000 for each charge.

Read the full indictment HERE.

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RUT-ROH, DOJ Green-Lights Campaign Violation Indictments Against Former NC Democrat Senator & Presidential Candidate John Edwards

From Love Child to Indictment … John Edwards is about to find out what it means to live in that other America he used to refer to.

It just got worse for disgraced former US Senator John Edwards (D-NC) and Presidential candidate finds himself in a world of hurt today. Edwards thought that his “baby daddy” affair was a headache, now he is facing potential indictments …

ABC News is reported that the United States Department of Justice green-lighted the prosecution of John Edwards for alleged violations of campaign laws. All this occurred as John Edwards was trying  to cover up an extra-marital affair with Rielle Hunter.  Oh what a tangled web Edwards’ weaves, when he practices to deceive.

The United States Department of Justice has green-lighted the prosecution of former presidential candidate John Edwards for alleged violations of campaign laws while he tried to cover up an extra-marital affair, ABC News has learned.

A source close to the case said Edwards is aware that the government intends to seek an indictment and that the former senator from North Carolina is now considering his limited options. He could accept a plea bargain with prosecutors or face a potentially costly trial.

As stated by Hot Air, it looks like Edwards is about to face Two America’s … “the one inside a courtroom, and the one outside of it”. The Gateway Pundit reminds us that the National Enquirer sometimes nails the story 100%.

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