Missing Persons Cases in the News

Pastor Rafael Rodriguez, 42, Missing for more than a Week

Rafael Rodriguez, 42, of Bacliff and the Pastor of the Church of God Sabbath Day in Houston, TX has been missing since 9 pm February 10.
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Crime Stoppers and Joe Mammana To Divide Reward In Julie Popovich Case

Joe Mammana offered $50,000 reward money for information leading to an arrest in the Julie Popovich case. He was told by Crime Stoppers that there were many leads that lead to the arrest of Adam Saleh.
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Sex Offenders Missing From Texas Database

Here is a truly shocking story. What can be worse than a missing persons case? If that is possible. How about sex offenders missing from a state database? That seems to be the case being reported in Texas.
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Joe Mammana Discusses the National Enquirer article with Michelle

Joe Mammana never at a loss for words and never one to beat around the bush told it like it was to Michelle recently, JOE MAMMANA SPEAKS OUT. Let’s just get straight to the question regarding hired “professionals” that would like to talk to Joran Van der Sloot.

M: The National Enquirer article states that you have bounty hunters after Joran in Holland. Is that true?

Joe: Yes I do. They are professionals that just want to talk to Joran. To my knowledge, they have not yet approached him.

(These professionals contacted and met with Joran’s school in Holland who stated he was no longer a student.)

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Diario: According to Joe Mammana An American life is worth more than any quantity of foreigners’ lives

Diario; December 3, 2005
segun Joe Mamana, BIDA DI UN MERICANO, TA BAL MAS CU BIDA DI CUALKIER CANTIDAD DI STRANHERO, mientras cu abogado Scheper a splica con e combersacion cu Deepak a wordo manipula

According to Joe Mammana An American life is worth more than any quantity of foreigners’ lives While attorney Schipper explains how the Deepak conversation was manipulated

ORANJESTAD(AAN): Recently, in MSNBC’s Rita Cosby program, they dealt with the case of Natalee Holloway, where they focused among other things on the matter of the recorded conversation with Deepak Kalpoe.

They also spoke about the boycott against Aruba, where they spoke with representatives of Aruba, as well as with different radio broadcasters from other channels.

One of the broadcasters was for the boycott against Aruba, and the other, Steve Yuhas was of the opinion that a boycott was very ridiculous.

There was also a psychic on the program, who said that she supports the boycott.

She also said that regrettably Natalee is dead and that Deepak, Joran and Satish are guilty, while Joran’s father also knows what happened.

Joe Mammana, who is the millionaire who helped Beth Twitty come to Aruba with his private jet at the beginning of the case, and who supposedly is cooperating with the mother in her search for Natalee, spoke very badly about Aruba.

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Hat Tip: Translation, Get a Grip

Aruba Boycott; JOE MAMMANA & Arlene Schipper, Things You Will Not hear in the MSM

Joe Mammana is never at a loss for words and can never be accused of holding back. Like it or not he speaks his mind. Joe Mammana was on Rita Cosby’s show yesterday opposite Arlene Schipper. There is a recipe for fireworks.

MAMMANA: So hide it. Don’t fabricate it. Hide it. You’re doing a good job at that. Hide it. That’s what you’re doing.

SCHIPPER: Mr. Mammana, there’s nothing about hiding. Cases like this happen all over. In Philadelphia, for instance…

MAMMANA: I’m not worrying about all over. I’m worrying about an American that you have on your island that we want back, cut and dry.

SCHIPPER: Mr. Mammana, if you would allow…

MAMMANA: The only thing I’m saying is, look, we’re not after the Aruban people. Nobody wants to hurt the Aruban people. You know what though? To me, I’m worrying about more than—one American to me is worth a million foreigners anywhere.

We want Natalee Holloway back. We want these pieces of trash that did something to her, who admitted it on a thousand other tapes that you people have that we have seen around the world, we want you to go and do something, take care of this, like—or take out your trash. Do something.
But do a public service. Go in there. Show the people. Get this blemish off the Aruban, and the Netherlands, and the Dutch people, and do what is right. Give her back to us, dead or alive. Bring her back to America where she belongs. She is one of us, cut and dry.

That was on TV. Go take a look at what Joe Mammana had to say off TV in a telephone conversation. Michelle had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Mammana. Go see what Joe had to say.

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Diario Asks the Simple Question … Mammana … Posner, What’s the Difference?

We were wondering when Jossy Mansur and Diario was going to do this story and pose the controversial yet obvious question. With the many critical news articles that Diario has been lately on the Natalee Holloway story, it was only a matter of time before this obvious question would be asked. There has been much publicity made by many on Aruba, including from the Aruban Strategic Task Force, regarding Joe Mammana’s criminal past. Diario asks the following question which will most likely be asked by many American media types as well in the coming days.

Now that the government refuses an American ex-criminal entry to Aruba, the government has to justify the reason why until today they continue to permit a person with such a police record such as Mike Posner, can come to set up a business in Aruba, continue to operate his business in Aruba and come and go whenever he wants.

What sort of handling of Justice is there in Aruba and what impact will this case have in the US when the American media start to question the government of Aruba about this matter?

Jossy Mansur and Diario pulling the hat trick going out on the journalistic limb stating the following in this article against the Aruban government, Posner and a rival news paper. We are wondering how that “freedom of the press” principle works in Aruba on this one?

What is strange is that the government refuses to let this ex-criminal enter Aruba, but on the other hand, permits another ex-criminal, Mike Posner who is going soon to the U.S. for cases of law violations, to be able to have a business in Aruba, and enter and leave Aruba whenever he wants.

It would appear that Diaro has some questions in todays newspaper. From Diario, November 21, 2005; Doà ±o di casino na Aruba cu pasado criminal pisa na Merca JOE MAMANA NO TA WORDE PERMITI PA DRENTA ARUBA PA SU PASADO CRIMINAL PERO CON A PARA CU MIKE POSNER?

Aruban casino owner with criminal past goes to America
Joe Mammana is not permitted to enter Aruba due to his past but how did we end up with Mike Posner?

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