Natalee Holloway: More Reading from Aruban Newspapers

From Diario, November 18,2005: Comerciantenan na Aruba ta disgusta ARUBIANONAN CONSIDERANDO PA HIBA DR. PHIL DILANTI CORTE NA MERCA Kier demande pa daà ±a nomber di nos isla

The only question that one would have with this lawsuit is how can one sue if there are no damages? We are being told that the boycott has not affected Aruba and that tourism is the same if not better. At the very least it is unchanged; so where are the “damages”?

Merchants in Aruba are upset
Arubans considering taking Dr. Phil to court in the U.S.
Want to sue for damaging our island’s name


Some merchants are quite upset with the latest developments surrounding the case of Natalee Holloway, and expressed on Thursday that they are preparing a case against the complete production of Dr. Phil in the U.S.

This deals especially with the merchants whose business interests is that they do a lot of business with the U.S. The latest statements from this TV host is inflicting and continues to inflict damage to our island.

The lawsuit will be based on the fact that the name of Aruba is unfairly being dirtied, launching the whole economy of a country into trouble, without valid justification to do so.

Worse still, is when Dr. Phil on his own show insinuated that Natalee Holloway could possibly be in Cancun, Mexico. The question remains whether Natalee is not in Aruba, then how can he continue to promote a boycott against Aruba?

(Full translated article Hat Tip: Get a Grip


Due to the Natalee matter
More Arubans encountering difficulties to conduct business abroad

According to the Diario article they are reporting that there appears to be anti-Aruban sentiment out there and some businesses are refusing to do business or severing long standing relationships with Aruba in a form a protest. What did everyone think was going to happen when people had the individual choice to voice their opinion over the way the Natalee Holloway case was being handled? Some will boycott and some will not. Some will continue to go to Aruba and others will not. However, if all these stories are correct. People cannot say that Aruba is not being affected.

One of those in the U.S. who are helping in the boycott, Joe Mammana, even said that he will find any way to force American shipping companies from sending merchandise to Aruba.

This week it became known that an American distributor decided to stop its years-long business relationship in Aruba, as a protest of the manner in which the government handled the matter of Natalee Holloway.

(Full translated article) Hat Tip: Get a grip

Joe Mammana Speaks Out; As Michelle Says So

Joe Mammana has his critics, he has his fans as well. Michelle over at Michelle Say So has done a nice article on the many lives that Joe has tried to help. Natalee Holloway is just one of the many that in his own way Joe Mammana has tried to aid. Some people find his non-PC way and honest talk refreshing while other seem to be intimidated.

In talking to Joe Mammana for the first time today one thing rang loud and clear. He is a many of focus, directions and perseverance. When he begins something, he does not end it until its conclusion. Joe stated today that he has already sent some of his people to Aruba and claims that they stayed at the Casa del Mar. Joe Mammana is a man of conviction and is upset that a US citizen could go missing on foreign soil and the investigation be as mishandled whether intentionally or not. Frankly many fall into the same category.

He got involved with the Natalee Holloway disappearance as he has with many. He was offended by the actions of others against an individual. His critics say that he has a past and for some reason paying for past crimes means nothing to them. None of us are perfect and Joe Mammana never claimed to be a choir boy. He has made mistakes, but what is he doing with his life now. The same thing that got him in trouble in the past? NO. For some reason Joe Mammana’s critics do not seem to care that he actually has done time for his crimes. Instead of focusing on the positive that Joe does by trying to aid families they just seem to focus on the past. Rather a sad commentary.

Joe Mammana is somehow guilty for helping families with missing children and adults. What a crime.

Joe M. Speaks Out Against His Critics Regarding His Missing Persons Crusade:

I am responding to the accusations that only missing white girls get the attention of the media, myself and help from missing person’s groups. This is absolutely false.

Read the full post on the many families that Joe Mammana has tried to help, which is a lot more than I can say about his many critics.

Joe Mammana; Not Your Average Joe

Joe Mammana has been raising eyebrows in Aruba these days in his efforts to help the MammanaHolloway’s and Twitty’s find Natalee Holloway. His no nonsense take no prisoners approach seems to offend some and please even more. Like him or not, he is doing something with his time and money that is trying to help families of missing people. That is a lot more than I can say about many out there.

Take a look at Michelle’s blog and see some more of the comments that Joe Mammana had to say. Also some of the good work that Michelle is doing.

More to follow …

Joe Mammana Emails Michelle, Cause MICHELLE SAYS SO!

It seems that Michelle got an email from Joe Mammana. Michelle writes about Joe, “I also admire the fact that he is putting his time, money and effort to help so many families that have missing loved ones. How often do you hear about a millionaire that puts all aside for this deep-rooted personal mission to help others”?

Whatever Joe’s past is which I am sure no one’s is perfect, Joe Mammana is trying to make whatever difference he can with families of missing persons. There are an awful lot of millionaires out there that are not lifting a finger to help anyone. That is their choice and their prerogative. However, why do people find fault with Joe because he does. He has never professed to being a choir boy. Ask the families of the may that had missing people that Joe tried to help and I wonder how they feel. Joe Mammana is unique and a breed unto himself. Sometimes thats exactly whats needed.

From MICHELLE SAYS SO, Joe’s email:

Beth Holloway Twitty stayed with me and my family last week in Philadelphia. I watched this mother cry. My family and I cried with her. Her tears are tears of pain, sorrow, loss. My mother’s tears are of sympathy. Mine, however ARE NOT — mine are of pure anger.

Read the rest of Joe Mammana’s email at Michelle’s blog

Go visit Michelle and leave a comment.

Press Conference with Beth Twitty & AL Gov Bob Riley Regarding Potential Boycott of Aruba

According to many sources there will be a Press Conference at the AL Governors Office today at 10:30 AM CST with Beth Twitty and Governor Bob Riley to discuss the recent events that have transpired in Aruba pertaining to the Natalee Holloway investigation. Alabama Governor Bob Riley will most likely be responding to the letter he received from the Aruban Department of Foreign Affair that Dave Holloway discussed yesterday on Scarborough Country.

Watch news conference


link to letter

Yesterday in an interview on Scarborough Country and repeated the same in a telephone conversation as well Dave Holloway stated the following when asked of an impending boycott.

Well, the people of Aruba have elected their officials and their officials have spoken. We have elected officials and we’ll let our elected officials speak.

Well, again Joe, we elect our officials and they decide what is necessary for the people. Whatever the governor decides, that’s what we’ll do.

It would appear even a man of patience has his limits when it comes to the seriousness of the investigation into his missing daughter Natalee Holloway. No one can say that Dave did not try his best and extend every opportunity. Everyone must remember this has always been about Beth Twitty’s and Dave Holloway’s missing teenager daughter, Natalee Holloway.

In a much different expression of the situation going on in Aruba and aspects of a boycott comes Joe Mammana from last nights, November 7, 2005 Rita Cosby, Live and Direct.

Rita: Joe you have been spearheading this. What is your reaction that tomorrow Beth and the governor are going to call for it?

Joe: Well Rita, I think it is long overdue. I just spoke to Beth a few minutes ago. I also spoke to councilman Jack Kelly and councilman Juan Ramos to let you know that Philadelphia will also be signing the resolution to boycott Aruba. We will have the public schools behind us. We will have the Catholic schools behind us. We are putting this together right now. It’s kinda like a dance floor; one couple wants to get out there first.
Once they get out there, everyone else will be out there. But, this is going to be devastating…this boycott.

Read more

Joe Mammana with more Tough Talk Toward Aruba regarding Natalee Holloway; “I’m not as patient or as nice as Beth is”

Rita Cosby November 5, 2005 Live & Direct.

Once again Joe Mammana has some pretty tough words for the island of Aruba and more to the point the three suspects, Joran Van der Sloot, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe. As Joe Mammana states when asked what he would do with such a frustrating situation, “I’m not as patient or as nice as Beth is.” Joe Mammana is obviously going to let Beth Twitty take the lead and exhaust all efforts; however, Joe did state the following.

This is Beth’s daughter; we’re going to let her take this. But when Beth says go we’re going to take a bite of the apple cause we’re only going to want one bite. It’s going to be deep into the core. I’ll be really honest with you, after speaking to the Philadelphia school board and everyone else a boycott will be so devastating that they won’t get a bar of soap on their island when we’re finished with them.

When asked by Rita Cosby when he thought the boycott may begins, Joe’s answer was “I think that’s going to happen within the next ten days”.

Beth Twitty when asked about the possibility of a boycott and her position on one basically says that the family wants a wants answers and the ability to conduct a thorough and proper investigation.

Well, I know one thing Rita. What the family wants is we want answers. A willingness to conduct a thorough and proper investigation. We have yet to get that. They see the handwriting on the wall. I made it perfectly clear while I was in Aruba for three days that the family wants a new prosecuting attorney and new lead investigator. We spelled it out step by step in the letter everything that has happened to us in this investigation. They know that there is not a choice. So, if they chose it, so be it Rita.

For the full interview:

Read more

Missing Person’s Families Meet With Benefactor, Joe Mammana

Several families met with Joe Mammana, the man who offered his help in their time of Mammananeed. Joe Mammana has come to the aide of many missing persons families by offering large rewards in hopes that it may lead to some form of information being brought forward to solve the investigations.

Those families met Joe Mammana, a Philadelphia man who first made headlines by posting a $100,000 reward in the Natalee Holloway case, where the college student was reported missing in Aruba.

Since then, Mammana has made the same generous offer in local cases,Ashlee Howley including the disappearances of Julie Popovich, Tony Luzio Jr., Michelle Hadsell and Carla Losey. Now, he’s offered an increased reward in the 1996 disappearance of Rob Mohney.

Joe Mammana is in town as a keynote speaker for the annual Crime Stoppers breakfast, which will be held Wednesday morning.

In wanting to make a difference Joe Mammana has offered what he feels is his best way to make a difference in missing person’s cases. It has brought together many unlikely people including Beth Twitty, the families of several missing persons and Joe Mammana.

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Diario: Philanthropist and powerful lawyer from America start a national campaign against Aruba


Diabierna, 30 September, 2005

From todays Diario, a translation of the article entitled, Philanthropist and powerful lawyer from America start a national campaign against Aruba. (Hat Tip: Get a Grip)

ORANJESTAD (AAN): The MSNBC show Rita Crosby Live which ran Wednesday spoke with a powerful lawyer and a Philadelphia philanthropist who are going to help to launch a national campaign in America in efforts to boycott Aruba.

Natalee Holloway’s mother, Beth Twitty, was in Philadelphia Wednesday to meet with a renowned philanthropist from that city, Joe Mammana. She also met with a lawyer because she doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned.

From here, Natalee’s family wants to explore any any option they have available to find their daughter. Now, with the help of a powerful lawyer, they will start that process.

The lawyers are Marty Trichon and Elliott Curson. One is a former prosecutor, who is a very ‘hard core’ person and will look at the case from all angles. He works in the style of reason first, and emotion later.

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Natalee Holloway Missing; Enter JOE MAMMANA; I want this little smug punk named Joran, “to get the little grin off his face”

On Rita Cosby’s, ‘Live & Direct’ for Sept. 28th, Beth Twitty and Joe Mammana appear as a rather interesting interview duo. During the interview they discuss Beth Twitty’s purpose for being in Philadelphia, PA to meet with attorneys. Joe Mammana also adds some refreshing less than PC commentary about his true feelings and “no beating around the bush” approach to his involvement in this case. No one ever need to ask Joe Mammana a second time how he really feels. For a taste of Joe’s no nonsense approach take a look:

I want this little smug punk named Joran, or whatever his name is, to realize, to get the little grin off his face, and that light that he sees at the end of the tunnel is a train coming head on.

One interesting point learned in this interview is the reference bringing on a PR specialist. I had always wondered why the Holloway/Twitty’s families did not have one to handle their affairs. Certainly the Aruban government had one and also formulated the blog as well.

COSBY: And we have exclusive new information in the Natalee Holloway case tonight. We’re learning about new members of the team that will not give up in their search for Natalee on the island of Aruba. Beth Holloway Twitty joins me now live from Philadelphia. She’s also joined with philanthropist Joe Mammana, who has donated a lot of money in support of finding Natalee.

Beth, first to you. Why are you in Philadelphia? I understand you now have a new addition, an attorney, in the case. Tell us about it.

BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Well, I did meet with an attorney today, Rita. And you know, we really just don’t want to leave any stone unturned. And if there’s any other avenue that we can pursue, you know, we want to do that. We just really don’t—we just really haven’t been able to look at any of our options here. So you know, that’s kind of where we are, and we’re just beginning this process.

COSBY: Now, this attorney is Marty Trichon. Tell us a little bit about him, if you could, Beth or Joe, either one of you.

JOE MAMMANA: Well, how’re you doing, Rita? Marty is one of my attorneys, who’s been on retainer, works with my company. He’s a former prosecutor. He’s hard-core, doesn’t leave any stones unturned. And he’s a little different than I. He always believes I over E—intellect over emotion. So intellectually, he’s putting everything together. He’s going to circle the wagons in both directions and sit and we’re going to review what is the best option to move forward.

Read more

Joe Mammana; “We are coming back to Aruba. Hell is coming with them”

So says Joe Mammana. A statement that energized the discouraged onlookers of the Natalee Holloway case since last weekends release of all suspects by an Aruban Judge. In an interview with Rita Cosby on Thursday night, philanthropist, Joe Mammana, said the following that is assured to put a fire back in the case of missing teen Natalee Holloway:

Rita, one last thing. I just want the people of Aruba to know that Natalee Holloway’s mom, Beth Twitty and Joe Mammana are coming back to Aruba. Hell is coming with them, we did not forget Natalee Holloway.

Who is Joe Mammana? He has provided many of the recent missing persons cases with the monetary funds to create their rewards for information or safe return. Or as Mammana calls it, “Bounty Money“.

Joe Mammana says he hopes $50,000 will bring information about the disappearance of Julie Popovich, 20, of suburban Reynoldsburg, who has not been seen since leaving a bar near Ohio State University Aug. 11.

“Do rewards work? Sure, yes they do,” said Kevin Miles, president of Central Ohio Crime Stoppers, citing tips the organization received about Columbus-area highway shooter Charles McCoy after a reward was offered.

Mammana’s donation is the largest private contribution in the local program’s history, Miles said.

Popovich’s disappearance has garnered attention from 24-hour cable news networks.

Mammana said he learned Popovich disappeared from a report on Fox News. He also has offered rewards for information in cases of other missing people, including Alabama high school senior Natalee Holloway in Aruba and LaToyia Figueroa, a pregnant Philadelphia woman.

“I don’t call it reward money,” Mammana said. “I call it bounty money. I’m a vengeful person. I don’t believe in an eye for an eye; I believe in two for one.”

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