Democrat NC Gov. Perdue’s Office Said “Suspending Elections” was a Joke … Listen to Audio, Doen’t not Sound like a Joke

The other day it was reported that North Carolina Democrat Governor Bev Perdue stated that “elections should be suspended” for two years. Quickly her office put out the talking points that she was just making a joke and using hyperbole. Really? The Daily Caller has the audio of Perdue’s comment regarding the suspension of election. I guess that Perdue must work on her stand up comic delivery or at least provide a rim shot to emphasize the comedy.

Listen for yourself and you make the call.

“Listen to the Governor’s words: She wasn’t joking at all,” North Carolina GOP spokesman Rob Lockwood told The Daily Caller. “The congressional Democrats are wildly unpopular in North Carolina, so she may have been trying to invent a solution to save their jobs from public accountability.”

“If it was a joke, what was the set-up?,” Lockwood adds. “What was the punch-line? Where was the pause for laughter? It took them three hours to say it was a ‘joke,’ but when that flopped it became ‘hyperbole.’ We’ll just call it an unconstitutionally bad idea.”

When just 17% of the American people think that the  country is headed in the right direction and Democrats are headed for another 2010 shellacking in the 2012 elections, I bet those in the “Donkey” party want the elections to be suspended.

EXIT QUESTION: If Democrats are willing to suspend the US Constitution for elections, what else are they willing to suspend it for? I wonder if Democrats would be asking for the suspension of elections if they thought they were predicted to remain in power?

Pelosi & Dems Must Fear the Disgruntled Blue Dogs … Ready to Break Ranks & Cut Deals with Republicans

It would appear that House Democrat Minority leader Nancy Pelosi has a difficult next two years in store for her. Disgruntled “Blue Dog” Democrats are ready to deal with the GOP and break ranks with Pelosi. So many “blue dogs” were voted out of office in the 2010 midterm elections as upset voters showed them the door for voting with Pelosi rather than the will of their constituents.

Blue Dog Democrats remain deeply frustrated with Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s leadership and are signaling they are ready to break ranks and cut deals with Republicans.

In an interview with Roll Call last week, the leadership team of the fiscally conservative group talked about its vision for the 112th Congress — and its frustration over how Pelosi ran the 111th.

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State Run LEFT Media Talking Points … Obama-Pelosi Regime, “Congress the Most Productive Since Great Society”

The LEFTist state run media just cannot help them self doing the bidding for the Obama – Democrat regime …

The MSM find themselves  in a game of political Texas Hold’em and are pot committed with Obama-Pelosi-Reid. While “We the People” say that the 111th Congress is the worst ever with a job approval at 13%; however, the liberal state run media usual suspects have been given their “marching orders” stating that the 111th “Congress the Most Productive Since Great Society”.

Listen to the liberal MSM talking points … hmm, I sense a pattern


Wait until you hear Obama’s whopper of a line that ends this VIDEO … “and it comes on the heals of the most productive two years that we have had in generations.” Most productive, hardly. Most expensive, YES! The state run medias most productive Congress has set a record, as stated at the Gateway Pundit, the 111th Congress added more debt than the first 100 Congresses combined …  $10,429 Per Person!:

More at CNS News

The federal government has accumulated more new debt–$3.22 trillion ($3,220,103,625,307.29)—during the tenure of the 111th Congress than it did during the first 100 Congresses combined, according to official debt figures published by the U.S. Treasury.

That equals $10,429.64 in new debt for each and every one of the 308,745,538 people counted in the United States by the 2010 Census.

Is it any wonder why the American people have given this Congress the lowest job approval ever and booted the Democrats out of power in the 2010 midterm elections in record numbers with a GOP +63 gain.

Nancy Pelosi Will Soon be Slumming it & Flying Commercial with WE THE PEOPLE, But on the “No Junk Touch” List

Do you hear that sound … it’s cricket playing the violin.

Elections have consequences … Soon to be Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s perks are coming to an end and so is her access to military aircraft for travel. Pelosi will be forced to slum it and travel commercial with the common folk, We the People. More at the Jawa Report, with tissues in hand and no sarcasm what-so-ever.

If you’re planning to fly after the new year, you may find a familiar face next to you on your next flight to San Francisco.That’s because Speaker Nancy Pelosi will no longer have access to military aircraft and will instead fly commercial to her district after she becomes House minority leader, her office confirmed to Politics Daily.

For the last four years, Pelosi has had access to Air Force planes to jet home to her California district, one of the many perks that come along with being the most powerful member of the House of Representatives and second in line to the presidency after the vice president.

However, don’t look for Nancy Pelosi to have to be forced to have naked scans (EEK) of her courtesy of the TSA of being patted down. Because all politicians are more special than us peons who are subjugated to civil rights violations, while elected officials are in a class above us all. That is because there is a “NO JUNK” touch list. You wonder why Democrats and Liberals are so for “love pats” by the TSA, as Sister Toldja tells us, maybe it’s because the pats are for WE, not for THEE.

You’ve heard of the “no-fly” list.

Now get a load of the no-grope list — a roster of the privileged federal officials and politicians who don’t have to be subjected to TSA’s grabby hands.

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Alabama House of Representatives: Four House Dems (Boothe, Millican, Vance & Hurst) Switch Parties Gives GOP Super Majority

The 2010 midterm election, the gift that keeps on giving …

The backlash continues against the Democrat party as dividends continues to come in from the 2010 midterm elections. The biggest story of the 2010 midterm elections was not the GOP pick ups in the US House, Senate and Governorships … it was that in the state Houses. Guess what, it just increased again. What an impact this will have for the 2012 elections and the next decade.

As if the Republicans did not benefit enough from the political tsunami that took place on November 2, 2010 when the GOP gained 680 state legislature seats, the hits keep on coming. In Alabama, four Democrat House members just switched from Donkeys to Elephants and have given the GOP a super-majority in the Alabama House. Representatives Alan Boothe of Troy, Mike Millican of Hamilton, Lesley Vance of Phenix City and Steve Hurst of Munford all have seen the handwriting on the wall and abandoned the Democrat party.

All four lawmakers who made the jump to the Republican party said they felt their views were more aligned with the Republican Party. Look for this to be a pattern in the future on the state and national level, especially if Obama. Pelosi and Reid continue their far Left agenda against the will of the people. The 2010 midterms showed that any Democrat in a conservative or middle of the road district or state is vulnerable.

Republicans now have a super-majority in the Alabama House after four Democrats defected and joined the GOP on Monday.

Rep. Alan Boothe of Troy, Rep. Mike Millican of Hamilton, Rep. Lesley Vance of Phenix City and Rep. Steve Hurst of Munford all jumped ship on Monday, giving Republicans 66 seats in the House and a filibuster-proof majority.

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House Republican Midterm Gains Rise to 62 seats, Correction 63 … Maffei (D) Concedes to Ann Marie Buerkle (R) in NY 25

62 and counting, make it 63 … for a total of 242 House seats.

The House Republican gains from the 2010 midterm elections have reached 62, correction 63 seats from the 2010 midterm elections. US Rep Solomon Ortiz (D-TX) conceded defeat to Republican challenger Blake Farenthold in the Texas 27th Disctrict race.  This victory completes one of 2010′s biggest upsets on the House side and brings the number of GOP House gains this year to 62.

Rep. Solomon Ortiz (D-Texas) conceded defeat to Republican challenger Blake Farenthold late Monday after the recount he requested barely made a dent in the Republican’s election night lead. Farenthold’s final margin of victory stood at 648 votes.

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Out of Touch President Obama Tells Volunteers That In Midterms “You Guys Turned ‘Yes We Can’ Into ‘Yes We Did’

Obama tells volunteers, “YES WE DID”, in the aftermath of the midterm elections. WHAT?

Did some one not tell President Obama that the Democrats got their collective butts handed to them in the 2010 midterm elections? So what is Obama referring to that they did, get shellacked? I guess Obama missed the Democrat Senate meeting memo where they blamed him for the Democrat losses.

Election loss, what election loss … I won!!!

Members of Organizing for America – the president’s former campaign committee – received a text message today asking them to call 888-206-1431 “to hear a special message from President Obama.”

In the recorded message, the president says, “Thank you for the tireless work, you guys organized the single largest midterm election effort in this history of our party…You turned ‘Yes We Can’ into ‘Yes We Did.’”

“You didn’t sit this one out even when all the pundits said it was hopeless and because of that we are stronger,” the president said.

 And the LEFT called GWB punchy and stupid. The 2010 midterm election shellacking consisted of a GOP net pick up of six US Senate seats, in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Indiana, Illinois and North Dakota. It saw a GOP pick up of Governors in Wyoming, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Ohio. There were GOP US House of Representatives at 62+ and counting and 680 state legislature seats.  

Obama’s congratulatory message after such a drubbing is like General George Custard providing a positive tweet to the troops after the Battle of the Little Big Horn or Jimmy Carter giving a celebrating shout out to his peeps for a job well done following the Presidential Reagan landslide victory in 1980.

Obama acts like the 2010 midterm election never happened. Wait until the new Congress is seated in 2011 and the elections of 2012 … That just might grab his attention.

House Democrats Learn Nothing from 2010 Midterm Elections … Dems Elect Nancy Pelosi Minority Leader 150-43

Back to the Past … Pelosi rewarded for 2010 midterm historic loss.

The Democrat party in the Us House of Representatives has learned nothing from the will of the people and the 2010 midterm elections. The 60+ GOP gains on November 2, 2010 and a shift of power from the Democrats to the Republicans sent a clear message of the rejection of the far Left Pelosi agenda.

So what do the House Democrats do … elect Nancy Pelosi as Minority leader by a 150 to 43 margin of course. Nancy Pelosi is still the face and the voice of the Democrat House.

Nancy Pelosi has been elected to lead House Democrats in the new Congress despite presiding over the loss of more than 60 House seats in the midterm elections.

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Clueless Democrats … Nancy Pelosi Says ‘We Didn’t Lose Because of Me’

Nancy Pelosi, the Gift that keeps on Giving …

Soon to be ex-Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi proves two things in her comment that the Democrats did not lose the House of Representatives because of her. One, Pelosi and the Democrats are in denial as to the complete and abject rejection of their liberal/socialist “big government” agenda and two, the GOP is in “giddy” mode that Pelosi continues to be the face of the Democrat party. Nancy Pelosi just can’t keep her mouth shut and just does not get nor can accept that America rejected her liberal agenda.

Just like with Barack Obama, the buck does not stop with Pelosi either.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she has the “overwhelming support” of fellow Democrats in her bid to become minority leader in the next Congress, and says she’s not to blame for the Democrats’ mid-term debacle.

“We didn’t lose the election because of me,”Ms. Pelosi told National Public Radio in an interview that aired Friday morning. “Our members do not accept that.”

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Alec Baldwin to Run for US Rep if GOP’s Randy Altschuler Wins in New York’s 1st Congressional District … Just What America Needs


Alec Baldwin to run for the US House of  New York’s 1st Congressional District if the GOP challenger Randy Altschuler defeats incumbent Democrat Tim Bishop. Presently the race is too close to call; however, Altsculer is in the lead. Obviously, the “moonbat” LEFT has yet to figure out the message that “WE THE PEOPLE” sent on November 2, 2010.

It is unconfirmed as to whether Alec Baldwin will make part of his campaign, the right to call your  11 year old daughter a “rude, thoughtless little pig”. (LISTEN HERE) Just what we need in Washington, DC to represent the people. Is this what Democrats have sunk to? Can you imagine this man in Congress? we rid ourselves of Alan Grayson and Democrats want to inflict this upon America.

What we can expect on the floor of the US House of Representatives if Alec Baldwin is Elected


Warning: Adult language

The network is quoting sources close to actor Alec Baldwin as saying he intends to challenge Randy Altschuler of New York for Congress in two years if the Republican candidate ends up winning the House seat currently occupied by Rep. Tim Bishop, D-N.Y. The Altschuler-Bishop race is one of a handful still deemed too close to call; the most recent count shows Bishop, a four-term incumbent, trailing by less than 400 votes.

Baldwin is no stranger to politics. He has been both criticized and acclaimed for his outspoken support of the Democratic Party (he donated $2,000 to Bishop’s campaign this year), and in an interview with CNN last year, revealed his interest in running for public office.

“The desire is there; that’s one component,” he said. “The other component is opportunity.”

Now the opportunity could materialize, if New York’s 1st Congressional District, which includes Baldwin’s Long Island home, turns Republican.

Maybe Alec can use this for a campaign commercial?


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