Janet Napolitano Not Pleased with Criticism From Grieving Terry Family & Media

Napolitano tells family of critical and grieving fallen border agent that Obama’s done more in two years than any president.

Home Land Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was not a happy camper when she and President Obama were criticized by the Terry Family who lost their son during a shootout near the Arizona border this week. The arrogance of the Obama administration is sickening. They actually believe that they do not have to answer to the families of fallen heroes.

Yet another cluless, over their head Obama Admin

The must see VIDEO of the grieving Terry Family giving the Obama Administration an earful.

Janet Napolitano thought she was going to just walk into a funeral for a fallen hero and not have to take flack for the lack of any border security policy on the Mexican border.  The grieving family said that Napolitano’s words were empty. The Terry family told Napolitano to, “wake your man up in the White House”, to which she responded back to the family of a fallen border security hero, that Obama’s done more in two years than any president. What class.

How arrogant are these folks, Napolitano chided reporters for reporting the news.

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Obama’s Idea of Taking on the Issue of Illegal Immigration & Mexican Drug Trafficking … Warning Signs

Obama’s tough stance on border security, more Barack Obama ”Hope & Change” …

Checkout President Barack Hussein Obama’s get tough strategy on illegal immigration in Arizona … Warning signs. That is correct, this is Obama’s answer to illegals, drug and human trafficking into the United States of America. Instead of securing the border and arresting illegals, Obama is providing signs with the following on them, “Travel Caution: Smuggling and Illegal Immigration May Be Encountered In This Area.” Are you serious?


It has been claimed from Washington, DC that Arizona is as safe as it has ever been. Does this look safe to you America, Mexican drug cartels are threatening police officers in border towns that they will kill them if they do not look the other way and allow drug smuggling to occur.

“The word was that these particular officers would be targeted if they were ever in that area again and were not on duty and intercepted any drug trafficking,” Kirkham said. “It said they should look the other way.”

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Illegal Immigrant Accused of Rape in Edmonds Washington

According to King5 news, JOSE LOPES MADRIGAL has been deported 9 TIMES and has now raped a woman in Edmonds Washington.

This is a perfect example of HOW BROKEN our borders and system are for keeping violent illegal aliens out of our country.

Per the article at Kings5:

Larry Klein was the man who heard the alleged victim’s cries for help. Police say the suspect pulled the woman off the street to a dumpster and raped her.

“I could see the back of his head. I could see his pants were down. I could see her lying on the ground. I could hear her crying, but I couldn’t really see her face,” said Klein.

Klein called police, who quickly arrested the suspect. But learning his identity took much longer because of some 30 aliases. It was only through fingerprints that they identified him as Madrigal, a Mexican citizen.”

Our borders are broken and IT’S ABOUT TIME they get fixed!

Iran Nuclear Scientist Shahram Amiri Defects to US

Breaking News, or is it …

Win one for the good guys.  Missing Shahram Amiri, an Iranian nuclear scientists, disappeared last June in Saudi Arabia has been found to know by the CIA’s new best friend. According to an ABC Exclusive, has Shahram Amiri defected to the CIA and been resettled in the United States.

An award-winning Iranian nuclear scientist, who disappeared last year under mysterious circumstances, has defected to the CIA and been resettled in the United States, according to people briefed on the operation by intelligence officials.

The officials were said to have termed the defection of the scientist, Shahram Amiri, “an intelligence coup” in the continuing CIA operation to spy on and undermine Iran’s nuclear program.

A spokesperson for the CIA declined to comment. In its declassified annual report to Congress, the CIA said, “Iran is keeping open the option to develop nuclear weapons though we do not know whether Tehran eventually will decide to produce nuclear weapons.”

Although the news is great that we have a defector and the CIA should be congratulated for their fine work, is this news really an Exclusive, and is it really news? Hot Air seems to think the timing is rather coincidental.Why is ABC News doing Nancy Grace-like bombshell reporting of news when the UK Daily Telegraph reported the news four months ago?

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Now Obama and his Socialists (Sen. Jay Rockefeller) Look to Control the Internet … What Happened to the First Amendment … Freedom of Speech?


America, wake up and take a good look at what Obama is doing. Do you care about your civil liberties and Constitutional Rights?

Obama_Control _internet

This is not CHANGE … it’s a government takeover. CONTROLIT’S ALL ABOUT CONTROL!!!

Now Obama and his minions are coming after the control of the Internet. So much for free speech. This bill would allow a President who has already shown a propensity to use the Internet to have Americans nark on fellow Americans with the flag@whitehouse.gov snitch site. And who will say that there is a “so-called” cyber emergency, Barack Obama? How convenient. Just what we need, more federal bureaucracies in charge of the Internet.

Internet companies and civil liberties groups were alarmed this spring when a U.S. Senate bill proposed handing the White House the power to disconnect private-sector computers from the Internet.

They’re not much happier about a revised version that aides to Sen. Jay Rockefeller, a West Virginia Democrat, have spent months drafting behind closed doors. CNET News has obtained a copy of the 55-page draft of S.773 (excerpt), which still appears to permit the president to seize temporary control of private-sector networks during a so-called cybersecurity emergency.

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Scared Monkeys Radio Daily Commentary – Thursday, April 23, 2009 – Janet Napolitano’s Canadian Blame Is Misplaced

  • Dana gives the real reasons for the 9/11 attacks.

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CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN … The Obama Administration has made a change to the way we used to do things, they alienate our allies and cozy up to our enemies.

Janet Napolitano must GO!

Who needs VP Joe Biden for gaffes when the Obama Administration has a DHS Secretary like Janet Napolitano who first insults our brave returning military veterans and refers to them of potential terrorists, then is unaware of immigration law and now says that 9–11 occurred because of a our borders with Canada. A former governor of a state that dealt with Mexican illegals crossing on a daily basis calls out Canada after suggesting that 9/11 terrorists entered the U.S. through the northern border.

Janet Napolitano

Janet Napolitano … 9–11 terrorists came through the Canadian border, oops you mean they didn’t … never mind.

There comes a point where these are no longer gaffes, but the actual policy of a not ready for prime time White House … it’s armature hour. Maybe Janet Napolitano needs a teleprompter too.

The furor began when Napolitano was asked to clarify statements she had made about equal treatment for the Mexican and Canadian borders, despite the fact that a flood of illegal immigrants and a massive drug war are two serious issues on the southern border.

“Yes, Canada is not Mexico, it doesn’t have a drug war going on, it didn’t have 6,000 homicides that were drug-related last year,” she said.

“Nonetheless, to the extent that terrorists have come into our country or suspected or known terrorists have entered our country across a border, it’s been across the Canadian border. There are real issues there.”

When asked if she was referring to the 9-11 terrorists, Napolitano added: “Not just those but others as well.”

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Is Vice President Dick Cheney in Aruba? Air Force 2 Lands in Aruba … US Homeland Security & Hugo Chavez?

It is being reported from Diario – Aruba that Air Force 2 and Dick Cheney Aruba_Chneyhave landed in Aruba. I hardly think that Dick Cheney took AF2 to Aruba for a vacation.

One can only speculate that this trip to Aruba is in reference to homeland security and a little message to Hugo Chavez just 18 miles away in Venezuela. It has also long been speculated that this has been the very reason why the US State Department has never gotten involved in dealing with the Natalee Holloway case. With Hugo Chavez only 18 miles away from Aruba … it makes a nice staging area to listen. It was not too long ago that Venezuela dictator Hugo Chavez paid a visit to Aruba.

To bad what ever US delegation that went to Aruba couldn’t tell them to get their act together and properly investigate and prosecute a case of an American citizen!

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Ayeranochi aeropuerto di Aruba tabata tin extra seguridad ora cu Air Force 2, un Boeing C-32 a baha. For di atardi caba tabata papia di e yegada di e avion aki na Aruba, cual ta esun normalmente usa pa transporte di e Vicepresidente di Merca.


Polisnan a ser notifica pa extra vigilancia rond di aeropuerto. Asina cu e avion a baha 9′or di diabierna anochi un cantidad di ekipo a ser manda pa duna asistencia na e parti pabao unda e avion a staciona.

Tabata papia cu Dick Cheney lo ta abordo di e avion cu henter su propio seguridad cu a haya autorizacion pa cana arma na Aruba.

Esnan cu a yega abordo lo bandona Aruba dialuna mainta. Diasabra mainta lo move e avion pa un parti mas pabao cerca di caserne di bombero pasobra aeropuerto ta druk y e avion ta coy hopi espacio.

E parti cu ta sera cual avion ta usa pa bay pista lo laga e Air Force 2 para. Riba e foto aki por mira mas di e avion net ora cu el a caba di baha na Aruba.

Delegacion di Homeland Security a yega Aruba

E delegacion ta consisti tambe di Ms. Erica Bomsey, DHS Office of the General Counsel, Ms. Alexis Pierce, DHS Office of International Affairs, Ms. Kimberly Hailey, CBP Pre-clearance, Ms. Lesleyanne Kessler, CBP Office of the General Counsel y Ms. Lee Ann Harty, Port Director CBP Aruba.

UPDATE I: Dick Cheney Exclusive Picture Spotted in Aruba


(FYI: pic of Cheney on Banana bus is faux)

UPDATE II: Translation:

Oranjestad – Last night the airport of Aruba had extra security when Air Force 2, a Boeing C-32, landed. From earlier in the afternoon there were talks that this plane would arrive in Aruba, plane which is normally used for the transport of the Vice President of the United States.

The police were advised to supply extra security around the airport. As soon as the plane landed around 9 pm on Friday, a number of equipment were taken to give assistance to the area where the plane was stationed.

There were talks that Dick Cheney might be on board with his entire security who received authorization to carry weapons in Aruba.

Those on board are scheduled to leave Aruba on Monday morning. On Saturday morning the plane will be moved to a western portion of the airport, closer to the fire station, because the airport is busy and the plane is taking a lot of space.

The part that will be closed which plane will be used where the Air Force 2 will park. On the photo the plane can be seen just after it landed in Aruba.

Hannah Montana 6 Year Old & Mother Concert Essay Winner A Fake … “My daddy died this year in Iraq.”

Since when did we start teaching our children that lying is acceptable? Dying to get Hanna Montana tickets at any cost … even at the risk of losing our humanity.

Is nothing sacred? Is this how we honor our fallen brave military? With a fake essay on how a little 6 year old girls daddy died in Iraq. So this is what our society has become and parents deem okay to teach their children to lie to get what ever they want at all cost. Brave men and women in our Armed Forces die every day in Iraq to provide security for the United States and quell terrorism over there so we do not have to experience it here. 


“My daddy died this year in Iraq. I am going to give mommy the Angel pendant that daddy put on mommy when she was having me. I had it in my jewelry box since that day. I love my mommy.”


A six year old girl with the help of her mother, Priscilla Ceballos deceived contest officials at Club Libby Lu by entering a fake essay stating that her “daddy dies in Iraq”. How in the hell does any parent think that this was okay to do?

“We did the essay and that’s what we did to win,” Priscilla Ceballos, the mother, said in an interview with Dallas TV station KDFW. “We did whatever we could do to win.”

The mother had told company officials that the girl’s father died April 17 in a roadside bombing in Iraq, company spokeswoman Robyn Caulfield said
(USA Today)


A Texas mother helped her 6-year-old write a fake essay saying that her father had died in Iraq in order to win hard to get Hannah Montana concert tickets. (CBS)

Now that contest officials have found out that this was a lie, they may be revoking the ticket. MAYBE!!!???  Now that the cat is out of the bag, the mother is claiming that she never told contest organizers that the essay was true and that her 6 year old daughter was aware that this was a work of fiction. SURE YOU DID! The mother is in full CYA mode, ‘We Never Said This Was A True Story.’ If you never said it was true then why did you say the father’s name was Army Sgt. Jonathon Menjivar, had died in a roadside bombing April 17 in Iraq?

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Benazir Bhutto Injured After Homicide Attack at Pakistan Rally … 20 Feared Dead (UPDATE: Benazir Bhutto Dead, Assasinated)

The insanity continues in Pakistan s a homicide bomber attacks rally and injures Benazir Bhuttoopposition leader Benazir Bhutto. The reports are that she has been critically wounded.

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan —  A party aide says Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was injured in homicide attack and is undergoing surgery.

The bomber attacked Bhutto supporters as they were leaving a rally on Thursday and at least 20 people were feared dead, police and witnesses said.

An Associated Press reporter at the scene saw body parts and flesh scattered at the back gate of the Liaqat Bagh park in Rawalpindi where the rally was held. He counted about 20 bodies, including police, and could see many other wounded.


UPDATE I: CNN is reporting … Ex-Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has died, according to media reports.

UPDATE II: Bhutto Seriously Injured by Suicide Bomb

UPDATE III: Benazir Bhutto Killed in Pakistan Explosion

Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was killed in a gun and bomb attack after a rally in the city of Rawalpindi on Thursday, her party said.

“She has been martyred,” said party offical Rehman Malik. (ABC)

Bhutto dies in bomb blast

UPDATE IV: Welcome to Democracy in Pakistan … Benazir Bhutto Assassinated.

Do they debate the issues of the opposition … No, they kill the message!

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan (AP) – Pakistan opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was assassinated Thursday in a suicide bombing that also killed at least 20 others at a campaign rally, a party aide and a military official said.
“At 6:16 p.m. she expired,” said Wasif Ali Khan, a member of Bhutto’s party who was at Rawalpindi General Hospital where she was taken after the attack.

A senior military official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to comment, confirmed that Bhutto had died.

Her supporters at the hospital began chanting “Dog, Musharraf, dog,” referring to Pakistan’s president Pervez Musharraf. Some of them smashed the glass door.


Supporters carry the coffin of Pakistan’s former Prime Minister and opposition leader Benazir Bhutto in Rawalpindi December 27, 2007.

UPDATE V: Benazir Bhutto assassinated

While Bhutto appeared to have died from bullet wounds, it was not immediately clear if she was shot or if her wounds were caused by bomb shrapnel.

President Pervez Musharraf held an emergency meeting in the hours after the death, according to state media.

UPDATE VI: Pakistan: Al-Qaeda claims Bhutto’s death

A spokesperson for the al-Qaeda terrorist network has claimed responsibility for the death on Thursday of former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto.

“We terminated the most precious American asset which vowed to defeat [the] mujahadeen,” Al-Qaeda’s commander and main spokesperson Mustafa Abu Al-Yazid told Adnkronos International (AKI) in a phone call from an unknown location, speaking in faltering English. Al-Yazid is the main al-Qaeda commander in Afghanistan.


NBC Does an About Face and Reverses Decision on Freedom’s Watch ads Thanking the Troops …

NBC caves in to run Freedom’s Watch ads to thank our US military.Nbc-logo

As was reported the other day, NBC had nixed a thank you message to our US military from Freedom’s Watch claiming that the organizations web site was too political. It now appears that NBC has reversed their decision and decided to air a conservative group’s television ad thanking U.S. troops. Thanks to all those on the internet and to those that voiced their opinions to NBC regarding their initial ridiculous decision. People can affect change.

What NBC should have stated as the reason for the reversal was the fact that their telephones and emails were overloaded due to upset viewers that were appalled by NBC’s actions in being so callous as to nix an ad thanking our military. NBC feared the backlash, nothing more, nothing less.

“We have reviewed and changed our ad standards guidelines and made the decision that our policy will apply to content only and not to a referenced Web site. Based on these amended standards the Freedom’s Watch ad will begin to run as early as Sunday.”

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