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Gallup Poll: NJ Gov. Chris Christie Most-Favored Republican Among Democrats

This should be all Republicans  need to know to never, and I mean NEVER nominate New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as GOP presidential candidate.

WHAT A SHOCK. As reported by CNS News, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the most-favored Republican recent newsmaker among Democratic respondents. Who could have seen that one coming? You mean RINO Chris Christie, Barack Obama’s best friend and the individual who helped Obama win reelection with his over the top embrace of Obama during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy? Why wouldn’t Democrats see Christie as the most favorable Republican seeing that he allowed himself to be the useful pawn and photo-op for Obama? As stated at Michelle Malkin, Hillary Clinton’s greatest threat for the Democrat nomination for president might just be Chris Christie.

Obama – Christie Bromance … They are not a political odd couple, they are the same person … Obama and Christie are all about Obama and Christie

According to a newly released Gallup poll, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is the most-favored Republican recent newsmaker and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is the least-favored–among Democratic respondents. The poll sought to measure the favorable/unfavorable sentiments toward five Republicans Gallup believes may run for president in 2016. Conducted June 1-4. the survey asked: [P]lease say if you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of these people–or if you have never heard of them.” It then listed New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

Chris Christie most beloved Republican by Democrats, what is John McCain going to say?

Gov. Chris Christie Slams NRA: “Reprehensible” For “Dragging People’s Children” Into Gun Debate But Fails to Mention Liberal Hypocrisy or Obama Using Children as Props

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie might as well change political party affiliations now as there is no way this Judas will ever get a GOP presidential nomination.

First Gov. Chris Christie (NJ-R) had a “bromance” with President Barack Obama during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and now Christie calls foul on the NRA for dragging people’s children into the gun debate. HUH? Following the NRA’s president’s comment that all children should be protected in their schools by armed guards or police, he and the NRA were mocked and ridiculed by the liberal media, Democrats and Barack Obama. This occurring as the very people criticizing the NRA for their comments had their children protected by guns. And no, not all of the children are protected by law by the secret service.

However, all Christie can find to criticize is the NRA bring children into the gun debate. There was no comment on Barack Obama using children as props as he came out with his anti-US Constitution, anti-2nd Amendment executive orders on gun control. Who brought “children” into the debate Gov. Christie? One can say that it was the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooter who did so. That being said, political hypocrites do not get to silence others as they protect their children and leave the tax paying publics children to the wolves.


Mediaite reported:

“I think any of us who are public figures, you see that kind of ad and you cringe,” Christie said on Thursday at a news conference in Trenton. “I’m a father who is a public figure, who has four children and my children had no choice realistically in what I decided to do with my career and what affect that has had on their lives.”

“Don’t be dragging people’s children into this,” he added. “It’s wrong and I think it demeans them and it makes them less of a valid trusted source of information on the real issues that confront this debate.”

Christie has become a complete disappointment.

NJ Gov. Christie Calls Obama To Congratulate Him and E-Mails Mitt Romney

Pack your bags Christie … you will never be the GOP presidential nominee.

RINO New Jersey Governor Chris Christie  called Barack Obama to wish the president congrats on his 2012 reelection win; however, only emailed Romney on the loss. Nice. Maybe Christie puckered up some more to Obama? This from the man who claimed he backed Romney, yet bear hugged Obama and provided a false image that Obama was actually bi-partisan and that Obama was actually handling the Hurricane Sandy disaster properly. UNREAL.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said that he had called President Obama to congratulate him on his win in the 2012 presidential election — but has only sent an email to Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee for whom he campaigned heavily earlier this year.

“We didn’t have a political strategy discussion,” Christie said of his call to Obama, according to Bloomberg. “I said congratulations on your win last night Mr. President, he said thank you governor.”

Christie added that he had sent an email to Romney on Wednesday night.

As stated by Weasel Zippers, who would expect any less from Judas? Christie might as well change party affiliation as he will never get the Republican nomination after this “fox in the hen house” episode. This will never be forgotten. One of the reasons ultimately why Romney did not perform better was that he was too moderate for the GOP base. Christie is left of Romney no matter what comes out of his big mouth. Do not fret Lonely Conservative, those that vote to nominate a prez candidate will never, never vote for Christie after this.

How Small of Obama on the RNC, ‘It should be a pretty entertaining show’ … As the GOP Governors Beat Obama Up with Barack’s “You Did Not Build It” Comment and Wowed the Crowd

Barack Obama, Lost in smallness yet again, add in some snark and a dash of sarcasm as he commented on the RNC, ‘It should be a pretty entertaining show’. Just how petty could this president get?

Dear Mr. President, it may have been truthfully entertaining; however, it was more enlightening, inspiring and invigorating! Let me inform Barack Obama and the Democrats, don’t look now but the GOP has a young, deep, diverse bench.

The GOP trotted out rock star after rock star governors that took Obama’s failed economic polices apart. Governors Nikki Haley (SC), Scott Walker (WI), John Kasich (OH) to name a few took to the stage and politically beat Obama upside his head with his ridiculous and foolish comment to small business owners that “you did not build it”.  Then there was Keynote speaker New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie who reminded Obama, “real leaders do not follow polls, real leaders change polls.”

As stated at Hot Air,  “a whole gamut of Republican governors did indeed take to the stage to refute your erroneous “top-down” baloney this evening, in the knowledge that a huge, meddlesome bureaucracy that thinks it knows best and taxes success is the real definition of “top-down.” The GOP governors told the success stories of their own states recoveries that were polar opposites of Obama’s failed bottom up, middle out, government dependent nanny state agenda.

Ohio Gov. Kasich like I have never heard hims before, “We need a new partner in Washington. This relationship is just not working”

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker got some of the biggest applause of the night … Wisconsin now a swing state

Nikki Haley’s RNC Speech 8/28/12, “President Obama. with all due respect, don’t tell me my parents did not build their business.”

We said in South Carolina that if you have to show a picture ID to buy Sudafed, if you have to show a picture ID to set foot on an airplane. Then you should have to show picture ID to protect one of the most valuable, sacred rights in America, the right to vote.”

Governor Chris Christie Speech at Republican National Convention RNC

Transcript can be read HERE.

We need politicians to care more about doing something and less about being something.

Believe me, if we can do this in a blue state with a conservative Republican Governor, Washington is out of excuses.

Leadership delivers.

Leadership counts.

Leadership matters.

We have this leader for America.

We have a nominee who will tell us the truth and who will lead with conviction.  And now he has a running mate who will do the same.

We have Governor Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan, and we must make them our next President and Vice President.

Mitt Romney will tell us the hard truths we need to hear to put us back on the path to growth and create good paying private sector jobs again in America.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to Deliver Key Note Speech at Republican National Convention … Senator Marco Rubio (FL-R) to Introduce Mitt Romney

Sarah Palin may not be speaking at this years Republican National Convention, but don’t miss the sure fire, energetic, engaging and never dull stylings of Chris Christie.  The NJ Gov. is never at a loss for words, this should be truly inspiring and entertaining.

That is correct, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will be providing the Keynote speech at the Republican National Convention. This is a fantastic choice as he is sure to bring down the house. Chris Christie is never at a loss for words and is known for saying exactly what he thinks. A quite refreshing manner as compared to the PC and focus group approved talk that has become common place for politicians today. Look for Christie to bring the crowds at the GOP National Convention to their feet and jazz the even to new highs. This is going to be must see TV. Christie stated, he “ill cite his experience as New Jersey governor in demonstrating that “the American people are ready to confront those problems head-on and endure some sacrifice.”

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will deliver the keynote address that launches the Republican National Convention in two weeks, telling USA TODAY he plans to make an “emphatic” argument on behalf of GOP approaches and shared sacrifice to face the nation’s biggest challenges.

In an interview Monday, Christie said his 20-minute speech will focus more on making the case for electing Mitt Romney than the one against re-electing President Obama. And he promises the words will be his own: He’s already on the fourth draft of the speech, “grinding away on it” over the past few days since Romney asked him to fill the high-profile role.

Florida US Senator Marco Rubio will be the individual tapped to introduce Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention.

In a showcase role on his party’s biggest stage, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio will introduce Mitt Romney for his speech to accept the nomination for president on the last night of the Republican National Convention.

It is an introduction aimed at giving Romney a boost from a rising star in a must-win state, but it will almost certainly further enhance Rubio’s standing, too.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Calls Reporter Stupid for Asking An Off Topic Question … “Are You Stupid?” (VIDEO)

“Did I say on topic, are you stupid?” … ”Thank you all very much, and I’m sorry for the idiot over there. Take care.”

During a press conference on Saturday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie held a press conference to discuss the problems with a water treatment plant and what this meant for the people of the garden State. He had asked the reporters in advance to keep questions on topic. Of course that did not stop one member of the media to ask the obligatory off topic question. Gov. Christie’s response … “ARE YOU STUPID?”

Reporters were told the governor would only answer questions about a major problem at a water treatment plant, according to the Newark Star-Ledger.

Yet one reporter proceeded to ask an unrelated question involving the state legislature, as seen in video of the press conference from Monmouth County.

Christie, cutting him off, said: “Did I say on topic? Are you stupid? On topic, on topic. Next question.”

With all due respects to so-called Moderates, no one tires of individuals putting the MSM in their place and keeping on topic to an important issue affecting people. Personally, I am not sure if I would choose Chris Christie as my Vice President; however, if Sarah Palin turned me down for Press Secretary, Gov. Christie would be my next in line. Who wouldn’t love to see daily exchanges between the White House press corps? Or as Barack Obama says, the press corpse.

NJ Gov. Christie on Obama … “Most Ill-Prepared Person to Assume the Presidency in my Lifetime,” … “Trying to find Lightswitch of Leadership”

Christie hammers Obama … “This is a guy who literally is walking around in a dark room trying to find the light switch of leadership.”

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is never at a loss for words and such was the case while delivering a speech to Republicans in Lexington, KY. Christie He went on to blast Obama stating, “He has sat in the Oval Office and cared more about posing and preening and making partisan politics the rule of the day in Washington D.C. than he’s cared about progress.”

Christie further went on to say, He [Obama] is the most ill-prepared person to assume the presidency in my lifetime.”  If the shoe fits …

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told Kentucky Republicans on Saturday that President Barack Obama was “posing and preening” instead of working to resolve pressing issues facing the country.

“He is the most ill-prepared person to assume the presidency in my lifetime,” Christie told some 600 Kentucky Republicans at a Lexington hotel. “This is a guy who literally is walking around in a dark room trying to find the light switch of leadership.”

Christie was in Kentucky to deliver a pep talk to state GOP leaders. The state’s presidential primary is Tuesday, though it will have no significant impact. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

Interestingly enough, VP Joe Biden did not think that Barack Obama was ready either to be President. Biden stated that the Presidency did not lend itself to on the job training. Biden was actually correct on that one.

Controversy Continues Over NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s Whitney Houston Flag Tribute

There has been quite the controversy and uproar over New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s decision to fly the  flag at half staff on Saturday in NJ for Whitney Houston’s funeral. Christie defended his actions of lowering the flag to half staff at state government buildings on Saturday, the day that Houston’s funeral services would be held in Newark, NJ.

Christie said he didn’t believe that Houston’s history of substance abuse “forfeited the good things she did.”

“I am disturbed by people who believe that because her ultimate demise — and we don’t know what is the cause of her death yet — but because of her history of substance abuse that somehow she’s forfeited the good things that she did in her life,” he said, according to the AP. “I just reject that on a human level.”

“What I would say to everybody is, ‘There but for the grace of God go I,’” he added.

I would ask the following question, yes Whitney Houston is a daughter of New Jersey, yes she was an amazingly talented singer and yes she was also a drug addict along the way. Christie references that her history of drug abuse should not diminish the good things she did. Like what? Did I miss the fact that she was Mother Teresa-like? Seriously, what good things did she do?Whitney Houston was an amazingly talented singer who gave the greatest rendition of the “Star-Spangled Banner” before Super Bowl XXV in from of millions of people worldwide as Gulf W in 1991. However, I am not sure if that rates flags being flown at half-staff.

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh backs Chris Christie’s Whitney Houston flag tribute.Rush’s full comments can be read HERE. However, law enforcement has quite a different take.

Rush Limbaugh defended New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s plan to order flags in his state to be flown at half-staff on the day of the late singer Whitney Houston’s funeral, as he briefly dipped his toes in the world of entertainment on his radio show Thursday.

“I have a question. If she did not have in her life a problem with drug abuse and alcohol … we don’t yet know what the cause of death was, but let’s assume that alcohol and drugs had nothing to do with it. Take that out of it. How many of you would be upset that the flag was lowered to half staff?” Limbaugh said.

What is most interesting regarding Rush’s comments is that when El Rushbo ever decides to depart this Earth, the same flag flack will most likely occur.

With all due respect, many instances of flying flags half-staff for entertainers were done prior to 9-11. The attacks of September 11, 2001 kind of put a significance on such an act. My personal belief is that maybe the answer is to fly the state flag at half staff for entertainers. Let’s reserve the US flag for government officials, the military and first responders. Call me old fashion but I just think that there are many more daughters and sons of New Jersey that will have done more than Whitney will pass away and never be provided this honor.

Give us your opinion …

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