Are the Searches Over Yet in Aruba? Sources Say No … Is The Fisherman’s Huts Next?

First it was the search of the Van der Sloot residence.




(Above pics from Larry Garrison, The Newsbreaker)

Then it was a search of the Kalope residence.

So what is next on the Dutch investigators agenda? Sources say that, “the Dutch team has been working actively behind closed doors on the master plan they came with and are executing in phases.” So where to next? One thing is for certain that those that have been implicated as being close to or friends of Joran Van der Sloot who have been previously questioned best not be too surprised if the Dutch investigators come knocking. It is obvious that the Dutch investigators have gone though all of the material and have made a punch list as to what needs to be followed up on and what was never investigated initially in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.


(Fisherman’s Huts)

According to sources it would not be too surprising if the Dutch investigators start to examine more closely the Fisherman Hut area. The Fisherman Hut area is an important part of the case because it is referenced by the suspects in their declarations to the police.

FH Mariott

(view from Fisherman’s Huts to Marriott)

This area is not important because of Joran Van der Sloot’s claims of having left Natalee Holloway there after an alleged walk on the beach that no one ever came forward and stated they saw the couple, but because of the Fisherman Huts proximity to the road and the Racquet Club.

SM Huts toward Marriott

(Pics from Bonsai)

SM Fishermen Hut 2

SM Green Fishermen Hut







Map of aerial view of Fisherman Huts, Marriott, Holiday Inn and Racquet Club


(Click on pic to enlarge)

Aruba pond marriott aerial view2copy

Aruba MarriottRitzPond

Could the eventual search of the Fisherman’s Hut area lead to more clues are to this? The much speculated Fish trap that could have been used and put out to sea 3 to 5 miles.

Fish cage

Video of Tornados & Severe Weather in Midwest that Destroyed the Town of Greensburg, KS

 Amazing Video of the Tornados and Severe Weather that Wiped out Greensburg, KS

Check out the size of this tornado and just how close they actually got to it.
Now read the story and see more video of the damage and destruction that took place in the town of Greensburg, KS where they are estimating that 95% of it has been destroyed. Authorities and searchers are looking for survivors.

Van der Sloot Residence Search in Pictures, Part 3

More pictures of the search that took place at the Van der Sloot residence. So why again was this not allowed to take place in June 2005?










And now for some of Paul Van der Sloot who does not look happy.




(Pictures courtesy of Aruba Diaro)

Johnny Cash’s former Home … A Burning Ring of Fire

The former home of the legendary, country great and dearly departed Johnny Cash was completely destroyed by fire. The Hendersonville, TN home which was recently bought by Barry Gibb of the Bee Gee’s fame was completely destroyed. What a tragic loss of one of country musics biggest icons. It was truly a historic address where so many events took place in the long history of country music.

“So many prominent things and prominent people in American history took place in that house — everyone from Billy Graham to Bob Dylan went into that house,” said singer Marty Stuart, who lives next door and was married to Cash’s daughter, Cindy, in the 1980s. (WFAA)

The Tennessee home of late US music icon Johnny Cash burnt down today amid renovations for its new owner, Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees, a local newspaper reported. Cash and his wife, June Carter Cash, lived together in the lakeside house in Hendersonville, Tennessee, about 30km north of Nashville, from 1968 until they died within months of each other in 2003. (The Age)

Fire Destroys Longtime Johnny Cash Home

Cash and his wife, June Carter Cash, lived in the 13,880-square-foot home from the late 1960s until their deaths in 2003.  “So many prominent things and prominent people in American history took place in that house _ everyone from Billy Graham to Bob Dylan went into that house,” said singer Marty Stuart, who lives next door and was married to Cash’s daughter, Cindy, in the 1980s. (The Washington Post)

Read more at the Real Estate Bloggers.

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Happy Easter from Scared Monkeys



(check out more pics)

It was a radiant Easter Sunday at the Vatican today. (Message)

Christians Celebrate Easter in Jerusalem

“Above All” 

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Tim Miller & Texas Equusearch Hope to Do Landfill Search at No Cost to Authorities or Family for Missing Tynesha Stewart

19 year old Tynesha Stewart has been missing since March 15, 2007. Sadly, she is Tynesha Stewart5presumed dead as her ex-boyfriend, Timothy Wayne Shepherd , has confessed to her murder. Steward told authorities that he dumped Tynesha Stewart’s body in a garbage bin. This is when the story takes a contentious turn.

Houston authorities are balking at the premise of a landfill search due to the enormity and cost of such a search.

Because of that and the sheer volume of trash needed to be searched, sheriff’s officials say they are considering not searching the landfills at all. In addition, the search could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“You can see how this is going to be expensive, and there is little confidence that it would even turn up anything,” said Lt. Martin.

Enter Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch and their many volunteer members and connections toTim-Miller200 get the right assets for searching for missing loved ones. We spoke with Tim Miller regarding the prospects of the landfill search. Tim Miller stated, “that they have been talking to and will be meeting with Waste Management in the morning regarding the search of the landfill where Tyneshia Stewart’s body is believed to be”. Tim Miller had also met with the family of Tyneshia. Tim Miller told us the following, “I have every intention of doing this search and it will be at no cost to the Sheriff’s department or the family. I am optimistic that we can find her. Tyneshia Stewart needs to be found and brought home to her family.”

For the full story from the beginning and updates go to Missing & Exploited

UPDATE I: Agony, anger over decision not to hunt for teen’s body

We will just say that no search is impossible. If that were the case no searches for missing people would ever be initiated. Searching is not an easy job, if it were everyone would be doing it. That being said, there is no reason why the attempt should not be made. The issue seems to be cost, yet TES has stated they would do the search at no cost to the city or the family. Give the search a chance. No missing person should be considered garbage.

Faced with the “virtually impossible” task of excavating 40,000 tons of landfill waste to find Tynesha Stewart’s body, Harris County sheriff’s officials made the agonizing decision Thursday night that the odds of success were too remote to try.

Sheriff’s officials met with the slain Texas A&M University student’s mother, Gale Shields, shortly before a scheduled 7 p.m. candlelight vigil to inform her there would be no search for her daughter’s body.

“Oh my God!” a sobbing Shields said later. “It just broke my heart that they could put a dollar amount on my, on a person’s life, especially if they probably know where she is. … And they just want to leave her out there. They just want us to leave her out there in the trash because of a dollar amount. I just can’t understand that.” (Houston Chronicle)

All Updates from the beginning can be read HERE.

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We are moving hosting companies for the Scared Monkeys Discussion Forum today and plan for the move and upgrades to take until Sunday afternoon. The forum will be unaccessable for the short time to provide some needed upgrades.

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NYC Gets The Valentines Day Message – No Candy or Flowers, Just Condoms

Ready for that romantic Valentines Day? Got the Flowers? Check. Candy? Check. Bottle of Wine? Check. Free Condom from the New York City employee by the subway? Check.

You heard me right, New York City is spending city resources giving away condoms at train stations in New York City today. And these are not just any condom for Valentines Day that New York City has decide to give out, but a special NYC version that has a special wrapper that can be tracked.

If that just is not the height of romance, I do not know what is.

Taking advantage of the holiday for lovers, Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration was to unveil the official city condom in midtown Manhattan, where volunteers were to hand them out free at Fifth Avenue and 50th Street.
The health department’s condom program already distributes 1.5 million free condoms each month, but the regular wrapper doesn’t allow for tracking the effectiveness of the effort. Officials hope that will change with the new design, which is said to revolve around a subway theme, with different colors for the various train lines.
Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden recently told The Associated Press that the distinctive wrapper will provide the opportunity to include questions about the condom on the city’s annual health survey. via WCBS NEWSRADIO 880

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Florida Creates Web Site For Parents To Check Childrens Driving Records

TeensdrivingwildFlorida has recently added a new website for parents to check their childrens driving records. This allows parents, who are responsible for the behavior of their children, a place where they can proactively check to see that their children are obeying the rules of the road.

While a bit intrusive, parents also need to monitor their childrens behavior. They are typically legally obligated, and in my opinion morally obligated, for their childrens actions. And if their children are misbehaving outside the home, the parents can remediate the situation instead of waiting for notification from the state.

Jeffrey Klapatch’s mother wrote on the site, “my big, beautiful, 6-foot-2, 200-pound son was killed in a violent motorcycle accident.”

Klapatch’s tragic end propelled his mother to action. On Jan. 1, 2007, the Jeffrey Klapatch Act went into effect in Florida.

“We have to give parents all the tools we can possibly give them to keep our children safe,” Pinellas County Tax Collector Diane Nelson said.

Parents can now check their children’s driving records up to the age of 18. Klapatch’s mother did not want another parent to make the same mistake. Her 18-year old son loved his motorcycle, and even more, he loved speed. He received nine speeding tickets before the fatal motorcycle accident.

“His parents did not know this,” Nelson said. “Perhaps maybe if this web site had been developed at that time, they would have been able to monitor that a little bit better.”

Once you’re on the highway safety and motor vehicles web site, click on the parental access link. You’ll be asked to enter your child’s drivers license number. Then you’ll have to verify the last four digits of your child’s social security number and birth date. via

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New Comments Tool – Or A Little Addition Means A Subtraction in Spam

Scared Monkeys is a target for comment spam. Daily we get 1,000s of spam messages that need to be worked through to find the nuggets that you contribute to the site. While there are many tools out there, we have had mixed success with them.

So today and going forward, when you are posting a comment you will be posed a simple addition problem to prove that you are human, and not some soul sucking spambot that is out to drive us crazy. Just answer the question and it will get your comment into the moderation cue so that we can find it and approve it as quickly as we can.

If you see something not working right with the comments, please send me an email at tom at so I can get it fixed. Since we are testing this out, we may have bugs pop up, so let us know so we can fix them faster! Thanks

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