Daytona 500 Grand Marshal James Franco Disses Danica Patrick At Start of Race … “Drivers and Danica, start your engines.”

Just another reason why actors should stick to the script …

Did you miss it yesterday at the start of the Daytona 500? James Franco, the Grand Marshall of the Daytona 500, decided to go off script, added his PC’ness to the starting instruction and botched the entire thing. Instead of saying the obvious, “Gentleman and Danica, start your engines” as obviously Danica Patrick was the only female driver in the race. However, Franco flubbed the line and in doing so dissed Danica when he said, “Drivers and Danica, start your engines.” So I guess Danica is not a driver? The sad part was I actually think that Franco was trying to give Danica a special shout out and botched the it completely. Say, who was that doing the start if the race, Joe Biden?

With all due respect to the haters of Danica Patrick, she is a driver. Last time I checked she won the pole, was the first woman to ever lead a lap in the Daytona 500 and is one of a hand full of drivers to lead a lap in the Daytona 500 and the Indianapolis 500. Face it folks, Danica is finally doing the job on the track and getting the well deserved kudos after having received all of the media attention for her off the track exploits and Go Daddy racy commercials.

In fairness to James Franco, the traditional Daytona 500-opening phrase, “Gentlemen, start your engines,” doesn’t really work, what with Danica Patrick in the pole position and all.

It desperately needed a rewrite and, presumably, got one. So Franco probably meant to say, “Gentlemen and Danica” or “Drivers,” but, like hosting the Oscars, this is a tricky gig. And what came out was all wrong.

When will Hollywood actors ever learn to just stick to the script, they are hardly paid to ad lib.

More Gaffetastic Comments from VP Biden, Poland – Portugal, What’s the Difference?

Good grief, and this dude thinks he is going to get the Democrat nomination for president in 2016?

More from the idiocy of Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden, Poland, Portugal … what’s the difference? From the UK Telegraph comes another gaffe from Joe Biden. Just a note to the Libs who want to defend Biden, Poland is not a member of the Eurozone, and its economy is in considerably better shape than that of debt-ridden Portugal. Imagine how the liberal MSM would have reacted if it were a Republican who made such comments?

Hey, is that Biden making fun of Obama shooting a gun? Didn’t he get the memo about photo-shopping?

Joe Biden is in Europe this week, meeting with leaders in Berlin, Paris and London. Tomorrow he drops by Downing Street to see David Cameron, and Nick Clegg is also on the agenda. Over the weekend the US vice president attended the Munich Security Conference where he delivered a speech on the Obama administration’s foreign policy, expressing a willingness to sit down in direct negotiations with the Iranian regime over its nuclear programme, an approach that can only be described as naïve in the extreme. On Europe, he spoke about the “unfinished business in our common project of a Europe whole and free,” describing Europe as “America’s indispensable partner of first resort.”

Biden has a well-earned reputation as a gaffe-maker extraordinaire, and this speech was no exception. In a key passage on the Eurozone debt crisis, Biden referred to Portugal, as Poland, a mistake subsequently corrected in the official White House transcript:

We have seen positive steps recently to address the eurozone crisis, with the European Central Bank pledging to stand behind countries willing to launch reforms, and with Greece, Ireland, Poland* [*sic-Portugal], Spain and Italy all taking important steps to put their economies on a sounder path. Governments across the eurozone must also remain focused on growth and jobs. These may be fundamentally European problems, requiring European solutions, but their resolution has tremendous impact on the United States of America and on the global economy.

Frankly, I have lost count just how many gaffes this fool has made. But some how the Democrat. Lib and MSM approach is that if you do it enough, it is not reportable. But as Weasel Zippers states, Biden’s not content being the laughingstock of America, he wants to go global. Yup, sounds like presidential timber to me.

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YIKES, Easily the Worst Basketball Free Throw Shot in History Courtesy of Appalachian State’s Center Brian Okam … “Good Lord”

This might be the promo for the next Southwest commercial … Wanna Get Away?

I had previously thought that the worst free throw shot I had ever seen was in the movie ‘Hoosiers’ when Ollie of Hickory badly missed his underhand free throw. Of course that was a movie, the following was not. This poor guy is never going to live this one down. From the viral video below comes Brian Okam of Appalachian State and easily the worst free throw ever … “GOOD LORD”!!!

VP Joe Biden to Hurricane Victims: “You’ve Got a Homeboy in the Deal Who Gets It”

Grand Master Joe reassures Sandy victims … Boyz in the Hood.

Elections certainly do have consequences. Barack Obama’s VP Joe Biden told Hurricane Sandy victims in New Jersey over the weekend while inspecting storm damage weeks after the super storm, “You’ve got a homeboy in the deal who gets it.” Huh, a home boy? Wow Joe, how fly. Yup, no double standard here, imagine if Biden was not a democrat? Think his “hommie” would have gone unnoticed?  So this is how Obama/Biden connected with Americans. Unreal. Thanks America for voting this guy a heart beat away from the presidency. I think the gun shop owner in Arizona may have gotten it 100% correct.

“If you’re not an Easterner it’s hard to understand that the ocean to us is the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Park and everything else combined. It is a gigantic part of not only our economy but who we are. It’s a gigantic part of the culture as well.

“And every time the rest of the country is in real trouble, New Jersey and Delaware and New York and Connecticut, et cetera, we respond, we respond. And it’s going to be a heavy lift. These are difficult times in terms of budgets but the president has made it clear that we are going to do everything we can to make sure that the Corps is fully funded, that FEMA has their needs and that all the programs that exist under the auspices of the federal government not only continue to exist but are funded so that we can make sure that this area of the country is fully fully fully restored.

“So as the president said when he was up here with the governor, we’re not going anywhere. We’re not going anywhere. And you’ve got a homeboy in the deal who gets it.”

What media ignored gaffe will come next from the first white-black VP, Joe Biden? Word!


Barack Obama Tells Supports in Ohio, “Voting is the best Revenge” … Revenge? How Ugly and Small Minded Could This President Really Be?



President Barack Obama told supporters in Springfield, OH on Friday , “Voting is the best revenge”. What the hell is Obama talking about? Voting is equal to revenge in the mind of this president, really? Once again Obama goes off his prepared speech and makes a major gaffe that would make Joe Biden proud.

I think we now know why Barack Obama has been the most partisan president ever. We can also add ugly, small minded and divisive. I think we also know why it is time to send Obama packing. Of all the words one could come up with “Voting is the best _______ “, I can honesty say I could come up with hundreds of words and “revenge” would never have been even contemplated.

Barack Obama has some explaining. However, just like with ever Benghazi, we will never hear it. The reelect Obama team has run one of the most negative, vile and disgusting campaigns ever. The positive message from 2008 of “Hope and Change” has instead in 2012 been one of smear and defame. However, what does one expect when Obama could not run on his failed economic, job growth and $16 trillion debt. As the Washington Examiner discusses, what was Obama talking about and his campaign will have a difficult time spinning this.

The problem is, the president was actually not speaking in the context of Romney’s highly-controversial ads about bailed-out Chrysler adding production of Jeeps in China.  In fact, Obama had not said a word about the Jeep controversy when he said “revenge.”  His speech had touched on Hurricane Sandy, on the progress the American economy has made in the last few years, on his national security accomplishments, on the choice Americans will make on November 6, on Bill Clinton’s record — on a lot of things, but not on Jeep.

And even after the “revenge” remark, it took Obama six paragraphs to get to his discussion of Jeep.  The bottom line is, while it is impossible to know what was in the president’s mind, he simply was not talking about Jeep when he told voters that “Voting is the best revenge.”

Obama’s true motivations shine through as that of a community agitator, not a president.

Joe Biden Talks About a 2016 Presidential Run … What a Delusional Little Man

Joe Biden is 2016 dreamin’ … Because Biden is just so Presidential.

Biden has not even completed making gaffes as VP in the 2012 Presidential election and this guy is making comments about running on 2016?  Sorry Joe but the only reason you are VP is because you happen to the the running mate of the first black president. No one voted for you as frankly you scared the living daylights out of most people that you are a heart beat away from the presidency.

“Look, I’m not trying to talk you into voting for me, I just wanted to say hi to you. And after it’s all over, when your insurance rates go down, then you’ll vote for me in 2016. I’ll talk to you later,” Biden said, according a pool reporter traveling with the vice president.

Biden, of course, hasn’t said whether he would run for president in 2016 and has been intensely focused on getting President Obama reelected next week, serving as the president’s chief attack dog on the trail.

I am going to go out on a limb and say there is no way Biden in the Democrat nominee for president in 2016. But as we stated above. Joe has not even finished making an ass out of himself in 2012 yet. Today Biden told supporters, “As they say in my business. I’m Going to Give You the Whole Load”.  Um, huh? Exactly what business are you referring to Joe?

Who would trust this man with the keys to the White House? Some how I doubt that America will be so forgiving with Biden’s gaffes when he is running for the top spot as opposed to Obama’s cabana boy.

Joe Biden in a State of Confusion … Biden Tells Ohioans ‘Here In Iowa’

Joe Biden in a constant state of delusion, or is it confusion?

What is wrong with this dude? VP Joe Biden has done it again. Today while campaigning in the battleground state of Ohio, Biden tells the Ohioans … “Here in Iowa”. HUH?

Marion, Ohio – With so many swing states to hit in so little time, Vice President Biden mistakenly referred to Ohio as Iowa while attacking Mitt Romney.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is the guy who’s running all the ads here in Iowa saying that he’s going to get tough on China,” Biden said. Problem was, he was at a high school in Ohio.

I would dare say that if you do not know what state you are in, the folks there probably do not need to vote for you. Biden is a joke. Just imagine America, this idiot is a heart beat away from the presidency.

Biden Gaffe Alert … Joe Biden to Crowd of Supporters: “How Many of You Know Someone Who Served in Iraq or Iran?” HUH? Then Biden Makes Reference that GOP has Bullets Aimed at You.

And you wonder why Biden was sequestered prior to his VP debate for 7 days … Biden is a National disgrace.

Just think America, if Obama is reelected Joe Biden is just a heart beat away from the Presidency. With that in mind, check out yet another Biden gaffe from the man who is supposed to be the foreign policy wiz of the Democrat party and the Obama White House …

“How many of you know someone who served in Iraq or Iran? How many of you know someone who was injured in Iraq or Iran?”

Um, served or was injured in Iran Joe? Even ABC News did not miss the gaffe from Biden confusing Afghanistan with Iran. Oops. But that’s just Joe being Joe and some how we are supposed to give the screw up a minute a free pass. Oh, but it got worse for Biden and in turn Obama. Once again Biden went off teleprompter when an individual in the audience yelled “They have guns but no bullets,” referring to Young Guns, Republican VP nominee, Rep. Paul Ryan, R-WI, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-VA, and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, R-CA.  Then it got worse when Biden said … “Unfortunately, the bullets are aimed at you.” Really?

They have guns but no bullets,” a member of the crowd shouted.

“Unfortunately, the bullets are aimed at you,” Bidenreplied, pointing at the man who had spoken and prompting laughter from the audience.

Shortly after the rally, Romney-Ryan spokesman Brendan Buck hit back at Biden.

“Today’s over-the-top rhetoric by Vice President Biden is disappointing, but not all that surprising,” Buck wrote in an emailed statement. “In the absence of a vision or plan to move the country forward, the vice president is left only with ugly political attacks beneath the dignity of the office he occupies.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will bring serious leadership to Washington that will focus on an agenda of job creation and economic growth that benefits all Americans.”

Biden Press Secretary Amy Dudley, clarified, saying in an emailed statement, “The Vice President’s exchange with an audience member today was clearly a reference to how the policies discussed in Paul Ryan’s book, ‘Young Guns,’ would devastate the middle class. Given that people don’t assume that Paul Ryan is literally a gun, it probably makes sense not to assume that Joe Biden was speaking literally about bullets.”

During the foreign policy portion of his stump speech, Biden made a mistake.

So now Republicans are going to put you back in chains and now shoot you. Who is going to actually say it and maybe Biden is not really fit for office. Thankfully, November 6th will be his end. As the Lonely Conservative aptly points out, hmm, how is that for civil discourse? Imagine if Romney or Ryan made such a comment about having bullets pointed to you? They would be branded racists and accused of making an assassination threat.

Joe Biden “the Gifted Orator” Takes 6 Days Off Campaign Trail for Debate Prep … More Like So No Gaffes Occur to Provide Debate Material … SNL Gets it Right … It’s Up to Biden to get the Lead Back

Does Obama’s Hopes for Reelection rest upon the “gifted orator” gaffe machine, Joe Biden?

Vice President Joe Biden takes nearly a week off to prep for the VP debates on Thursday, October 11. Let’s be serious, Biden is taking the week off prior to the debate so not to provide any more gaffes that GOP Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan can use against Biden. But do not fret, Biden has already made enough gaffes during the 2012 campaign season to be used as fodder.

With just about a month until Election Day, Vice President Joe Biden is in the middle of taking nearly a week off the campaign trail. He will return to doing campaign events on Thursday, when he will debate Rep. Paul Ryan in the vice presidential debate.

As for the next three days, Biden will remain in Delaware. “On Monday through Wednesday, the Vice President will be in Wilmington, Delaware. There are no public events scheduled.”

Meanwhile, Thursday, October 11, is a big day for Biden. “On Thursday, the Vice President and Dr. Jill Biden will travel to Danville, Kentucky. In the evening, the Vice President will participate in the Vice Presidential Debate at Centre College. Dr. Biden will also attend. This event is open to pre-credentialed media.”

As reported at The Gateway Pundit, RNC Chair Reince Priebus deviled a nice under-handed compliment to Biden on Fox News this morning,  “I expect Joe Biden to do a good job. He’s been debating since the early 1900?s. He’s done about 18 debates already… Joe Biden’s going to have to deliver big time based on the debate Barack Obama put on the board last Wednesday.” Ouch, that’s going to leave a mark.

OK, I am going to have to throw a penalty flag on Priebus. I am also going to call out Priebus for one comment that he made in that Joe Biden is a “gifted orator”. HUH? Really Reince give me a break. Enough of this setting the bar low of  expectations. I expect Paul Ryan to be brilliant, have a command of the facts, the issues and lay out the Romney/Ryan plan for America. I expect Joe Biden to spin yarns of folksy nonsense. No one is tuning in for this debate to see the “Great Orator” Joe Biden. America will be watching to see if Biden shows up to the correct state where the debate is taking place, whether he praises any people of Indian decent in the audience for owning a Dunkin Donuts, or whether he compliments the moderator stating that was a good “F’n” question. Because make no mistake about it, Ryan is going to make reference that the “middle class has been buried the past 4 years”.

“I think people realize that Joe Biden is a gifted orator. He’s very good at rhetoric. And I think he’s very relatable,” Priebus said on CNN’s ‘State of the Union.’

I have to agree with The Other McCain 100%, it is ludicrous and shameful to think that Biden is a distinguished debtor or orator. The man is only known for his miscues when he speaks, not his speeches. America is setting their DVR’s to record the gaffes, not Biden’s vision for America. A debate, no teleprompters, and no prepared speech, this is what Bides gafftastic dreams are made of.

However, what is most amazing about all of this is that Obama’s reelection hopes could actually hinge on Biden. Because Obama bombed so badly in his Presidential debate in Denver, CO against Romney … the pressure is on Biden to stop the bleeding. How frightening must that be for Team Reelect Obama? Check out the SNL VIDEO below of Seth Meyers “Winner and Loser” at the 1:52 mark where Seth states, “BIGGEST WINNER, America … Is there anything more exciting than Joe Biden thinking it is up to him to get the lead back. IT’S TEVO TIME. There is like a 50% chance he is going to come out for the next debate with his shirt off.”

VP Joe Biden’s Moment of Truth as He Tells Supporters … “The Middle Class Has Been Buried the Last Four Year”

Another Joe Biden gaffe or a fact under the Obama Presidency?

At a campaign stop yesterday in Charlotte, NC, Vice President Joe Biden admitted to a crowd of  supports what many of us have known and experienced during the Obama presidency, “the middle class has been buried the last four years”. DOH! Oh how Barack Obama and his reelection minions must have hung their head after hearing these words coming from Biden’s mouth. Does Biden realize that Obama has been the president for the past four years, or does he think that this is still the 2008 election as Obama does not appear to ever have come out of campaign mode and done the work of the president?

Biden made the remark at a campaign stop in Charlotte, N.C., in the course of slamming Republican tax policies which Democrats claim would cut taxes for the rich and hike them for the middle class.

“This is deadly earnest,” Biden said. “How they can justify — how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that’s been buried the last four years. How in the lord’s name can they justify raising their taxes with these tax cuts?”


The middle class buried, ya think? Under President Obama he has increased our national debt by nearly $6 trillion in 4 years. Average American household now owes $137,000 as share of national debt. We have had 43 consecutive months of unemployment above 8%, millions of Americans have left the work force, a record number of people are on food stamps and median income is at its lowest level since 1995. of course the middle class has been buried for the past 4 years under the failed policies of Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney responded to the Biden comments that the middle class has been buried for the past four years. Look for this to be used again tonight at the 1st Presidential debate between Romney and Obama.

This was not a gaffe, sadly it is the painful truth. It might have been the first truthful thing he has said since Joe stated that Barack Obama was not ready to be President. BTW, it is barack Obama who is raising taxes on the middle class through Obamacare and his unwillingness to extend all of the Bush tax cuts and make them permanent. TAXMAGEDDON affect all, including the Middle Class.

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