Barack Obama Campaign Bundler Noah Bryson Mamet Nominated as Ambassador to Argentina Even Though Has Never Been to the Country or Speak Spanish

What a joke, Don’t Cry for Me Argentina … Obama Style. What else would you expect from a community organizer and a “Campaigner in Chief”?

Remember when Barack Obama campaigned that he was going to change the way things were done inside the Belt Way? Well you can forget that as Barack Obama is rewarding one of his campaign blunders with an ambassadorship to Argentina. Noah Bryson Mamet bundled more than $500,000 for President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign and is now being rewarded for his fundraising. There is just one problem, the man who is supposed to represent the United states in Argentina has never been to the country. UNBELIEVABLE. One would think, as echoed at Slate, with the current state of affairs in Argentina, “delicate times, probably opportune times for a diplomat with years logged in South America”.

The Buenos Aires Herald reports, Mamet, who would be replacing Vilma Martínez after her term ended on July 4, is a veteran Democratic fund-raiser and consultant who has no evident experience with Latin American issues.

Sen. Marco Rubio shows his disbelief that the nominee for Ambassador to Argentina has never been there

Presidents often award diplomatic posts to campaign donors and fundraisers, but Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., suspects that Obama’s choice of ambassador to Argentina — a man who bundled more than $500,000 for President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, but who has never been to the country — is in over his head.

“Have you been to Argentina?” Rubio asked Noah Mamet during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing Thursday.

“I haven’t had the opportunity yet to be there,” Mamet replied. “I’ve traveled pretty extensively around the world, but I haven’t yet had a chance [to visit Argentina].”

Rubio implied that Argentina is too important a country to be entrusted to a campaign donor rather than a professional, as is the case with some other diplomatic posts. “I don’t view this appointment as one — I think this is a very significant post,” he said.

UPDATE I: This nomination by Barack Obama gets worse, if possible. In the VIDEO below the US State Department spokesperson does not even know if the nominee for the position to be an Ambassador in a Latin American country speaks Spanish. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!  How could you not know this? Is it any wonder how the Hillary Clinton lead State Department botched Benghazi?

“I don’t have his personal biography in front of me.”

 This presidency cannot end soon enough!

Vice President Joe Biden Congratulates Boston’s Mayor Elect Marty Walsh … Only Problem, He Called the Wrong One

VP Joe Biden comes out of the witness protection program just long enough to make another gaffe …

After Massachusetts state representative Marty Walsh (D) won the mayors race in Boston Tuesday night, Biden phoned him to congratulate him and yelled into the phone, “You son of a gun, Marty! You did it!” Actually no Joe, you did it again. Made another gaffe that is. As it turns out Biden called the wrong Martin Walsh. Wow seriously, nice to see that Joe has all the important numbers saved in his smart phone. I guess in Joe’s case he is lucky he did not call Joe Walsh.


Yes operator, I would like to make a collect call to Marty Walsh …

Just minutes after the election returns arrived in Boston Tuesday night, Martin Walsh’s cellphone rang. It was the vice president of the United States, Joseph R. Biden, offering his congratulations.

“You son of a gun, Marty!” he thundered. “You did it!”

The only problem was, it was the wrong Marty Walsh. Biden had called the cellphone of Marty Walsh, a former aide to US Senator Edward M. Kennedy who is now the president of Gateway Public Solutions, a government relations firm in Boston.

At the time, this Marty Walsh said, he was sitting on the couch with his wife at their home in Natick, watching the election results on television. Meanwhile, the other Marty Walsh, the one who had just been elected mayor of Boston, was at the Park Plaza Hotel, celebrating his victory.

The less-famous Marty Walsh said he thanked Biden for his kind words, but told him that he reached the wrong Marty. He offered to help the vice president track down the right one, the one who had just been elected mayor.

NBC News reports that Biden was not the only Democrat who called the wrong Martin Walsh as well. Ooops! You mean these people are so connected that they have to look up their fellow Democrats names in the Yellow pages?

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak all called political consultant Martin Walsh and not mayor-elect Walsh, according to reports.

A White House phone operator even rang asking him to hold for President Barack Obama before Walsh explained they had the wrong man, the State House News Service reports.

Barack Obama Gaffes Again in Buffalo, NY … Crowd Corrects Him After He Screws Up the Mayor’s Name

Who needs Vice President Joe Biden when we have Barack Obama to make gaffes … 

Barack Obama was in Buffalo, NY yesterday on his campaign 2016 bus tour to discuss how the government is some how going to make school more affordable. During his campaign-like speech Obama screwed up the the mayor’s name. Details, details. Why should our imperial president have to know anyone’s name.  The crowd actually had to corrected him. But we need to give Obama some slack, he has been under a lot of pressure with the foundering economy, record food stamp participation and the Middle East on fire. Maybe he needs a vacation?

I wonder if Obama considers New York is the 57th state? Or is it Oiho?

Exit question: Why is Obama campaigning again? Did I miss something or didn’t he win a second and final term in office in 2012? The only thing that Obama is capable of doing is do a stump speech. Although it would appear he can’t even get people’s names right.

Could you imagine the reaction of the MSM had George Bush made the same gaffe?

More Gaffes from the Smartest President Ever … President Barack Obama Calls the United States and Europe ‘Developing Countries’


As reported at the UK Telegraph,  who knew that the United States and Europe were developing countries? HUH? How on earth does a President of the United States refer to America as a developing country? In a recent interview with The New York Times with Barack Obama given in Galesburg, Illinois, the site of his unimpressive and politically partisan speech on the economy at Knox College last week, President Obama had the following to say to reporters Jackie Calmes and Michael D. Shear.


Oops, where’s my damn teleprompter?

And one of the interesting things that we don’t talk about enough is the contrast between what’s happened in the United States and what’s happened in a lot of other developing countries, Europe in particular. It’s pretty rare where we have the chance to look at two policy approaches and follow them over several years and see which one worked. And the fact is there are a lot of European countries who followed the prescription that the House Republicans are calling for right now, and not only have they lagged well below where we’ve gone in terms of growth, in many cases their debt and their deficits have actually gone up because their economy is still effectively in recession. And although we haven’t been growing as fast as we would like, we have consistently outperformed those countries that followed the recipe that the House Republicans are offering right now.

Could you imagine that the MSM’s reaction would have been if George W/ Bush made the same comment?

Hmm, the “Developing States of America”? Well, if Obama has his way and keeps it up in destroying the United States with his liberal agenda, open boarder for illegals, high taxes and high unemployment, Obama might just turn us into a developing country yet.

US Secretary of State John Kerry Invents New Country of Kyrzakhstan … Imagine How the MSM would Have Reported if He were a Republican?

What a joke … You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, unless you are a Democrat.

The new US Secretary of State John Kerry is off to a rather inauspicious start. In his first trip abroad during a speech he managed to invent a new country …  Kyrzakhstan. It would appear that Obama’s Secretary of State needs a geography lesson. As reported at the Daily Mail, Kerry’s gaffe emerged as he arrived in London for the first leg of an 11-day tour of Europe and the Middle East, making his debut in his new job. Imagine, just imagine how this gaffe would have been reported if Kerry was a Republican. But of course there is no liberal, media double standard. With the bumbling, stumbling stupidity of and anti-Israel nomination of recently Senate approved Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and John “why the long face” Kerry, should we expect anything else from the failed Obama presidency? Dear God help us.

In an embarrassing slip of the tongue, the new US secretary of state praises US diplomats working to secure “democratic institutions” in a Central Asian country, which does not exist.

US Secretary of State John Kerry was referring to the poor, landlocked nation of 5.5 million, Kyrgyzstan, but he appeared to confuse it with its resource-rich neighbour to the north, Kazakhstan.

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