Liberals are Their own Worst Enemy … Liberal NY Times Smear Attack on John McCain … The Right & Rush Limbaugh come to Mc Cain’s Defense

How much does the Left fear John McCain as a candidate?

How moronic and stupid could the left possibly be? The attempted drive by smear of the NY Times of soon to be Republican nominee John McCain may just be what the doctor ordered for the right to embrace McCain. Thank you NY Times. Even liberal blogs are very skeptical of the NY Times drive by hit piece on John McCain.

One would have thought that with Hillary Clinton’s recent tale of woe and consecutive losses in the Democratic primaries that it would be her and the Clinton machine that would have attacked Barack Obama and fauxtoshopped pics of Obama, clowns and farm animals would have miraculously surfaced. Instead it was the liberal rag, the New York Times that released and old, tired and previously denied story regarding John Mc Cain and a lobbyists that reared their ugly and biased head.

The New York Times in their liberal bias stupidity have awoke a sleeping giant and unleashed their worst nightmare. Rush Limbaugh has come out in defense of John McCain.

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Natalee Holloway Fauxtograpghy … Was this an Attempt to Discredit Natalee?

During the course of the Natalee Holloway investigation there was a concerted effort by NH_faux1many to discredit Natalee and her family. Many came up with “conspiracy” theories that she for no apparent reason just ran off. Others, including contingents with IP addresses from Aruba and Holland made the accusations that Natalee Holloway some how asked for what occurred. Some even went so far as to state that she was responsible for her own disappearance whether it was intentional or by others actions. The attempt to discredit Natalee Holloway to some how preserve Aruba’s reputation and that of the three suspects became a cottage industry. Is there a reason why this picture and the others that claim to be of Natalee Holloway seen to be disproportionate from other pictures of Natalee with her friends? Natalee is a rather small girl. Why do the pictures of her in Carlos N’ Charlies that were nothing but an effort to show that she was out of control seem just not right? We wonder.

Natalee Holloway 5

(Natalee Holloway with friends in Aruba)

In July of 2005 pictures of Natalee Holloway were posted on-line from Carlos N’ Charlies depicting Natalee Holloway dancing on the bar. It was stated that they were sent to a blog by a tourist. Were they really? Or was this an attempt to discredit Natalee Holloway and use fauxtography to do so?


At first glance it looks like Natalee is dancing on the extension of the dance floor that curves over to the bar.  On closer inspection it appears this photo from July 22, 2005 has been photoshopped. 
I’ve brightened the two photo’s above and noted the photoshopping done.


In the highlighted and enlarged photo below, look at the square below Natalee’s arm and above the girls head. This is one area of photoshopping  We believe the girl is Natalee’s friend Lee.  Also look at Natalee’s top.  Her top had spagetti straps, the strap here looks too wide.  Also there is a vertical line which appears to be another photoshopped area on Natalee’s top.



There are other “oddities” in the photos that are being reviewed.

Was this just an effort by those with a protect Aruban tourism agenda at all cost?


So Why Does an Innocent Man Pay for a Fauxtograph of Joran Van der Sloot with Natalee Holloway?

Welcome Fox News viewers, for those that wish to read the witness and suspect statements, go here or here

The answer is … an innocent person wouldn’t.

Exactly what type of person does this? What would possess someone to pay another to have their picture inserted into an existing picture of a girl who is presumed dead? One that you have been accused of killing.

How warped and sick must someone actually be to do this with a person who all believe to have passed? How disturbed and cruel an individual must one be? Joran Van der Sloot you are truly twisted and have much explaining to do. There is nothing remotely funny about this, but it certainly says much about your character and mental make up. What would your parents have to say about their little “sporter” now?


(Real photo above)



(Fauxtograph of Joran Van der Sloot & Natalee Holloway)


Email to Kees requesting that his picture be fauxto-shopped into an existing picture with Natalee Holloway.

Of course we remember who Kees is …

Girls Come and Go, Joran Van der Sloot.blogspot

Kees say:


Joran replies:


Tonight at 10:00 PM EDT Greta Van Susteren will be interviewing Peter de Vries and Beth Twitty regarding the recent de Vries show.

Gee Greta, you have done so much to help the family lately and keep the story in the news. Not to mention that “soft ball” interview with Joran.  I guess there must have been a recent big event. Scared Monkeys has one question for Greta van Susteren …


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