Thank You Barack & Obamanomics … Credit Rating Agency Egan Jones Downgraded the United States Because of Unsustainabible Debt

How bad for America is Obamanomics? Another credit agency has downgraded the United States economy over debt concerns. Obama and Democrats answer is to just keep on spending and increasing the debt. Credit rating agency Egan Jones downgraded the United States … Thanks Obama, why on Earth would any credit agency have concerns with a $15.6 trillion debt and growing.

Credit rating agency Egan Jones downgraded the United States Thursday on concern over the sustainability of public debt. Egan Jones is one of the most important ratings firms in the world; they lowered our credit level from AA+ to AA. The firm reduced America from AAA to AA+ in July 2011, just before Standard & Poor’s did the same.

Egan Jones warned. “Without some structural changes soon, restoring credit quality will become increasingly difficult . . . without some structural changes soon, restoring credit quality will become increasingly difficult.”

The Gatway Pundit reminds us of when Obama complained about what GWB did in 8 years with regards to the national debt? Barack Obama called it irresponsible and unpatriotic.  Obama stated that W increased the debt from $5 trillion to $9 trillion. Meanwhile in less than 4 years Obama has increased the debt to 15.6 trillion. If GWB was unpatriotic, then Obama’s handling of the debt is an act of treason.

Nazi & Communist Party Back the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protest Movement


Not only does President Barack Obama and Democrats support the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest movement, it appears that they have two move organizations that have come on board. The American Nazi party throws its support behind the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ folks. To second the Gate Way Pundit, Wow, just Wow! I will also add in a YIKES!

Check this out from Weasel Zippers as we will not be linking to the actual source for obvious reasons.

The “Occupy Wall Street” Movement — WhiteHonor

The foremost authority on National Socialism in America has this to say about “Occupy” [ANP leader Rocky Suhayda — ed.] :

What is really MISSING — is the “MOVEMENT” from these popular protests — its time to pull WN heads out of their collective ass’s, and JOIN IN the attack on Judeo-Capitalism. What do you suggest? That WN Working Class White people DEFEND the Judeo-Capitalists? IF the “movement” wasn’t so PATHETIC it would be OUT THERE — LEADING these protests! The fact that its these “lefties” as you call them, who are picking up the ball and running with it — only shows how much more in tune THEY are with the fed up masses of White Workers, than the fossilized, reactionary “right-wing”. WHO holds the WEALTH and POWER in this country — the JUDEO-CAPITALISTS. WHO is therefore the #1 ENEMY who makes all this filth happen — the JUDEO-CAPITALISTS. WHO therefore do WN need to FIGHT? My heart is right there with these people, perhaps someday the “movement” will SHOW the same COURAGE and DEDICATION that these people OUT THERE FIGHTING are SHOWING!

Sincerely, ROCKY SUHAYDA Hail Victory! 88!

But wait, its not only the Nazi’s that support the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement, its the Communists as well.

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Democrats have supported the Occupy Wall Street crowd, really? They support hate and Anti-semitism? Seriously?  Wasn’t it Nancy Pelosi that said the Tea Party carried swastikas (VIDEO)? Where is Pelosi now, hell the Occupy Wall Street protesters have the backing of the American Nazi party … um, those folks actually do carry swastikas.

This is what Obama, Pelosi and Democrats are supporting? I do not want to hear that it is just one or two people that are expressing these views, the Occupy crowd has the backing of entire hate organizations. The Tea Party was branded racists because of one fictitious individual who supposedly spit on Pelosi et all, even though it was never proved. How can any one not say that the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters are not racist? For a party that is so supposedly  against racism, how do Democrats support a movement that is backed by the American Nazi party?

Remember this diddy from Nancy Pelosi … when she called Town Hall Tea party folks ‘AstroTurf” and said that they were carrying swastika and other symbols. What do you say now Nancy regarding the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters?

Wallstreet Has Unfavorable Opinion Of Obama’s Job Speech … Dow Down 303.68 points, 2.7%, Falls Below 11,000

“Pass the bill, pass the bill, pass the bill” … Doesn’t appear that Wall street is too impressed with Obama’s jobs bill. Seems that the DOW is more like, “PASS ON THE BILL”.

The US markets were down triple digits following Obama’s job speech as the NY Times says that the US markets are following the economic uncertainty in Europe. Really, because it has nothing to do with the economic situation in the United States and a jobs plan that Obama is insisting that Congress pass immediately as all or nothing. Sorry President Obama, it does not work that way. Especially coming from a failed jobs Prez like you.

“Even yesterday’s speech raises questions of whether there will be support for fiscal policy,” he said about the president’s jobs address.

Mr. Obama’s plan focused on generating jobs and included a number of tax cuts and spending proposals, like an extension and expansion of the cut in payroll taxes and a tax holiday for small businesses for hiring new employees.

Mr. Ballew said that questions persisted about how much of the proposal would pass.

What was the markets reaction a day after Barack Obama’s more of the same class warfare, jobs speech … the Dow lost 303.68 points, 2.7% and fell below 11,000 to 10,992.13.  What of Obama’s job speech, other than most of it was a repetition of previously failed Obama policies. There is a reason why only 19% of Americans think the country is headed in the right direction. The answer cannot be more of the same of this Presidents ideas. We already had a $787 billion stimulus bill that failed miserably, now Obama wants to do son of stimulus as have Congress pass a $447 billion jobs bill.  Sorry if Americans are skeptical, especially when it sounded like an awful lot of class warfare in the speech. Some of his ideas might be ok, seeing that they have been out there for years, Obama just has shelved them. But the idea of coupon job hiring is a farce. Temporary infrastructure jobs, that is not the answer. Get the government out of the way of business … that can only happen when Obama is defeated in 2012.

What was most peculiar though from Obama’s speech was not his repeated comment of “pass the bill”, that was just an annoyance after the third time it was said. It was what Obama did not say as opposed to the dribble, fabrications and spin from his jobs campaign speech.  As stated at Michelle Malkin, not once were “green jobs” mentioned. Rather odd, hasn’t “green” jobs and technology been the corner stone of the Obama economy? Maybe he left it out do to the some what scandalous relationship with the WH and the now bankrupt Solyndra what receoved $500 million in stimulus monies.

Let’s face it, in last nights speech the only job that Obama was looking to save was his own.

UPDATE I: How more annoying could Obama be that constantly repeating the phrase, “pass this jobs bill” … how about the spam emails that the WH sent to reporters. Good grief Barack, a little over kill don’t you think?

President Obama Called for Congress to skip the “political posturing” in Weekly Address … Now Only if Obama Would Do the Same

More from the Hypocrite and Chief … Do as I say, not as I do.

Today Barack Obama called for Congress to stop the “political posturing” and pass bills to fund US transportation programs. First, Obama needs to stop his game playing. If President Zero is to have any credibility Obama needs to stop his childish game playing like scheduling his Jobs speech in front of a joint session of Congress on the very time and day that a GOP Presidential candidate debate had long been planned. Obama’s little, small, shameless stunt backfired on his in a major way and not only showed just how “lost in smallness” he is, showed that the GOP Speaker has more clout than the Prez. Way to diminish the Office Barack.

Wasn’t Obama $787 billion stimulus package supposed to pay for shovel ready infrastructure projects? So we are going to spend even more money the US does not have to do the very same thing that Obama’s failed stimulus did? NO, NO MORE!!! Obama said in his Weekly Address, “This isn’t a Democratic or a Republican issue – it’s an American issue.” Some one needs to say this … SHUT UP MR. PRESIDENT. Sorry, but there is nothing about you that is not political or partisan. You are all about “blue” states and “red” states … YOU HAVE BEEN A DISASTER FOR THE UNITED STATES. As stated at Jammie Wearing Fool, how you could have kept a straight face during the above Weekly Address shows the Presidents adept ability to lie to the American people.

In his weekly address, the president said a failure to pass a surface transportation bill would “put a stop to highway construction, bridge repair, [and] mass transit systems.”

“Usually, renewing this transportation bill is a no-brainer,” Obama said in his weekly address. “In fact, Congress has renewed it seven times over the last two years.  But thanks to political posturing in Washington, they haven’t been able to extend it this time – and the clock is running out.”

The president said “almost 1 million workers could be in danger of losing their jobs over the next year” if Congress delays funding for too long.

However, is there any reason why anyone should listen to Obama? If he is calling for more high speed rail and the same old tired infrastructure spending, we have heard this before. Obama’s policies on the economy have failed. FAILED MISERABLY!!!

No sooner had President Barack Obama shocked the political world with a gloomy economic forecast — projecting 9.1 percent unemployment for this year and a re-election-killing 9 percent for 2012 — than the dismal August jobs report arrived showing no gain in non-farm payrolls. That’s right, no gain at all. Private jobs increased a scant 17,000, while hours worked and wages actually declined. Obama’s economic policies have failed.

Barack Obama is a shameless, political, partisan hack. The likes that we have never seen and hopefully will never see again. Obama has been an abject failure and it is him and him alone as to why the economy gained zero jobs in August 2011 and the why the Employment Index has fallen to an all-time low.

More Obama Hope & Change: US Consumer Confidence Drops to Lowest Since Carter

Oh Yeah, He’s re-electable …

Once again we are witness to more “Hope & Change” from President Barack Obama … How many voters have buyer’s remorse?  Obama and his minions try and compare him to Reagan and Lincoln … SORRY, OBAMA IS CARTERESQUE!

Move over Jimmy Carter … American has Barack Obama, the worst President in modern American history. What more damage can Obama do to America? I am guessing he contemplates that while golfing.  The fact of the matter is that confidence in Obama is gone and is in no sign of ever coming back. Obama has done out of his way to implement policies that have failed and continues down the same path of failed polices and agendas. Obama has never been a leader, he was a talker and a campaigner. All of America is finally figuring it out. HAS A COUNTRY EVER HAD MORE BUYER’S REMORSE IN A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION?

The unemployment rate continues to be over 9% and the underemployment is at 18.1%. Barack Obama is the first US President to reside over an economy that has had a downgrade of its credit rating.  Add one more notch to Obama’s belt … consumer confidence has dropped to the lowest level in three decades. Not since the Presidency and “MISERY” of  Jimmy Carter has the consumer confidence been so low.

Confidence among U.S. consumers plunged in August to the lowest level since May 1980, adding to concern that weak employment gains and volatility in the stock market will prompt households to retrench.

The Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan preliminary index of consumer sentiment slumped to 54.9 from 63.7 the prior month. The gauge was projected to decline to 62, according to the median forecast in a Bloomberg News survey.

The biggest one-week slump in stocks since 2008 and the threat of default on the nation’s debt may have exacerbated consumers’ concerns as unemployment hovers above 9 percent and companies are hesitant to hire. Rising pessimism poses a risk household spending will cool further, hindering a recovery that Federal Reserve policy makers said this week was already advancing “considerably slower” than projected.

According to a recent Gallup poll, only 8% of Americans think that the economy is good or excellent, while 55% believe its poor. It gets worse, or better if you are Barack Obama … 80% believe the US economy is getting worse, only 16% believe its getting better. That 16% either need their heads examined or root for the total destruction of America.

The numbers on the consumer sentiment index fell to 54.9 in early August, down from 63.7 in July, and the index has fallen for three straight months. Gallup has economic confidence at -56. Thanks Barack Obama.

Unemployment at 9.1 percent of the workforce, low wage rises, and the protracted debate in Congress over raising the U.S. government debt ceiling spooked consumers, survey director Richard Curtin said in a statement.

“Never before in the history of the surveys have so many consumers spontaneously mentioned negative aspects of the government’s role,” Curtin said.

“This was more than the simple recognition that traditional monetary and fiscal policy measures were largely spent. It was the realization that the government was unable or unwilling to act,” Curtin added.

Bad economic times were expected by 75 percent of all consumers in early August, just below the all-time peak of 82 percent in 1980. Buying plans for household durables and vehicles declined in early August, falling back to their recession level lows.

Barack Obama and his policies have crushed the spirit of Americans. According to a recent Rasmussen poll, only 32% say America’s best days are in the future. What inspiration Barack has given us. Is it any wonder why Obama has a -22% Rasmussen Presidential Index and an overall job approval rating of -6.3%.

As the Gateway Pundit states, its Barack Obama’s “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED”. 2012 can not get here fast enough. “We the People” need to take our country and future back in 2012 and throw this clown out of office in resounding and “landslideable” fashion.

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