Mitt Romney Fires Back on Obama Deceitful Ads and Slams Obama for Lying … “When a President Does not Tell the Truth, How can we expect him to Lead?” (Video)


Mitt Romney fires back at President Barack Obama and his deceitful, misleading and out right lies in the most recent political ad, “When a President Does not Tell the Truth, How can we expect him to Lead?” Obama lied about Hilary Clinton, he lied about Obamacare being a tax, he lied that he would keep unemployment under 8% with a $787 billion stimulus, he lied about the number of jobs he would create, he lied about the cost of Obamacare and now he is lying about Mitt Romney’s business past and outsourcing.

All this to distract from the present reality that Obama cannot run for reelection based on his actions and policies for the past 3+ years.


President Barack Obama, The Outsourcer in Chief … Obama’s Record on Outsourcing draws Criticism from his Base

Who is outsourcing jobs?

As President Barack Obama accuses Mitt Romney of outsourcing jobs in his days at Bain Capital, it would seem that Obama has some explaining to do as he has been president in outsourcing American jobs. The WAPO discusses another Obama broken campaign promise from 2008 … “Barack Obama promised voters four years ago that he would work to slow the outflow of American jobs to other countries.”

What say you Mr. President … cat got your tongue?

The issue of overseas outsourcing has returned to the center of the presidential campaign, with Obama hammering the record of Mitt Romney’s financial company. The debate intensified in recent weeks with Obama’s campaign attacking his Republican rival after a Washington Post article reported that Romney’s private-equity firm, Bain Capital, had invested in companies that specialized in helping other firms relocate work overseas.

American jobs have been shifting to low-wage countries for years, and the trend has continued during Obama’s presidency. From 2008 to 2010, U.S. trade with China alone cost about 450,000 American jobs because of the growth of Chinese exports, said Robert E. Scott, a pro-labor advocate at the liberal Economic Policy Institute. That figure was less than in previous years, but the decrease was probably tied to the U.S. economic slowdown, which crimped demand for imports.

According to a study by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, large American companies in 2010 barely added any workers in the United States, increasing their numbers by 0.1 percent, while they expanded their foreign workforce by 1.5 percent. That was business as usual — between 2004 and 2010, the bureau reported, foreign affiliates hired 2 million workers while 600,000 were added by the companies at home.

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Are Obama’s Bain Negative Ads making Inroads Against Romney … Too Bad Fact Says “Obama’s Outsourcer Overreach” … Barack, What About Your GE Outsourcing Jobs Advisor Immelt?

Far be it from Barack Obama and his reelection minions to lets facts get in the way of a smear political ad.

The New York Times continues the story of Barack Obama’s negative attacks on Mitt Romney and Bain Capital stating that they are making inroads against Romney. However, too bad that they are false, but why would the truth ever get in the way of the Obama administration and especially his reelection team. FACT CHECK.ORG states that the “outsourcing” claims by Obama’s political ads a a stretch …”The president’s campaign fails to back up its claims that Romney ‘shipped jobs’ overseas.”  Does anyone really think that Obama and Democrats care much about presenting the truth when Obama just perpetrated the greatest hoax and “bait and switch” on the American people with Obamacare? Obama misrepresented his health care plan to the People as not a tax, then defended it to the Supreme court as a tax.



Propelled by a torrent of blistering television advertisements, President Obama is successfully invoking Mitt Romney’s career at Bain Capital to raise questions about his commitment to the middle class, strategists in both parties say, as the candidates engage in a critical summer duel to set the terms for this fall.

Despite doubts among some Democrats about the wisdom of attacking Mr. Romney’s business career, Obama commercials painting him as a ruthless executive who pursued profits at the expense of jobs are starting to make an impact on some undecided voters, according to strategists from both sides, who differ on whether they are causing any substantial damage.

Legal Insurrection is 100% correct, the Obama- Bain attacks are poorly done and false. However, even when something is poorly states and a falsehood is said enough by the liberal MSM complex, it becomes its own truthful narrative.

More from FACT CHECK.ORG regarding Barack Obama’s false ads against Romney regarding Bain Capital.

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