Daily Commentary – Tuesday, October 23, 2012 – Donald Trump Hints at Big Announcement on Wednesday

  • Claiming he will disrupt the election with a “very big” revelation via Twitter about the President on Wednesday

Daily Commentary – Tuesday, October 23, 2012 Download

Donald Trumps Says He is Not Going ot Run for President

Donald Trump says … I have decided not to pursue the office of the presidency. In a move that should pretty much not surprise anyone, The Donald will not run for the GOP nomination for the President. As much as he would like to, Trump is out. Next, Trump has milked enough attention and PR for himself. Then again, did anyone think he was a serious candidate?

“After considerable deliberation and reflection, I have decided not to pursue the office of the presidency,” Trump said in a statement.

With his typical bravado, Trump maintained that he would have won the Republican primary and the general election, but recognized that “running for public office cannot be done half-heartedly.”

“Ultimately, however, business is my greatest passion and I am not ready to leave the private sector,” Trump said in the statement.

Trump served his purpose, he made Obama blink.

THE LYING KING: Obama the Serious Attacks Donald Trump at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

President Barack Obama is a joke … Lost in Smallness, Part 102.

Barack Obama, the serious President once again shows the only thing that he is good at … being the “Clown Prince” in chief and attacking his rivals by making jokes. Isn’t it just amazing that the individual who said he wanted to put an end to the “birth certificate” story, is the only one still talking about it. How appropriate though that Obama play as his official birth video footage of the ‘Lion King’ because we all know that Barack Hussein Obama is the LYING KING!

As Obama made jokes and attacked Donald Trump, who was in the audience, Fox News and any rival, he went on to say the following. Isn’t it interesting that Obama just can’t let the birther story go.

“Donald Trump is here tonight,” said Obama. “Now, I know that he’s taken some flak lately but no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than The Donald. And that’s because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter, like, ‘Did we fake the moon landing?’ ‘What really happened in Roswell?’ And ‘Where are Biggie and Tupac?’”

Not to be out done, LEFTY Seth Meyers of SNL went after Trump in what might not be considered humor. One question, I wonder how the thin skinned Barack Obama would have handled these attacks?

But Obama was downright polite compared with Meyers, who zeroed in on The Donald.

Trump “said he’s running as a Republican,” said Meyers. “Which is surprising: I just assumed he was running as a joke.”

It didn’t stop there. Trump “often appears on Fox,” said Meyers, which is funny “because a fox often appears on Donald Trump’s head.”

Barack Obama: The Lying King

It is simply unbelievable that Barack Obama has reduced the Presidency to a stand up comedy act. This President is so small, so thin skinned, that he refreshes the opportunity to go after his political adversaries as his like the Left Coast Rebel states, he was in high school. I agree 100% with the LCR’s analysis that Obama is so insecure and such a complete and total failure as President that he must attack other to make himself feel better.

Obama’s petulance highlights a man not comfortable in his own skin; someone that has never had to face criticism of any kind; a petulant man that tripped and stumbled into the presidency and has no clue what the hell he is doing.

Seriously, I’m no Trump fan but addressing him directly like this? So weird and Dear Leader-esque.

Seriously, how sad is it that Obama is only comfortable when he is cracking jokes at other expense? Mr. President, no one is laughing in the South where there are 300+ dead after the deadly tornadoes swept through this week, no one is laughing at the $5 – $6 a gallon cost of gas, no one is laughing at the continued loss in value of the US dollar, no one is laughing at the continued out of control government spending and national debt. No one is laughing at the rising cost of goods and inflation.

To make matters even more puzzling for “The Chosen One”, who provides Trump with more PR as a form of punishing them? As stated at InstaPundit, why would anyone make a rival bigger who obviously made serious inroads and dented the armor of Obama. The One would never have provided his long form birth certificate had it not been damaging Obama in the polls. And like a complete novice, Obama fell for the bait.

No one is laughing that Americans think that the United States is in a recession!


Donald Trump, the Rated “R” Superstar … Trump Drops “F” Bombs During Speak in Vegas

Donald Trump says, What ever is “F’n” said in Vegas, doesn’t necessarily have to stay in “F’n” Vegas.

Donald Trump was not at a loss for words, nor expletives, during his speech in Las Vegas, Nevada as he ripped the establish government on Iraq, education, oil and China. Whether Trump runs or  not, he has tapped into the anger and frustration of the American people and the status quo politicians. YIKES, looks like Trump is going after the Mofo vote.

We build a school, we build a road, they blow up the school, we build another school, we build another road they blow them up, we build again, in the meantime we can’t get a f***ing school in Brooklyn,” Trump says.

To the audiences approval, while talking oil.

“We have nobody in Washington that sits back and said, you’re not going to raise that f****ing price,” he says.

And finally, while speaking about taxing Chinese goods.

“Listen you mother f***ers we’re going to tax you 25 percent,” Trump says.

I have to agree with The Lonely Conservative, that serious politicians do not go around dropping the “F” bomb, let alone the “MF” bomb. Who knew I have to use my 7 second sensor delay on YouTube as a supposed Presidential candidate made a speech. Which is unfortunate, because although I would never vote for Trump, I find him amusing and necessary to tear at Obama and status quo politicians. Lost in all the profanity, because that is all the “Fu#@ing” MSM will play was the following doozy … “you know there is a really good chance no matter what happens I won’t win ,because one of these blood sucking politicians who has been bullshitting people for years will wind up getting elected.”

However, I will say this had he not decided to drop the “F” bombs this would have been a pretty good speech. Trump talked about the present weak Obama leadership that is having difficulty with Libya, what are they going to do with our greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel? We have weak, pathetic, incompetent leadership.

More from The Other McCain who is spot on.

Trump’s speech kind of reminded me of a satire comedy routine to lambaste Obama, not the actions of an actual serious and electable Presidental candidate. I will say this to Trump’s credit … he is a master marketer and knows exactly what to say and how to act to get the MSM’s attention.

Donald Trump takes Credit for Obama Releasing his Long Form Certificate of Live Birth

Barack Obama bested by The Donald …

This morning in Portsmouth, NH at a presser Donald Trump took credit for President Barack Obama finally releasing his “long form” certificate of live birth. Trump played the role of the conquering hero in making Obama finally say “uncle” as Trump stated, “I am very proud of myself”.  Of course the question will always remain, why did Obama wait so long to release the document, why did the Hawaii Governor say it did not exist and why would Obama spend millions to prevent it’s release?

“Today I am very proud of myself, because I’ve accomplished something that nobody else was able to accomplish,” Trump said after landing in the Granite State.

More from Real Clear Politics:

“I’m taking great credit and you have to ask the president, ‘why didn’t he do this a long time ago? Why didn’t he do it a long time ago?’ When Hillary Clinton was asking, when everybody was asking, why didn’t he do it? It’s shocking. It’s shocking,” Donald Trump said at a press conference this morning on President Obama’s birth certificate.

Was Trump really to credit for Obama’s release of the birth certificate as recent polls shows an alarming amount of people who definitely believed Obama was born in the USA? Or did Obama release his “TRUMP” Birth card in order to get some type of bounce in the polls so that he would not go below 40%?

Barack Obama Finally Shows Long Form Birth Certificate … After More than 2 Years in Office (UPDATE: Um, Why Now?)


Barack Obama … the ultimate chapter of “Lost in Smallness”.

Under pressure, continued attacks from Donald Trump and polling data that questions whether Barack Hussein Obama was born in the United States, Obama will have a press conference today and via the Drudge Report has released his birth certificate. View certificate HERE.


Barack Obama: Born in the USA …

Hmm, for an issue that is supposedly so bad for Republicans, why is the President giving this issue even more legs and credence? The President has finally buckled to the pressure. As the bias MSM is inclined to do, in carrying water for Obama, they collectively stated that the “bither” issue was harming the GOP. WRONG. This issue of the lack of an Obama birth certificate and the pounding that Trump had dome on the issue was harming Barack Obama. Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion is 100% correct, Trump has done damage to Obama. So much so that the President feels the need to have a presser on it amidst total chaos in the economy, gas prices and the Middle East.

What an amazing coup for Donald Trump in that he seemingly has forced President Obama to release his birth certificate. Something that many have asked, including the Hillary Clinton during the Democrat primaries.

UPDATE I: As reported at the Drudge Report, Obama was to release Long Form Birth Certificate. Um, WHERE IS IT? As similarly reported at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion, isn’t this the same “certificate of live birth.”  Not a birth certificate, not also another certificate of life birth.  Although this form does have more info, one has to wonder if this is all that Obama and the WH is going to release, this story is in no way over.

UPDATE II: Barack Obama has presser on “Birth Certificate”. He stated that we are not going to be able to solve difficult issues if we are distracted by side shows. Obama just called Trump a “carnival barker” in his presser. Really Mr. President, you mean like the Obamacare being a distraction to jobs and the economy. Wow, Obama’s tone and comments were like former president Clinton’s “I did not Have Sex with that Woman”.

Obama has his own “Bill Clinton” moment, “I was not born outside the United States, not a single time, and now I have to go back to the work of the American people.

So now is the time for serious debate, says Barack Obama. Really Barack … actually the time for seriousness and dealing with important issues like the economy, jobs, unemployment and the out of control federal deficit was day one that you took office.

So the question is, why now? Why would Obama and his minions wait until now to release something that should have been done years ago? Obviously the internal polling data was worse than reported by the state run media. Also, with the rising gas prices and Obama’s falling poll numbers, Team Obama may have wanted to create a fire wall so not go into the 30% job approval.

UPDATE III: Obama going to get to the work of the American people. What the hell have you been doing since you were in office sir?

President Obama said today he released new copies of his Hawaii birth certificate today because the flap over his birthplace threatens to overshadow the “enormous challenges” facing the nation.

“We’re not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers,” Obama said.

UPDATE IV: Comments from the blogs:

From Hot Air comes the following truth, ok, now that the birth certificate is no longer, we can now concentrate on the fact that Barack Obama is a complete failure as President.

The Lonely Conservative asks, why wasn’t this done 2 years ago?

Actor Robert DeNiro Blasts Donald Trump … “Go get the facts before you start saying things about people.”

As reported at the HuffPo,the celebrities are aligning in support of Obama and criticizing anyone who may dare question Obama’s birth certificate. Actor Robert DeNiro went after Donald Trump and compared him to a used cars salesman for having the gall to dare question President Barack Obama may not have been born in America. It would appear that the LEFT in lockstep has now focused on this one issue to deflect from the fact that Obama has been an abject failure in everything he has touched since becoming President which can explain his falling polling numbers.

What ever happened to this guy?

“I won’t mention names, but certain people in the news the last couple weeks, just, what are they doing? It’s crazy. They’re making statements about people that they don’t even back up,” DeNiro said. “Go get the facts before you start saying things about people.”

DeNiro went on to confirm that Trump was among the unidentified folks to which he referred.

“It’s like a big hustle. It’s like being a car salesman,” DeNiro said. “Don’t go out there and say things unless you can back them up. How dare you?

But do  not worry, its not like DeNiro has any personal bias for Barack Obama. Add DeNiro to the long list of lib actors who blindly drink the Obama Kool-aid. Obama is the only politician who’s intentions are “essentially good”. Of course they are Robert, I guess DeNiro must have missed Obama’s intentions with regards to the faltering economy, lack of jobs, gas prices and increasing inflation. As opined by The Other McCain, how absolutely weak and pathetic that DeNiro would look at one’s intentions and not their results. Touche. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Also, others that were not so well intentioned as well.

DeNiro, who campaigned for Obama’s election in 2008, also expressed displeasure at the fact that the government was almost shut down, but added that he believed that Obama’s intentions, unlike other politicians, are essentially good.

Just curious Mr. DeNiro, do you also question Barack Obama when he makes accusations without the facts or just flat out intentionally spins them?

Rasmussen: Poll Shows Obama Beats Karl Rove’s Joke Candidate, Donald Trump, But …


Looks like those who were recently polled by Rasmussen agree with Karl Rove, Trump is a joke candidate.  In a hypothetical match up between President Barack Obama and Donald Trump, Rasmussen says Obama wins 49% to 34%. YIKES!!! Notice the 12% that would not vote for either candidate, that’s rather interesting and troubling for “The One”.

President Obama leads Donald Trump by 15 percentage points in a hypothetical 2012 match-up, but the president is unable to top the 50% level of support even against an opponent some are deriding as a joke.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that the president earns support from 49% of Likely Voters nationwide, while Trump attracts the vote from 34%. Given that choice, 12% would vote for some other candidate, and five percent (5%) are undecided.  (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Read more

Sarah Palin Says of Trump and Obama Birth Certificate Investigation … “More Power to Him”

On Fox News’ Justice with Judge Jeanine, Sarah Palin was  asked to weigh in on Donald Trump’s interest, investigation and comments on the Obama “Birther movement”.  As reported at Mediaite Sarah Palin said the following:


“The Donald” is devoting to researching the existence of the president’s birth certificate. Palin’s answer? She noted it wasn’t that unthinkable for Trump to be curious about Obama’s birth certificate, as it was an issue that has transfixed a sizable segment of the body politic.

She expressed hope that perhaps Trump’s piles of money would be the key ingredient missing from prior investigations of the President’s birthplace;

When asked about the controversy surrounding Barack Obama’s birth certificate, Sarah Palin responded in a credible and professional manner, but also provided some “red meat” for her base … “I believe he was born in Hawaii,” however, the president’s decision not to release his birth certificate was “perplexing.”

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