Diario Aruba: Joran’s Sneakers Found at Light House in Aruba???

Sneakers found at lighthouse in Aruba. Are these the missing Joran Van der Sloot sneakers?

Supposedly this area was searched. Is it possible that these sneakers are the one’s missing from Joran Van der Sloot in the case of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway?



Missing in Aruba: 12-year old Morellia Larmonie Missing Since 5/21/2008 … (Update: Found Safe)

There appears to be another missing girl in Aruba. This time its 12 year old Aruban girl, Morellia Larmonie, who has been missing since Wednesday, May 21, 2008. The Aruban police are treating the disappearance as a runaway minor. (Dutch version)

What is rather disturbing and seems to be a common thread when hearing of missing cases in Aruba, the police do not seem to make any real effort to find the missing people. The lack of seriousness, especially at the outset of missing person cases, is troubling.  It is an issue that we are hearing from the parents of 12 year old Morellia Larmonie feel the need to say that “very little effort is made to actively locate the girl.”


12 year old Morellia Larmonie, Diario

Morellia got on the bus in Pos Chiquito last Wednesday afternoon, but never got off the bus in Rooi Hundu where she lives.

They say that the police treat the case as a ‘runaway minor’ and very little effort is made to actively locate the girl.  The father doesn’t say whether there is reason for the girl to run away from Home.  “She lives with her mother, so I do not know all the details.  But I can’t imagine that Morellia prefers to stay in hiding and do not want to call home.  I really can’t imagine that.”

UPDATE I: This is news we like to hear. According to a report that we received from Jossy Mansur, Managing editor of Diario, the 12 year old girl has been found safe by her father yesterday.

Girl missing for almost one week (Amigoe: 5/29/2008)

ORANJESTAD – The parents of the 12-year old Morellia Larmonie that vanished without a trace last week Wednesday, are desperately looking for witnesses that may know where the girl can be.  Morellia got on the bus in Pos Chiquito last Wednesday afternoon, but never got off the bus in Rooi Hundu where she lives.

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Aruban Minister Booshi Wever Suing Diario, Freedom of the Press, Not in Aruba

In Aruba, words are more offensive than individuals actions …

It appears that once again an Aruban political official is suing Jossy Mansur and Diario for of defamation. Minister Candelario (Booshi) Wever is suing Diario claiming that his reputation was tarnished by statements made in Diario. So much for freedom of the press or free speech.


The minister says that ‘desgraciado’ is one of the worst insults in Papiamento.  That word is translated as ‘unhappy’ in the Diccionario Avanza of Jossy M. Mansur (also director of Diario), but in the normal linguistic usage, the meaning is much stronger and very offensive.  The article also insinuates that the minister is the owner of a brothel in Venezuela and that Wever’s days are numbered and that he will feel the Colombian Community breathing down his neck.  That is actually the reason why the minister instituted the lawsuit to demand a rectification from Diario.  

Is it any wonder why Aruban officials could not cope with the American press during the Natalee Holloway disappearance and investigation? These people are more worried about what is said about them than the actual facts that transpire during a story. Its not always the politicians, but the people themselves. Was there anything more heinous than Beth Holloway, the mother of missing Natalee Holloway having to apolgize to the Kalpoe’s for comments made when all signs pointed to the fact that they were some how involved at took part with her daughters disappearance.

Booshi Wever wants to see his name cleared (Amigoe: 5/10/2008)

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Natalee Holloway: Comments Form Jossy Mansur Regarding New Developments in Aruba and Joran Van der Sloot

The following are comments that I received today from Jossy Mansur, Managing Editor of Diario. It would seem that Aruba has grown sick and tired of Joran Van der Sloot and his actions. Although they are late to the game, they now do not believe Joran Van der Sloot’s story or his excuses. Joran is no longer welcome in Aruba. It’s about time that Aruba stopped running cover for Joran. Then there is the following confirmation regarding a man who claims he found a telephone behind the lighthouse in 2005. The walls are caving in around Joran Van der Sloot and his family.

Everything is happening in Holland. The Dutch government is now interested in the case and plans to do something about it, we were informed from Holland. Joran was interrogated for more than two hours by the dutch national police and three policemen from Aruba. We still have to hear what came out of that.
The Minister of Justice declared Joran ‘persona non grata’ (unwelcome) in Aruba. He also said he is kicking Paulus off every government committee in which he has a seat (hospital, prison, etc.).
Late, but proof of the change of attitude noticeable everywhere on the island. Most people here are convinced Joran is responsible for Natalee’s death.
The people here are really fed-up with that character. The worst that could have happened to him is the video recording made by De Vries. No one believes his story about being under the influence of marijuana because he never stuttered, never hesitated, his eyes didn’t become vague or unfocused, he was in complete command of himself all the time. He could have used it as an excuse had it not been shown in its entirety (in Dutch) and was seen and heard in Aruba by practically everyone.
Voices are now being raised to kick him and his family off the island. Others want the U.S. to extradite him. Things are moving fast on that level, but on the official level we find the prosecution still pussy-footing with it.
A man claims he found a telephone behind the lighthouse in 2005; it was broken; he fixed it and dialed a person with the phone, so his story goes. The person apparently answered and said that that number belonged to Paulus Van der Sloot. The man is now giving testimony to the police. Late, but still important enough to be taken into consideration.

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