Dylan Farrow Discusses Sex Abuse Allegations Against Woody Allen In Open Letter In New York Times

Dylan Farrow, the adopted daughter of Woody Allen, pens an open letter in the New York Times that should, if they have not already done so, make all question why they have a favorite Woody Allen movie. She detailed the alleged sexual abuse she endured at the hands of Woody Allen. Farrow said she was spurred to comment after Woody Allen was recently honored with a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes. An award that when you look back on the fact that Allen was never charged with any sexual abuse crimes even thought prosecutors back in the 90′s said there was probably cause to do so makes you just question what the Golden Globes were thinking. As Dylan Farrow concluded, “Imagine a world that celebrates her tormenter. Are you imagining that? Now, what’s your favorite Woody Allen movie?

Woody_Allen train

What’s your favorite Woody Allen movie? Before you answer, you should know: when I was seven years old, Woody Allen took me by the hand and led me into a dim, closet-like attic on the second floor of our house. He told me to lay on my stomach and play with my brother’s electric train set. Then he sexually assaulted me. He talked to me while he did it, whispering that I was a good girl, that this was our secret, promising that we’d go to Paris and I’d be a star in his movies. I remember staring at that toy train, focusing on it as it traveled in its circle around the attic. To this day, I find it difficult to look at toy trains.

On a personal note in an open response to Dylan Farrow, I was once a Woody Allen fan and did once consider ‘Manhattan,’  ‘A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy’ and ‘Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask’ my favorite movies. However, that was then and this is now. Since the sexual abuse allegations in the early 90′s I have pretty much put Woody Allen in the “ick” category and with the likes of those like O.J. Simpson, where we know they are guilty, even though it was never proved. Recently, we can add the lies of Casey Anthony to that same list. Dylan, just know that it is not a world that celebrates Woody Allen, it is a deranged, without class, morals or character few that do. However, we are glad that you survived the abuse.

One does have to ask why do celebs who behave badly get rewarded? Yes, Woody Allen is a living testament to the way our society fails the survivors of sexual assault and abuse. Allen was honored at the Golden Globes last month with the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award.Maybe he should have been honored with the Roman Polanski award instead.

Today, I consider myself lucky. I am happily married. I have the support of my amazing brothers and sisters. I have a mother who found within herself a well of fortitude that saved us from the chaos a predator brought into our home.

But others are still scared, vulnerable, and struggling for the courage to tell the truth. The message that Hollywood sends matters for them.

What if it had been your child, Cate Blanchett? Louis CK? Alec Baldwin? What if it had been you, Emma Stone? Or you, Scarlett Johansson? You knew me when I was a little girl, Diane Keaton. Have you forgotten me?

Woody Allen is a living testament to the way our society fails the survivors of sexual assault and abuse.

So imagine your seven-year-old daughter being led into an attic by Woody Allen. Imagine she spends a lifetime stricken with nausea at the mention of his name. Imagine a world that celebrates her tormenter.

Are you imagining that? Now, what’s your favorite Woody Allen movie?

Zakieya Latrice Avery & Monifa Sanford Charged with Murder in Deaths of Two Toddler, Norell Harris & Zyana Harris … Claims She was Performing Exorcism

28 year old Zakieya Latrice Avery and 21 year old Monifa Sanford have been charged with two counts of first degree murder in the death of two toddlers, Norell Harris and Zyana Harris. According to police, a mother killed two of her own children, while performing an exorcism in Germantown, Maryland. The two children, one year old Norell Harris and two year old Zyana Harris  were stabbed to death.

A Germantown mother and another woman accused of killing two toddlers and trying to kill two other children believed that they were releasing demonic spirits that had possessed the siblings, Montgomery County police said Saturday.

The two dead children — a boy, Norell Harris, 1, and a girl, Zyana Harris, 2 — were found Friday morning on their mother’s bed in a Germantown townhouse. Both had been stabbed repeatedly, police said. A sister, Taniya Harris, 5, and a brother, Martello Harris, 8, were seriously injured but are expected to survive.

Police said the women thought that they were performing an exorcism, although it did not appear they had followed any ritual.

“This was all about what was in their minds,” said Capt. Marcus Jones, commander of the county’s major crimes unit. “They felt like there was something bad going on with the children, and they were trying to release it.”

Police identified the women as Zakieya L. Avery, 28, the mother, and Monifa Sanford, 21, who lived with the family. Each has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted first-degree murder.

26 Year Old Father Jonathan Adleta Given Two Life Sentences for Henious Sex Crimes Against His Own Kids … “This defendant is guilty of … the destruction and scarring of his own children.” (Update: Mother Sentnced to 54 Years on Child Porn Charges)

Finally, a judge with some common sense hands down a sentence where the sex predator will never touch another innocent child again.

The following sex crimes case might be one of the sick and most egregious ever seen in the Sunshine state. A father who, along with his wife, planned before the they were born to sexually abuse their children

26 year old Jonathan Adleta, a sex predator and deviant like we hope we never see again, was sentenced to two life terms in prison in Orlando, Florida federal court for the unthinkable and “heinous” sex crime against his two children and the child of another woman. Jonathan Adleta had been convicted in September 2013 of transporting minors across a state line to engage in a sex act and conspiracy. Upon handing down the sentence ti this monster, U.S. District Judge Roy B. Dalton Jr. said of  Jonathan Adleta, “this defendant is guilty of … the destruction and scarring of his own children.” His wife. 29 year old Sarah Adleta, who took part in the sexual abuse, was sentenced to 54 years in prison. She pleaded guilty to producing child pornography with her children as subjects.

Parents Plan Sexual Abuse – Most Vile Story Ever

An Orlando jury convicted Adleta on Sept. 12 of two charges: transporting minors across a state line to engage in a sex act and conspiracy.
On Monday, Dalton handed down two life sentences. He could have given Adleta as little as five years. Instead, he went with the government’s recommendation.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Karen Gable described Adleta’s acts as “despicable and egregious. … The defendant is a grave danger to children.”
The judge agreed, saying he chose two life terms, in part, because he believes Adleta would offend again.

“This defendant is guilty of the sexual exploitation of his own children,” Dalton said.

Evidence at Adleta’s trial showed that he abused his son and daughter and the child of another woman, children who ranged in age from 1 to 4.

To make matters worse, if possible after the hideous crimes of this scum bag, after the Adletas’ marriage ended, Jonathan found a new girlfriend, Samantha Bryant, who also had a daughter. Samantha Bryant told jurors at Adleta’s trial that she let him molest her daughter, too. OMG, HOW DOES A MOTHER LET A MAN MOLEST THEIR CHILDREN!!! Bryant was also charged with and pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting her daughter and allowing him to abuse the girl.

Former Marine Officer to Face Sex Abuse Sentencing.

A man whose parenting plan was detailed during a graphic child-sex trial in Orlando federal court this year will soon learn how much prison time he will serve for his crimes.

His ex-wife, 29-year-old Sarah Adleta, served as a key witness for prosecutors, explaining how having sex with their two children was part of their family parenting plan — even after they divorced.

Prosecutors said Jonathan Adleta had a “sexual appetite” for his own daughter and dreamed of the day when he could have “daddy-daughter sex.”

5 Year Old Jeremiah Oliver Reported Missing 12/13/13 in Fitchburg, MA But Relatives Haven’t Seen Him Since September (Update: Mother Elsa Oliver and Boyfriend Alberto Sierra Arrested)

Sadly, this child abuse and missing persons case looks like it is going to get much worse. Child not seen since September, but not reported missing until this past Friday, December 13.

Jeremiah Oliver_missing

5 year old Jeremiah Oliver was reported missing on Friday, December 13, 2013, in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. However, Jeremiah Oliver was not reported missing by his mother or her boyfriend, but instead by the boys 7 year old sister. The little girl told her teacher at school that her brother was missing. According to accounts, Jeremiah Oliver’s extended family has not seen the boy for 3 months, since September. Nothing good can come from a situation where a mother fails to report her child missing.

Five-year-old Jeremiah Oliver was reported missing on Friday, but relatives say they haven’t seen the child since September.

Investigators immediately searched the home on Kimball Street in Fitchburg and quickly arrested the boy’s mother and her boyfriend.

“I’ve been here for two months. And in the two months I’ve been here, I’ve never seen them,” Ada Santos, a neighbor, said.

District Attorney Joseph D. Early Jr. said they learned of the Jeremiah Oliver’s disappearance after his 7-year-old sister told a teacher at school.

WHDH-TV 7News Boston

 UPDATE I: The mother and boyfriend arrested and are in custody.

Their investigation led to charges against Elsa Oliver, 28 and Alberto Sierra, 22.

“That little girl showed a lot of courage doing what she did,” said Worcester County District Attorney Joe Early.

Oliver was arrested on two counts of reckless endangerment of a child and two counts of accessory after the fact. She will be arraigned Tuesday in Fitchburg District court. The Worcester District Attorney’s office said if Oliver doesn’t produce the child in court, she will be held in contempt of court.

Sierra was arraigned on two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (knife) in connection to an incident with Elsa Oliver. He also faced two counts of assault and battery on a child causing bodily injury related to an incident with Jeremiah and his 7-year-old sister. He was held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing.

UPDATE II: Social worker, supervisor fired in case of missing Fitchburg, Mass. boy.

A state social worker and the worker’s supervisor have been fired as investigators try to determine what happened to a 5-year-old Fitchburg boy who hasn’t been seen since September.

Department of Children and Families Commissioner Olga Roche said Tuesday the two employees, whose names were not disclosed, “have been terminated.”

Anyone with information about the boy is asked to call the State Police Detectives (508-832-9124) or Fitchburg Police (978-345-9648).

53 Year Old Nudist in Palm Beach County, FL Arrested … Claims Pics of 3 Daughters not Child Porn, But Instead “Regular Family Portraits of a Naturist Family”

Child Porn or Nudist pics, you make the call …

53 year old Brian Martens has been arrested and charged one count of producing child pornography and one count of receiving child pornography after having taken “pornographic” pictures of his 3 young daughters and sharing them with other men. It appears that Martens is proving a different and pathetic kind of defense stating that the pics were not child porn, but instead the pictures “are regular family portraits of a naturist family.” Hmm, Brian Martens may also have land to sell you in the Everglades …  Martens is a former resident of the Sunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort in Loxahatchee Groves, FL. However as reported at ABC News, federal magistrate Judge Bill Matthewman said in court on Wednesday that the images of the girls, aged 8 to 12, were suggestive enough that Martens should stand trial.  Judge Bill Matthewman said that many of the photos the court has reviewed are lascivious and they are, in the court’s opinion, sexually explicit.”  If convicted Martens faces a maximum sentence of 30 years for producing child pornography and an additional 20 years if convicted of receiving child porn.


A South Florida nudist, arrested on charges that he helped take pornographic photographs of his three young daughters and shared them with other men, is putting on an unusual defense.

Brian Martens, 53, who was living at a nudist colony in Palm Beach County, is arguing that there is nothing pornographic about the pictures and that they are regular family portraits of a naturist family.

Federal prosecutors say they believe several of the photographs are clearly inappropriate and the final judgment call should lie with a trial jury. A grand jury has already voted there was enough evidence to indict Martens on one count of producing child pornography and one count of receiving child pornography.

The three girls have been taken away from Martens by the Florida Department of Children & Families following Vanaman’s arrest. The children are currently in foster care; however, Martens’ attorney said the girls will be returned to their mother in Illinois, who knew about and supported their decision to live in a nudist community. Great, sounds like they are headed to another irresponsible parent.

Professional photographer, Leslie Grey Vanaman, who  owned A Shade of Grey Photography was already tried and convicted of child porn and is currently serving a 60 year sentence.

Vanaman is serving 60 years in federal prison after he pleaded guilty to charges of receiving and possessing child pornography — including the photographs of Martens’ daughters and other children, prosecutors said. Vanaman already had a 2004 state conviction in New Jersey of possessing child pornography downloaded from the Internet, court records show.

For what it is worth, Marten’s defense attorney James Eisenberg, never gave his permission for the explicit pic of a close-up shot of one of the girl’s genital area to be shot. Reports say that the father cried when he was shown the pictures; however, upon review Marten’s computer shows a much, much different story.

Marten’s attorney James Eisenberg agreed that one of the photographs is child pornography — one the judge described as a close-up shot of one of the girl’s genital area — but said his client did not know the photograph was taken and never gave his permission for it to be shot. Martens hired a professional family photographer to take family portraits, Eisenberg said.


“He cried as he viewed the images,” Galler said.

Martens told the agents he only gave permission for Vanaman to take naturist photos.

But further analysis of Vanaman’s computer revealed a very different story, Galler told the judge. Martens had signed releases and received on several occasions more than 50 photographs that contained child pornography of the three girls taken between 2010 and 2012, Galler said.

Agents also found emails between Martens, Vanaman and a third man in which they discussed Vanaman’s “craft” and “the sensuality and sexuality” of the images.

In 1999 Grand Jury Sought to Indict JonBenet Ramsey’s Parents, Patricia Paugh Ramsey & John Ramsey on Charges of Child Abuse Resulting in Death & Accessories to a Crime

After 17 years, Colorado courts have released the previously sealed court documents of the grand jury indictments against the parents of murdered 6 year old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey, Patricia Paugh Ramsey and John Ramsey. The Colorado grand jury looked to bring identical charges against both Patsy and John Ramsey of child abuse resulting in death and accessories to a crime. However, the indictments were never pursued by the prosecutor stating there was insufficient evidence.

Patsy_John Ramsey

Both John and Patricia Ramsey charged with felonious child abuse resulting in death


Both John and Patricia Ramsey charged by grand jury with felonious accessory to a crime


Colorado court ordered the release of the previously sealed court documents, putting new attention on the unsolved 1996 death of JonBenet Ramsey, a girl who won child beauty pageants and whose murder shocked the nation. The pages were sealed in 1999, after the grand jury in the case dispersed without charges being filed.

The court documents show how the grand jury sought to charge each parent with two identical counts.

The grand jury had alleged that Patricia Paugh Ramsey, who died from ovarian cancer in 2006, and husband John Bennett Ramsey “did … permit a child to be unreasonably placed in a situation which posed a threat of injury to the child’s life or health which resulted in the death of JonBenet Ramsey.”

The grand jury also had alleged that each parent “did … render assistance to a person, with intent to hinder, delay and prevent the discovery, detention, apprehension, prosecution, conviction and punishment of such person for the commission of a crime, knowing the person being assisted has committed and was suspected of the crime of murder in the first degree and child abuse resulting in death.”


Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner said Friday that the murder case is now considered “open,” but it’s a cold case that’s not being actively investigated.

UPDATE I: Grand jury prepared child abuse indictment against JonBenet Ramsey’s parents, newly released documents show.

Fourteen years later, a local newspaper reporter who learned through sources that the grand jury had voted on an indictment convinced a judge to unseal part of it.

There were four pages released, two John Ramsey and two for Patricia, who died of cancer in 2006. Both were indicted on two counts: child abuse resulting in death and accessory to a crime.

But the documents were short on details, raising perhaps more questions than they answered.

Although the Boulder DA had earmarked 18 indictment pages for possible release, the judge only put out those that were signed by the grand jury foreperson.

It’s unclear if the other pages contained more details about the Ramseys’ actions or named someone as the killer.

Ohio Daycare Employee Heather Koon Arrested After Police Discovered Sex Tape of Suspect Raping an Infant


25 year old daycare worker Heather Koon has been arrested for raping a baby. The video of the sex crime was found on Koon’s laptop. The video was reportedly found on Koon’s laptop, after police checked up on her fiancé James Osborne, who is listed on Lorain County’s sex offender website at an incorrect address. The police arrested him as well.  The horrific crime took place at the ABC KIDZ daycare in Elyria, Ohio. Sorry, but they should just these two dirt-bags in a room with the parents who had their children at this daycare and let them take justice into their own hands.

FOX19.com-Cincinnati News, Weather

I still haven’t wrapped my mind around it. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare,” said the baby’s father, who wants to remain anonymous.

The father is speaking out about the incident so other parents can figure out if their child was also victimized.  He says ABC KIDZ daycare in Elyria asked him not to talk about the incident.

“They tried to act like it was a simple assault.  A few hours later they called us back again and asked us to keep it discrete,” said the dad.

The shocked father’s advice; “Any child that’s old enough to talk, they should talk to.  Any child that’s not old enough to talk should be taken to a physician.”

Police arrested Koon after checking up on her boyfriend, James Osborne.  Osborne is listed on Lorain County’s sex offender website as living at another address.  Police arrested him and confiscated a laptop found in the apartment.  A police report shows it belonged to Koon and contained a video file of her “engaging in sexual conduct with an unknown infant”.


Woman Tries to Ram Her Car into a White House Barricade … Car Chase … Ends in Woman Shot Dead Near the US Capitol (Update: Woman ID’d as Miriam Carey)

Capitol on lock down after shots fired.

A woman with a child in car tried to ram her vehicle through White House barricades.

ABC News: Attempt to Ram White House Gate Ends With Conn. Woman Dead. Woman identified as 34 year old Miriam Carey, a dental hygienist from Stamford, CT. Thankfully, the one year old child was unharmed during the insane acts of Carey and the hail of gun fire.

A dental hygienist from Stamford, Conn., was shot dead by police today after allegedly attempting to ram the White House gates and leading authorities on a high-speed chase to the U.S. Capitol, officials said.

The related gunfire sent senators and staffers scrambling inside the Capitol, which was put under lockdown.

The dead suspect was identified as Miriam Carey, 34, according to a spokesman for Carey’s family. Authorities said she had a history of mental health issues, and her mother told ABC News she suffered from post-partum depression.

Weasel Zippers makes some interesting points, the Capitol “Shooter” Doesn’t Fit Media Narrative – No Gun, No Shooting, Woman With Baby In Car.

That was when I knew the case didn’t fit their “evil NRA gun toting” narrative.

Turns out of there was no gun, no shooting, the woman was an African-American dental hygenist with a baby in the car. There were reports that she may have a history of mental illness but it remains to be seen what might have precipitated all this.

Amber Alert Issued North Carolina for 1 Year Old Shylin Olanda Neal Missing Since 8/29/13 in High Point, NC … Child Sleeping Inside Stolen Vehicle (Update: Toddler Found Unharmed)

Authorities have issued an AMBER ALERT in North Carolina for missing 1 year old Shylin Olanda Neal. According to accounts, Shylin’s godfather had parked his white 2003 Chevrolet Suburban outside a Food Lion and left the girl sleeping inside while he went into the store shortly before 10 pm, Thursday night. When he came back to the vehicle, the vehicle and Shylin Olanda was gone. The SUV has a sunroof, a North Carolina license plate No. BJX1565 and a sticker that says “I LOVE WAKEBOARDING.

It is uncertain whether this was intended to be a child abduction or it was a car jacking and the thieves had no idea that there was a child sleeping in the vehicle. One can only hope that if that is the case, there is some honor amongst thieves and they will just drop the child off at a church, fire station or hospital.

Shylin Olandea Neal_amberalert

Authorities were calling in additional manpower Friday to search for a missing High Point baby who was sleeping inside a parked vehicle when it was stolen outside a grocery store late Thursday.

An Amber Alert has been issued for 1-year-old Shylin Olanda Neal. She is described as black, about 18 inches tall and weighing about 24 pounds. She has brown eyes and black hair braided with beads that are blue and clear.

Shylin was last seen wearing a turquoise onesie with a heart print and turquoise shoes.

WFMY, a CBS affliate in Greensboro, reported that Shylin’s godfather parked his white 2003 Chevrolet Suburban outside a Food Lion and left the girl sleeping inside while he went into the store shortly before 10 p.m. When he returned, the vehicle was gone.

UPDATE I: SUV with 17-month-old inside stolen in High Point; Amber Alert issued.

The stolen SUV is described as a white 2003 Chevrolet Suburban with N.C. tags BJX-1565. The vehicle has a sunroof and an “I love wakeboarding” sticker on the back.

As of 7 a.m. Friday, High Point Police Capt. Mike Kirk said there had been no sightings of the SUV or Neal.

Kirk said the vehicle theft “appears to be random.”

The FBI and every law enforcement agency within a 50-mile radius has been notified of the case, Kirk said.

Officers will be back out to the area this morning to canvass surrounding businesses for any surveillance footage. Kirk says they plan to use aircraft to aid in the search efforts once the weather clears.

UPDATE I: Toddler found Safe and Unharmed.

On her way home Friday morning, UNC Greensboro student Mary Rizkalla heard something she’s not used to hearing in the parking lot of her campus apartment complex.

It was a baby, and she was crying.

Rizkalla, 19, was headed to her apartment at Campus Crossing at about 8:35 a.m. Friday. She was the first person to spot the white Chevrolet Suburban that contained a child who had gone missing late Thursday.

Seventeen-month-old Shylin Neal, of High Point, was returned unharmed to her mother Friday.

Anyone with information about the child or the vehicle is asked to call High Point police at 336-887-7940.

Endangered Person Advisory: 12 Year Old Adrianna Horton Missing Since 8/19/13 in Barton County, MO … Suspect Taken into Custody But Girl Still Missing (Update: 34 Year Old Bobby Bourne Charged With Kidnapping) (Update: Body of Adrianna Horton Found Deceased)

12 year old Adrianna Horton has been missing since in Golden City, MO. Horton was seen getting into a vehicle Monday afternoon at 5 pm. The vehicle was later stopped at about 6:30 PM, the suspect was taken into custody; however, the child was not the car. Adrianna Horton is still missing. Police continue the search for missing Adrianna Horton.

Adrianna Horton

The sheriff says she was seen getting into a vehicle in Golden City around 5:00pm Monday afternoon.  The vehicle was stopped an hour-and-a-half later with the suspect being taken into custody, but Horton wasn’t in the vehicle.

The FBI and Missouri Highway Patrol are also assisting with the search.  A helicopter could be used at daybreak Tuesday if Horton isn’t found.

Horton is described as 4’ 5” tall and weighs 70 pounds.  She has short brown hair, brown eyes with a fair complexion.

The Barton County Sheriff’s Department has issued an Endangered Person Advisory for a missing person incident that occurred at Golden Ave at High St, Golden City at 5:15 P.M. on August 19, 2013.

Missing Is: Adrianna Horton a white, female, age 12

The endangered missing person: Adrianna Horton, is a white, female, age 12, hgt 4’05″, 70 lbs, short brown hair, brown eyes, fair complexion, wearing pink t-shirt with hearts on it and jean shorts.

Brief circumstances regarding the Endangered Missing Person incident (Include pertinent medical, mental, or other well being information): Adrianna Horton was observed getting into a vehicle at approximately 5:00 P.M. on August 19, 2013.  The suspect and vehicle were located at approximately 6:30 P.M. on August 19, 2013.  The suspect has been taken into custody and the vehicle impounded.  Horton is still missing.

Investigators have scheduled a briefing for 10:00 Tuesday morning where more details may be released.

UPDATE I: 34 year old  Bobby Bourne has been charged with the kidnapping of 12 year old Adrianna Horton.

Bobby Bourne Jr_murderer

Bobby Bourne Jr. – Barton County Sheriff

Bobby Bourne, the man who has been charged with kidnapping of 12 year old is described as a family acquaintance. Bourne is being held in the Barton County jail on $1 million bond.

34-year-old Bobby Bourne is charged tonight with kidnapping 12-year-old Adrianna Horton. Police say the man from Lockwood was last seen with the girl in a park Monday.

Horton’s eight-year-old sister said Bourne drove up to the girls three times while they were playing in the park.

“He said, ‘Can you help me find my two youngest daughters? They went over to their best friend’s house,’” Lydia Horton said while clutching a picture of her big sister. “Then he said to Sissy, ‘ I have a secret to tell you when we get on the highway.’”

The girl said she turned around and her big sister was gone. Lydia said she ran to her grandmother’s house and told the adults that Adrianna had disappeared.

“What upsets me the most is, she knew this man, she played with this guy’s kids,” said her grandmother. “She would not have gotten into that car willingly.”

For updates, read comments and opinions and provide your own go to Scared Monkeys Missing Person’s Forum: Adrianna Horton.

If you’ve seen her call 911 or the Barton County Sheriff’s Office at 417-682-5541.

UPDATE II: Sad news in the case of missing 12 year old Adrianna Horton. She has been found deceased.

A body was found today in the search for a kidnapped 12-year-old girl, although authorities in Missouri said a positive identification had not been made.

Adriaunna Horton’s father, James Horton, told KMBC-TV that his daughter’s body had been found.

A spokesman for the Missouri State Highway Patrol declined to disclose where the body was found, KMBC reported, but confirmed the search effort for Horton has been suspended.

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