What Would Jesus Say? Black Friday 2012 … Thousands of Teen Girls & Young Women Crowd Entrance at Victoria’s Secret Pink at Oak Park Mall in Overland Park, KS

What would Jesus say?

Sorry, but I long for the days of old when I did not have to see individuals making fools of themselves on Black Friday, acting like a bunch of savages who are without conscience, thought and restraint. All this in the name of getting a sale or bargain price? I can dare say that pretty much everyone in this crowd could not provide a educated guess as to the “reason for the season”. As reported at Action 41 News, thousands of teens and young woman crowded the entrance of a Victoria’s Secret in Overland Park, Kansas all in the name of “Black Friday”.

Let me just say this, is it any wonder why so many people long for the days of yesterday when its citizens were not such mind numb zombies, captives of marketing. Take a good look at yourselves, this is hardly something to be proud of. What the hell ever happened to my country?

It kind of looked like a Justin Bieber concert.

What seemed like thousands of teen girls and young women crowded the entrance at Victoria’s Secret Pink at Oak Park Mall as it prepared to open the gate to Black Friday shoppers at midnight the day after Thanksgiving.

Mall security guards attempted to control the crowd outside the store, which was really more like a hundred or so, as the gate went up. But the crowd was pushing its way in, so a store manager had to step in.

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