Don’t Look Now, Obama Only Ahead by 2 in Nevada … Obama 47% – Romney 45%

Well looky here … Obama is only ahead of Romney by 2% in Nevada.

In yet another battleground state Mitt Romney is gaining ground. As reported by LVRJ, President Obama leads Mitt Romney by ibky two percent, 47% to 45%. Obama won Nevada in 2008 by 12%; however, like in many states that he previously won easily finds himself in a battle in 2012. Why is Nevada in play after a double digit Obama win in 2008? Maybe because when Obama took office Nevada’s unemployment rate was 9.6%, and nearly four years later it stands at 12% and he’s claiming success.” Nevada voters need to ask themselves if they are better off today than they were four years ago. The answer is obviously no.  One has to wonder what the enthusiasm will be like for those who support Obama with a 12% unemployment rate. With the all important Independent vote, Romney is leading Obama 44 percent to 39 percent.

President Barack Obama edges out GOP opponent Mitt Romney 47 percent to 45 percent in a new Nevada poll that shows Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan, evenly splitting voters in the battleground state, too.

Nevada voters are sharply divided on whether Ryan helps or hurts the GOP ticket and on whether they support or oppose the conservative Wisconsin congressman’s plan to reform Medicare for future retirees, according to the survey commissioned by the Las Vegas Review-Journal and KLAS-TV 8 NewsNow.

See full poll results HERE.

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