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Robyn Gardner Missing in Aruba … New Witness Disputes Gary Giordano’s Claims that they Went Snorkeling Day She Disappeared

Robyn Gardner has been missing in Aruba since August 2, 2011. Her travel companion Gary Giordano’s told Aruba police that she went missing while they were snorkeling near Baby Beach.  However, according to the LE Giordano’s stories have been inconsistent. Giordano is presently being held in an Aruba jail as a suspect in the disappearance of Robyn Gardner.

According to a new witness who has come forward, they dispute the story that Gary Giordano has told regarding the fact that the two went snorkeling. The witness says that he was fishing the day that Giordano claims that he and Gardner were snorkeling. He states that the two walked on the beach, but never went into the water.

The witness says he was fishing on a beach on that day and he saw the two take a walk along the reef around 4 p.m., but they never went in the water.

A short time later, the couple drove away and he never saw either of them again, the witness says.

“If this witness ends up being accurate and correct as to locations of both Mr. Giordano and Ms. Gardner, it’s yet another piece of evidence that’s inconsistent with his story,” said ABC News consultant Brad Garrett, a former FBI agent.

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Missing in Aruba … Case Just Got More Bizarre, Gary Giordano Took Out $1.5 million Policy out on Robyn Gardner before Trip to Aruba & Pornographic Pics

Aruba: missing persons, accidental death insurance policies and “beyond pornographic” pics, OH MY!!!

The missing persons case of Robyn Gardner in Aruba  just got more bizarre.

Robyn Gardner has been missing since Aug. 2, 2011 when she was supposedly pulled out to sea by strong currents while snorkeling in Aruba while on vacation with travel companion Gary Giordano. Needless to say the Aruba police have been suspect of Giordano’s story from the outset as there have been inconsistencies. Giordano presently has been ordered to spend another 16 days in jail by an Aruba judge as he is suspected in the disappearance of Robyn Gardner. Now we are learning, according to ABC News, that Giordano took out a $1.5 million on Gardner for a weekend tryst.

Although many individuals do take out travel insurance before they go on vacation, this one raises some eye brows. You take out an insurance policy on some one, who you barely know, who is not your fiance, girl friend or even acquaintance.The purchasing of a policy almost brings a form of premeditation into Gardner’s death. According to sources, Giordano tried to redeem the accidental death insurance policy.

“We knew from Mr. Giordano himself that travel insurance was taken out and that’s what we are investigating. It was subpoenaed and we are investigating that material to see if it bears relevance to the investigation,” Stein said Wednesday.

Travel Insurance Policy Focus of Robyn Gardner Investigation

In Maryland, Gardner’s live-in boyfriend Robert Forester said the revelations about the insurance policy were disturbing.

“To be honest, I was saddened to hear it. I can’t believe that Robyn would ever sign something like that voluntarily. Maybe if she was forced to, maybe if she was misinformed to what it was,” Forester said.

But wait, this missing persons case just got more sordid. According to People magazine, pics retrieved from Giordano’s digital camera that had Giordano and Gardner, who were seen posing together in sexual positions that were described as “beyond pornographic.”

The magazine reported that the photos, which it described as “beyond pornographic,” showed Gardner in sexual positions with “parts of” Giordano in photos taken with his digital camera. People reports that Stein revealed the information about the photos.

Obviously Gary Giordano is guilty of playing a part in the disappearance of Robyn Gardner, that is not the story here.  MEDIA, KEEP YOUR EYE ON BALL. THIS MEAN YOU NANCY GRACE. This is not, nor is it nothing like the case of Natalee Holloway, who went missing in Aruba in 2005. That is the story. MSM, focus, focus. Examine how the Aruba police and the judges are handling the accounts, prosecution and legal rulings in this case. Notice there were no two black security guards arrested in Robyn’s disappearance. Notice they detained Gary Giordano from leaving the island. The same could not be said for Joran Van der Sloot, who even in an FBI-Aruba sting for extortion was allowed to hop on a plane, go to Peru and kill again. Why is the case of Robyn Gardner being handled so differently when the suspect is an American, not a privileged little Dutch boy?


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