Rudy Croes Obstructed Justice: Minister Croes of Justice Finally Admits Natalee Holloway Case Messed Up by Nepotism, Blames van der Straten

So why has there been no “Justice for Natalee” in Aruba?

In the end those that have claimed their was an obstruction of justice, cover up and Aruba_Rudy_Croescorruption in Aruba in the investigation of Natalee Holloway were correct. Watch the following video of Aruban cover up and corruption.

Define irony? The Justice Minister of Aruba Rudy Croes obstructing justice in the case of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. Croes claims that Jan van der Straten intentionally messed up the case due to nepotism, yet Rudy Croes never came forward with this information until now. Beth and Dave Holloway would have been interested in Croes’ latest comment in June 2005. Instead, the Justice Minister of Aruba took part in the obstruction of justice for Natalee and her family by not coming forward. How could anyone in Aruba have allowed van der Straten to be the lead investigator in the case with such a conflict of interest as being friends of Paulus Van der Sloot, the father of the prime suspect in the case of Natalee’s disappearance?

 The Good Ship Aruba, its every rat for them self

Vanderbilt Aruba mayday

However, over three and a half years later after Natalee Holloway went missing and the case was purposely botched, the rats are fleeing the Goodship Aruba as they begin to turn on each other. Justice-minister Rudy Croes says that the case of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba was messed up by Jan van der Straten in the first ten days to help his friend Paul van der Sloot to protect his suspected son Joran. However, after all this time why did Rudy Croes finally say something? Could it be a guilty conscience? Could it be he finally wanted to do the right thing? No, not it the slightest. Like everything in Aruba, Rudy Croes makes these accusations after 3 1/2 years because of self-serving political reasons.

Joran_Paulus VDS

Justice-minister Rudy Croes accuses nepotism as to the reason why van der Straten helped his friend Paulus Van der Sloot to protect his suspected son Joran Van der Sloot. However, the only reason why Justice-minister Rudy Croes is coming forward with these accusations at this time against Jan van der Straten is because Croes now that he feels attacked by the former chief of police.

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Suspect, Rayan P., Arrested on Suspicion of Kidnapping Marlies van der Kouwen … Suspect Interrogated

On Friday afternoon, the police in Bonaire arrested Rayan P. on suspicion of kidnapping in the disappearance of Marlies van der Kouwen. Marlies van der Kouwe was reportedly kidnapped by man on a scooter. During the search a scooter was taken in at the Kaya Mgr. Niewindt, in the garden of relatives of the suspect. Will Bonaire solve this case and find the missing girl is a professional and competent manner or will this be another case like in Aruba with a carousel of arrests and witnesses?

There has been a search at the Kaya Kamari, Kaya Wanapa and Kaya Amazona. Later on in the evening, a scooter was taken in at the Kaya Mgr. Niewindt, in the garden of relatives of the suspect. There has been no trace of the Dutch woman since her disappearance on Sunday night. She was kidnapped by a man on a motor or scooter when she was cycling on her way to her apartment at Hato. The painstaking search still continues. According to unconfirmed reports, Rayan P. was released from prison a month ago. In 2002 he was convicted to eight years for raping a woman at Belnem, on Bonaire. P. was arrested while a press conference of the police was going on in the building of the Island Council. Public Prosecutor David van Delft had apologized for his absence. Lieutenant governor Herbert Domacassé would hold a national oration at eleven o’clock this morning.

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Aruba: New Casino Permits Required to Combat Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism

Casinos in Aruba must apply for new permits and conform with the new Excelsiorregulations as of September 1, 2008 or risk losing their permits to operate.  The purpose of the new regulations is to promote policies to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism.  Financing terrorism? Is there something we need to know?

It is too bad that Justice Minister Rudy Croes could not simply enforce the age limits of those allowed in Aruban casinos. If he had and Aruban casinos followed their own laws, Natalee Holloway would still be alive today as she and the Mountain Brook teens would never have Joran Van der Sloot.

ORANJESTAD – All casinos are at risk of losing their permits if they do not conform to the new policy regulations within one month. This is one of the new measures taken by the Ministry of Justice. The gambling lots are obliged to apply for a permit as the old agreements will be void as of the 1st of September.

Joran Excelsior

Had the Excelsior prohibited an under age Joran Van der Sloot from the casino, Natalee Holloway would still be alive as he would have never met the Mountain Brook teens and never would have gone to Carlos n’ Charlies. Joran had stated that no one went there on a Sunday as it was a slow night.

The Minister of Justice, Rudy Croes, announced that the new regulations are based on recommendations of the inter-governmental organization Financial Action Task Force (FATF). This international organization is responsible for the development and promotion of the policy to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism. The regulations are ahead of a new law, which is currently being laid down, and were created through the collaboration between government experts and the Casino world (DAC).

As of now the casinos have to give insight into the administration and their internal control. The Minister furthermore states that only the casinos which have complied with all the stipulated conditions will be eligible for a new gambling permit. These conditions stipulate amongst others, that a casino business should have the legal form ‘NV’, that the casino should have sufficient funds to guarantee payment of winners and that the casino should possess a local bank guarantee of 500.000 dollars.

Aruban Justice: 2 1/2 Year Jail Sentence for G.W. Anthony who Shot a Man at Havana, Other Goes Free on Lack of Evidence

Aruban justice: different crime, similar results??? 

21 year old G.W. Anthony who shot a man at Havana, received 2½ years in jail while suspect G.J. Raven went free, due to lack of evidence. Interestingly enough, Anthony was convicted due to the fact that he had provided the police several different stories during declarations. Sound familiar? So much for a uniform system of justice applied by the judges in Aruba. If multiple stories in decalarations are the standard for guilt and innocence in Aruba … Joran Van der Sloot, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe would be presently serving time for the disappearance of missing Natalee Holloway. Why was this case different?

The only evidence came from the mouth of Anthony self, but the judge dismissed that, especially because Anthony has given the police several variant declarations.

The prosecutor assumed that Raven had given Anthony the gun and the two tried to disguise the truth by giving contradictory declarations. Raven’s lawyer requested that his client is acquitted because of this. That he had lied in the beginning is because he was afraid. The judge considered it proven that Anthony had shot the victim R.A. Reid

2½ Years for the person that pulled the trigger in Havana
(June, 28 2008 Amigoe)

ORANJESTAD – The 21-year old G.W. Anthony that shot a man at Havana, received 2½ years jail. Suspect G.J. Raven went free, due to lack of evidence.

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Will the Coast Guard Send Aruba to Collections … Aruba Behind in Payments

Aruba is behind in paying the Netherlands for coast guard payments. Does this mean that Aruba will be sent to collections? Aruba may want to check their credit history report. Why would anyone not want to pay fore the very people who prevent drug and human trafficking?

Aruba behind with payments coastguard

WILLEMSTAD/DEN HAAG – Aruba still has to pay the Netherlands 7.9 million guilders in coastguard payment arrears for the period of 1999-2002. The Netherlands has also not received the payments for 2007 yet, while the bill was sent early this year.

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Aruba Has Negative Image in the Netherlands as well

Just when Aruba thought it only had a negative image in America, now we learn that the Netherlands opinion of Aruba is negative as well. Although the image may be for different reasons, its negative none the less. Aruba’s answer to the problem is that they “must give the Dutch community the correct information”. Aruba, talk is cheap and actions speak louder than any spin.

The parliamentary delegation talked about the image of Aruba in the Netherlands during their visit to the State Council in the Netherlands. The Council says that it becomes more and more negative

The prevailing opinion is that Aruba citizens in the Netherlands cause problems and that Aruba is costing the community a lot of money.

State Council: Aruba’s image negative (Amigoe: June 14, 2008)

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Aruba: Crime Increased 11.3% Last Year … Youth Crime a Major Concern

What ever happened to Aruba … “One safe island” where no crime ever took Crime 5place? It would appear that myth has now been put to rest. Aruba may want to revise the following articles regarding the crime rate to unsuspecting tourists. Of course there are other crimes that occur in Aruba that are not referred to in much of any manner. However, the increase in youth crimes make it completely believable that the 2005 disappearance of Natalee Holloway could have been entirely planned and perpetrated by youths.

Since crime in Aruba is relatively low, you can travel with peace of mind

On rare occasions, armed robbery and car theft have occurred. Vehicle leases or rental contracts may not be fully covered by local insurance when a vehicle is stolen or damaged, so make sure you are sufficiently covered when renting cars and jet skis.

The crime discussed by the ALE is referring to youth and gang violence, not petty pick pocketing. Rare? You be the judge. Since 2005 to 2007 there has been an average criminality increase per day of 2.10 crimes. Rare?

According to reports from the ALE, criminality has increased with 11.3 percent last year. Home robberies and youth crime have been targeted as the reason for the increase. Crime is on the increase in Aruba and there appears to be a disturbing trend with youth and crime. Have the youth in Aruba become out of control and feel a sense of invisibility?

Points of concern are the development of the youth criminality and “the growing ease with which firearms are being used”, said chief of police Peter de Witte looking back on last year.

The youth criminality has been raised to priority one this year. “Youth criminality, definitely after the serious incidents of last year, is heavily qualified for the subjective safety feeling.

Thus, the number of crimes has increased last year. The number of crimes committed in 2005 was 5511; in 2006, 5643; and in 2007, 6277

Looking back to 2005 and the Natalee Holloway missing persons case when Aruba became a household name to many for all the wrong reasons, we see that three suspects were named at the time. Was the Natalee Holloway case and her presumed death just one in the many of a trend of youth violence taking place in Aruba? Many people had thought at the time how could 3 young suspects, Joran Van der Sloot, Deepak Kalpoe and Satish Kalpoe, pull such a crime off? With the ever increasing crime rate and Aruba and the ever increasing crime rate among youths, is it really that unbelievable now?

Criminality increased with 11 percent (Amigoe: June 13, 2008)

Looking back on 2007, chief of police Peter de Witte is of the opinion that the shooting incident near Arubus in December of last year, whereby a 19-year old boy shot a police officer and was self shot and killed, is an example of the hardening in the society and especially with the youth.

ORANJESTAD – From the tentative figures of the Police Corps of Aruba it appears that criminality has increased with 11.3 percent last year. This has to do with mainly the sharp rise of the number of robberies, especially in homes. The police are highly satisfied with the approach of the local drug dealings and the use of narcotics; more than 200 kilo cocaine was confiscated last year, double the amount of 2006.

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Aruba’s Standard of Living is Going Down … Aruba Hit Harder than Many Countries Because Nothing is Produced There

Aruba is suffering the same economic slow down that is affecting many countries these days. Their standard of living is decreasing. However, in Aruba its worse due to the fact that nothing is actually produced in Aruba. Since Aruba is limited to the manner in how to deal with price shifting, Aruba may have to increase its hotel rates. If they make these increases, Aruba may not be able to compete with other islands in the region. Talk about a catch 22.

Mehran concluded that just like the rest of the world, our country is coping with ‘a fundamental shifting’ in the prices of oil, food, and metals.  He compares the current situation with the oil crisis in 1973.  He says that the price shifting is fundamental, because the prices will never go back to the old level.  This hits Aruba harder, because nothing is being produced here.  To maintain the same quality of life and pay for it, Aruba will have to increasing the rates of the hotel rooms; that’s the only way.  But this is at the same time a risk, because the island must also be able to continue competing in the region.  

Standard of living is going down (Amigoe: 6/1/2008)

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Missing in Aruba: 12-year old Morellia Larmonie Missing Since 5/21/2008 … (Update: Found Safe)

There appears to be another missing girl in Aruba. This time its 12 year old Aruban girl, Morellia Larmonie, who has been missing since Wednesday, May 21, 2008. The Aruban police are treating the disappearance as a runaway minor. (Dutch version)

What is rather disturbing and seems to be a common thread when hearing of missing cases in Aruba, the police do not seem to make any real effort to find the missing people. The lack of seriousness, especially at the outset of missing person cases, is troubling.  It is an issue that we are hearing from the parents of 12 year old Morellia Larmonie feel the need to say that “very little effort is made to actively locate the girl.”


12 year old Morellia Larmonie, Diario

Morellia got on the bus in Pos Chiquito last Wednesday afternoon, but never got off the bus in Rooi Hundu where she lives.

They say that the police treat the case as a ‘runaway minor’ and very little effort is made to actively locate the girl.  The father doesn’t say whether there is reason for the girl to run away from Home.  “She lives with her mother, so I do not know all the details.  But I can’t imagine that Morellia prefers to stay in hiding and do not want to call home.  I really can’t imagine that.”

UPDATE I: This is news we like to hear. According to a report that we received from Jossy Mansur, Managing editor of Diario, the 12 year old girl has been found safe by her father yesterday.

Girl missing for almost one week (Amigoe: 5/29/2008)

ORANJESTAD – The parents of the 12-year old Morellia Larmonie that vanished without a trace last week Wednesday, are desperately looking for witnesses that may know where the girl can be.  Morellia got on the bus in Pos Chiquito last Wednesday afternoon, but never got off the bus in Rooi Hundu where she lives.

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Aruba, Natalee Holloway Investigation: Another Law Enforcement & Prosecutorial Screw Up, Is Anything Done Right in this Case?

Key Stone Cops now influence Rotterdam-Rijmond police.

Forget the so-called demands that Patrick Van der Eem made, the Captioncontest_CuracaoOfficercommunication was botched up from the outset. Now Aruban and Dutch officials are just in CYA mode. So after they made the admitted screw up, they are now saying it was not possible. How convenient.

The question needs to be asked, did the case of missing Natalee Holloway ever have a chance to be properly investigated or solved? The initial stages of the Natalee Holloway missing persons investigation are well documented for their mistakes. The lack of any competent investigation or seriousness of the situation. Now after all this time we are presented with even more “Key Stone Cop” occurrences in this case. This time by the Dutch police.

The efforts of Patrick van der Eem fell on deaf ears when he went to Dutch police to become an under cover agent, “civil infiltrator.” Why? Because the conversation between Van der Eem and the Rotterdam-Rijmond police were never forwarded to any one. Not the ALE or even the Dutch prosecutors.

The minister indicated though that, as a result of the decision of the regional police Gelderland-Midden to pass the information from the conversation with Van der Eem to the corps of Rotterdam-Rijmond only and not to the Aruban authorities, ‘all special cases’ will from now on be brought up in the regular deliberation of the Public Prosecutor with the chief of police.  

The Dutch Public Prosecutor was also not informed of the conversation.  The minister realized in February that this was an assessment mistake.

Really? Not sharing information is a mistake? What was your first clue? The incompetence and obstacles that have been presented in the case of missing Natalee Holloway go beyond all reasonable bounds of normalcy. How many times can law enforcement and prosecutors continually screw up before it becomes obvious that it is not incompetence, but instead a consistent pattern of behavior of cover up and the want to just make a problem go away?

Infiltration was not possible due to demands of Van der Eem (Amigoe: 5/19/2008)

ORANJESTAD – The efforts of a civil infiltrator as well as an undercover agent was legally not possible due to ‘the conditions’ that Patrick van der Eem has set late last year for his cooperation, says the Dutch minister of Justice Ernst Hirsch Ballin as a result of questions of the Standing Parliament Committee Justice about the Dutch interference in the Holloway-case.

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