Surinam Airways … Oops, Wanna Get Away … Smoke in Cabin from Flight from Miami to Aruba

Doesn’t this story instill confidence in visiting “One Happy Island”? Airplane cabin fills with smoke as 90 passengers, including two babies had to evacuate the airplane, after having landed at Reina Beatrix airport  in Aruba.

The airplane, a MD-80 charter of Falcon Airways Express with a capacity for 172 passengers, flew from Miami to Aruba, and landed at the Reina Beatrix airport at 17.45 hours. During, or after the landing, the pilot switched on the APU too early, probably causing a short circuit, and smoke entered the cabin through the air conditioning system. The APU-system, which supplies electricity at the moment that an airplane is not flying, may only be switched on, after a complete standstill of the airplane, says a spokesperson of the airport authority AAA.

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Investigation to Take Place in Aruba for Corruption and Misgovernment … Go Figure … Corrupt or Safe, You Make the Call


Say it isn’t so Joe, what a shocker … corruption in Aruba, who would have thunk it!

The corruption investigation will go on … As reported in Amigoe, an independent investigation will take place on possible corruption and “misgovernment” on Aruba.  Aruban Premier Nelson Oduber (MEP) announced earlier that there would be no investigation on corruption on the island. What else would one expect Oduber to say say seeing that it id his party in power and who will be scrutinized. For those that would claim that Aruba is “One Safe Island,” never mind the fact that such a notion would be lost on the family of missing and presumed dead Natalee Holloway. Can one really expect the truth when even the Netherlands states that there is corruption at the highest levels?

 Corruption in Aruba … Talk about going out on a limb

By that, she referred to the quoted abuses with governmental institutes of Aruba, in her letter to the Dutch parliament. “You will of course at least need investigation methods to determine this”, says the State Secretary.

However, Premier Oduber did not want to elaborate yesterday as to what the plan of approach should imply, except that it particularly should enervate ‘tall stories’.
On the question if the plan of approach also implies an investigation on possible corruption, he then responded with a ‘no’: “The plan of approach is not an investigation. The Kingdom has no right whatsoever to investigate internal affairs of Aruba.”

The Netherlands have long been worried and accused Aruba of corruption.

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Ocean Dream Cruise Ship Infected with Flu Quarantined in Aruba

Swine Flu in Aruba? According to Amigoe, a Mexican cruise ship which had up to 50 cases of flu contamination was quarantined in Aruba.

Amigoe_ Arube_061709CruiseShip_flue

UPDATE I: Passengers may leave Ocean Dream

ORANJESTAD — Most of the passengers of the cruise ship Ocean Dream were allowed to leave the ship this morning, except for the three crewmembers that contracted the Mexican influenza. Passengers with influenza symptoms must remain in quarantine aboard the ship for at least seven days. If these passengers actually are infected with the AH1N1-virus, then the ship will be held under arrest for a longer period. The first to leave the ship, were the four Arubans upon explicit request of the authorities.

Aruba Tourism Down Again Due to Global Economy and Why Does Aruba Check Tourists and Not Underage Teens?


It would appear according to the Centrale Bank of Aruba that tourism is once again down on “One Happy Island”. This time they are feeling the effects of the global economy and individuals not having the money to spend abroad to vacation.

Once again Aruba finds itself with a decline in tourism, first due to the disappearance and cover up of Natalee Holloway and now due to the global economy.


Page 2

The Aruba Tourism Authority’s stay-over visitor statistics indicated declines of 2.3 percent and 7.7 percent, respectively, in the months January and February, compared to the corresponding months a year earlier. In addition, the Central Bureau of Statistics reported that the average occupancy rate of hotels and timeshare resorts registered a 4.4 percentage points fall to 78.5 percent in January 2009, compared to a year earlier. The contraction in stay-over tourism may be an indication that the global economic crisis is affecting Aruba. The Cruise Tourism Authority’s data reveal that the number of cruise passengers increased by 8.7 percent in January 2009, compared to the corresponding month of 2008, despite a 10.9 percent drop in total ship calls, signaling an increase in the size of the ships and/or the occupancy rates of the ships visiting Aruba.

However, isn’t this an interesting way to treat tourists as compared to, oh let’s say Arubans, Dutch and Surinamese individuals who are underage. Aruba is checking disembarking passengers as a Precautionary measures regarding swine influenza according to Amigoe.

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ARUBA: Has The Netherlands Really Done Everything “REASONABLE” to Solve the Natalee Holloway Case?

Define “reasonably”? Can the term reasonable and a crime being investigated in Aruba_OneSadIslandAruba actually be used in the same sentence?

Why is anyone supposed to believe everything reasonable was done to investigate the disappearance of Natalee Holloway? Many stated from the outset that the fix was in when two black security guards were arrested while the last three people to be with Natalee Holloway, Joran Van der Sloot, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe remained free to walk the streets. Dutch official Hero Brinkman is on record as saying that Aruba is “Corrupt as Hell!!!”

What is reasonable when one knows that the very island that the crime took place on is corrupt and that one of the suspects, a Dutch citizen, has connections through his father to obstruct justice?

In the case of the article that appeared in Amigo February 11, 2009, The Netherlands: ‘Done everything to solve the Holloway case;’ reasonably” as defined by whom, former US President Bill Clinton in that it all depend on what the meaning of is, is. Going through the motions of looking like one is cooperating in an investigation into the disappearance of Natalee Holloway is hardly a sincere effort.

Aruba 3 suspects

The Netherlands has ‘reasonably’ done everything a country can do to solve the case of the disappeared American teenager Natalee Holloway, says state secretary Ank Bijleveld-Schouten (Kingdom Relations, CDA) in a letter to the Lower House that have asked for more information.

Holloway disappeared in May of 2005 and the case is still not solved.  There are currently two investigations going in the disappearance case: the criminal investigation into the disappearance of the teenager and an investigation by the national detective into the allegations of Justice-minister Rudy Croes in the early stages of the criminal investigation. 


Jan van der Stratten

It was in December of last year that Croes accused the former chief of police Jan van der Straaten of having blown the investigation in the first ten days.  He did this in consideration of his friendship with Paul van der Sloot, the father of Joran van der Sloot, who is still the prime suspect. The Public Prosecutor doesn’t give any details during this investigation, writes Bijleveld to the Lower House.

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