Frank Luntz Focus Group Overwhelmingly for Romney … One Member Says Obama’s Lied & “Been Bullsh*tting the Public”

Frank Luntz focus group goes big for Mitt Romney …

An interesting thing happened following last nights Presidential debate in Long Island, New York. The Frank Luntz focus group was a group of voters from Nevada, many of who had voted for Obama in 2008. In the end about 80 to 90 percent of the focus group members who had voted for Obama in the 2008 election stated that they were voting for Romney in 2012. When asked by Frank Luntz to describe Romney, they said the following:

“Forceful, compassionate, presidential,” one participant said.
“Confident and realistic,” said another.
“Presidential,” another told Luntz.
“Enthusiastic,” another reacted.
“Our next president,” one man said.
“Dynamo, winner,” said one more.

The focus group was jazzed for Romney and extremely critical of President Obama. Actually, it appeared that many in the focus group were tired of being tired of Obama. One in fact was sick and tired of Obama’s lies and let it be known, sensors be damned:

“He’s lied about everything. He lied to get elected in 2008 that’s why I voted for him. I bought it. Bull. And, he’s lied about everything. He hasn’t come through on anything. And he’s been bullsh*tting the public.“

Frank Luntz overall analysis of the focus group was that so many undecided voters had switched to Romney that this was “as significant as Denver”. f this focus group is any reflection of what voters are thinking and feeling in Nevada, no wonder many consider that the Nevada in now in play in 2012.

Former Independent Presidential Candidate H. Ross Perot Endorses Mitt Romney … “the nation can’t afford four more years of President Obama”

Former Independent Presidential candidate of the Reform Party, H. Ross Perot has thrown his support behind and has endorses Mitt Romney for president. Perot stated in his support for Romney, the United States is on an unsustainable path and “the nation cannot afford four more years of  of President Obama.” This is an interesting endorsement. Probably the most prominent “Independent” ever to run for President. In 1992 Presidential election Perot received nearly 19% of the vote.  Could this endorsement swing the needle for Independents?

Decrying a “stagnant” economy, Perot writes:

“Economic growth is insufficient to create enough jobs for a country whose population is growing. The result is unemployment stuck over 8 percent for every single month of Barack Obama’s presidency.

We have 23 million Americans who are looking for work and either can’t find a full-time job, can’t find a job at all, or who have given up looking. That is wrong. It’s not the way America ought to be.

At the same time, and not unrelated, is the extraordinary explosion of federal deficits and federal debt. In the last four years during Obama’s presidency, he’s added around $5 trillion to our national debt, more than any previous president.

This was accomplished by successive federal budgets that each ran deficits exceeding $1 trillion a year. It is this massive deficit spending that threatens to undermine our future standard of living. To pay for our government’s massive debts, Washington’s profligacy, our children and grandchildren will be paying interest and principal on the nation’s debt for untold years into the future. That is wrong. It’s not the way America ought to be.”

From The Weekly Standard comes an email sent by Perot to the Romney campaign:

“Our country faces a serious choice,” Perot says in a statement emailed out by the Romney campaign. “The fact of the matter is that the United States is on unsustainable course. At stake is nothing less than our position in the world, our standard of living at home, and our constitutional freedoms. That is why I am endorsing Mitt Romney in his quest for the presidency.

Team Obama, Did You See This … CNN Host Says Mitt Romney “Might Just Save America”

WOW … Who said the following,  Mitt Romney “Might Just Save America” … Sean Hannity of Fox News or Rush Limbaugh? Wrong.

From Breitbart comes the following truthful piece from CNN’s host Piers Morgan who wrote a a pro-Romney piece at the Mail Online. When was the last time you ever heard the Leftist media make such a comment. In public that is.

That hardly makes him unusual in mainstream media circles.

What is unusual, though, is the column he just penned for The Daily Mail. The headline says it all, “He’s one of the least principled politicians I’ve met. But I believe Mitt Romney might just save America.”

Morgan doubles down on Romney’s image as a flip-flopper, but he goes on to salute Romney as a man, father and husband and remind us the GOP presidential candidate is particularly brilliant at making broken things run again.

Independents and Democrats with a conscience should be pondering this very notion … Mitt Romney “Might Just Save America”, because we know that Barack Obama and his promises of Hope and Change have not.

Good Grief, Romney Closing the Polling Gap in California, Improves by 8%

How bad is the polling data for Obama, he is even losing ground in California.

Now nobody expects Mitt Romney to win in California, because if that ever happened we would be witnessing a landslide vote greater than the 1980 Reagan victory over Carter. However, Mitt Romney has gained ground in polling data in Cali.In 2008 Obama won California 6% to 37%; however, in 2012 he is only ahead by 14% as Romney has see a recent 8% gain.

Obama had led by 22 points in the CBS 5 tracking poll released four weeks ago. Obama now leads by only 14 points, an 8-point improvement for Romney. At the same time, the poll found U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s support for her re-election bid remained largely unchanged, month-on-month, suggesting that the erosion in Democratic support is not across-the-board, but contained to Obama. Unclear is whether the Obama erosion is fleeting or long-lasting.

Bad Polling News for Obama … Battleground Tracking Poll Shows Democrats Less Enthusiastic than Republicans

It would seem that Democrats are tired of being tired and out of work …

In a close political race, the election will be determined on turn out and according to battleground poll, Republicans are much more enthusiastic that Democrats.

Democrats have a severe enthusiasm issue when it comes to the upcoming Presidential election. According to a new Politico/George Washington University poll, of likely voters only 73% who support Barack Obama say they are “extremely likely” to vote, as compared to 86% who back Romney. Making matters worse for Obama, 84% of Republicans say they are extremely likely to vote, as compared to 76% of Democrats.

A new POLITICO/George Washington University Battleground Tracking Poll [polling date HERE] of likely voters shows Obama ahead of Mitt Romney 49 percent to 48 percent nationally, a statistical tie and a percentage point closer than a week ago.

The head-to-head numbers have held remarkably steady through the past three weeks, but there’s been a notable shift of intensity from the Democrats to the Republicans since the party conventions over a month ago. Most of the poll’s calls were made before Romney’s strong performance at the first presidential debate in Denver.

Only 73 percent who support Obama say they are “extremely likely” to vote, compared to 86 percent who back Romney. Likewise, 84 percent of Republicans say they are extremely likely to vote, compared to 76 percent of Democrats.

Among those extremely likely to vote, Romney actually leads Obama 52 percent to 46 percent. That’s up from a 2-point lead last week. Obama led 50 percent to 47 percent among this group three weeks ago.

Who can honestly say that this is surprising? Why would anyone be enthusiastic about what has happened the past 4 years under Obama? Does America really want four more years of record food stamps, record federal deficits, a +$16 trillion debt, failed job growth, a real unemployment that is in the mid to high teens and a 30 year low employment participation rate?

How does a Democrat get jazzed about a Presidency where even Obama did not care enough to prepare for a presidential debate and turned in such an epic failure of a performance that it is going down by many as one of the worse ever? Hope and Change is gone and has been replaced by one of the most negative campaigns ever. The Obama message has gone from “Hope” to Romney lied with no explanation what Obama will do in the next four years. The GOP had Bush fatigue after 8 years, it would seem that Democrats have done the same after four exhausting Obama years.

JACK WELCH: Obama Is Manipulating The Jobs Numbers Because His Debate Performance Was Awful … Household Survey, Biggest One Month Jump Since June 1983, 5 Weeks Before Election … “Does Not Pass the Smell Test” … WATCH THE PARTICIPATION RATE!!!

Sorry, but some things just do not pass the smell test … Obama trying to pass off the unemployment rate off as below 8% when a record number of Americans have left the work force.

Following the questionable September 2012 jobs numbers yesterday, former GE CEO Jack Welch tweeted the following that he was extremely critical of the dubious data and accused Obama of manipulation the jobs numbers because of his poor Presidential debate performance.Who would you believe, Jack welch, probably one of the greatest CEO’s ever or the Obama Administration?

Like many other individuals are having, these numbers are not believable. Jack Welch stated that the economic numbers are so off the charts that they are not believable and they should not be presented to the American public as fact that would affect a Presidential election. That of course was the intention of such skewed data that not one economist saw coming. NOT ONE!

At question is how one survey, the Establishment Survey, can have 114,000 non-farm payroll jobs created as reported by the BLS; however, here comes the whopper that is a bit hard to believe …  shocking in the report was that the number of unemployed people dropped by 456,000 to  12.1 million. As stated at NewsBusters, Maybe more shocking, total employment, as measured by the Household Survey, rose by 873,000 in September to 142,974,000, the biggest one month jump since June 1983. Really? Really? How can two surveys of jobs be that far off?

Jack Welch defends his Tweet on CNN

“Twenty five economists were polled and stated the average number of jobs would be about 115K jobs and an 8.1 unemployment.  And then all of a sudden we wake up in the morning and the unemployment rate is at 7.8% with a bunch of assumptions.”

Nearly every economic in America was predicting jobs gained somewhere between 110,000 and 120,000 jobs for September. No one and let me repeat that, NO ONE, was making any such ludicrous prediction of +800K jobs. In the VIDEO below, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis appeared on CNBC and was asked, whether the books have been cooked? Her response was she was insulted to hear such a question. Sorry Madame secretary, we are insulted that the Obama administration would pass anything like this off as a true picture of the job situation in America.

The Weekly Standard has some responses as to these implausible numbers that were released after President Obama failed miserably during the first Presidential debate and 5 weeks before a Presidential elections. Numbers that could only benefit Barack Obama, even though they are completely unbelievable and such an outlier that they should be completely regarded as BS.

“The report presented a slew of contradictory data points, with the total employment level soaring despite the low net number,” said CNBC’s Jeff Cox.

The Washington Post’s Neil Irwin adds, “Weird that payrolls are exactly on forecast but household survey is far better.”

And the Wall Street Journal warns that these numbers should be taken “with a grain of salt.”


The unemployment number does not count people who just have given up and are no longer looking. What you want to keep your eye on is the LABOR PARTICIPATION RATE that is put out by the BLS. When it comes to the economy and jobs one need to look no further than the following data, when Obama took office the participation rate was 65.8. It is presently 63.6, a loss of 2.2 since Obama has been in office. The number has gone down ever year of, his presidency. Yet we are supposed to believe that the economy and jobs are better? Sorry, that is not the case, not even close. Not when 23 million Americans are out of work, record number of Americans are on food stamps

Labor Force Participation Rate

UPDATE I: Jack Welch also appeared with Fox New’s and stated, the numbers just don’t smell right as they relate to this economy. No one is doing better in the third quarter than they were in the second. Sorry, but these economic numbers are too important to mess with and you know that Barack Obama is going to tout them as his Obamanomics is working when there is no way to anyone who pays attention, knows it is not.

Jack Welch On Fox News: ‘These Numbers Don’t Smell Right’ … The VIDEO can be see HERE.

UPDATE II: Joe Scarborough: Jobs Report Numbers ‘Don’t Add Up’. Scarborough is hardly considered a conservative folks. He works for MSNBC who would not allow a real Conservative host if it actually meant ratings. Joe is considered an “independent” a “moderate” and a RINO by actual conservatives.  All Joe Scarborough could do as he looked at the jobs numbers is say, they just don’t add up and make sense.” Most of those who do not drink the Obama Kool-aid thought the same. As we stated the other days when the report first came out, CNBC’s Rick Santelli stated, ” I told you they would get the rate below 8% and they did”.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Scarborough was part of a broader trend of conservatives questioning the jobs figures. In the show’s final half hour, devoted primarily to the jobs report, he said the number “doesn’t make sense,” is “confusing” and suggested that the .3 percent drop – following the addition of 114,000 jobs – is a “mixed bag” for the White House.

“Somebody’s got to explain this,” Scarborough said. “This doesn’t make sense. This doesn’t make sense.”

“Somebody’s got to explain the matrix by which they do this,” he said shortly after.

Scarborough’s skepticism about the methodology seemed out of the ordinary on “Morning Joe,” which covers the jobs numbers on air each month. “Morning Joe,” like much of cable news during an election, typically focuses on the political impact rather than the methodology.

Obamanomics: Barack Obama … 4 Straight Years of Trillion Dollar Deficits … CBO Says $1.1Trillion for 2012

How’s that Obama “Hopey-Changey” cutting in half of the federal deficit working out for you?

President Barack Obama has set yet another record … four straight yeas of trillion dollar deficits. The CBO says that the federal deficit was $1.1 trillion for 2012.  Remember the 2008 candidate Barack Obama campaign promise when Obama stated he would cut the federal deficit in half in four years? How’s that working out for you America?Good grief, which showed that the the Obama government borrowed 31 cents for every dollar it spent.

A new estimate puts the deficit for the just-completed 2012 budget year at $1.1 trillion, the fourth straight year of trillion dollar deficits on President Barack Obama’s watch.

The result was a slight improvement from the 2011 deficit of $1.3 trillion.

The bleak figures from the Congressional Budget Office, while expected, add fodder for the heated presidential campaign, in which Obama’s handling of the economy and the budget is a main topic. Friday’s release came as the government announced that the unemployment rate dropped to 7.8 percent last month, matching the rate when Obama took office.

The administration will release the official deficit numbers around mid-October, but they should line up closely with the CBO estimate, which showed that the government borrowed 31 cents for every dollar it spent.

VP Joe Biden’s Moment of Truth as He Tells Supporters … “The Middle Class Has Been Buried the Last Four Year”

Another Joe Biden gaffe or a fact under the Obama Presidency?

At a campaign stop yesterday in Charlotte, NC, Vice President Joe Biden admitted to a crowd of  supports what many of us have known and experienced during the Obama presidency, “the middle class has been buried the last four years”. DOH! Oh how Barack Obama and his reelection minions must have hung their head after hearing these words coming from Biden’s mouth. Does Biden realize that Obama has been the president for the past four years, or does he think that this is still the 2008 election as Obama does not appear to ever have come out of campaign mode and done the work of the president?

Biden made the remark at a campaign stop in Charlotte, N.C., in the course of slamming Republican tax policies which Democrats claim would cut taxes for the rich and hike them for the middle class.

“This is deadly earnest,” Biden said. “How they can justify — how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that’s been buried the last four years. How in the lord’s name can they justify raising their taxes with these tax cuts?”


The middle class buried, ya think? Under President Obama he has increased our national debt by nearly $6 trillion in 4 years. Average American household now owes $137,000 as share of national debt. We have had 43 consecutive months of unemployment above 8%, millions of Americans have left the work force, a record number of people are on food stamps and median income is at its lowest level since 1995. of course the middle class has been buried for the past 4 years under the failed policies of Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney responded to the Biden comments that the middle class has been buried for the past four years. Look for this to be used again tonight at the 1st Presidential debate between Romney and Obama.

This was not a gaffe, sadly it is the painful truth. It might have been the first truthful thing he has said since Joe stated that Barack Obama was not ready to be President. BTW, it is barack Obama who is raising taxes on the middle class through Obamacare and his unwillingness to extend all of the Bush tax cuts and make them permanent. TAXMAGEDDON affect all, including the Middle Class.

How Will Unemployment Affect the Vote in 2012 … Real Unemployment Reaches 20% In 7 Colorado Counties


As reported at the Colorado Observer, Colorado’s official unemployment rate is 8.2%; however, the “real unemployment” rate has reached 20% in seven Colorado counties. Making matters worse, it is the first time in y years that the official Colorado rate surpassed the national unemployment rate. The counties with such massive real unemployment are Costilla County at 23.56%, Pueblo 20.09%, Montrose 20.62%, Fremont 19.66%, Huerfano 21.78%, Archuleta 19.97% and Dolores at 19.85%.

In seven counties in Colorado unemployed individuals are close to or exceeding 20% of the population, a letter from the Chief Economist of CDLE to the U.S. Department of Agriculture says.

The letter, obtained through the Colorado Open Records Act, was sent August 29 as required by federal law. According to the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act, the Colorado Labor Department is required to certify counties where the “Not Employed Rate” surpasses 19.5%.

The “Not Employed Rate” is defined as “the percentage of individuals over the age of 18 who reside within the community and who are ready, willing and able to be employed but are unable to find employment as determined by the State Department of Labor.”

Ranking highest was Costilla County at 23.56 percent. The list runs from larger counties like Pueblo (20.09%), Montrose (20.62%) and Fremont (19.66%) to smaller populations like Huerfano (21.78%), Archuleta (19.97%) and Dolores (19.85%).

The unemployment rate in Colorado in 2008 was 4.8%. Barack Obama won Colorado in the 2008 Presidential election 54% to 45%.

With such real unemployment affecting those in Colorado, one really has to speculate as to how this will affect voting in the 2012 Presidential election as Colorado is considered a battle ground state. Currently RCP has Obama ahead in the averaging of polls; however, Rasmussen has Romney up by 2%. It’s hard to imagine that individuals would vote for an incumbent President whose economic policies have failed a state so badly.

RUT-ROH, Bad News For Obama… Barack Obama’s Approval Rating Mirrors 2010 Midterm Shellacking

From the Weekly Standard, with the 2012 Presidential elections almost upon us, President Barack Obama’s approval ratings look very similar to what they did prior to the 2010 midterm shellacking.  The double digit gap in strong disapprove vs. strongly approve also indicate party enthusiasm as to who will actually show up at the polls election day. With such a negative gap for Obama, it makes such polls with a +9D sampling simply bunk.

For all of the wishful thinking in the mainstream press about President Obama’s positioning 40 days before this election, Obama’s approval rating looks remarkably similar to what it was on this date in 2010 — shortly before his party lost a historic 63 House seats and 6 Senate seats. On September 27, 2010 — exactly two years agoRasmussen Reports showed Obama’s net approval rating among likely voters to be minus-3 percentage points (with 48 percent approving and 51 percent disapproving).  Among those who felt “strongly,” Obama’s net approval rating was minus-14 points (with 27 percent “strongly” approving and 41 percent “strongly” disapproving).

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