EquuSearch / Red update

Red is out doing good work, so I’m posting for him.

The EquuSearch Team and Red went again today to the home of Paul van der Sloot, however, it seems as Paul was not home. I guess they’ll have to try again.

The media was out there in full force, which was remarkable as this trip was supposed to be a secret.

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Red Update

Red would like everyone to know that he had to head out to the dump sooner than expected (it’s not a big deal) and that he won’t be able to post this afternoon, perhaps later.

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Natalee Holloway Update

Red is having a bit of difficulty accessing his system, so I’m posting this.

As per Aruba Today, all DNA evidence was thrown out for failure of following proper procedure and attaining proper signatures. The judge also ordered for new samples to be obtained properly.

Furthermore, the judge ruled that Joran can be interrogated by both Dutch officials and the FBI. According to sources, this interrogation will be starting tomorrow.

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A Clear Message Again to Let FBI Help in Investigation”

From Diario July 23rd page 3

Two Ministers sent letter to Attorney General

ORANJESTAD (AAN): This week, the Alabama legislation approved a motion that suggests that all people from Alabama avoid visiting Aruba until the Natalee Holloway case is resolved.

But Thursday both PM Oduber and Minister of Justice Croes sent a letter to the Attorney General to thus confirm the instruction to use all legal methods to guarantee involvement of the FBI, referring to the investigation of the disappearance of the Alabama student.

Ministers insist, that the involvement must be at all levels, this means that the FBI must have complete access to the dossier, including all reports, audio recordings, footage of interrogation as well as all material that deals with this case, so far that the judicial system allows this.

In case that the actual phase of the investigation limits this level of involvement, then the instruction is to use all necessary legal methods to permit and even guarantee complete access to the FBI. In case that external expertise is needed, then the Government gives authorization and instruction to the Attorney General to do this.

Finally, it must be imperative that no doubt can exist that the Aruban authority guarantees total cooperation in this case with American authority, just as the case was from the beginning, inside the limitations of the judicial system.

It has been made clear to DIARIO that for many years already, the cooperation between the [Aruban] Police Corps and among others, the FBI and DEA was open and close. Never were there any problems in this.

The letter was also sent to the Governor, relevant departments, American Embassy, to the FBI, press and also the Holloway family.

The actual text of the letter, translated by me. Never say I don’t love you

Office of the Ministry of Justice

To the Attorney General

Oranjestad, 21 July 2005

Subject: Nathalee [sic] Holloway

Confirmed for the proper procedural ways is the instruction for obvious reasons to you to use all lawful methods to guarantee the involvement of the FBI in the investigation.

This involvement must be complete and means that the FBI is allowed to receive all interrogation reports, movies and audio recordings in addition to to all obtained materials that relates to this investigation. In short: the dossier is open to the FBI for as much as our justice system allows.

In case that the current phase of the investigation limits this complete involvement, then the explicit instructions are to use all lawful methods to ensure i.e. guarantee the involvement of the FBI. We authorize -instruct you, if you will- you to seek help of external experts as necessary.

In closing, there is not allowed to be any doubt that Aruba, in this [case] guarantees the cooperation with the American authorities, just as it was since the beginning, within the borders of our own justice system.


The Prime Minister, Minister of General Affairs
N.O. Oduber

The Minister of Justice
Dr. H.R. (Rudy) Croes

c.c.: Governor / Ministers / Justice Dept. / Aruba Police Corps / Foreign Relations Dept. / USA Emb. / FBI / Holloway fam. / Security Neth. Antilles/ Media

Update: Birmingham News; Aruban leader: Give FBI investigation documents in Holloway case

ORANJESTAD, Aruba (AP) — Aruba’s prime minister has urged investigators to give the FBI all documents related to the disappearance of Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway, according to a letter released late Friday.

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Breaking news: Aruban PM and Minister of Justice to Aruban LE: “Hand It Over”

According to breaking news passed on local radio station Top 95.1 a few minutes ago, Aruban Prime Minister Nel Oduber and Minister of Justice Rudy Croes ordered all materials pertaining to the Natalee Holloway investigation to be given to the FBI.

UPDATE: As confirmed by sources at Aruba Today, the following statement has been issued by the Aruban Government:

The Government of Aruba would like to confirm by legal means necessary to guarantee the involvement of the FBI in regards to the investigation about the disappearance of Ms. Natalee Holloway. This involvement is to be all levels, which means that the FBI must have complete access to the dossier, including transcripts, audio tapes or video registration of interrogations, plus all materials that are connected to this case, in as much as our judicial system allows.

In case the current phase of investigation limits mentioned involvement, than the instruction is to use all legal means necessary to allow and even guarantee complete access to the FBI. If external expertise in reference to above is required, you are hereby authorized and instructed to do so.

Lastly, it is imperative that there should not be any doubt at all that Aruban authorities guarantee full cooperation in this case with the American authorities, as has been the case since the beginning, within the boundaries of our judicial system. (Red)

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